Still Loving You – E46

Normal days as Sooho and Eunsoo deal with Sooho’s confession.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 46

Sooho pulls back from his kiss and asks if he’s still not a guy in front of her eyes. She just stares back at him. Sooho continues that it’s fine if she doesn’t see him as a guy as he will work harder to become a guy that is worthy of Eunsoo’s love. Awwwww… Sooho, we are all waiting for you to become cool!

Sooho comes home and throws himself on his bed repeating the earlier scene in his head. He cries about being able to be cooler.

But, Eunsoo is also squealing in bed, too.

The next day at breakfast, Sooho’s complaint about his mom’s cooking turns into Bitna offering to introduce a girl to him. Sooho snaps back that he has a girlfriend. Suddenly, the whole family waits for him to say who and Sooho backpedals that he doesn’t have a girlfriend before leaving first.

Then Bitna meets with Soohyun about taking their company public. She believes that investors want to see that they can mass produce their products… The only way that they can do that would be that they change from the current traditional method of making their paste. Bitna adds that they need to have a proposal that can convince the investors and suggests that they make half of their products this year through the machine manufacturing.

The point that Bitna was working towards is that someone needs to monitor the factory… she suggests that they send the intern who’s hired as an official employee there.

Soohyun and Bitna come in to tell the rest of the office. They announce that the intern that gets hired will be sent to the countryside but they will only make it voluntary. Any intern that does not want to go to the countryside will not be considered for official employment.

Sooho finds Eunsoo mulling the move over in the recreation room. He asks her what she wants to do. Eunsoo snaps back that their life is on the line right now, she has no time to deal with relationship questions. Sooho smiles that the relationship is more important to him than becoming an official employee but he will give her time that she needs.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo’s Grandma gets some revenge back on Bitna’s Grandma at the volunteering space by standing in Bitna’s grandma’s cleaning path. Bitna’s grandma growls at Eunsoo’s grandma to move or else.

Eunsoo’s grandma shouts at everyone to look at the grandma who got caught drunk driving and running into someone else… She’s not even repenting! The probation officer runs over to ask what the problem is. Eunsoo’s grandma answers that Bitna’s grandma’s mopping is half hearted and leaves the floors dirty and wet. The officer tells Bitna’s grandma that if she doesn’t complete her work properly, they will be adding hours to her sentence.

At the same time, Soomin finally likes Hyunshik’s draft webcartoons!

That night Bitna’s dad and Eunsoo’s mom go on a friend date to see a show! It’s so cute! After the show, Eunsoo’s mom peers into Bitna’s dad’s face to see if he cried or not during the show… he freezes.

The restaurant that Bitna’s dad (Jaeho) wanted to go to is closed. So, Eunsoo’s mom (Yeonmi) go to the nearby pojang macha for street food. Yeonmi smiles that she feels like she’s back in her twenties.

At the same time, Eunsoo finishes up one assignment in the office while Sooho categorizes and organizes the storage room. He keeps coughing because he’s sick but he continues since if he doesn’t do it, it’s Eunsoo’s assignment.

Eunsoo finishes around ten and wanders over to the storage room. She finds everything done except for three boxes…and Sooho fallen on the floor.


I did not expect Sooho to succeed so quickly! But, within the same episode of his declaration, I have to admit I was rooting for him! After all, what girl doesn’t fall for the guy who competently saves a girl from required work?! It’s the age old formula of the guy doing the girl’s work for her…a variant of Jang Dong Gun helping Chaerim out in the old drama of All About Eve. It worked there and it definitely works here!

The fact that he did it while sick? Even more points! If Sooho keeps this up, he’ll definitely have Eunsoo swooning before we know it!

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