Still Loving You – E42-45

Sooho confesses to Eunsoo.  She runs away! And, Soohho, begins to win Eunsoo over.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 42-45

Grandma Choi is given the choice of 1.5 years in jail with 3 years of probation or 400 hours of volunteering  as a result of her drunk driving accident. She declares that she wants to appeal it. But, Bitna’s father reminds her that everyone already judges her for the drunk driving… if she tries to fight volunteering, the opinion will be worse.

When Bitna comes home, Grandma Choi asks her granddaughter what she thinks. Bitna asks her grandma to do the volunteering since her in-law’s saw the video as well.

The next day, Eunsoo brings coffee for everyone. Mina sniffs that Eunsoo has a thick face but the other female coworker accepts it graciously noting that she was sleepy.

Suddenly, Sooho gets a call from Jongmin and runs out. Jongmin brought the blow up screen captures…

Eunsoo goes to the recreation room at Mina’s snide request. She’s brooding about whether she should resign when she gets a call from another blogger who had shared the original post… it was not the same recipe!

Eunsoo gets a copy of the original recipe and meets with Sooho. They go to Soohyun’s office with the evidence. The original blog post as shared and reposted and Sooho’s enlarged photograph which shows a digital clock face with a date after they posted the recipe on Yoon Ga Food’s website. The two together clearly prove that the blogger switched posts before trying to extort the company.

Soohyun and Eunsoo meet with the blogger with the evidence. With the evidence in front of her, the blogger asks for mercy saying it was just too hard to raise a child alone.

Soohyun answers coldly that the blogger should have been prepared to take responsibility for her actions when she decided to break the law. The blogger cries out that this became a crisis because of Director Bitna!

Soohyun laughs at the blogger’s audacity and the blogger spills. The blogger had met with Bitna about the post and Bitna had laughed it off. But when the blogger mentioned which recipe it was, Bitna told the blogger the name of the employee who won (Eunsoo) and told the blogger to do what she wants with it. Bitna then noted that she will pretend that she did not meet with the blogger or hear about the affair.

Meanwhile, Hyunshik meets with Soomin again. She wants the ad revised AGAIN. But, she also hands over an envelope with a starting deposit. The money changes Hyunshik’s attitude completely and she promises that the next time she won’t be disappointed!

Eunsoo and Soohyun discuss what to do about the blogger with Soohyun apologizing for investigating the matter as if Eunsoo was guilty. Eunsoo accepts his apology.

Soohyun then asks if Eunsoo knew Bitna before the company. Eunsoo pauses but then denies it. Soohyun wonders out loud why Bitna would throw Eunsoo under the bus like that…

Eunsoo changes the topic and asks what the company plans to do about the blogger. Soohyun asks Eunsoo what she wants. Eunsoo answers that she doesn’t think they should prosecute since that makes the blogger’s child an orphan… she also doesn’t think that the blogger should take full responsibility alone…

Eunsoo goes back to announce the good news to her office. When Sooho hears, he throws himself at Eunsoo in a hug surprising everyone! Hah! He awkwardly pretends that he’s just happy his co-intern isn’t getting fired.

At the same time, some guy brings a box of clothes for Eunsoo’s mom to mend…

Later, Bitna’s dad goes to visit Soohyun. He demands to know what exactly is the problem that would make a new wife run home already! He asks if t was Bitna’s fault.

Soohyun apologizes and answers that it is not Bitna’s fault. With Soohyun’s apology, Bitna’s dad softens and tells Soohyun that he’s always been sorry to Bitna for being raised without a mother. He hopes that Soohyun will treat Bitna as his wife and protect her and care for her. Soohyun bows his head and agrees.

At the same time, Bitna YELLS at Eunsoo for walking around the company when she’s on forced leave.  Eunsoo pulls Bitna into Bitna’s office and asks if Bitna is scared of her.  She asks if Bitna was so scared of Eunsoo saying something to Soohyun that she’s doing this.  Bitna denies it.

So, Eunsoo sighs that Bitna looks pitiful now.  Bitna sneers that Eunsoo is acting crazy and asks if Eunsoo wants to be fired.  Eunsoo asks on what grounds?  She notes that the blogger already confessed to lying about the plagiarism and told everyone how Bitna was already involved.

Bitna asks, “Does he know?” Eunsoo smiles and tells Bitna to ask for herself.

Bitna runs to Soohyun’s office to confirm.  Soohyun agrees that the blogger confessed.  Then Bitna asks what they are going to do about the blogger, which Soohyun turns back on Bitna asking what her opinion is.  Bitna replies that it wouldn’t be good to have bad publicity…So, she offers to take care of it herself.  Soohyun smirks and agrees to let her do it before asking if Bitna does not have anything else to say.  Bitna says she doesn’t and Soohyun lets her off.

They go home together.  Where, Mr. Yoon tells Bitna to sit down for a chat.  He begins to lecture Bitna by saying, “I don’t know what happened between you two but…”

Soohyun IMMEDIATELY interrupts and declares that it was his fault…Bitna found the old engagement ring for Chaewon.  Suddenly, Soonjung exclaims that she cannot believe Soohyun would DO THAT.  And, then… GASP!  Mr. Yoon falls back from the line of makjang as he pauses and stops his lecture since it’s son’s fault.  Had Mr. Yoon been a makjang irrational father-in-law, we would have seen Mr. Yoon continue to lecture Bitna or even tell Bitna to apologize to the family. (Which, of course, would only cause Bitna to be scarred by the fact that she’s being lectured for responding to Soohyun’s emotional attack…However, Bitna avoids such an emotional makjang attack.)  The drama shows us that it is not makjang by have Mr. Yoon stop as EVERYONE stands up for Bitna.  Again, a part of me is like WAIT BUT BITNA NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED FOR EUNSOO…And… a part of me is like, woa, this in-law’s family is totally not makjang…O_O What a nice change for a daily.  Nice going Shine Brightly Eunsoo writer! <3

As for our other main characters, both Eunsoo and Sooho think back to earlier that day when Sooho hugged Eunsoo.  Eunsoo only laughs to herself as Sooho wonders if his taste in girls was so easy.  HAH!

When Bitna hears about Eunsoo being restored as an employee, she goes to ask Soohyun if it is right for Eunsoo to remain as an employee even though she caused so much trouble for the company.  Soohyun answers that Eunsoo never got bitter; instead, she tried her best to clear her name and the company’s name.  Soohyun adds that he even wanted to make her an official employee.

Bitna blanches as the suggestion and Soohyun asks if she has anything against Eunsoo.  Bitna is unable to say anything.

Later, Eunsoo takes Sooho out for dinner because she’s told that Jongmin wants dinner in appreciation for his contribution.  The whole time, Sooho complains about being taken to a barbecue place with no atmosphere and Jongmin doesn’t arrive.  Eunsoo keeps asking about Jongmin and Sooho awkward pretends to call Jongmin and yell at him for not arriving.

As Sooho yells into his phone, his phone rings! It’s Jongmin asking about when Eunsoo would buy him a meal! HAHAHA.  Sooho yells into the phone that the caller got the wrong number.

The two move onto drinks and Sooho asks about Eunsoo’s words earlier about being framed before.  Eunsoo begins to tear up and answers that she is unable to say anything at this point only that she was set up and no one believed her or took her side.  She promises to tell him after she’s able to heal a bit more.

Eunsoo then asks Sooho who he likes. Sooho awkwardly confesses that Eunsoo knows.  Eunsoo asks if it’s Mina…

Sooho coughs and announces that the person is front of him.  Eunsoo turns around and asks if Soohho is joking.  Sooho explains that he mistook her for being married before…Then, he pours himself another glass of soju and downs it.  Then, he starts, “I…You, Eunso…Lo—”

Eunsoo suddenly shouts that she is sorry but she’s going to pretend that she didn’t hear anything and runs out.

Sooho runs out AFTER her and stops her.  He tells her that he will repeat it so Eunsoo cannot pretend not to have heard. He announces that he loves her.

Eunsoo sighs that she thinks that Sooho is a great guy but he’s only a little brother to her.  Ouch!

Sooho grabs Eunsoo’s hand and puts it over his heart.  He tells her that he doesn’t see Eunsoo as a sister. He loves her.

Eunsoo isn’t ready to give in.  She tells him that she’s too busy trying to live as well as make money.

Sooho reminds her that everyone is working hard to surviving and make money…However, they still manage to date.

Eunsoo cries out that she’s sorry and literally runs away! HEEE!

Eunsoo finds Hyunshik outside of their house.  He has some fruit for the family since he always gets free food.  Then, he invites Eunsoo out to dinner the next day since the twins have a birthday party and he just got paid.  Eunsoo doesn’t think twice and agrees.

The next day, Sooho is cold to Eunsoo after being rejected.  However, since he’s also an intern, he gets sent to the restaurant with Eunsoo to survey the customers…

Mr. Yoon sees Eunsoo and comes in to speak with her.  He tells her that he saw Eunsoo in another light for not giving up during the plagiarism incident. Eunsoo thanks Mr. Yoon and then praises her “fellow intern” Sooho for believing in her and supporting her even when everyone else turned away.  She declares that he showed a persistence and tenacity, which was crucial in finding the truth of the matter.  Mr. Yoon preens at hearing praise of his son.

Bitna rushes in at that point afraid that Eunsoo would tell Mr. Yoon about Bitna’s involvement with the plagiarism issue.  She sends Eunsoo back home.

Bitna and Sooho arrive back at the company just as Hyunshik and Eunsoo are leaving. Sooho sees it and jumps out of the car to follow.  He even goes to the same restaurant and stares…

But, then, Eunsoo gets a call and steps off to the side where she sees an envelope with Yoon Ga Foods on it…which Sooho was using to hide behind.

Suddenly, Sooho is joining Eunsoo and Hyunshik! HAHAHA.  He then declares that he was not waiting for Jongmin.  He was actually following Eunsoo.

After dinner, the two boys get into a fight over whose grip is stronger. Oh dear…

Back at the Yoon’s, Bitna does it again! She confidently storms down to ask Mrs. Yoon about a pamphlet in her room.  Mrs. Yoon answers that she tossed it when she was cleaning.  Bitna does not miss a beat before she demands that Mrs. Yoon ask her before touching or tossing things in her room. O_O DANG. This girl.

Mrs. Yoon forces a smile until Bitna walks off.  She reminds herself that she must remember that Bitna is another daughter…If Bitna did not think that Mrs. Yoon was like a mother, she wouldn’t be so bold…

The next day, Mrs. Yoon complains about being overworked when Mr. Yoon demands breakfast.  He answers that all of the children work so he cannot do anything…and mutters that Mrs. Yoon should have done better in training Bitna if she wanted help from her daughter-in-law.  Hmmm, not sure if this is makjang or if we should let it slide since it’s not like Mr. Yoon is forcing Bitna to help out when Soomin does not.

The thing is…this day is the day to prepare for lunar new year! Usually, Koreans get the whole week off to celebrate!

Sooho is lazing around and gets roped into helping out with his mom.  But, then, he remembers the night before and calls Eunsoo.  Of course, Eunsoo picks up to tell Sooho that she’s busy preparing.  And, during the call, Hyunshik calls out for Eunsoo.

Sooho furiously yells into the phone at Eunsoo for hanging up.  Then! He remembers that the Oh’s let him sleep over, gave him breakfast and washed his clothes.  He decides that he’d be a horrible person if he did not go to thank them in person!

Meanwhile, Bitna whines to Soohyun that she wants to go to the company with him because he’s leaving her alone on the first lunar new year.  Soohyun gives in…

At the same time, Soonjung begs off saying she’s going to the cafe to work.  Soomin also leaves to meet her friends…

But when Soohyun and Bitna come down, Sooho stops her.  He reminds her that it’s the first holiday with their family and everyone left the work to their mom.  Since, Bitna really does not have work to go to, Soohyun apologetically smiles at Bitna and leaves.

Bitna happily shops with Mrs. Yoon and Sooho while Bitna lies that she cannot hold any of the bags because her shoulders hurt from being on the computer all day… Sooho asks Mrs. Yoon why she’s falling for Bitna’s tactics.

Mrs. Yoon smiles that when you’re living with the in-laws, even breathing is like breathing in thorns.

Sooho then tells his mother that he has to run off and that Mrs. Yoon should have Bitna carry everything…

Next thing we know, Bitna and Mrs. Yoon are cooking.  Bitna complains that it’s too hard and she wants to stop since she helped out with the shopping.  Mrs. Yoon snaps that there is no one else.  Bitna continues to chop the vegetables when she cuts her finger.  It bleeds and Mrs. Yoon tells Bitna to go up and rest.

Within minutes, Mr. Yoon comes into the kitchen demanding water.  Mrs. Yoon blows up.  She yells at him reminding him that she spent over 30 years as the daughter-in-law for the Yoon family.  She never even got to set up the alter for her family because she was always busy taking care of the Yoon ancestors…But, her husband never helps out or thinks about her. She’s always the only one preparing the table… Mrs. Yoon throws down her knife and runs out crying.

Mr. Yoon storms out to see Bitna.  He yells at her to call all of the stupid Yoon family members. HAH!

Mr. Yoon demands to know what his children and sister see his mother as. Is she their housekeeper?

Soomin interrupts to say that he’s worst! HAHAHA! He orders that Mrs. Yoon clean, cook, even bring him water or an ash tray.  Mr. Yoon sputters angrily.  The only thing that he can say is that the kids are in charge of preparing the ancestor table since he will help.  The kids follow Mr. Yoon into the kitchen and Soonjung tosses him out.

Poor Mrs. Yoon.  She does not even have any friends.  She has no where to go but Eunsoo’s mom’s dry cleaner’s.  Since it’s closed, Mrs. Yoon reluctantly goes into the restaurant to brood.

Meanwhile… the kids… manage to cook the alter foods without burning down the kitchen. HAHAHA.  It’s probably a bad time to suggest that since all of them work, the best case scenario would be that they all pitch in to hire a cook or dishes in preparation for the alter… There’s a lot of services in Korea that provides the food…

As for Mrs. Yoon, she has ramen alone when her brother calls.  He thanks her for sending over all of the lunar new year gifts.  This moves Mrs. Yoon’s heart and she begins to cry.

Mr. Yoon comes in to find her crying and tells her to come home.  He smiles that his family is a mess with his wife and daughter-in-law taking turns leaving. HAHAHA.

At the same time, Eunsoo helps carry stuff to her grandmother’s volunteering.  On her way out, Bitna’s grandmother bumps into Eunsoo and Eunsoo recognizes her…

It turns out that Bitna’s grandmother was cutting rice cakes when Eunsoo’s grandmother arrived.  When Eunsoo’s grandmother recognized Bitna’s grandmother, Bitna’s grandmother literally made a run for it… as the volunteer coordinator explained to Eunsoo’s grandmother that Bitna’s grandmother is there to do mandatory volunteering.

Bitna’s grandmother, OF COURSE, blames Eunsoo for the bump.  Eunsoo sighs and asks how Bitna’s grandmother did not change at all.  Bitna’s grandmother snaps back that people only change before they die. HAHAHA! And, she runs home to complain about how volunteering is ruining her life. Maybe if she volunteered more before, it would not be such a big issue? Alas, most people in Korea do not volunteer… In fact, some people actually say that “domestic volunteering” is not “real volunteering”.  Surprising, huh? Final point? Shows a huge difference from Eunsoo’s grandmother who actually has a habit of volunteering and Bitna’s grandmother who does not…Family values!

Later that night, Sooho calls to flirt.  He tells Eunsoo to call him by his name. Eunsoo embarrassed threatens to hang up but he continues talking.  He tells her that he could not come over because he was cooking for his family but promises to come over the next day.

The next day, the Yoons do “cha-reh”.  Basically, this is a tradition that was born of ancestor worship, separate from Buddhism or Christianity.  It’s a dying tradition actually.  Basically, you offer up food to the ancestors in hopes that they take care of you for the next year.

After the bows, Bitna asks her father-in-law, if they can go back to her family’s home.  Mrs. Yoon is surprised that Bitna would ask but Mr. Yoon agrees that, of course, they should go greet Bitna’s family as well.

On the side, Woori and Nari send over a new years greeting video to Soomin! D’awwww…Looks like Soomin is going to be with Hyunshik.

Bitna and Soohyun arrive at home where Grandma Choi is waiting.  The first thing Bitna does is ask to go home and nap since she had to shop and cook for the in-laws.  Grandma Choi sighs that usually the three family members would always travel on the holidays but now Bitna is exhausted after getting married.

Mr. Yoon tells Grandma Choi to stop as Bitna will mature through this experience.

At the same time, the Oh’s plus Hyunshik’s family play games when Sooho arrives in a suit with a bunch of expensive gifts!  Before we wonder where such gifts came from, the scene changes to Mrs. Yoon looking for all of the same items in her kitchen. AHAHAHAHA. >_<

Later, Sooho is on a roll in trying to win points from the family.  He even massages grandma’s shoulders as if he does anything at home other than lay around! Eunsoo’s grandmother loves him and feeds him strawberries.  But Eunho is completely on Team Hyunshik!

Grandma wakes Bitna up.  They go downstairs to find Soohyun and Bitna’s father silently sitting with their cell phones. Bitna suggests that they go workout together where Eunsoo’s mother stops by to say hi.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo walks Sooho to the subway station because her mother and grandmother want her to.  Sooho asks if he did a good job and she jokes that he came uninvited.  She thinks Hyunshik is more of a man since he’s so mature.

Sooho grabs her hand and they walk hand in hand…At the main road, Sooho ask if she meant what she said…Is he really not a man in her eyes?

Eunsoo pauses and is unable to answer.  Sooho grabs her shoulders and pulls her in for a hug.


Ah, Shine Brightly Eunsoo….Writer Kim Hyo Eun… What are you doing to my drama viewing heart? There are so many interesting themes that show up in this drama which are close to the hearts of young “ajummas” everywhere.  I want Bitna to pay for what she did to Eunsoo but you’re turning Bitna into an exaggerated representaive of the modern daughter-in-law.

Particularly, the scene where Bitna comes home and sighs to her grandmother that marriage in Korea is unfair to women.  Once, you are married, in Korea, you are considered as entering the “man’s family.”  As a result, the female’s family takes a backseat.  This directly contrasts with the American view, where once two people get married, they start a NEW family… I leave it up to you to be the judge of what is right for your situation.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo  seems to be the first daily drama that tackles the changing dynamics of Korean families and marriages… The Yoon family is far from a makjang family, for which I love them.  Soomin is not your average, run-of-the-mill sister in law who does not work and spends most of her time wasting her husband’s money (or credit card bandwidth ;)) and ruining the life of her brother’s wife (the usual makjang sister-in-laws).  For all Soomin cares, Bitna is only on her radar when Soomin sees Bitna.  Meanwhile, Sooho and Soonjung are too busy with their lives to really care or interfere with Bitna.  Finally, Mrs. Yoon sometimes seems a bit simple (like the time when she wanted Sooho to follow Soohyun without realizing that a man’s family’s life was at stake) but she also has principles; she sticks up for Bitna when Bitna runs away because of Chaewon’s engagement ring and tells Soohyun to apologize.  (Had Mrs. Yoon been a makjang mother-in-law, she would have told Bitna to apologize ;))

Yet, Bitna still challenges the expectations on her. She raises the question, is it fair to expect Bitna to accept the traditions and customs of her new family while ignoring the traditions and customs of the family that Bitna came from?  From an American’s point of view, it seems unfair especially since Bitna continues to work.  It’s not like she’s asking the Yoons to take care of her financially.  (Although, there can be an argument made that since she works for the Yoon Ga Foods, it’s unclear if she’s actually working by providing value to the company or not…)  However, stepping away from that, Bitna’s point stands that it is unfair to force the dauther-in-law to accept the traditions of one family without regard to the girl’s family’s traditions and customs.  Meanwhile, there may be an argument if she didn’t work and her “job” was to learn said customs.  From what I hear from modern Korean women (20’s – 40’s), my perspective is shared as most young women work in Korea and the system is changing.  Generally, a lot of new couples live separately with both members working so the interference is automatically less.  Additionally, more and more families seem to understand as they have daughters that they cannot act in a “makjang” sort of way anymore since you’ll be judged for your rude actions.

Now, the question is… What if Bitna were a makjang daughter-in-law.  Is there a line?  For example, what if Bitna were not working and charging $6,000-10,000 on Soohyun’s credit card?  What if Bitna refused to live with her husband even though she didn’t work and just played around with her family? Does that change the equation?  Who knows?  The hilarious fact is that both situations exist in Korean society.

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