Still Loving You – E16-20

Eunsoo sees Sooho’s true value when Sooho runs out to save a friend from getting entrapped in an organ sale scheme and the tutoring begins. Meanwhile, Soohyun proposes to Chaeyoon and then his company gets hit with possible bankruptcy after a contract goes sour.  Cue Soohyun suddenly turning to Bitna.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 16-20 RECAP

The expressions on the couple’s faces freeze but Bitna pretends not to notice and sits next to Soohyun. So, Soohyun uncomfortably introduces her as a college friend.

Soohyun tries to ask Bitna to eat another time. But, Bitna answers that she is hungry and stays put.

Soohyun gets a call and walks out into the hall. Bitna takes this opportunity to announce that she likes Soohyun and confessed her feelings. Chaeyoung sniffs that she trusts Soohyun.

Bitna laughs and asks if Chaeyoung wants to have a bet; Bitna even adds that she has never not gotten what she wanted.

When Soohyun comes back, Chaeyoung apologizes that she’s kind of tired. Soohyun offers to leave and everyone gets up. They are walking or with Soohyun accompanying Chaeyoung when Bitna pretends to trip and sprain her ankle. Soohyun decides to put Chaeyoung in a cab and drive Bitna home.

In the car, Bitna asks why Soohyun never told Bitna about his girlfriend. Soohyun answers that he just didn’t. Bitna asks if he’s going to marry Chaeyoung. Soohyun answers that he is.

That night Woori scares his dad by asking for help with his homework. Singyul runs off after taking one look at the homework to the convenience store where he runs into Eunho who is about to drink alone. Singyul joins.

Eunho grumbles about having really loved his ex and wanting to give her a diamond ring as well. Singyul agrees that women are all the same and they drink.

Eunho passes out when his cell phone rings. It’s Soomin but Singyul mistakes her for the ex-girlfriend and tells Soomin that Eunho loves her so she should call back the next day and make up.

Soomin gets called down by Dad who tells her to go into internal medicine. Soomin answers that she’s already 28; she’s an adult and can choose her life. Dad gets angry and tells Soomin to stay at home to learn to be a wife.

Soomin sighs that she declares her intent to never marry and storms to her room. At this point, Sooho and Soohyun defend Soomin. They note that parents shouldn’t interfere with what their children want to do with their lives. Soohyun adds that they should support Soomin who’s one of the few female urologists in Korea. Mom and aunt add that their neutral declaring that Dad’s outnumbered.

Grandma Choi meets Eunsoo’s mom when she catches her shawl on something and it rips. She goes to the dry cleaners herself to ask Eunsoo’s mom for special attention as the shawl was a gift from her daughter.

Meanwhile, Sooho bumps into Eunsoo at the cafe where they planned to meet unknowingly. Eunsoo accuses him of stalking her and he calls her ugly. Sooho demands an apology since he lost 1 million because she kicked him out of the exam room.

Eunsoo laughs and tells him that she felt bad. So, she checked his exam and he scored 45%. Even if he had not been kicked out, he would have failed! The two declare that they don’t want to see each other and separate.

But, after waiting a while separately, Eunsoo calls Sooho and they realize the truth. Sooho immediately wants to call off the tutoring but Eunsoo runs off after him to apologize. She’s already spent the money and needs to tutor him. Sooho asks why she would even want to tutor him so she answers truthfully that she used up the tutoring fee.

Sooho isn’t moved but then finds a sticker on his windshield. He tells Eunsoo that he’ll reconsider if she washes his car. Afterwards, he agrees to start the tutoring from the next day.

Bitna visits Soohyun at his office but he foists her on his colleague. So, Bitna waits until Soohyun leaves work and attacks. She begins by yelling at him that he’s the first person that she actually loved. She asks what she can do to make him love her offering everything she owns.

Soohyun laughs that he doesn’t believe in love. He thinks love is just a chemical imbalance created by hormones. He also tells Bitna not to think that she can buy love.

Bitna perks up that this means that Soohyun doesn’t love Chaeyoung. Soohyun sighs and leaves.

On the side, Soomin calls Eunho out. They meet at a nice cafe where Soomin begins by asking if Eunho likes her. Eunho’s shocked cough tells her that she’s wrong and she backpedals that it was a misunderstanding. Eunho smiles that he used to have a one-sided crush on her but she seemed too intense and he didn’t have the confidence to confess.

Soomin smiles and asks to eat dinner. Eunho agrees but then gets a call from Mina.

Eunho runs off to meet Mina who apologizes. Eunho pulls her into a hug and Mina thinks to herself that even a dump car can turn into a sports car; she will wait. -.- Girl?????????

Soohyun meets Chaeyoung in a restaurant where he proposes and she accepts.

The next day, Bitna’s dad has to pick up his golfing clothes from the dry cleaners. Eunsoo’s mom happily greets him as the new driver. She also sees that his shirt button is about to fall off and forces him to sit so she can mend it. Bitna’s dad awkwardly sits for it and almost leaves without the dry cleaned clothes.

As for Sooho, he meets with Eunsoo to have their first class when he gets a call that someone found out Jongmin’s address (the friend who took the 30,000). Sooho runs out with Eunsoo following.

They reach the building where loan sharks are forcing Jongmin to sign a contract to sell his organs to pay back the loan sharks. Sooho jumps into the fray and Eunsoo shouts at the sharks to stop or she will upload the film online…

The main loan shark snatches Eunsoo’s phone and leers at her. Sooho runs over and asks how much the debt is…

Cue the loan sharks driving off in Sooho’s car. Jongmin tearfully thanks Sooho and promises to pay him pay. Sooho takes a deep breath and tells Jongmin to be sure to pay him back as he’s invested a lot in Jongmin.

Later, Sooho sees Bitna drop her wallet and calls out. She walks off with the wallet without thanking him. Bitna sniffs and takes out a $100 check declaring that this should be enough as a reward. Sooho explodes and yells at her for not having any manners as she should be thanking him not paying him; he doesn’t want the money. Bitna reaches over for the check but Sooho pulls it back saying, “first apologize, then you get your check back.”

Bitna smiles and tells Sooho to just take the money and leave her alone. She then leaves.

Eunsoo returns to the cafe with some medicine. And, they finally start the lessons.

Bitna takes the cake and visits Soohyun’s dad. She tells Soohyun’s dad that she likes Soohyun and even confessed. Soohyun’s dad asked if Soohyun didn’t mention having an unofficial fiancé. Bitna confirms that he did but adds that she finds it unfair; she’s loved Soohyun for five years. She even moved to Korea for Soohyun.

Soohyun’s dad cuts Bitna off and tells her that he already considers his friend’s daughter, Chaeyoung, as his daughter-in-law. He tells Bitna not to come back unless she is truly and innocently visiting as Soohyun’s college friend.

The restaurant gets a call at that moment. It’s Soohyun to tell his dad that he proposed. Dad repeats it loudly to make sure that Bitna heard.

We turn to Eunho and Mina. He has a flashback where Mina happily eats some more fast food. It turns out that she’s a total fox. Using a baby voice, she asks for her ring back and promises to wear it until he gets her a new ring.

Eunho gets called out by a friend… the friend sells cosmetics as part of a pyramid scheme and buys some expensive meat for Eunho to pull him in.

Sooho’s tutoring also ends. Outside the cafe, Eunho sincerely apologizes as she knows now that he wasn’t cheating. But, she adds that he was wrong for acting suspiciously and he would have failed the exam anyways. Sooho stops her and takes the apology as is.

That evening Chaeyoung arrives for dinner bearing fruit. Our lovely mother-in-law to be doesn’t even accept the basket. She also takes the opportunity to tell Chaeyoung to take her time deciding on the wedding and frowns when she sees the ring that Soohyun bought for Chaeyoung.

Even later that night, Soomin is walking home when two girls run out crying. She stops them to ask what’s wrong and they cry that a man is streaking…(Specifically, in Korea, “babari men” wear nothing but a trench coat and show offering jewels to innocent victims.)

Soomin frowns and angrily stomps into the park where Singyul is wearing a trench coat trying to gain energy from the moon. Soomin assumes that Singyul is the babari man and kicks him down. Just then the real babari man runs by chasing other victims. Soomin quickly apologizes and runs off.

The next day, Sooho is happy to see Eunsoo at the academy. He walks up to ask where they will meet later. Since some of Eunsoo’s students are with her, they hear Sooho’s words and assume he’s her boyfriend. Eunsoo frowns and pretends not to know what he’s saying.

She walks off and then texts that they should pretend not to know each other at the cooking academy.

Eunsoo is clearly just embarrassed but Sooho gets annoyed.

At the same time Eunho goes to his friend’s office where the friend tries to convince Eunho to join. Eunho is cautious as it looks like a weird pyramid scheme but the friend laughs and shows Eunho a picture of a celebrity using their products. The friend also tells Eunho to start off small if he’s worried… and orders 60 boxes of cosmetics and 100 boxes of the vitamins for Eunho.

Eunsoo meets Sooho at the cafe but he’s still miffed from her pretending not to know him earlier. He tells her to buy him a risotto and a pasta so he can study.

Eunsoo reluctantly agrees and walks over. She stops by the front to ask if she can order takeout. Bitna decides to leave the restaurant at that moment because Soohyun sent his colleague to the investor meeting with her. Hence, Eunsoo sees Bitna and both girls freeze. Eunsoo calls Bitna’s name. Bitna literally walks off to drive away as if to escape.

It gets dark and Sooho finds Eunsoo sitting on the stairs staring off into nothing. He asks her how she could keep him waiting when he’s starving as well as why she pretended not to know him earlier. Eunsoo cannot answer other than cry.

Eunsoo takes him back to the academy where she cooks him up a couple of dishes. Sooho takes a few bites and smiles that it’s delicious. He sighs that it’d be nice if Korean food also had some variety in it’s fried cooked noodle dishes.

Eunsoo goes home that night to stay up in bed remembering every bad moment with Bitna. The living nightmare plays in her head until she begins to cry from reliving the pain of it all. After all, when you are a victim and you didn’t even get an apology, how are you supposed to heal and move on?

That night, Bitna also suffers from their encounter. The girl isn’t pure stupid or evil. She has a guilty conscious and dreams about Eunsoo waiting at her house. The dream Eunsoo drags Bitna out of her car to tell Grandma Choi and the father the truth about how Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s life. Bitna screams as she wakes up. Bitna then decides to live in denial as she repeats to herself that she did nothing wrong.

In real life, Eunsoo goes to Bitna’s house. However, she is unable to knock because the last times she tried, Grandmother Choi threatened to call the cops. But then Bitna’s dad comes home and Eunsoo runs away.

The next day, Bitna is actually working when she sees a press release that A Foods is contracting with Jae Wa Foods… She quickly hangs up.

Soohyun finds out around that time, too. That means A Foods isn’t contracting with Yoon Ga Foods. He rushes over to A Foods but the representative ignores his calls and the front desk maintains that the representative is not in.

At the same time, Eunsoo tutors Sooho. His score even fell as he guessed a lot on the original exam. They decide to takes break and Sooho suggests soojaebi. Suddenly Eunsoo remembers Sooho sighing that there isn’t a variety in stir fry Korean noodle dishes. She realizes that there’s an opportunity.

Meanwhile Bitna visits Soohyun’s office now that his company has been betrayed. She finds Chaeyoung calmly waiting for him. Her eyes narrow on Chaeyoung’s ring. Bitna smiles a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes and she whispers that the fight starts now.

Soohyun walks in. Chaeyoung jumps up to tell him that she heard he would be working late and brought dinner. Bitna interrupts to ask him what he’s going to do about A Foods.

Soohyun asks both women to leave as he’s busy. The women leave and the colleague tells Soohyun that they don’t have enough liquidity to make their next loan payments.

On the side, Eunho comes to pick up Mina. But, she’s not wearing her ring. Hmmm. She smiles that she took it off while washing her hands but Eunho pauses, too.

That night, Soohyun finally gets in touch with the Director of A Foods. The director confirms that they contracted with Jaehwa Foods. Soohyun asks how he could do that and the director hangs up.

Singyul and the kids get invited to try Eunsoo’s new dish, sujaebi (Korean rice flower pasta) in bean paste and spicy paste. Everyone loves it and the dishes are a hit!

The next day, Yoon Ga Foods starts getting hit as the rumors spread that they lost the contract. Investors back out and lenders stop all consideration of lending extra money.

Soohyun calls his dad for help and gets a land title. Dad asks Soohyun if this will be enough. He reminds Soohyun that Yoon Ga Foods is no longer just the family’s company but their employees also count on the company for a livelihood. Soohyun promises to fix this no matter what.

Eunho goes to visit Soomin at her office. He says that he’s there because he ran out earlier but when Soomin quietly waits smiling, Eunho stutters the suggestion that she should start taking care of her skin now that she’s in her 30’s. He brings out the cosmetics set and asks her to try it.

Soomin smiles again and notes that this must be why he really came to see her. She calls him “diligent and sweet”, which surprises him. Soomin explains that she knows how hard it is for young people these days; most people give up. But, it’s good to see Eunho working hard towards his dreams. She asks if she can pay for the cosmetics in installments. T.T girl crush! Omg, Soomin is the best in this series so far!!!

Soohyun gets bad news. All of their vendors want payment now and none are willing to wait now that there’s the news that the company is in trouble. Soohyun asks his colleague if the colleague knows the major lender on the quick loans/loan shark side. The colleague answers that it’s Mrs. Choi.

Soohyun calls Bitna who rushes over. He asks her if he can meet her grandmother and Bitna invites him home immediately. The tides are turning… Soohyun smiles and when Chaeyoung calls, he blows her off saying he’s busy.

Sooho goes into his exam.

And, Bitna introduces Soohyun to her grandmother.


One thing I really like about Still Loving You/ I Still Love You/ Shine Brightly Eunsoo is how the writers and producers created a show around so many characters that I can really feel invested in.  This subarc was particularly hitting even though it wasn’t especially makjang or eventful.  I’m just going to pick out a few that stood out.

First, the Soomin v. Mina comparison was amazing.

Both girls are working career-minded women, which is pretty cool.  Usually, the comparison is between a girl who stays home and prepares to be a wife against some crazy genius career woman in a makjang drama.  But, the main female characters in this drama are all career oriented women in their own right. Kudos right there!


Focusing on Soomin v. Mina.  I thought the scene that really stood out was when Eunho went to try to sell the pyramid scheme cosmetics to Soomin.  This girl not only managed to create a career that is so independent that she opened up her own office but she has compassion and empathy for others. To repeat, the office and her staff are paid and fed because of Soomin’s education and skills as a doctor.  Yet, when Eunho comes to clearly sell something, Soomin doesn’t kick him out. Instead, she compliments him for working hard, offers to buy an expensive set, AND wishes him well. She has turned herself into what Koreans would call a sportscar, one of the five “sa” professions as a doctor.  And, yet, she’s willing to help out by buying a marked up cosmetics set. A part of my heart felt so warm when she said that.

In comparison, when Mina was thinking to herself that she can wait until Eunho turns from a dump car to a sports car? I was like, whiskey tango foxtrot!  It’s like she’s waiting for Eunho to succeed so that she can vicariously move up in society’s standards through him. Girl BECOME YOUR OWN DARN SPORTS CAR OR GET OUT. Contrasting such thoughts against Soomin’s emotion and financial support of Eunho, who isn’t even her boyfriend at the time? I am totally on Team Soomin/Eunho!

Sooho/Eunsoo.  Why hello there heart flutter! I thought it was cute how they set up this scene where Eunsoo’s inherent character jumps in.  She cannot just walk by after seeing the loan sharks bully Sooho and his friend.  So, she jumps into film the situation and threaten to upload it online.  Of course, in reality, loan sharks can just break the cell phone.  Hence, the hilarious turn of events when the loan shark ends up threatening Eunsoo for getting involved.

Additionally, this gave a great opportunity for Sooho to *protect* Eunsoo.  Having being physically threatened, her heart must have been racing.  Sooho jumping in to physically protect her from her attackers? I’m sure Eunsoo’s heart jumped! After all, what girl can not be affected by being protected by a man when she’s vulnerable? Leaving the vulnerable girl to defend herself? Not a man. But stepping into protect her? *심쿵*

Finally, because my ramblings are getting long – Soohyun.  I thought it was an interesting turn of events that in the same subarc where the “useless” Sooho ends up showing how he’s a main, willing to protect his friends and his tutor, we see Soohyun begin to unravel.  The drama had set him up as this amazing character.  He’s educated and he grew his family’s business.  He *knows* when to to draw the line and propose to Chaeyoon and turn Bitna down.

But, as soon as things start getting tough…His business decisions were not enough for this contract… Vendors are calling in debts.  Banks are no longer lender.  Suddenly, he’s ignoring Chaeyoon’s calls and turning to Bitna?  Was he nothing but a scarecrow?  An illusion of a proper man but in reality a failure or a wraith of a man?

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