Still Loving You – E31-33

Bitna gets married and skips the honeymoon while Eunsoo keeps trying her best at Yoon Ga Foods

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 31-33 RECAP

Back to the wedding! Manager Yoon comes to say his congratulations when Sooho comes up to stand with his brother and parents. Manager Yoon exclaims in surprise to see Sooho since the wedding was a secret from the employees. Mr. Yoon explains that Sooho is his younger son.

Then the bouquet toss. The flowers fly over all the girls and land with Sooho. Everyone laughs.

Eunsoo’s mom arrives after the wedding because her car got stuck in traffic. She goes to congratulate Mrs. Yoon separately. And, luck will have it, Bitna walks by and sees the two women chatting fondly. Bitna recognizes Eunsoo’s mom and realizes that the woman whom she stepped on is her mother-in-law’s friend. Karmaaaaaaaa! Personally, I love it when people act so rudely because they aren’t thinking of the consequences of their actions and then find out belatedly that the victim is close friends with other reputable or more senior people in the same social groups!

Bitna rushes off… back at the hotel, she starts brooding over seeing Eunsoo’s mom. She wonders if Eunsoo’s mom is family. Then she tries to reassure herself that Eunsoo’s mom won’t recognize her since it’s been seven years.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo brings up some soup that her grandmother made for Hyunshik and his kids. Then, he has to talk on the phone and goes into the room. During the time that he’s gone, Nara asks if Eunsoo likes Hyunshik. Nara doesn’t give Eunsoo a chance to answer and continues that she hopes Eunsoo will be careful since she and Woori are sensitive.

At the same time, Bitna comes home and Mrs. Yoon tells Bitna to leave immediately as she doesn’t want a daughter-in-law who’s not even human. Bitna asks what is going on and Eunsoo’s mom walks out asking if Bitna truly doesn’t remember her. Mrs. Yoon yells that she cannot believe Bitna would frame Eunsoo, ruin her life and pretend like nothing happened. Bitna wakes up and finds out that it’s all a dream.

Soohyun asks about going to the hospital. Bitna asks to go home instead.

Grandma Choi hears that the kids haven’t told Soohyun’s parents and suggests that they stay at Bitna’s place during the honeymoon. If they tell Soohyun’s parents, the kids will be called home and Bitna is running a fever.

In the morning, Bitna calls Soohyun’s parents and pretends that they are at the honeymoon.

Bitna’s dad walks out and sighs that he doesn’t feel comfortable lying to the in-laws. So, he booked them tickets to Thailand for that day.

Then Soohyun gets a call from work that something happened to the soy bean paste- there’s molding! He rushes out.

Soohyun’s dad is there, too. He doesn’t say anything since Bitna is sick. Points Mr. Yoon for being decent again! He tells Soohyun that since Bitna has a fever, they should tell Mrs. Yoon that the kids are on the honeymoon and let Bitna rest. The normal reaction when you hear that a new bride has a fever!

Hyunshik visits Soomin again for another exams. The results are positive and Hyunshik asks if he has to continue returning for monitoring. Soomin tells him to do what he feels like since he’s stable. Hah!

Then Hyunshik calls Soomin outside the office about scheduling an introductory meeting to discuss the add that the clinic wants to make as a webtoon. The two happily finish the call happily.

Since Soohyun is busy at work Bitna goes shopping with her grandmother. Coincidentally, Soonjung is at the same mall and runs into them!

Back at the soy bean paste farm, Mr. Yoon tells the people from Seoul that they can go home early since they have to go back to the office tomorrow. Mina and Sooho burst into smiles…only to have Eunsoo stand up and volunteer the whole team to stay late until they resolve the problem fully-scrub all the mold off of the soy bean blocks.

Later, Eunsoo stops in with tea for Mr. Yoon. Then, she timidly asks if it’s okay to use the soy bean paste blocks when there’s been mold growing on them. Mr. Yoon smiles that soy bean paste is made from fermentation so there’s always mold. The difference is that there is good mold and bad mold. They threw out all of the blocks that were growing bad mold and the blocks they were scraping were growing good mold. That’s why they decrease the mold and use the blocks to flavor the other soy bean paste.

Eunsoo apologizes for suspecting the company as an intern. Mr. Yoon handles it graciously by telling Eunsoo that people who work with food must always be cautious and suspicious so he’s glad she was suspicious.

Meanwhile, Mina lies that her dad was in a small car accident to leave early for a blind date with an accountant. She coincidentally sits behind Soomin who hears Mina confess to leaving work early with a lie and not caring about looks of the guy makes a lot of money.

Soomin was waiting for Eunho. During their talk, Soomin flips her hair back and Mina turns around angrily. But, when she sees Eunho, she turns around quickly and focuses on her blind date. Eunho looks like he’s about to fight tears and he asks Soomin to change venues for dinner.

Back at the farm, Eunsoo is hard at work when Sooho comes in to check. She asks him to zip up her hoodie for her so she doesn’t have to take off her gloves. Sooho ends up close to Eunsoo as he pulls up her stiff zipper and suddenly freezes and remembers Eunsoo falling into his arms. He stares until Eunsoo feels weird and pushes him back and he falls into one of the buckets of water.

Mrs. Yoon finds Soonjung fawning over her new presents from Bitna that Soonjung got as a bribe to keep it a secret that Bitna is in Seoul. When Mrs. Yoon accuses Soonjung of spending Mr. Yoon’s money, Soonjung spills that it was Bitna’s gifts.

So, Mrs. Yoon calls Bitna to ask if she’s having fun. Bitna lies that they are.

Soohyun comes home and asks if they should not go home since Mr. Yoon and Sooho know.

Things are just not going Bitna’s way! She drops off Soohyun and then sees Eunsoo in front of the company! Muahahaha! Karma! Maybe you shouldn’t have been such a witch to Eunsoo, running away to another country and not apologizing!

Sooho and Eunsoo are told that they got their monthly pay! Of course, Sooho freaks out that the amount is only $1,500. He calls the accounting department to ask if there was an accounting error until Eunsoo slams the phone down and yells at him to be grateful.

That day, Soohyun asks Mr. Yoon if they can move to machines to produce the soy bean paste. Mr. Yoon refuses since manufactured soy bean paste cannot taste the same as hand made.

Then, we get progress on the older front. Bitna’s dad runs into Eunsoo’s mom in front of the house. He’s surprised that she’s able to laugh. She answers that laughing whether things are good or bad is her way of life. Cue soft music.

Meanwhile, Mina waits for Eunho in front of his house. She whines that she had to go on the blind date because her parents keep nagging her about getting married and she can’t introduce Eunho who’s unemployed. Girl?! There are many girls out there that get engaged when the guy’s unemployed; what kind of idiocy is this thinking?!

Anyways, Eunsoo comes home and sees the two. So, Eunho moves the conversation.  Later in Eunho’s room, she confronts Eunho and agrees to keep it a secret from Mina.

At the same time, Mrs. Yoon complains to Mr. Yoon about Bitna lying to her and Mr. Yoon secretly preparing a cafe for Soonjung. Luckily, Mr. Yoon is saved by the bell when Bitna arrives.

Bitna comes with a bunch of food as is tradition and they even prepared it extra fancy since Bitna made the mistake of lying to her in-law’s when the in-law’s have not done anything to her. Even though Mrs. Yoon wants to chastise Bitna, she’s helped by Soonjung who tells Bitna after Bitna apologizes that it’s fine since Mrs. Yoon is incredibly understanding. Hmmm, I’m starting to think Mrs. Yoon won’t be enough for karma, I mean the Yoon family as a whole seems pretty decent! The girl literally lies from day one and she has several people taking her side so it’s like she’s truly part of the family and it’s not like the whole in-law family against the new daughter in law. That would have been total makjang but looks like Still Loving You doesn’t want to go there.

Afterwards, even Mrs. Yoon is nice to Bitna…looks like comeuppance is taking a while.

The next day, Bitna prepares breakfast, which is cereal! Mrs. Yoon cries out that she didn’t tell Bitna to play house and Bitna apologizes that she usually ate a light breakfast abroad. Mrs. Yoon sighs that her children always eat rice in the morning. But then, Soohyun and Soomin sweetly note loudly that they want to eat cereal that day! Awww, can we get another one for the Yoon family where the sister in law is not only a female doctor but she has the graciousness to stand up for her new sister-in-law?! Girl crush!!! And, Soohyun didn’t do badly here either since he stood up for his wife in front of his mom.

Mr. Yoon tells Bitna to come in and help out at the restaurant later and she agrees.

But then, Eunsoo stops by to drop off a sample and Bitna overhears Eunsoo introduce herself. Bitna freezes and drops her tray making Eunsoo turn around… Eunsoo freezes for a split second as well. However, when the seconds are over, Eunsoo quickly excuses herself to leave.

Bitna excuses herself and runs after Eunsoo, catching up in the street. Bitna pulls Eunsoo into a side alley and demands that Eunsoo quits. Eunsoo laughs at the ridiculous situation to which Bitna responds that she will give Eunsoo one day to decide what she wants.


Ahhhh, this drama continues to make me waver. I want Bitna to deal with some makjang in-law drama and suffer since the girl clearly hasn’t paid for ruining Eunsoo’s life. Yet, I love it that at every turn when the drama can go into makjang-in-law territory, we see evidence of a progressing society with members of the Yoon family protecting Bitna from makjang occurring. Like when Mr. Yoon found out that Bitna lied because she has a simple fever, he keeps it a secret from his wife. Then, when Mrs. Yoon tries to berate Bitna for preparing a cereal breakfast as the Yoon family always eats rice, Soohyun and Soomin cut it short by declaring that they will eat cereal! I love that the in-law family is so reasonable!

However, I do hope that Bitna ends up learning how to be a decent human being, which includes taking responsibility for her actions. She can’t always run and hide behind her grandmother’s money as she seems to want to… How though will the drama make Bitna take her wake up medicine without annoying little ole feminist me, I don’t know but I’m excited to find out!

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