Still Loving You – E09

Bitna and her family suffer the repercussions of acting brashly and without civility as we close up this chapter of the key character’s lives to make room for the future hi-jinks.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 9 RECAP

The scene opens up in the hospital room where Eunsoo is with Yeon-Mi.  Yeon-Mi goes to the bathroom just as the news channel turns to the video where Grandma Choi physically beats up Eunsoo.  This video has become a hot issue as it’s clear that it’s battery and the school system did nothing to stop it or protect the teacher.

At the same time, Grandma watches the news and sees the video.  She recognizes the outfit and the figure being pushed down as Eunsoo.

Meanwhile, Bitna walks through the hallway with all of the other students silently staring at Bitna with accusatory expressions.  Bitna asks if it’s Jung-Ah but Jung-Ah reminds Bitna that they are both guilty of getting Eunsoo fired.

Other students tell Bitna that her Grandma is too much.  Some other girls wonder out loud if Eunsoo really hit Bitna as Eunsoo wouldn’t protest all the time if she were truly guilty.

Eunsoo’s Grandma goes into the teacher’s lounge just as Grandma Choi storms in.  She demands that the Aisstant Principal find out the student who filmed the whole thing.  Grandma Choi even wants the student to kneel and apologize to her for filming the incident where she was beating up Eunsoo.  She also sneers that the school couldn’t handle a single worm, which led to this whole mess.

Eunsoo’s Grandma tells Grandma Choi to be careful what she says.  In the past, you wouldn’t insult any teachers so why can’t Grandma Choi act civilly? Grandma Choi continues to grumble that it’s all Eunsoo fault that Bitna had to give up piano playing, etc.

Eunsoo’s grandma figures out that it was Grandma Choi who beat up Eunsoo in the video and attacks.  The two grandmothers are pulled apart and Asistant Principal yells at Eunsoo’s grandmother to leave and wait for Eunsoo at home since Eunsoo quit already.  Of course, he wouldn’t tell Grandma Choi to leave since she’s too influential.

Teacher Kim arrives in the middle of the fray and takes Eunsoo’s grandmother home.  When Eunsoo’s grandmother tells him to take care of Eunsoo, he spills everything about the ending the engagement.

Eunsoo gets a text from Teacher Kim and rushes home.  She kneels on the floor in front of her grandmother and apologizes for not telling her sooner.  Grandma sighs that Eunsoo should have told her earlier even if Eunsoo thought that Grandma couldn’t help.  Eunsoo tears up and explains that everything happened all of a sudden.  She just didn’t have a chance to say anything.

Grandma begins to sob and tells Eunsoo that she’s annoyed she didn’t know about how much Eunsoo was dealing with.  Grandma pulls Eunsoo close and tells Eunsoo to cry it out.

At the same time, Grandma Choi’s housekeeper quits when Grandma Choi snaps at the help for bringing her cold water. The housekeeper yells that Grandma Choi should grow older with grace or be wary of karma.  She also announces that she chooses who she works for too and she doesn’t want to work for such a rude family.

Meanwhile, Soobin’s father gets an offer to buy the recipe and methodology for their soy bean paste for $5,000,000.  Soobin’s dad runs home to ask his wife what she would do with $5,000,000.  Soobin’s mom answers that she wants a new house, washing machine, fridge, a set of diamond jewelry, etc.  She then jumps to the conclusion that Soobin’s dad must have won the lottery!

Soobin’s dad huffs that he can’t think with Soobin’s mom there.  He goes back to the restaurant to call his son (Seungyeon) in the middle of his MBA.  Seungyeon tells him to hold out until he goes back to Korea and help with the restaurant.  If the a large company would want to buy the restaurant now for $5 million, they would still want it later.  Soobin’s dad calls the offering company to decline the offer.

Rumors spread like fire at the hospital as someone had identified the abusive grandmother as Bitna’s grandma.  Other posts continue up where other students complain about how Bitna’s grandma has always been obsessive. It was  common knowledge that if the grandmother doesn’t like a teacher, life would be difficult.  One posts analogizes Bitna’s treatment to a princess.

Bitna’s dad goes home to tell his daughter that he wants Bitna to study in the United States.  He will go with Bitna at first since he just submitted his resignation. Omo! Is this because of the video?

Next thing we know, Yeon-Mi is wheeled into her surgery.

TIME JUMP! 7 years later to 2016!

Eunsoo with a bob cut is woken up by Grandma as she’s almost late.  She has to run out…

Eunsoo runs to a large kitchen style class room where she prepares for the class before the students arrive.  It turns out that Eunsoo is now an assistant cooking teacher.  Eunsoo walks around the students as they cook giving individualized attention to the fledgling chefs as they make a broiled chicken dish and a noodle dish.

After the class, the teacher encourages Eunsoo to take over and start teaching some classes. Eunsoo declines that she is not ready.  She wants to continue to learn more about cooking.  She’s currently considering whether she wants to go into a kitchen or a food company.

The scene changes.  We turn to a cafe where Sooho is meeting with his friend who seems to wants to partner up with Sooho to make a game company.  Sooho barely pages through the pitchbook before deciding that he likes hte idea.

Suddenly, Eunsoo is called to the police station because Eunho got into a fight with Sooho.  However, unlike most KDRAMA relatives who get called into a police station, Eunsoo is furious when she sees that someone dared hit Eunho.  Instead of telling Eunho to apologize, she turns to Sooho to demand that Sooho apologizes first.

Cue fun music to let us know that these two are meant to be.


Wow! I loved this episode.  I was feeling really frustrated because of the prior episode where it was clearly the rich wins over poor unfairly theme.  However, then the writer turned it around and gave us a little breather.  Nothing really changed for Eunsoo’s life as her life goal – of being a great teacher has ended, her mom still needs surgery, and her fiance is still an arsehat.  However, Bitna’s family ends up having to upend their lives as well.  Bitna’s father feeling pressured to submit his resignation for probably embarrassing the hospital image and taking Bitna to study abroad felt like a tiny victory.

The nod to the increasing presence of the internet as a force of good (in addition to the force of evil when the witch hunt against Eunsoo started when she was innocent) was a nice reminder that because of the internet being so intertwined into a normal Korean’s life, viral incidents can have a greater reach.  In this instance, likely a little stretched, but I’ll take it!

This was also a great use of a time jump since the series is slated for over 100 episodes and I did not know how long they were going to drag out the historical background between Eunsoo and Bitna, which leads to the awkward relationships in the future.  Nine episodes of Eunsoo suffering with no end are enough of that loop.  Time for us to see Eunsoo in her next chapter of life!

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