Still Loving You – E49

Eunsoo becomes a full time employee and asks Sooho out.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 49 RECAP

Soohyun smiles and congratulates Eunsoo for becoming an official full time employee! Sooho jumps in happily to congratulate her as well. Then Soohyun tells Sooho that he changed a lot since he first joined the company as an intern; he hopes that Sooho will continue to develop wherever he ends up.

Eunsoo turns to Bitna who quietly agrees that she congratulates Eunsoo. In her mind, Eunsoo thinks that she wins while Bitna smirks that she gets what she wants in the end-Eunsoo out of her life in the countryside.

Eunsoo follows Sooho to the recreation room and asks if he lost on purpose when he has a perfect taste. Sooho smiles that he does have a perfect sense of taste but it couldn’t catch up to her efforts. Eunsoo is still not convinced.

Sooho turns to jokes saying that he wants to look cool in front of her – he would win to take care of her while she’s unemployed. Eunsoo snaps back that she wouldn’t ask him to take responsibility for her. Sooho laughs back that he wants Eunsoo to take care of him now that he’s unemployed. Eunsoo smiles that she will take care of Sooho – whenever he wants a meal, he can call her.

Mrs. Yoon gets a call from Soohyun as she happily rests letting the housekeeper take care of all of the chores. She asks about the outcome of the competition and rushes over to Eunsoo’s mom to tell her the good news. Aww, Mrs. Yoon can be cute.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo grandma goes to the volunteering place where Bitna’s grandma waits. Bitna’s grandma jumps up and asks Eunsoo’s grandma what she wants-money? Eunsoo’s grandma smirks back that she cares about her granddaughter and family more than money – they will do it by the law.

As for Yeonmi and Jaeho, they meet at the gym again. Yeonmi walks over to say “hi” but Jaeho is still miffed. He coolly tells Yeonmi that he saw her message too late to reply and leaves early.

Sooho comes home to find his mom waiting for him. She pulls him in a hug and tells Sooho that it’s fine. Suddenly, Soonjung is comforting him as well. Even Mr. Yoon gruffly tells Sooho to take heart. He’s taken aback since he didn’t care as much (and he probably threw the test)!

Sooho decides to milk it and apologizes to his mom when she comes up with fruit. He solemnly announces that he should be making money and giving her an allowance. Mrs. Yoon quickly answers that he should always stay proud and it’s fine.

Then Sooho jokes about not having money to go have drinks with friends. Mrs. Yoon immediately offers up her credit card and Sooho stops joking.

The next day, Eunsoo prepares a lunch box for Hyunshik and Sooho. She gives one box to Hyunshik before running off.

Hyunshik takes it to Soomin to try to butter her up for some information or the ability to interview her clients. She refuses and Hyunshik calls her cold. He tells her to stop living like that or she will always be a loner. Then he storms out.

At the same time, Eunsoo and Sooho ice skate. It’s a total date with Sooho wrapping his scarf around Eunsoo and the two skating around hand in hand!

They head to the side where Sooho exclaims over every dish that Eunsoo made. Then he pauses and stares at Eunsoo. He gravely tells her that something is really weird-she is being too nice.

They end up at a cafe. Sooho literally covers his ears yelling that he doesn’t want to hear it if Eunsoo is going to say something like she thinks of him as a little brother.

So, Eunsoo pulls his hand down and writes “mine” on it.

Sooho turns to ask her what this means. Eunsoo sighs and smiles. She tells him that she has started to like him and wants to date.


Eunsoo! Oh. Em. Gee! I did not expect the drama to turn into this!  I love it! I love the fact that Sooho started the courtship but Eunsoo is the one who officially asks him out.  Technically, Sooho announced his intent first and has been jokingly asking her out several times over.  But, still, loving Eunsoo not being the normal female protagonist who waits for the guy to make all the moves.

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