Still Loving You – E28-30

Bitna’s family and Soohyun’s family begin to prepare for the wedding while Eunsoo confronts Bitna in the supermarket.  On the side, Sooho finds himself entertained by Eunsoo.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 28-30 RECAP

Bitna decides to try her best to get around Mr. Yoon by going through Mrs. Yoon. She visits and tells Mrs. Yoon that Mrs. Yoon is just like her mother and hands over a gold pearl brooch. She also hands over a list of the presents that Grandma Choi is preparing. Grandma Choi wanted to confirm that nothing was missing.

Then, Bitna asks carefully if there’s nothing that Mrs. Yoon can’t do to convince Mr. Yoon about letting them live separately. The brooch, gift list and promise of a new apartment convinces Mrs. Yoon to try her best.

Meanwhile, Hyunsik tells Eunsoo about looking into the pyramid scheme. It’s legal and Eunho signed a contract when he bought the products to resale. They won’t be able to get a refund. Hyunshik also advises that they might be able to sell everything online for a cheaper price.

Eunsoo smiles and thanks Hyunshik for all his help. She even adds that it feels like she has an older brother.

That night Mrs. Yoon and Soonjung try their best. Mrs. Yoon prepares a late night snack and butters up her husband asking if they shouldn’t let the kids live by themselves. Mr. Yoon answers that he just wants one year with the kids.

Meanwhile, Sooho has a moment of reflection. Eunsoo’s words repeat in his mind as he turns in bed wondering why he feels uncomfortable but not angry.

Back at Eunsoo’s house, Mom finds Eunho still locked in his room. She begins crying and tells him through the door that she has hated her husband twice… after he passed away, she only missed him. But, she was so angry at her husband for not being there when Eunsoo got kicked out of school because he might have been able to help. The second time she has been angry at her husband was last night when she found he was selling cosmetics. She sobs that she’s sorry that she’s so powerless and unable to do anything to help or protect her children. Eunho quietly listens to everything from his room.

The next morning, Eunsoo hears from another supermarket employee about how Sooho saved her from the falling tub by a girl who has a crush on Sooho and wants to know if he’s dating anyone. Eunsoo flounces up to Sooho and apologizes but he’s still miffed. He tells her that he’s rejecting her apology and turns to work.

The team ends work on time for once so the Manager suggests that they grab drinks. At the drinks, Mina and her colleague keep telling Eunsoo to get stuff for the table. Eunsoo happily complies but Sooho glares. He grumbles that everyone should get their own stuff like more alcohol instead of ordering Eunsoo. Before the others can get angry, Eunsoo quickly shuts Sooho up with a wrap.

Then, they head off to noraebang! The drinking and singing commences until the Manager knocks out and Mina tells Sooho to go buy some hangover drinks.

Before Sooho returns, Eunsoo walks out of the bathroom and spots a Song Joonki poster on the elevator doors and begins flirting with it. As the poster refuses to kiss her, she decides she will kiss it! The doors open and Eunsoo falls into Sooho who awkwardly hugs her in surprise as Eunsoo misses Sooho’s face.

Sooho pulls Eunsoo away but she only falters as if she’s going to fall. Then as Sooho is stuck in the elevator, Eunsoo falls onto him and leans against his chest for support. In her drunken state, she even pulls up one hand behind his back in a hug. The poor puppy doesn’t know what to do.

Afterwards, the group leaves noraebang. The Manager sighs that someone needs to accompany Eunsoo home since she’s clearly unable to go by herself. Mina and her friend are wonderful coworkers who delegate the duty onto Sooho.

Hence, Sooho helps a drunk Eunsoo walk when she trips again. He steadies her. But, Eunsoo doesn’t look at him. She murmurs into his chest that she really needs Yoon Ga Foods to work out and she doesn’t want to get kicked out again. Her words leave Sooho silent again.

Meanwhile, Bitna happily peruses invitation samples while Soohyun focuses on work emails. Bitna finally gets his attention when she stops chattering and he mentions that Mrs. Yoon lost; they won’t be able to live separately.

In the car, Bitna sighs that Mr. Yoon is too much. (DRAMAFEED agrees! In what era are you living Mr. Yoon?!) However, Soohyun gets annoyed at Bitna’s words and pulls the car aside. He tells her that if she loves him, she has to love everything about him, just the way he is, including his family and it’s not too late to stop the wedding.

Bitna tries to reason that she grew up as the only child with her grandmother and father. Suddenly joining a large family of strangers is not what she expected. Unfortunately, Soohyun’s logic of love only seems to care about the guy’s family as he does not even consider that loving Bitna would mean he loves HER the way she is, a modern woman who doesn’t care for this male chauvinistic relic of a daughter-in-law being a second class citizen. Or, hmmm, maybe he just doesn’t love her?

Soohyun tells Bitna to decide at that moment. He had warned her that they aren’t a match but Bitna insisted. Bitna grudgingly relents to live with the family.

Sooho manages to get Eunsoo into her neighborhood. They run into Hyunshik who asks for Eunsoo and her bag. Sooho suspiciously asks who Hyunshik is and Hyunshik answers that he lives with Eunsoo, who calls out for him at that moment.

Sooho falls into bed that night fully sobered up and thinking of Eunsoo falling into his arms. He also frowns at how Hyunshik said he lives with Eunsoo.

Sleep eludes him and he goes for a glass of water. Soomin is already in the kitchen and Sooho asks what it means to “live together”. Soomin laughs that they must live together in the same house. Sooho exclaims that means that she’s living with a guy before marriage!

The next day, Eunsoo goes to work not remembering most of the night before as she blacked out. So, she happily waits for Sooho while he’s still awkward about the fact that Eunsoo hugged him and kept leaning on him. Eunsoo thinks that Sooho is still mad at her and asks if they didn’t resolve the fight as well as who took her home since she needs to thank that person.

Sooho began by avoiding Eunsoo’s eyes but at this question, he turns to stare straight at her. He repeatedly asks if she doesn’t remember any of it.

Eunsoo stares back blankly as she doesn’t remember… But then the Manager drops by and teases Eunsoo about how wild she got as well.

At the same time, Grandma Choi visits Soohyun’s house. She views Soohyun’s room and then sighs over tea that even if Mrs. Yoon promises to teach Bitna how to run a household like a daughter, it won’t be comfortable for Bitna for her mother-in-law trying to teach her. Ya think?

At Mr. Yoon’s restaurant, Mr. Yoon suggests Soonjung works at the restaurant. Soonjung refuses as her mom didn’t want her getting her hands wet (household chores or working at a restaurant). Mr. Yoon tells her to get a job then. But, Soonjung cries that she wants to get a job but it’s hard to get employed now. Cry me a river.

Back at the supermarket, Eunsoo randomly spots Bitna and runs after the fleeing girl. She ends up having to grab Bitna’s wrist to talk.

However, Bitna is still unrepentant. She asks what Eunsoo has to say. Eunsoo asks if Bitna truly doesn’t know how Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s life and made life difficult for Eunsoo’s family. Eunsoo asks if Bitna is happy after forcing an innocent Eunsoo to suffer.

Bitna glares back that she suffered, too! She was hurting, too! As if her insecurity of not having a mother warranted her action’s to ruin Bitna’s life.

Bitna turns to leave. Eunsoo stops her and orders that Bitna pick up the products that fell on the ground when Eunsoo grabbed Bitna. Bitna whispers that Eunsoo is no longer her teacher. Then Bitna raises her voice and asks incredulously if it makes sense for an employee to order that customers pick up things.

The Manager of the supermarket is walking around when he overheard and immediately tells Eunsoo to apologize! Eunsoo ends up having to apologize to Bitna, which brings back the memory of seeing her mother apologize to Bitna for no reason as well.

Eunsoo apologizes. Bitna gets close to Eunsoo before she leaves and whispers that she is also sorry. She hopes that this apology is enough and they can ignore each other in the future.

After Bitna leaves, the manager tells Eunsoo to pack up Yoon Ga Food’s stand. Eunsoo has to apologize profusely in hopes that they don’t have to pack up.

Bitna heads over to Soohyun’s house as Mr. Yoon called her over. He thanks Bitna for deciding to live with them and then explains that Bitna marrying Soohyun means she will be the female pillar of the house. He doesn’t expect her to take over all of the household chores, all of the women can take turns. He just wants her to become part of the family. Then he hands Bitna the list of gifts that Grandma Choi sent over explaining that Grandma Choi doesn’t have to send over all of the gifts – just the ones he circled because the list was too much.

After the conversation, Mrs. Yoon invites Bitna to stay for dinner. Bitna apologizes and leaves as she has a headache.

As expected, Mrs. Yoon yells at Mr. Yoon for refusing the gifts.

At the same time, Sooho follows a dazed Eunsoo who clearly looks depressed. She leaves first but he notices that she’s going the opposite way from the bus. Sooho follows Eunsoo to a bridge where she remembers Bitna’s words from earlier that day telling Eunsoo to forget the past instead of living in it.

Eunsoo sighs and decides that Bitna is right. She exclaims “fighting!” Suddenly, Sooho pulls her away from the bridge and tells her not to die.

Eunsoo glares as she didn’t plan to die in the first place and asks why Sooho is there anyways. Sooho lies that he was just taking a walk. But then Eunsoo’s phone rings as it’s Hyunshik.

The next day, Soomin saves Soonjung from certain embarrassment. Her colleague coincidentally mentions how interesting it is that Bitna’s dad’s daughter is getting married on the same day as Soomin’s brother. When he notes that she’s getting married to the heir to Yoon Ga Foods, Soomin rushes into Bitna’s dad’s office!

Right before Soonjung confesses her feelings, Soomin interrupts to exclaim that they are becoming in-laws as the doctor is Bitna’s father!

That night, Soohyun’s dad calls Bitna’s dad out for a drink. Over soju, Soohyun’s dad tells Bitna’s dad not too think that they are being selfish for wanting to live with the kids first. He explains that he has three kids while Bitna’s dad only has one…in the future, he should live with his only daughter. He will tell Soohyun the same. Bitna’s dad smiles broadly and thanks Soohyun’s dad for his understanding.

Suddenly, it’s the wedding! Why, hello Son Yun Hui wedding dress! (DRAMAFEED also got her wedding dress from there >_<)

Then, Bitna tosses her bouquet and Sooho catches it.


Ahhhh! This drama keeps me going back and forth, which is amazing because it means that I am that invested in the characters but the drama staff manage to shake my investment anyways! Where am I getting lost in this drama quandary of feelings?

1. Bitna!

When Eunsoo confronted Bitna and she still refused to acknowledge that she messed up, I was furious! Yes, Bitna was young at the time so she can get some empathy for not being a 30 year old adult who acted like an ignorant and uncivilized witch. However, Bitna is now older since over five years have passed. It’s more than enough time for Bitna to mature and take responsibilities for her actions, the first being apologizing to Eunsoo who was the victim.

So, a part of me wants to see Bitna suffer as the new daughter-in-law since Mrs. Yoon doesn’t seem evil but she doesn’t appear smart either… I can totally see some old fashioned mother-in-law/daughter-in-law issues springing up.

Yet, as a female, I forget all that when Bitna does suffer and Soohyun turns a blind eye. He’s her fiancé. To the extent that she’s accepting his family, his role is to understand her and protect her. After all, they don’t say happy wife happy life for no reason. All of us know someone (especially if you’re Asian) whose mother suffered due to an incorrigible mother-in-law. The fact that the kids know? Yep, means that an unhappy wife just trained your next generation family members to carry on that bitterness. The only solution in Korea’s face-saving culture? The husband has to stop the craziness.

Here, Soohyun doesn’t even try. And, as a young female, that pisses me off. I forget that Bitna is guilty and I hope that if Soohyun continues to ignore his duty as a husband, Bitna will give up on her love for Soohyun and leave him and his family because as a society, we need to stop this ridiculousness.

2. Mr. Yoon
At first, I was disappointed that Mr. Yoon agreed to approve of the wedding so quickly when he knew that his son just broke up the engagement with his friend’s daughter less than a couple of weeks before.  But Mr. Yoon won back some major points with his surprising confession that he wanted to spend the first year with Bitna since he expects Bitna and Soohyun to live with Bitna’s father in the future.
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  1. I keep waiting for us to see SooHyun’s indifference to Bitna. He doesn’t love her and she needs to know that she can’t get everything she wants just because she has money, so i’m super glad he’s indifferent to her. Thanks for recapping this great drama.

    • Agreed! He totally married Bitna just for her grandmother’s money. I hope that sooner or later that becomes an issue that Bitna/Soohyun has to overcome. He doesn’t love her. So either the drama has to have him fall in love with her or he needs to find someone he loves, which would put pressure on the marriage. As the viewer, should we root for Soohyun’s true love or his faithfulness to the woman he promised to love?

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