Still Loving You – E50

Sooho turns down Eunsoo to think about his future.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo RECAP

Sooho frowns and takes his hand away. Looking down, he sheepishly tells her that he’s sorry but he will pretend that he didn’t hear her confession. He explains that he doesn’t have what it takes to date her right now since he’s unemployed.

Eunsoo smiles that he won’t be unemployed forever. But, Sooho insists. He asks her to wait just a little bit until he’s ready. He also tells her to live well even when she doesn’t see him; he’s going to focus on getting a job.

Sooho goes home to happily turn in his bed kissing his hand where Eunsoo wrote “mine.” He then jumps up to do some research.

The next morning, Mrs. Yoon suggests that Mr. Yoon invest in Sooho so he can start a new business. Sooho smiles that he’s not prepared to run his own business yet. His family is shocked at hearing some mature reasonable words.

But, when Sooho begins to look at hiring ads, he screams because he doesn’t fit any of them!

Bitna finds Eunsoo in the recreation room and tells Eunsoo to just stay in the countryside. Eunsoo asks Bitna why Bitna cannot move on from the past. Eunsoo also smiles that while Bitna had been the biggest obstacle in her past, Bitna means nothing to her now. She calls Bitna apolytoxin and leaves.

Sooho really has matured! When Mr. Yoon calls him in to help at the restaurant, Sooho actually cheerily shows up!

Meanwhile, Bitna’s dad thinks about how he was cold to Yeonmi. He decides to give it another chance and buys some warm snacks for her. However, when he arrives, he sees Yeonmi chatting with the old manager who arrived first with coffee.

Eunsoo’s grandmother is also out that day. Her friend from volunteering asked her to meet at Soonjung’s cafe. She shows up to find it was for Bitna’s grandma.

The two grandmothers verbally attack each other at first. The third Grandma has to remind Bitna’s grandma that the person who needs this to work the most is her.

Bitna’s grandma calms down when she hears that. She sighs and tells Eunsoo’s grandma that she really is sorry that Eunsoo’s grandma got hurt; she doesn’t like Eunsoo’s grandma but the injury really resulted from a simple mistake. Bitna’s grandma also takes out an envelope and explains that there’s just a little more money in there than medical fees.

Eunsoo’s grandma hears the sincerity and takes the settlement papers to sign.

Later, Eunho calls Mina out to ask her what he is to her. Mina awkwardly announces that he’s her boyfriend. Eunho asks where does she want to go with him. Mina immediately responds that she wants to marry him once he gets a job.

So, Eunho asks to get engaged now. Even though he doesn’t have a job, he has enough to rent a studio and he has a part time job to float him until he finds a permanent position.

Mina sits there in silence. Eunho gives her a couple of minutes before getting up to leave. He explains that he doesn’t know if he can get the job that she wants so he will let her go. Good for you, Eunho! If the girl is using unemployment as an excuse against getting engaged, she’s not worth it! Girls do get engaged even if guys are between jobs; her stance is a total excuse!

At the same time, Eunsoo looks at hiring ads while thinking of Sooho…

As for Sooho? He worked until the restaurant closed. He asks his father why his father works so hard when Mr. Yoon must be tired. Mr. Yoon smiles. He tells Sooho that he works for the empty bowls. Everyone can say that the food was delicious but it’s the empty bowls that really make him satisfied.

Sooho walks home that day repeating the scene in his head…

Meanwhile, Eunsoo has left several messages for Sooho and he hasn’t responded. She walks into the courtyard shouting that this is her last message. If he doesn’t call back, she will never see him.

She runs into Hyunshik in the courtyard who tells her not to worry. Usually, a girl will ignore calls when she’s angry but a guy isn’t like that. Guys turn into themselves when they have an important decision to make.

Just as Hyunshik finishes saying this, Eunsoo gets a call and rushes off.

Hyunshik is left alone in the courtyard to sigh. He says quietly that he wishes that the call had not come and bids farewell to Eunsoo as his one-sided crush. He hopes that she will be happy.

Eunsoo yells at Sooho as soon as she arrives at the cafe. Sooho laughs in response that he’s surprised by Eunsoo’s confidence to come out in her sweats and without makeup. He teasingly asks if she wanted to see him that much.

Eunsoo huffs and changes the subject to whether he has found a job. She shows him a couple of the open positions that she found.

Sooho tells Eunsoo that he never really thought of what to do with his life. He just wanted to run a business. He’s now decided how naive he was and wants to start from the bottom. He hopes that by starting from the bottom, he can find his passion.

Eunsoo is shocked speechless. So, Sooho asks if she would be okay dating him when he will be working in entry level positions. Eunsoo smiles and tells him that the most important thing is that he’s looking for the right path.

The next day, Bitna’s grandmother is surprised when she arrives for her community service. The program staffer runs out to thank her for the generous gift! It turns out that Eunsoo’s grandma donated the whole settlement amount to the center as a joint gift from both of them!

As the two grandmas are photographed, Bitna’s grandma mumbles to Eunsoo’s grandma why she did it. Eunsoo’s grandma answers that this is how you’re supposed to use money and she said it was from both of them since technically the money did come from Bitna’s grandma. Awwww!

Later, the manager announces to Eunsoo that she doesn’t have to go to the countryside anymore. Assistant manager Choi volunteered for the position because he has family there! Then, the team decides to head over to the Yoon Ga restaurant for dinner.

The team sits down as Sooho walks out to ask his dad why the onion looks like it was frozen and thawed.


Can I say that I love Eunsoo’s grandma? Sure, she isn’t rich like Bitna’s grandma but the lady has sincerity and is a lovely human being. I was surprised when she accepted the settlement money but when she gave it in both of their names, I was shocked!

I expected Eunsoo’s grandma to refuse until Bitna’s grandma apologized. But, her choice to lead by kindness just taught me that Eunsoo’s grandma is a much bigger person than anyone on the show so far. <3

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