Still Loving You – E21-25

Sooho fails his practical and ends up working as an intern for Yoon Ga Foods just as Eunsoo wins the recipe competition to become an intern for 3 months.  Meanwhile, Soohyun decides that he loves Bitna since her grandmother can save his company and breaks up with his fiance Chaewon.  Finally, Bitna wonders why Mr. Yoon does not accept her as his new daughter-in-law when she declared that she will win over Soohyun even though he had another fiance.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 21 – 25 RECAP

With a pounding heart and cautious fingers, Sooho enters his answers. The result? 65%. HE PASSED! Sooho jumps up with joy and runs off to tell Eunsoo. She calls him a carrot for the last time and wishes him well for the practical exam-handing over her hand. He takes it warmly but pauses when she pulls her hand away after a shake. Hmmm, are feelings developing?

At the same time, Soohyun confers with Grandma Choi to borrow $20,000,000 in exchange for the land title as security. Bitna is waiting outside because Grandma Choi doesn’t trust her daughter with her money lending business.  Grandma Choi reviews the land title and returns it. She tells Soohyun that the land is not worth $20,000,000. Soohyun asks her to reconsider as his family created Yoon Ga Foods, which he wants to protect. Grandma Choi answers firmly that she invests in the person not the business and she doesn’t want to invest in Soohyun.

Bitna has to drive Soohyun back to his company. In front of the company building, she tells him that there is only one person who can convince her grandmother otherwise – her. She offers her hand and tells Soohyun to come to her; she will protect him. Soohyun sighs that he needs time. Bitna gives her one day.

Bitna rushes home to hug her grandmother. Grandma Choi tells her to sit down as she doesn’t like the man who would turn her granddaughter down. She can introduce Bitna to so many men who are much better. Bitna begs her grandmother to relent just once as it’s not going to be for free; Soohyun has to choose her for the investment. All the while, Soohyun ignores Chaewon’s call at his desk.

Back at home that night, Mr. Yoon is furious that Sooho borrowed $30,000 from his mother and lost it. Sooho insists that he invested it and will return a profit. Mr. Yoon sighs and tells Sooho to come into the company and learn how to make soy bean paste or begin working for the main company. They make a deal, Sooho has 5 weeks to pass the practical or Sooho has to come into the company.

The next day, Sooho storms into the cooking academy. He’s muttering that he called her multiple times, texted her, and lefted her messages but she never returned her calls. Eunsoo’s students giggle that Sooho must be Eunsoo’s boyfriend. Sooho announces that he is and grabs Eunsoo’s rist to drag her away.

His reason? He wants her to tutor him for the practical. Eunsoo isn’t sure that she can do it. There are 52 main Korean dishes and the test is to prepare 2 of such dishes within one hour. Sooho promises to pay her whatever she wants of she would tutor him…She even prepares his two best dishes to convince her although they fall short of Eunsoo’s expectations. Sooho continues to beg. He asks her to teach him 10 dishes as he has good luck…The main dishes will come out of the ten that she teaches him.

Time for fate to interfere! Eunsoo’s mom is out for deliveries when her car breaks down and refuses to move. All it does is steam. Fortunately, Bitna’s dad drives by and sees her. He even looks into it and she asks him to temporarily fix it so the car would move. But when Eunsoo’s mom starts it up, the car stops again. Eunsoo’s mom decides to call in the favor of sewing his button – she asks him to drive her around to finish her deliveries.

On the side, Soohyun finally answers Chaewon’s call. They meet at a cafe where Chaewon confronts him about meeting Bitna the other day when he ignored her calls. She asks him if he loves her and Soohyun is unable to answer. Chaewon grits back her tears and announces that Bitna was right; she would win. She leaves her ring on the table and leaves.

Soohyun calls Bitna who drives to the riverside where Soohyun is staring off into space. He asks Bitna if she still likes him. She answers that she ran over as soon as he called. Soohyun tells her that she might regret her choices later. She tells him that she has confidence of making him fall for her.

Soohyun sighs. He tells her that a man’s pride is everything. But, she killed his pride by making him call her. Bitna jumps in to say she rather thinks he’s cooler for not running away and trying to find a solution.  Soohyun stands up and tells Bitna that all he can promise her is that he will try her best. Bitna rushes up to hug him. She promises that she will make sure that he doesn’t regret his decision.

Bitna happily flounces home and begins her attack. She brings her pillow into her grandmother’s room to sleep with her grandmother and also convince her grandmother to help Yoon Ga Family. Grandma Choi snaps that she doesn’t like Soohyun – he had originally rejected Bitna. He’s suddenly turning to Bitna because his company needs help. Bitna persists. She hugs her grandmother and repeats that she loves her grandmother. She also notes that she’s going to marry Soohyun so it’s not like Grandma Choi is helping out a stranger – he’s her grandson now. The killer attack? Bitna tells Grandma Choi that if Soohyun is having difficulty, Bitna will suffer…She knows her grandmother doesn’t like to see her granddaughter suffer. Grandma Choi is unable to answer that.

Time passes and it’s time for the practical exam! Sooho begins well laughing a lot and randomly tasting flour leisurely to pretend that he knows what he’s doing. But then he has to prepare the squid. As he pulls the squid apart, he slips and hits the back table falling the flour…

Singyul has pain issues as he gives Eunho the rent. So, Eunho recommends Soomin. Singyul is noticeably uncomfortable when he realizes that the doctor is a woman. He asks for a prescription for chronic prostatitis as that’s what he always gets. Soomin refuses to give him a prescription without an exam or prior medical records. She tells Singyul to leave.

Singyul yells at Soomin that she can’t leave an ill person when she’s a doctor. He reminds her of the Hippocrate’s oath. Soomin laughs that she understands the issue but symptoms can overlap between different illnesses like chronic prostatitis and cancer. At the mention of cancer, Singyul announces that he will have the exam for “Our Nation” a/k/a the names of his children – Woori and Nara.

At the same time, Grandma Choi visits Soohyun to ask why he’s suddenly changed his mind to date Bitna. She asks if it’s the money.

Soohyun answers that it’s not just the money. Even in the past, he liked Bitna but he didn’t want to be called a male Cinderella. He knew from the beginning that his family was not equal to Bitna’s family. He also promises to stop seeing Bitna if Grandma Choi disapproves.  Grandma Choi asks what he would do if she does not invest. Soohyun answers that separate of his relationship with Bitna, he thinks that Grandma Choi should only invest in Yoon Ga Foods if she thinks it has value.  Grandma Choi asks him once again what he thinks of Bitna. Soohyun answers that she’s like light to him as he came to rely on her during this difficult time.

Grandma Choi leaves but she makes a call. Suddenly, Soohyun’s coworker runs in. Grandma Choi agreed to invest int he company and the first deposit came through!

Bitna calls and Soohyun picks up. With a voice full of honey, he thanks Bitna as Grandma Choi has saved his company. Bitna asks to see him that night since she wants to buy something with him.

On the side, Eunsoo mom goes to pick up her van. She’s told that the man who dropped it off paid for all of the repairs.

Bitna’s wish? She wanted to go buy couple rings with Soohyun. Soohyun gets called home and Bitna realizes that it’s because of the parents finding out about Chaewon.

When he drops her off, she tells him that she wants her proposal now. The couple ring is enough; she doesn’t need a proposal ring.
Soohyun realizes why Bitna’s suddenly demanding this. He walks up and apologizes for her making her feel nervous and vulnerable. He promises her that he will never let her feel this way again. He slides the couple ring on her finger and promises to be a reliable husband. He finishes by asking if she would marry him. Bitna smiles and nods before pulling him into a hug.

Soohyun goes home to explain everything to his father. Mr. Yoon shouts at Soohyun that being sorry is not enough. Soohyun’s unforgiveable actions to Chaewon embarasses Mr. Yoon and the whole family! He did not raise Soohyun to be such a piece of trash.  Soohyun apologizes and answers that he has another woman whom he loves. He announces that he wants to marry this other woman. Mr. Yoon throws Soohyun out of the room.

Bitna is waiting for Grandma Choi when she comes home. She thanks Grandma Choi for helping on behalf of Soohyun and announces that she is going to marry him. Grandma Choi tells Bitna that she may be neutral about them dating but she doesn’t think marriage is right. They need to evaluate his family first. But, Bitna insists that she loves Soohyun and she will marry him.
After brooding all night about his son’s arsehat actions, Mr. Yoon tells Soohyun to invite the woman whom he loves home to greet the family.

Then it’s time for the final round at the Yoon Ga Foods new recipe competition. The five finalists have to prepare their dishes in front of the Yoon Ga Foods judges, which includes Soohyun and Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon even stops by Eunsoo’s station to ask her about her dish. Eunsoo explains that she came up with the idea in hopes that she could make a dish that would be enjoyed by all generations regardless of age. She also found that soy bean paste resolved the issue of strong cheesy taste of pasta dishes. So she combined it into a stir fry sujaebi dish. The winner? Eunsoo!

After the competition, Mr. Yoon tells Soohyun that when Eunsoo starts as an intern, he also wants Sooho to start as an intern. Soohyun disagrees of letting Sooho join the company as an intern because this is nepotism. He asks that they call a favor from a different company.

Mr. Yoon frowns and tells his son that it’s the same thing as asking someone else to take care of their trash. Sooho is part of their family, so they have to resolve his weaknesses.

Over breakfast, Mr. Yoon breaks the news about Sooho starting at the company. Sooho is also unhappy about the idea of starting as an intern when Soohyun is the CEO. Mr. Yoon answers that at home, Sooho is Soohyun’s brother and Mr. Yoon’s son. However, at the company, Sooho is nothing but an intern with no relationship to Soohyun or Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon also tells all of his children to start paying a stipend for rent and food at home since his children are all adults.

Cue Eunsoo and Sooho meeting in Mina’s office. They are joining the team. Also, the manager announces that Mina has been promoted to Assistant Manager/Supervisor. (Usually this promotion is given to someone who has worked for 4-5 years.)

Work starts and Eunsoo is hard at work learning about the company while Sooho keeps falling asleep at his desk. He’s also cold when Mina asks Sooho to make copies. Eunsoo runs up to help with the copies so Sooho sits back down. Mina get’s annoyed at Sooho’s attitude and tasks Sooho to make coffee. Sooho refuses as it’s not part of their corporate responsibilities.

Eunsoo gets nervous and runs over to volunteer to make the coffee. Mina tells Sooho to bring over all of the soy bean paste samples from the storage room instead. Sooho grudgingly agrees with Eunsoo following right behind. She tells Sooho to act more flexibly at work; they can make coffee if they aren’t doing anything else.

Drama coincidences continue as Bitna runs into Sooho in front of the storage room. Sooho demands that Bitna apologize while Bitna tells Sooho to be careful as she’s someone he should be sucking up to.

That night, Soohyun visits Bitna’s house to greet Grandma Choi and Bitna’s father. Soohyun is all smiles and compliments about Bitna about Bitna being a light in his life. Puke?

The next day, the manager rushes around looking for the plan report that Mina was supposed to prepare. Mina apologizes that it’s going to take a little longer because it’s in English. Eunsoo volunteers to help since she majored in English education. The manager tells Mina to hand over the project to Eunsoo and leaves. Mina? She gets annoyed that Eunsoo looks smarter and demands that Eunsoo translates everything within the day. Girl’s on a power trip.

That afternoon, Sooho leaves right at 6PM since he’s Mr. Yoon’s son and cannot be fired. Mina’s colleague wonders if Sooho isn’t a parachute.

Bitna’s dad stops by to return a worry doll that Eunsoo’s mother left in his car. She hands over money for the car repairs and tells him not to act so cool; he should save for his retirement. She also gives the worry doll to Bitna’s father as she thought she had lost the doll and made a replacement. (Worry dolls are the trend in Korea. You’re supposed to tell the doll your worrries and it worries for you.)

At the same time, Bitna has dinner with Soohyun’s family. Mrs. Yoon is ecstatic while Mr. Yoon is silent. Soohyun also recognizes Bitna and continues to tease her about meeting before. Then Mr. Yoon decides to go in early apologizing that he’s tired.

On the car ride back, Bitna worries about Mr. Yoon not liking her. You think? You went and told him that you don’t care that Soohyun is engaged and you want to marry a man who has a fiancee. You think that any father would love you after that?

Soohyun goes into speak with his dad on behalf of Bitna when he goes home. Mr. Yoon tells Soohyun that he does not approve of the marriage with Bitna since he knows Bitna’s character. He also asks Soohyun why Soohyun continues to insist that he wants to marry Bitna.  Soohyun repeats that he loves Bitna. Mr. Yoon reminds Soohyun that Soohyun had been engaged to Chaewon. He knows how Bitna confessed and Soohyun refused her. He asks if Soohyun really loves Bitna.
Soohyun answers that he felt insecure even as he was studying abroad. Everyone was so rich. His colleageus offered to hire him into their family firms. But he rejected all of hte offers because he did not want to be someone’s underling. He also felt the same way with Bitna, he did not feel her equal but now he wants to marry her.

Sooho also tells Soohyun to reconsider everything since Bitna is a fox. Soohyun yells at Sooho to be careful about what he says about Sooho’s futher sister-in-law. Sooho tells his brother to do what he wishes.

At the same time, Eunho walks Mina home. She tells him to hurry up and get a job so that she can introduce him to her parents. So, you can’t introduce a guy to your parents and get engaged if he’s not employed? What is wrong with you woman?
She also complains about the new interns. Eunho is about to tell Mina about Eunsoo being the new intern in her team but Mina does not give him a chance. She complains that Eunsoo acts all smart because she graduated from a 4 year college. Eunho pauses and doesn’t say anything. Then when Eunho walks off, Mina takes fof the ring. She sighs that taking care of the guys in her life is difficult.

Back at home, Eunho tells his sister to be careful at work and not stand out.

The next day, Bitna gets worried that Soohyun’s parents haven’t asked to have a meeting with both side parents. She visits Mr. Yoon at his restaurant. She directly asks what she can do to win his approval.
Mr. Yoon sighs that he is sorely disappointed in his son as there are lines that a human should not cross and Soohyun crossed it when he promised to marry Chaewon and then ended it because of Bitna.


Bitna asks Mr. Yoon to reconsider. Mr. Yoon doesn’t answer and tells Bitna to go home.

At the same time, Eunsoo’s grandmother is leaving Bitna’s father’s private practice when Grandma Choi comes to visit. Eunsoo’s grandma grabs Grandma Choi’s shawl and demands that Grandma Choi fix everything – for ruining Eunsoo’s life.



Mr. Yoon’s character really stood out in this subarc.  Usually, the makjang family is so frustrating because there is no one with power who has a conscience.  However, Still Loving You/I Still Love You/Shine Brightly Eunsoo flouts that drama convention and instills the head of the household – Mr. Yoon – with a deep conviction and sense of values (some wrong such as his male chauvinism and some right such as his attitude toward Soohyun).

Specifically, Mr. Yoon not only knows and recognizes that his son (Soohyun) acted like human trash by crossing the line of basic courtesy – you are not supposed to promise to marry someone and get engaged only to leave it lightly like he did with Chaewon.  He also acts upon it by disapproving of Soohyun’s wedding to Bitna (and telling Soohyun to stop it) since he knows that it was the reason that Soohyun ended up hurting Chaewon.  Usually, even if the weak and incapable drama parents have the ability to recognize what is right and wrong, they pretend that it never happened as if such injuries would heal by themselves.  Here, Mr. Yoon does not do that.  And, I for one appreciate that he’s acting like a decent human being.

As for Soohyun? I may be a bit harsh but I do think that as adults, there are lines of decency that people should not cross.  Soohyun crossed that line in this subarc and I am not even sure what kind of comeuppance would be enough to compensate Chaewon for the traumatic heartache that this probably caused her.  His excuse was that he’s insecure and hurt.  Being insecure does not absolve one of the consequences of one’s trashy actions.  All I know is that this is a daily drama, I hope that Soohyun gets his own comeuppance for calculating and playing with the lives of two girls.

On the side, I am really getting annoyed at Mina.  Considering the drama’s twisting of Mina’s and Eunsoo’s relationship, I assume that Mina is going to end up getting married to Eunho.  However, I don’t think she deserves him.  This girl is using the fact that Eunho is unemployed to not introduce him to her parents or get engaged… How can the girl be so calculating?

Finally, because I don’t want to end my thoughts on a rant. I am warming up to Sooho even though his actions at the company are immature.  I feel like the drama definitely painted him as having some potential and he might be the only one that can protect Eunsoo from Bitna/Soohyun and Mina.  So, I hope that we do not have to wait too long for Sooho to grow into a man.

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