Still Loving You – E37-39

Bitna quits her job to obsess over Soohyun and threaten Eunsoo.  Meanwhile, Sooho has a life lesson.

Still Loving You Episodes 37-39

Bitna and Soohyun have their first married couple fight when Soohyun tells Bitna that he is too busy to visit Bitna’s grandmother. Soohyun asks why Bitna married him when she’s not even trying to be a good wife and good daughter-in-law. He points out that his mother is working in the kitchen alone while Bitna rests in the room. Soohyun tells her that she’s making him regret believing her promise that she wont let him regret marrying her. Bitna yells back that she didn’t marry Soohyun to be a maid. She gave up everything and came to live with his family because of him. Grabbing her bag, Bitna leaves but gets pulled back in by Soohyun. He tells her that talking more won’t help and decides to sleep in the living room.

Sooho goes to get a drink of water when Soomin comes in. Sooho asks on behalf of his friend what it means if a guy cannot help feel sorry for a girl (who’s married), wanting to help her, and his heart beating hard when he meets her eyes. Soomin laughs that the friend must have a crush and confronts Sooho about being the “friend.” He denies it and Soomin agrees that it better not be him since their father would kill him for liking a married woman.

The next day, Soohyun smiles when he sees Bitna helping out in the kitchen with breakfast.

Meanwhile, Mina is completely different at work. She even brings Sooho a cup of coffee to apologize and explains that the coffee should taste good since it had all of her heart. Sooho coughs it up and tells Mina to act normal since people say you change right before you die.

Sooho leaves and Mina asks the other two girls to help her get together with Sooho.

Then Bitna stops by Soohyun’s office with a report on the benefits and disadvantages of taking Yoon Ga Foods public as she overheard him asking his father about it. She also asks if she can help Soohyun bring the company public as she just quit her job (after getting married).

On the side, Hyunshik goes in for another examination. He fidgets when Soomin finishes the exam but only speaks his mind when Soomin gets a call from the webtoon artist agency to suggest another cartoon artist. Hyunshik begs her to let him do the ad for the hospital.

Later that evening, Eunsoo and Sooho grab dinner and drinks together…

At the same time, Grandma Choi leaves a meeting with her friends. Even though she drank, she doesn’t call a driver. She confidently backs up her car into another car just standing there. When the young driver gets up to confront her, she yells at him for not driving right. Then, when the young man smells alcohol and calls the police, she begins to drive off. She only stops because the guy gets hit by the car as it turns away.

Grandma Choi gets taken to the police station where she refuses to blow into the breathalyzer and demands for the chief of police. Bitna’s dad gets called to pick her up.

Back at the restaurant, Sooho falls asleep while Eunsoo goes to the bathroom. So, when she tries to wake him up, he thinks that he’s dreaming. He tells Eunsoo to stop appearing in his dreams and tells her that she’s evil for pretending she’s single when she’s married. Eunsoo asks Sooho if she sees him as the girl that he likes. Sooho answers that he loves her – Eunsoo Oh. Eunsoo freezes at this unexpected confession while Sooho giggles happily at confessing.

Then Sooho falls back asleep and Eunsoo has to call Eunho for help.

Next thing we know, Sooho wakes up in Eunho’s bed in Eunho’s clothes. He runs into Eunsoo’s grandma in the living room and Eunsoo’s mom brings home freshly laundered clothes for Sooho. They all have breakfast together while Eunsoo’s mom and grandma curiously peers at Sooho.

Hyunshik coincidentally stops by and Sooho finds out that Hyunshik lives upstairs. He’s suddenly in a great mood and scarfs down the food!

They go to work where Soohyun introduced Bitna as the new director in charge of their team.

Bitna pretends not to know Eunsoo and introduces herself. Afterwards, she and Soohyun make plans have lunch.

Meanwhile, Sooho finds Eunsoo brooding. Eunsoo asks Sooho who is the woman he loves and Sooho is surprised that he said anything. Eunsoo tries to push it so Sooho runs away.

Mina goes to kiss up to Bitna with some coffee. Bitna asks Mina about the interns and requests that Mina helps Bitna understand the office atmosphere.

Later, Bitna begins her petty strategy to get Eunsoo to quit. She has Eunsoo make coffee repeatedly with the excuse that she doesn’t like the type of coffee that Eunsoo makes.

Bitna asks if Eunsoo can continue to work under Bitna. Eunsoo answers that she will try her best to get hired as an employee. She also notes that she doesn’t want special treatment; she just hopes Bitna will be equal with her.

Then, Sooho gets tasked to help move boxes to the shipping van as the company is up against a deadline but they are short staffed.

On the side, Hyunshik goes to try to convince Soomin about the webtoon ad again. He arrives in the middle of a fight between a couple going on in Soomin’s office. The wants to tie his tubes so he cannot have kids while the wife objects. Soomin is about to blow up at the two people to go home and decide what they want to do… Hyunshik comes in and calms the couple down.

Sooho helps load the van with the other employees as the regular staff are all out on different projects. His stomach starts to bother him so he excuses himself for the bathroom. But, after he comes out, he sits down to take a quick rest…

Meanwhile, Eunsoo visits her mom and finds out that Eunho is working part time for Soonjung while he prepares for the government civil service exam, which he switched to after he couldn’t get a job. Eunsoo stops by to visit and meets Soonjung.

The two recognize each other and Soonjung apologizes for the misunderstanding in the past. Eunsoo smiles at the sincere apology and tells Soonjung that things happen. Soonjung then insists that Eunsoo stays for a drink with her brother on the house.

Then, the Yoon’s get a call because there was an accident at the warehouse. Boxes fell on the employee who was working alone as Sooho rested and he’s now undergoing surgery for the head injury.

Soohyun calls Sooho who rushes over to the hospital where Mr. Yoon is already apologizing for the whole incident. The other employee’s father and wife are there demanding to know who was the other employee who ran away from his duties. Mr. Yoon apologizes that it was his son whom he raised wrong.

The employee’s father accuses the Yoon’s of ruining his son’s life and grabs Mr. Yoon by his collar. This trigger’s Mr. Yoon’s disc issue and Sooho runs in. He shouts that it was his fault by his father has nothing to do with it.

Mr. Yoon yells back at his son to be quiet since they were wrong in the first place… he apologizes again. The other father tells them to leave and they quietly do.

Mr. Yoon doesn’t yell at Sooho. He just quietly tells Sooho to drive. Sooho asks why his father had to apologize. Mr. Yoon answers that he came in his capacity as a father not the CEO. He tells Sooho that Sooho is now an adult, he needs to learn about dealing with the consequences of his actions and not run away.

When they get home, Bitna tells Mr. Yoon that Soohyun went back to the office. Mr. Yoon tells Bitna to tell Soohyun that they will pay for everything for the employee. Bitna asks if they should not investigate whether the employee was negligent first since this can set a precedent. Mr. Yoon repeats that Bitna is supposed to tell Soohyun exactly what Mr. Yoon said.

Sooho is changed by what he saw in the hospital and his father’s words that an adult has to take responsibility for his actions. He goes back to the warehouse and works all night to load the truck. Then he calls the Manager to ask about the delivery destinations.

The next day, Sooho isn’t at the office worrying all of his coworkers. Eunsoo also finds herself worried and goes out to call repeatedly when she’s tasked to make Bitna’s coffee. She goes to the kitchen while she calls Sooho and hears vibration…

Sooho is actually sleeping on the floor of their recreation room. Eunsoo wakes Sooho up who leaves for the office when Bitna comes in.

Eunsoo turns and cheerily asks Bitna what kind of coffee she would like today. Bitna sneers that Eunsoo is in a good mood. So, Eunsoo answers that she realized that stress is bad for your health and she wants to stay healthy as long as she can… so, she can see Bitna receive her comeuppance. Hah!

Soohyun gets a call from his vendors as all of the products arrived. He asks the manager how this happened and the manager answers that it must have been Sooho.

Meanwhile, Bitna visits the hospitalized employee and suggests that the wife take a settlement in which the company denies responsibility rather than workers compensation for the injury, which would have an effect on the company.

At the same time, Bitna’s grandmother visits Soonjung’s cafe. She sits down just as the neighborhood real estate agent runs in with a video of Bitna’s grandmother basically drunk driving away after running into the kid. They recognize Bitna’s grandma … and Bitna comes in. Bitna sees the two women staring and asks to see the video.

As for Soomin, Hyunshik brings his first round of drafts. She finds them crude and asks to have them redone with two different themes, one for the men and one for the women.

Back at the office, the Manager tells Sooho to go home. He heads to the hospital to apologize instead with some color pencils and a coloring book for the employee’s kid. The employee has woken up and tells Sooho that Sooho does not have to apologize – no one knew that the boxes would fall. The employee ads that he does not want to say anything other than Sooho should always do his best for his father who worked really hard.

Then Eunsoo arrives with the paperwork for the settlement. The wife comes in too and hands over the papers to her husband explain that a director came and explained that this settlement would be better.

Sooho finds out what the papers are and runs home. He slams on the door and demands that Bitna and Soohyun come out. Sooho asks how Bitna could do this when Mr. Yoon had specifically said that they were going to take responsibility for the employee.

Bitna snaps that going that route would be more disadvantageous for the company and Soohyun backs her up. But, then, Mr. and Mrs. Yoon come up. Mrs. Yoon, of course doesn’t understand that a family’s life is in the balance and stupidly cries that Sooho should just do as Soohyun wants since brothers shouldn’t fight. Hah! So, let Soohyun and Bitna ruin a faithful employee’s family’s life?!

Mr. Yoon quietly demands the papers and rips them up. He tells Soohyun to deal with this the way he ordered and walks away.

That night, Bitna’s dad finds out that they need to pick up dry cleaning and offers to go himself. However, in the hallway, he sees a masked guy run out with a bag… it’s a thief! He goes in to check on Eunsoo’s mom who comes later and mistakes him for the thief.


Definitely warming up to Sooho in this subarc. I thought the drama did a good job in showing us how and why Sooho would change from a naive, useless and selfish kid into a responsible man. It’s actually believable that in a small-medium company, if you’re up against a deadline, everyone would be fair game to be roped into hard labor when necessary. Then, it was right in Sooho’s character to half-heartedly try before taking a break and leaving the

work to the other guy.

But, the drama already established that Sooho isn’t a bad guy. He’s just naive, so, when the other employee sustains a huge head injury, which is clearly a result of Sooho playing hooky, he comes around and realizes the true weight of responsibility and adulthood. I also loved how he feels bad but doesn’t truly get it until his dad tells him that he wasn’t apologizing as the CEO … Mr. Yoon was apologizing as a father who failed to raise his adult son to be a responsible and decent human being. With his father clearly telling him that he failed and seeing the consequences, Sooho learns.

Then, amazingly, Sooho doesn’t run away. In contrast to Bitna, even though he doesn’t have to apologize since he went in person to the hospital, he does and alone. That won major points for his character.

Finally, when Sooho really understood what it means to take responsibility while his older brother did not, Sooho actually gained on Soohyun. Because, what is the point of being a successful CEO of a family company, if your humanly is lacking? Soohyun’s actions (betraying his fiancé for money, marrying for money, agreeing with Bitna on hiding the accident by money) shows us that his character is seriously flawed. So, Sooho’s argument with his older brother despite his mother telling him to agree for the sake of peace in the family was amazing. Sooho knew that even though he’s not as versed in business, he was responsible for the injured employee who got injured because of their company; and being responsible doesn’t always mean taking the easy way out even if that’s what your flawed older brother tries to convince you to do – take the trashy way out by throwing the victim under the bus. Kudos for Sooho for fighting back until his father had no choice but to shut down Soohyun and Bitna.

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