Run, Jang-Mi – E61

Mrs. Hong flips out when she hears about the miscarriage and stuffing hits the fan.


Minjoo smiles that she didn’t want to say it originally because she felt bad as a fell woman but she couldn’t keep quiet any more. Mrs. Hong frowns and tells Minjoo to go home for now.

The next day? Taeja celebrates because he has completed ten assignments. To impress us, he rattles of really simple and basic information about rice cakes -.- one vote for not impressed.

The two go off to give Taeja his wish – buy swim suits together for a day at a water park! As they cutely flirt and look around, Mrs. Hong calls to ask them to come in.

The two go to Taeja’s house thinking that Mrs. Hong is still happy with them. But, Mrs. Hong asks if Jang-Mi had a miscarriage. Jang-Mi apologizes but Mrs. Hong turns to slap Taeja. She announces that she never raised a hand against her son before and asks if she should continue.

Jang-Mi falls on her knees to apologize. However, Mrs. Hong is still furious. She tells them that she had hired an investigator because secrets kept coming out and cannot believe that Jang-Mi would believe she can marry Taeja after all of this. She tells Jang-Mi to promise that she will break up.

Jang-Mi wavers. Taeja decides to act and pulls Jang-Mi out. He declares that he’s leaving.

Mrs. Hong shrieks that Taeja should stop unless he wants to see his mother die. Taeja doesn’t stop and Mrs. Hong falls from a heart attack.

When Mrs. Hong wakes up, her right hand is weak and doesn’t follow her thoughts. The doctor explains that she might be partially paralyzed. Mrs. Hong needs to stay stable as the MRI showed a small problem in the brain…

Mrs. Hong asks Taehee to remove Taeja from her eyes.

On the side, Mincheol is driving Yuri home. Yuri suddenly asks why Mincheol never attempts any skinship even though they have met both of their parents. Mincheol awkwardly smiles that it’s weird to hear that from a girl. Yuri replies that such a thought is old fashioned.

When they arrive at Yuri’s house, Yuri pointedly looks at Mincheol and notes that she’s going to be annoyed soon. Mincheol forces a smile and hugs Yuri but goes home thinking about how different Yuri is from Jang-Mi.

The next day, Jang-Mi meets Joonhyuk in the courtyard. She mentions that Taeja probably won’t be able to attend their normal meetings. Joonhyuk agrees and notes that he was planning to postpone their meeting.

At the same time, Taehee cries for her mother to eat. Mrs. Hong muses that she’s being punished for how she treated Joonhyuk and Taehee… Ya think?!

Taehee goes out and sends her brother in. Taeja goes to his mother’s side and apologizes for everything. Mrs. Hong bursts into sobs asking how he could do this to her when she lived for him? Me thinks the lady still doesn’t realize that her children are not her toys; one cannot assume to control the lives of other human beings.

Meanwhile, Jangsu’s friend meets with Jandi at a bar. He asks Jandi to date him officially. But at that moment, Jangsu arrives and drags Seungwan out. Jangsu demands that Seungwan tell the truth – does he really like Jandi? Seungwan pauses and Jandi realizes that Seungwan just wanted a sugarmama.

Jangsu goes home with Jandi who cries that she’s lonely. She has a hard time because she doesn’t have either of her parents. Jangsu listens to her cry and then gets drunk with her. Suddenly, it’s the next day and they are both in bed together.

Then Grandpa Hwang checks on Jang-Mi at the shop. He tells Jang-Mi that it might take a while for Taeja to come back to see her but he will. He also tells Jang-Mi that this will also pass.

At the same time, Mrs. Hong asks Taeja to break up with Jang-Mi and date Minjoo seriously. Taeja tells his mother that he cannot…and, Minjoo walks in simpering toward Mrs. Hong. Ugh. Someone toss my computer at this fake girl.

Taeja excuses himself when his mother threatens to get checked out. Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo to follow and have a meal with Taeja.

On the side, Mr. Kang gets frustrated when his wife refuses to do his laundry while she does the children’s laundry. He storms out to Ara’s bar. Ara tells Mr. Kang to take control over his finances and control his bank account now. That way his wife won’t be able to disrespect him.

Then we turn to the older folks. Mr. Jang is asking Grandpa Hwang to keep Mrs. Hong’s condition a secret from Mrs. Na. But then, Mrs. Na walks in and the two men shut up.

Mrs. Na asks if they were talking about her but Mr. Jang denies it. Yet, no one offers an explanation and Mrs. Na pouts that it’s rude to whisper in front of others or to suddenly stop talking in front of others. She announces that she’s only going to leave one container of strawberries where she had originally brought over two. She leaves in a huff as Grandpa Hwang bursts out laughing.

Then Taeja arrives at work to tell Jang-Mi to be optimistic. He thinks it’s a great opportunity for them now that all of the secrets are out.

Taeja heads off to the meeting where he impresses the easily impressed board of directors by saying general statement such as the new rice cake menu aims to allow each person to directly choose the components. Somehow, everyone is surprised that Taeja can answer questions and we are told that Jang-Mi prepared him.

Mrs. Hong gets discharged because she doesn’t want to stay in the hospital. Taeja goes to update Grandpa Hwang and they agree that it’s an awkward situation… They can no longer oppose Mrs. Hong’s wishes if it would trigger her condition.

The next day, Mrs. Hong calls Taeja out for lunch. He cautiously arrives with flowers to find Minjoo there as well. Mrs. Hong tells him to sit if he doesn’t want to see her collapse again.

Mrs. Hong drops the bomb next. She wants Taeja to try dating Minjoo for a couple of months.


A heart attack is an easy way to raise the stakes. Suddenly, one wonders if Taeja can do anything when his mother is susceptible of falling again for any small reason. Worst, the fact that Minjoo is taking advantage of the situation instead of backing off and seeing how serious the problem is speaks volumes about Minjoo’s own character and values. I’m starting to wonder if Mrs. Choi taught Minjoo anything the way that Minjoo is acting -.-

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