Still Loving You – E34-36

Eunsoo refuses to quit as Sooho begins to develop a crush on her.  Meanwhile, Bitna begins by breezing through married life.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 34-36

Eunsoo stops Bitna by telling Bitna that she will not quit. They both need to move on from the past.

The next day, Eunsoon loses herself in her thoughts while sitting at the desk. Sooho notices that she seems off and offers to buy her lunch, which she declines blaming an upset stomach.

Sooho goes out and stares at roasting chicken for a couple of minutes before shaking his head and forcing himself into the convenience store instead. He buys some milk and a sandwich for Eunsoo.

At the end of the day, Sooho doesn’t rush home and even waits for Eunsoo to finish her work. But, we never find out if he wanted to grab dinner or drinks since Eunsoo leaves first. Hah!

However, Eunsoo runs into Bitna in the stairwell. Bitna sneers that Eunsoo is just a temporary intern and asks if Eunsoo still wears the dress that Bitna threw away. Witch!

Bitna leaves Eunsoo standing there until Sooho comes down. Eunsoo invites him for drinks which he happily accepts. They head over to a bar where Eunsoo stays quiet even through Sooho’s teasing.

Meanwhile, Bitna and Soohyun come home early. Soohyun explains that Bitna had an upset stomach and they go up first. Mrs. Yoon is certain that Bitna is pregnant!

Mrs. Yoon goes up to tell Bitna to be careful now that she’s pregnant. Bitna tries to explain that she is not pregnant but Mrs. Yoon doesn’t give her a chance to explains and happily flounces home.

Back at the bar, Eunsoo confesses that there is one thing in her life that she regrets… she wonders if she had pretended to not have seen what she had seen… if she had not fought back and given in… she would have lived such a different life.

Sooho tells Eunsoo not to think that way. She’s a confident person. She shouldn’t live like a coward.

Then, Eunsoo even begins crying. Sooho freaks out and gives her a napkin. Eunsoo loudly blows her nose and then freezes out of embarrassment. She smiles and lies that she was crying bc the food was too spicy.

The next day, Soonjung confronts Bitna in the morning about her pregnancy. Bitna agrees that she isn’t. So, Soonjung tells Bitna to take over the household chores that day.

At the same time, Eunsoo’s mom runs into Bitna’s dad. She drags him to her dry cleaners and gives her kimchi that the grandmother prepared. He refuses at first but she tells him to think of it as a bribe so he would continue to help her in the future.

Meanwhile, Hyunshik meets with Soomin at a cafe. Both hope that the other is not the person to meet but a call confirms their fears. Hence, they sit together and argue about whether or not Hyunshik is capable or Soomin’s hospital is actually friendly.

As for Bitna, she calls her grandmother. Grandma Choi sends the housekeeper to clean and take care of the Yoon house for Bitna.

Soonjung returns home just as the housekeeper is leaving. She stops the woman and asks why the woman is leaving her house but the woman doesn’t answer.

Soonjung goes inside realizing that she was probably hired help but Bitna smiles and lies that she cleaned everything by herself. Mrs. Yoon comes home and compliments the state of the house. And, before Soonjung can say anything Bitna explains that Soonjung did it all by herself even refusing help from Bitna. Hence, if Soonjung tells on Bitna, Soonjung also gets hit by the fire for not cleaning.

Turning to Eunsoo, she randomly asks Sooho to come with her as she signs up for a gym membership as it’s her first time.

Bitna brings a packed lunch for Soohyun, which the housekeeper prepared but Bitna lies that she did it. She runs into Sooho in the company who tells her to act like she doesn’t know him which is easier for both of them. He excuses himself to go to a meeting with his fellow interns.

It turns out the health membership was for Eunsoo’s mom! She visited several gyms with Sooho checking out the classes and equipment before deciding one.

The next day, Mr. Yoon asks about Bitna’s health and Soonjung shouts out that Bitna isn’t pregnant. When Mr. and Mrs. Yoon pause, Soomin jumps in to sigh that it’s not necessary for women to have kids right after getting married. Ahhhh such a sweet, sweet sister-in-law! Everything she does is amazing!

If we weren’t angry at Mrs. Yoon before, we can be now. Eunsoo’s mom reluctantly goes to their small unofficial reunion because Mrs. Yoon had begged her to. But when the others compliment Eunsoo’s mom’s brooch without noticing Mrs. Yoon’s, Mrs. Yoon turns the conversation to their husband’s making poor Eunsoo’s mom feel uncomfortable for obvious reasons.

As for Eunsoo, she grabs lunch with Sooho. When she bites into something it shoots out juice into Sooho’s eyes. Sooho cries about his eyes hurting so Eunsoo gets up to wipe his eyelashes and eyelid since he likely closed his eyes reflectively as the juice squirted. Eunsoo’s right and Sooho opens his eyes only to see Eunsoo’s face make his heart beat.

Bitna asks Soohyun to accompany her to the local office so that their can register their marriage. Soohyun apologizes that he’s swamped at work. He invites her out to dinner but Bitna has dinner plans.

Then Woori gets cornered by some of his classmates who bully him for not having a mom. Nara comes to his defense but the other kids only accuse both of them of being liars. So, Nara calls Eunsoo but Eunsoo doesn’t see her cell phone ring because she’s in the middle of a presentation.

The kids then call Soomin, who’s lazing around with no clients. She goes to their defense and chastises the kids for even teasing their friends about the situation. Then, she tells the kids to raise their faces as it’s not the kids’ fault that their parents said improper things in front of the kids.

Eunsoo’s mom goes to exercise and it turns out that it’s the same gym as Bitna’s dad. The two don’t see each other but Eunsoo’s mom gets bored of walking on the treadmill and increases her speed suddenly. She tries her best to walk faster but ends up falling off the treadmill!

Bitna’s dad is getting ready to go when he sees Eunsoo’s mom slide off and catches her. Eunsoo’s mom confesses to not knowing anything as it’s the first time for her to be at a gym. She excuses herself after a short chat. However, Bitna’s dad follows Eunsoo’s mom around watching her and offering help.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo walks home to find Bitna waiting for her. Bitna reluctantly tells Eunsoo that she’s sorry. Bitna explains that she knows that she cannot go back eight years and fix things but she is sorry for ruining Eunsoo’s life. She hopes that Eunsoo would leave her life since she’s happy now and she cannot be happy with Eunsoo in it. Why? Because of your conscience?

Eunsoo sighs at Bitna’s selfishness and immaturity before turning to leave. Bitna stops her by pulling out an envelope. Bitna tells Eunsoo that there is enough money for Eunsoo to open a small restaurant; she hopes Eunsoo would take the money and leave Bitna’s life. This would have been bad enough but Bitna adds that if Eunsoo stays in Bitna’s life, Bitna will make it worse than back when they were in school together.

Eunsoo takes the envelope only to slap it back in Bitna’s hands. Eunsoo tells Bitna that even though Bitna thinks money can fix everything, there are many things in life that cannot be fixed with money. Bitna grabs on to Eunsoo’s arm and asks how much will it take for Eunsoo to leave the company.

Eunsoo smiles. How much will it take for Eunsoo to pretend that Bitna did not ruin her life? Eunsoo answers everything that Bitna has. She adds that this time of Bitna tries to attack her, Eunsoo won’t just be a victim apologizing and all. You go Eunsoo! Don’t let Bitna just try to cover up her witchiness.

So, Bitna decides that she cannot go home like a normal person. She goes to grab a drink and it passes 11p.m.

Soohyun gets worried and calls Bitna. Bitna drawls on that she loves Soohyun and he should find her. Soohyun freaks out.

Fortunately, the bartender answers the phone and tells Soohyun the address of the bar. It turns out Bitna had been drinking for three hours. Soohyun brings Bitna home and runs into Soomin who helps cover up the fact that Bitna got black out drunk within the first week of staying with her inlaws by pulling Soonjung into the room.

Later that night, Bitna wakes up to go to the bathroom and stumbles into Sooho’s room as he had also walked out for water. After a drink of water, Sooho saunters back into his room to get into bed. He lays down only to jump up in alarm because someone’s sleeping in his bed!

He turns on the light to uncover Bitna. Cue Sooho angrily knocking on Soohyun’s door. Soohyun walks out grumpily annoyed at Sooho for waking him up until he sees his wife happily sleeping in Sooho’s bed. Soohyun apologizes to his little brother and carries Bitna back into their room. Hah!

The next morning, Mrs. Yoon complains about Bitna not waking up and helping with breakfast. But she promises Soohyun not to say anything thinking to herself that it’s better that she keeps quiet than forcing the kids to fight.

Meanwhile, one of the coworkers asks Eunsoo if she’s seeing anyone. Eunsoo denies it and the girl mentions that she might have a blind date. Sooho immediately jumps in asking if Eunsoo’s crazy but when all of the girls turn to look at him, he pretends that he’s thinking of his friend. She’s married but she goes around pretending that she’s single. Sooho stares pointedly at Eunsoo but she doesn’t pick on Sooho’s misunderstanding of her and Hyunshik.

Sooho keeps staring at Eunsoo later and repeating the question. Since Sooho isn’t concentrating on their work, Eunsoo turns to ask why Sooho is so obsessed; is he into this married woman. Of course, Sooho vehemently denies it but Eunsoo isn’t convinced.

Eunsoo laughs that she would advise Sooho not to fall for those kind of girls since he would get hurt. But, she started her advice with the phrase that she’s only telling him because she thinks of him as a little brother. Sooho gets up and walks Eunsoo into a corner, peering at her and getting really close to her face. He asks if she can still think of him as a little brother.

Eunsoo freaks out for a few seconds before regaining her peace. She overlaughs again and tells Sooho that he’s outdated before running out of the conference room.

At the same time, Hyunshik gloomily stares at his account book. He only has a couple of hundred dollars. Then his kids come home and Woori wants to order chicken. He decides that he can throw away his pride for his kids.

Cue Hyunshik arriving in Soomin’s office with a box of vitamin drinks to ask for the ad again. But, in front of Soomin, he cannot bring himself to say it and leaves.

At the same time, Bitna lays in bed pretending that she has a headache. Mrs. Yoon comes up to invite Bitna to visit Soonjung at her cafe’s opening. Bitna apologizes that she forgot an important business meeting. Then, when Mrs. Yoon asks what the meeting is, Bitna answers, “it’s business-related so you wouldn’t understand even if I explained.” Wow!

Bitna goes home to complain to grandma.

Later, Mina tears into Sooho for screwing up another assignment. She raises her voice and asks how she can give Sooho work when everything he does is wrong.

The Manager calls Sooho into his office and Mina goes to eavesdrop. She overhears the Manager thank Sooho for being gracious about Mina scolding him and asking Sooho not to tell the CEO.

As for Bitna, she wakes up after a long nap and goes to the Yoon house. She declines dinner asking to eat it later. Bitna is about to get up and leave when Mr. Yoon tells Bitna to sit.

Mr. Yoon tells Bitna to be home by midnight unless she’s at work. He also tells Bitna to help Mrs. Yoon prepare breakfast and dinner. Mrs. Yoon interrupts to say that it’s fine.

Soohyun comes home to find his mother in an apron working. He asks about Bitna and is told that she went out during the day and came in late. Mrs. Yoon sighs that even though she got a daughter-in-law, all the work is still hers.

Soohyun goes up to his room where Bitna is fawning over pictures. She asks him to go to her house since her grandma wants to see him. Soohyun answers that he’s busy and then asks Bitna why she married him.


Wow, there’s a lot to discuss in this subarc. To keep this from being a extremely long rambling, we’ll focus on Bitna, Eunsoo, and the Yoons in general.

Bitna: Two things stood out and both were bad. First, her solution to the Eunsoo mess was to try to buy Eunsoo off while still maintaining defensiveness. When she asked how much it would take for Eunsoo to leave her second chance job and forget the past, I almost threw out my computer. Girl, scars cannot be healed by being bought off and told to forget!

Second, is it me or is Bitna amazingly thick faced? Once she accepts that she has to go back into the Yoon house, she should have just gone to work. Instead, she even takes several more days off of work to “rest.” What does she have to rest for? I worked until the fourth day before my wedding, flew internationally on the third day, spend the two days prior to my wedding with a fever dealing with last minute wedding issues such as a dress not being prepared and greeting my in-laws for almost every single meal, but you don’t see me cancelling a honeymoon as a result. And, within the first week of staying with the Yoon’s, gets black out drunk before coming home really late… This show cannot say that it’s because Bitna lived in the United States. I lived in the United States all my life and if I take week off for vacation, I spend four of my five vacation days freaking greeting the in law family and then saying goodbye to the same people. Mind you, I think this is just Bitna.

Eunsoo-Man, I felt so bad for Eunsoo in this subarc. She’s finally finding her place again as she developed a rhythm at work and likes her coworkers. It’s been eight years since her life was ruined by Bitna and she’s just managing to get life normal again… and, Bitna shows up telling Eunsoo to leave.

Bitna doesn’t even give a heartfelt apology for ruining Eunsoo’s dream to be a teacher and hurting all of the people around Eunsoo. Rather, Bitna’s attitude was more like “why can’t you forget?” That is such a heartless attitude for the aggressor to ask the victim. Mind you, in the past, in the middle of all that makjang, Eunsoo even apologized to Bitna to stop the mess. Imagine how much deeper that scar would be if you were the victim that was harmed by a crazy witch and you even tried to stop it by apologizing and the other crazy trash didn’t accept it? Yeah, and then, you manage to rebuild your life and start to move on and the trash appears and tells you to give it up? Uh, I hope Eunsoo fights back and fights back hard!

The Yoons-So far so good except the last five minutes. I hope that the reason Mr. Yoon wants Bitna to help out but Soomin doesn’t is because Soomin works. If not, it’s saying Soomin doesn’t have to help with the house but Bitna does because she’s the daughter-in-law. Mind you, in the past, the daughter-in-laws helped because the husband’s family would take care of said girl for the rest of her life and she will stay at home taking care of the husband. In modern day society, the assumption doesn’t hold. To the extent that Bitna continues working and Mr. Yoon requires Bitna to help but not Soomin, I am completely against it!

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  1. I’m soooooooooooo glad you’re recapping this. I keep telling everyone to watch it. It’s my drama-crack this season. Loved this: ” “why can’t you forget?” That is such a heartless attitude for the aggressor to ask the victim.” Thanks for your insightful recaps.

    • Carole, I agree! This drama is different from the usual dailies because even though I am getting emotionally invested, it’s a far cry from makjang. The drama flirts on the border of makjang – occasionally dipping its toe in with Bitna/Mr. Yoon/Mrs. Yoon but then immediately rushes in normal elements so you can’t say – “Ah HAH! Makjang!” Mainly, other than Bitna, everyone seems to be in a place where they can be saved even if they dip into makjang. I hope the drama keeps this up!

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