Still Loving You – E11

A misunderstanding brews between Sooho’s aunt and Eunsoo while Sooho hunkers down to study.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 11 RECAP

Sooho’s aunt accidentally runs into Bitna in the airport. She’s portrayed as an adorkable Korean American who doesn’t really have tact as she compliments Bitna’s limited edition scarf that she’s also wearing. Bitna frowns but Sooho’s aunt happily spots another woman wearing the same scarf and announces that she’s a trendsetter.

Bitna doesn’t wait to hear the rest and walks off after throwing the scarf away into a trash can.

Bitna’s first stop? Sooho’s parents restaurant. She announces that the lunch is delicious and calls Sooho’s mother “mother-in-law”, cuing the woman in on her interest in Soohyun. Bitna then goes home where she even unpacks a photograph of her and Soohyun… this girl is obsessed.

Meanwhile Soohyun checks on one of their soy bean paste farms before checking into the office. There Soohyun sees a proposal for a recipe contest. They decide that the first place winner will get a 3 month internship.

At the same time, Sooho sits down for some studying. First, he goes for coffee. Then, he is just about to start reading when his friends call him out. Sooho tries to beg off but rushes off when he hears that someone saw Jong-Min.

Sooho finds his friends at a cafe without Jong-Min. They laugh that someone saw Jong-Min at some other neighborhood. Then Jong-Min texts Sooho an apology that he’s really sorry.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo finishes up with a class and happily skips over through stalls including one that sells knives. She pauses in front of one particular set that is on sale for around $1,300. Eunsoo smiles at the set and tells the owner not to sell it to anyone as she will have enough money by the end of the month.

In the other side of the city, Bitna’s dad comes home to find Bitna happily running down. The satisfied family gulfs down dinner together with Grandma teasing Dad about crying over Bitna’s photograph. Bitna also announces that she’s not going back to the United States as she got transferred to the Korean office of her company.

We turn to Eunsoo who’s working as a waitress at some fancy restaurant. She brings over he bill to Sooho’s aunt and receives a tip. But when Sooho’s aunt gets up to leave without her pouch, Eunsoo doesn’t realize it because she is called away by an angry customer. The chef never came into work so all of the meal orders are backed up! Eunsoo offers to help out with cooking and is taken up on the offer.

At the same time, Eunho’s girlfriend meets with her friend who is engaged. The girl shows off a 1.5 carat diamond and brags about her new apartment in Gangnam. She then commenced to announce that she’s pregnant so her in-laws treat her like a princess; or in other words, she got knocked up and luckily that’s leading to a wedding.
Eunho’s girlfriend sighs and lies that Eunho got hired by Kookmin Company and the bragging girlfriend shuts up as her fiancé doesn’t have much to brag about other than the parents money.

Eunho comes to pick up his girlfriend who winces when she sees the laundromat car. She complains about bragging to her friends about his new job and asks if Eunho’s mom will buy them a house when they get married. Girl, evaluate yourself before you go demanding things from your fiancé. I don’t see anything special about you and you’re demanding that he gets a job at a prestigious company AND bring a house?  Let’s hope that you’re just really humble and you’re actually part of senior management in Soohyun’s company or I’ll toss this laptop.

Eunho is awkwardly mum and the girl demands to go to a cafe. When Eunho suggests that they go to their usual place, she orders that he just buys her a cup from the nearest store whining that she’s thirsty. Eunho complies and runs in leaving her annoying highness in the car.

Eunho receives a text and the girl takes out his phone. It’s spam but she also sees a few messages prior, including the one that informed Eunho that he failed to get hired by Kookmin again.

At the same time, Sooho’s aunt is about to arrive at her hotel when she realizes that she lost her pouch. She rushes back to the restaurant. But no one brought in a found pouch. Sooho’s aunt insists that the waitress who helped her pay the bill would know.

So, the other employee goes to ask Eunsoo. Eunsoo has no recollection of the pouch but Sooho’s aunt rushes up and accuses Eunsoo of stealing her money.


Oh no, Eunsoo! Fingers crossed that this misunderstanding with Sooho’s aunt gets cleared up.  So far, Sooho’s aunt has been a quirky character with a strong personality.  She’s the perfect foil and opposite to Sooho’s mother.  If the aunt becomes Eunsoo’s ally, I can see a fun family fight going on between Mom/Bitna v. Aunt/Eunsoo.  The teams are quite evenly matched.  Bitna’s crazy rude makjang and Mom’s regular mother-in-law craziness can be muted by Aunt’s fun flare and Eunsoo’s sweet practicality.

On the side, I am cautiously optimistic that the drama will also develop Eunho’s character.  Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense for them to explore the storyline with his current girl friend who is jealous of her friend and unsatisfied with Eunho’s situation.  Does the girl friend have a bigger role to play? She does work in Soohyun’s company headquarters… Or is she just a foil for some better girl to come into Eunho’s life?  We shall see!

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