Still Loving You – E48

The student becomes the teacher.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 48 RECAP

Bitna suggests a blind test where the interns identify what ingredients a soy bean paste contains. Bitna smirks to herself that she won since Sooho has a perfect palate. But, Eunsoo accepts the terms.

Afterwards, Eunsoo laughs with Sooho about his request that she trusts him. Yet, they are just going to be tested. Sooho denies it saying he’s not done yet and to trust him still.

Later, we see Mrs. Yoon visiting Yeonmi and Soonjung. Something nags at Soonjung’s thoughts and she asks if Mrs. Yoon is using help to deal with the household chores since Mrs. Yoon seems to go out more often but the house is still spotless. Mrs. Yoon smiles but denies it by reminding Soonjung that Mr. Yoon would never agree to a housekeeper…

But, it’s not good to let Soonjung muse on it too long, so, Mrs. Yoon leaves. She runs into Eunsoo in the hall and finds out that Eunsoo is Yeonmi’s daughter.

Mrs. Yoon runs home to tell Sooho excitedly that his fellow intern is her friend’s daughter. Sooho is surprised as well… Then, Mrs. Yoon wonders out loud why Eunsoo quit her job as a high school teacher…

More cuteness! Bitna and Soohyun come home and tell Mrs. Yoon about the test to decide on who will become the full time employee. Bitna blatantly roots for Sooho while Mrs. Yoon also tells Sooho to win for her pride. Sooho snaps back at Bitna that he does not want any favoritism and at his mom for being a horrible friend.

The next day, Sooho watches from the side as Eunsoo keeps eating different soy bean pastes to try to determine the ingredients.

Meanwhile, Hyunshik gets the news that his proposal for a comic based on a female urologist has been approved. He celebrates before realizing that he needs more information… He calls Soomin to offer to take her out for dinner. Soomin refuses as she’s taking out Woori and Nara.

At the same time, Eunsoo’s grandma drinks coffee with a friend at the volunteering center. The friend takes a sip and spits it back out because it’s so hot. She tells Bitna’s grandma to mop it up since Bitna’s grandma is already mopping.

Bitna’s grandma tells the friend grandma to clean it up herself…which, turns into a verbal spat that leads to Bitna’s grandma calling the friend grandma stupid and a physical fight. Eunsoo’s grandma tries to stop them only to get elbowed in the face. She falls to the ground as the fighting stops, holding her right eye.

The probation officer tells Bitna’s grandma that she’s ok probation while doing community service. If Eunsoo’s grandma files a claim against Bitna’s grandma, Bitna’s grandma loses her option to do service instead of going to jail. So, the power shifts!

When it’s time to go home, Eunsoo stays behind. Sooho is unable to leave Eunsoo alone. He comes in with a box of soy bean paste and offers to teach her. They will taste and taste until Eunsoo learns it!

Yeonmi wonders while exercising why she doesn’t see Jaeho. She tries calling him but Jaeho ignores it still miffed about seeing her with another guy.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo’s grandma sighs to a photograph of her son. She wonders if even though she calls Yeonmi a daughter and Yeonmi calls her “mom” instead of “mother,” whether she’s just a burden to Yeonmi…keeping Yeonmi from moving on.

Yeonmi walks in and tells Eunsoo’s grandma that she’s hurt to hear Eunsoo’s mom even think such thoughts. She reminds Eunsoo’s grandma that the grandma is her mom and she wouldn’t have made it so far without her.

At the same time, Sooho finds Eunsoo asleep in the recreation room. He takes out a sharpie and writes “mine” on Eunsoo’s hand. Then he settles down to watch Eunsoo sleep.

A call from Eunho wakes her up. Eunho is drinking with Hyunshik at a nearby bar. Eunsoo goes to join and Sooho follows.

When Hyunshik notices the scribble on Eunsoo’s hand, she awkwardly answers that it’s nothing and a joke.

Sooho interrupts to announce that he’s not joking, she used to look like a squid but now she looks like a mermaid in his eyes. Eunsoo jumps up to go wash her hands with sanitizer. Sooho follows and they continue to bicker leading Hyunshik to wonder if they are dating.

Then Sooho’s cell phone vibrates. It’s Mina! Sooho picks up and snaps at Mina to stop calling him or worrying about him. He hangs up but Eunho saw the caller identification and realized it’s probably Mina… his grip on his beer tightens.

Sooho doesn’t notice anything and sighs loudly that Mina is totally crushing on him. Eunsoo tries to avoid the issue by telling Sooho that he must be mistaken. Except, Sooho doesn’t back down. He laughs that Mina is always sweet to him while she’s a brat to Eunsoo and calls all the time. He picks up the phone to show everyone…

Eunho suddenly asks Eunsoo if her test isn’t the next day. He snaps that she should be sleeping instead of drinking and they leave.

The next day, the rest commences. And, Soohyun announces that the winner won by one point.


This was a quiet episode that seems to set up things to come. It continues the shift from Sooho being a needy child to more of a man as he gets to help Eunsoo prepare for an exam that will decide whether or not she gets a full time position. Additionally, he’s gradually transitioned from silently crushing to boldly announcing to everyone and anyone that he likes her. Sure, most people seem to think that he’s joking but it’s cute nonetheless.

The second thing appears to relate to Bitna and Eunsoo’s final revenge. Now that Mrs. Yoon knows that Eunsoo is Yeonmi’s daughter, will she stand by once she knows how Bitna and her family treated Eunsoo and her family? Any normal person would be furious to hear how Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s dream and ran off to another country. Then Bitna basically chased Soohyun to get married. How will the Yoon’s react once they learn about Bitna’s flawed character? Will we get some cathartic revenge?

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