Run, Jang-Mi – E62

After a bunch of angst Jang-Mi convinces Taeja to temporarily separate to appease his mother.


Mrs. Hong tells Taeja to meet with Minjoo for a couple of months to try it out.  Taeja is startled to hear such an unreasonable request.  He yells that this makes no sense as he loves Jang-Mi.  He then turns to Minjoo to yell at her for not cutting off her feelings as she had promised.  He leaves.

Taeja finds Jang-Mi working at the cafe.  Is she getting paid overtime for this? Taeja tells her that his mother did not say much so Jang-Mi doesn’t have to worry.  He also tells her that Mrs. Hong might call Jang-Mi out again.  If she does, Jang-Mi shouldn’t listen to what Mrs. Hong says or worry about it.  He just wants Jang-Mi to stay by his side.

The next day, the battles begin.  Mrs. Hong refuses to eat or drink anything until Taeja relents.  Taehee has no idea what Mrs. Hong’s request was but has to tell Taeja that their mom is on a hunger strike.

Taeja calls Minjoo out to ask why she’s going along with his mother’s ridiculous request.  Minjoo tells Taeja that she’s loved him since she was a child.  So, she just wants Taeja to be with her for three months.  If Taeja still feels the way he does right now, she will give up.

Meanwhile, the older generation goes through its hijinks.  CEO Hwang decides to redocrate the guest room with his money since he will be staying there for a while.  We turn to a day of shopping where Mr. Jang tags along.

In the car, CEO Hwang jokes around to trigger Mr. Jang’s jealousy by continuing to ask Mrs. Na about the type of guy she likes and recommending that she finds another husband.  He even offers to set her up with someone.  Mrs. Na laughs that it’s not the time as she should focus on Jang-Mi and Jangsu.

At the same time, Taeja goes home to kneel in front of his mother.  He begs her to help him out by giving up on this horrible request.  He adds that he is suffering so much that he feels like he’s going to die because he doesn’t want to give up Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Hong answers that he won’t die without Jang-Mi, he lived quite well without her. So, he should just try it.

Mrs. Choi also decides to take matters into her own hands.  She visits Mrs. Na and announces that she’s there to give Mrs. Na some information.  She tells Mrs. Na about Mrs. Hong having the heart attack after finding out about Jang-Mi’s miscarriage and Mrs. Hong’s latest ultimatum that Taeja see Minjoo for a couple of months or Mrs. Hong will continue to refuse to eat.

Mrs. Na goes to ask Mr. Jang about the truth about everything and gets worried when it’s confirmed.

On the side, Jandi visits Jangsu at work where he’s clearly brooding while working.  Jangsu begins to stutter about the other night and Jandi cuts in.  She tells him that the other night was a mistake for both of them so they should both pretend that it never happened.

Mr. Kang also begins his revenge! He had the direct deposit for his salary changed.  He hands over an envelope of money to Mrs. Choi and explains that it’s her stipend for the household finances. He wants Mrs. Choi to respect him.

Mrs. Choi gets up to physically search Mr. Kang’s pockets but his account book is not in any pocket.  He’s also unconvinced by Mrs. Choi’s argument that he doesn’t have a right to control the finances since he got swindled before.  Mr. Kang grumbles that it was so long ago, they already paid off the debt.

Then, that evening comes and Mrs. Na tells Jang-Mi about Mrs. Hong’s ultimatum.

At the same time, Joonhyuk reports to CEO Hwang about the finalization about Jang-Mi/Taeja’s new menu item.  CEO Hwang is in a great mood as Taeja is so focused at work.  He laughs that at this rate, all of hte talk that Taeja got his job through nepotism might actually disappear. In contrast, Joonhyuk’s expression is more somber.  Some jealousy?

Joonhyuk goes to drink in front of their neighborhood but finds Jang-Mi already there. He joins her and she begins to pour out her heart that she’s beginning to have doubts about whether they should continue with Mrs. Hong in this condition.  Joonhyuk sighs that he doesn’t know what to tell her either…

Jang-Mi leaves first and Joonhyuk follows to walk her home.  He finds her crying outside the tent and he offers his shoulder to cry on.

The next day, Jang-Mi calls Taeja out for a date.  It’s one of their last date wishes – to go to a drive in theater.  Also, Jang-Mi is sporting a new hairstyle with a perm!

After the movie, Jang-Mi takes Taeja to a cafe where she drops the bomb.  She tells him that she thinks it would be best if they separate for a couple of months.  During this time, they can reevaluate if their relationship is the best course for everyone involved.  Jang-Mi adds that she’s really worried about Mrs. ong’s rehabilitation.

Taeja demands to know if Jang-Mi wants him to date Minjoo.  Jang-Mi answers that she is a girl; she doens’t want him to see another girl.  However, she has faith in their relationship.  She doesn’t think that they will break up even if they separate for a couple of months.

Taeja doesn’t agree and Jang-Mi even notes that she will ignore his calls and texts if he doesn’t agree.  Taeja sighs that he will try for one month but no more than one month.  Jang-Mi nods. Taeja walks Jang-Mi home and they say their goodbyes.

Then, Jang-Mi visits Mrs. Hong to tell Mrs. Hong about their decision to separate for one month. Jang-Mi adds that they won’t be contacting each other during that one month.  She also notes that she hopes that Mrs. Hong would consider Jang-Mi a little more during that month.

Later, Taeja comes home to tell his mom that she won.  He won’t see or contact Jang-Mi for one month even though he refuses to date Minjoo during that time.  He also demands that his mom accept their relationship if he still loves Jang-Mi after a month.

The next day, Joonhyuk walks in on CEO Hwang taking his pills.  CEO Hwang hides the pills quickly but Joonhyuk gets worried.  When he folds the laundry for CEO Hwang, he finds some pill bottles in the closet and takes a picture to ask his friend.  The doctor friend tells Joonhyuk that one is a painkiller and the other is cancer medicine.


And on the left side, you have the makjang storyline of the mother believing that a loveless marriage can make her son happy. (Mrs. Hong telling Taeja to date Minjoo for three months…) The only way that I see this as a successful resolution would be if Minjoo can be content with a loveless marraige, which I don’t see Minjoo ever being happy with.

If Taeja marries Minjoo even though he doesn’t love Minjoo, he would probably turn to another outlet to sooth the loneliness in his heart.  Anyone want to offer a guess? He can either obsess about work, exercising, alcohol, or women.  Considering Taeja’s current personality, I doubt that he would ever obsess about work.  So, we are left with exercise, alochol or women.  All through would leave Minjoo alone in the house with tons of time to interfere in other’s lives since her’s won’t be full.  How can Minjoo not see this?

Additionally, my least favorite character entered the drama in this episode – the noble idiot.  What was up with Jang-Mi’s questioning of whether she should let Taeja go? Her giving up at this point would literally just be noble idiocy.  =_= Suddenly, Jang-Mi is so proactive in having the last date and telling Taeja to listen to his mother’s ultimatum… Where was all of this proactiveness in Jang-Mi’s career?

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