Still Loving You – E51

The focus shifts to the other characters while Eunsoo comes clean to her mom about unofficially dating Sooho.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 51

Everyone is surprised to see Sooho at the restaurant. The manager assumes Sooho got another chance because of his father while Mina wonders if Sooho is being groomed to take over the restaurant…

Bitna gets her own surprise when she comes in to give the manager a reviewed proposal. She frowns to see Eunsoo sitting in the office and asks the manager. When the manager answers that Eunsoo is no longer moving to their countryside branch, Bitna exclaims in surprise. She manages to backtrack and call herself down but only after it’s clear that Bitna isn’t happy about the new development.

Later, Mr. Yoon gets worried to see Sooho working so hard at the restaurant. He asks Sooho if Sooho is trying to get into his good graces to get some money. Sooho stops mopping the floor and honestly tells his father that he wants to start learning about the soy bean paste recipe that his father has protected all along.

The next day, Eunho gives notice that he’s quitting to focus on studying. Soonjung is disappointed but she graciously accepts saying that he reminds her of her nephew so she cannot in good conscience keep him. She gives him his pay up to that day and some more for good luck.

As Eunho turns to walk out, Soomin comes in. Eunho tells her about his decision to focus on studying so that he can figure out his life that year and his breakup with his girlfriend. Soomin sighs that the economy is too harsh on the young people.

Back at the volunteer center, the two grandmas are surprised to find the picture of the two of them on the bulletin.  They are both dissatisfied that they look like they are friends and turn around.

One of the other staff members stops Eunsoo’s grandma right after she turns around to thank her for the donation in addition to her volunteering regularly.  Eunsoo’s grandma shrugs it off as something everyone does.  However, the staff member insists that not everyone continues volunteering regularly like Eunsoo’s grandmother before walking off.

Bitna’s grandmother sneers that Eunsoo’s grandmother must be a Korean Mother Theresa.  Eunsoo’s grandma smiles back that if Bitna’s grandma is jealous, she can continue to volunteer after she completes her community service.

At the same time, Bitna asks Soohyung about why Eunsoo has not been sent to the country side.  Soohyun explains that it just ended up that way since someone in another department volunteered for the position while they needed help for the marketing and planning department.  Bitna frowns that moving things around unofficially can be harmful to a company.  Soohyun answers that he thinks flexibility is also necessary in growing a company.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi finds Jaewoo at the gym.  She goes up to him to chat and asks why he’s working out so hard.  Jaewoo is a bit chilly but he does reluctantly mope that Yeonmi must have a lot of male friends.  She laughs that she doesn’t.  So, he asks about the team leader that he saw.

Yeonmi explains how the man  was her team leader while she worked at a mall and they were catching up.  This explanation satisfies Jaewoo, who immediately smiles.

Then night falls and Eunsoo walks out.  However, she doesn’t get far when she gets a call from Sooho.  He has her close her eyes and walk to and from until she arrives right in front of him.  He pulls her into a hug and asks her to continue to trust him.

They go on a date to get matching cell phone cases.  Sooho apologizes for not getting her a couple ring but promises to do so in the future…

Eunsoo goes home happily where she tries to lie that she got off work late.  But, Eunho calls her out on her lie since she was clearly dating.  Eunsoo cannot deny it and runs into her room.

Yeomni follows Eunsoo to ask about who Eunsoo is dating.  She asks Eunsoo if it is Sooho.  Eunsoo answers that they aren’t officially dating yet…Then, Eunsoo asks what her mother thinks of Sooho.

Yeomni sighs that he seems like a good kid but he’s younger than Eunsoo…Eunsoo is too old to be just dating around.  She tells Eunsoo to think carefully.

The next day, Mina demands that they go back to the Yoon Ga Restaurant for lunch – to see Sooho, of course!  Everyone treks over where Sooho tells one of the other serving ladies to go and rest as she looks unwell.

When the food comes out, only Eunsoo’s bowl of rice has an egg in it!  The Manager makes a big deal about only Eunsoo getting the egg.  So, Sooho lies that they have an unofficial event going on where one person could get a free fried egg.  But, Eunsoo feels awkward and offers to give the Manager her fried egg since she hasn’t started eating yet.

On the side, Hyunshik (dressed up as a woman) brings in a bunch of female customers to Soomin’s hospital.

After lunch, Mrs. Yoon pulls Eunsoo aside and not so subtly asks Eunsoo if it’s fine for Eunsoo to keep showing up at the restaurant when Sooho was fired because there was only one position.  She asks Eunsoo to think about how Sooho must be feeling.  Eunsoo pauses trying to figure out how to answer and Sooho jumps in.  Sooho announces that he doesn’t care at all and directs Eunsoo out the door.  After Eunsoo leaves, Sooho tells his mother clearly not to say anything about it to Eunsoo anymore.  Awwww, he’s already looking out for Eunsoo against his mom’s antics.

Back at Soomin’s office, Soomin tells Hyunshik to stop crossdressing to get her clients.  She notes that no matter what he does, she won’t change her mind about letting him write a web comic after her.

Hyunshik cries that he’s really pitiful as he needs a successful comic to pay his bills… He talks about not having rent money while having kids.  Soomin cuts him off and offers to introduce him to some of her friends who are also doctors.

Hyunshik interrupts that it won’t work!  She can’t guarantee that the other doctors will have a weird prickly personality like her!  Soomin glares and Hyunshik quickly retreats.

Meanwhile, Yeommi meets with the real estate broker friend.  Yeonmi confesses that she’s worried about Eunsoo.  The friend offers to set Eunsoo up, which Yeonmi accepts.

Yeonmi’s old team leader stops by with a bunch of clothes that need to be adjusted. Yeonmi tells the team leader that he doesn’t have to always bring his stuff to her and the broker friend tries to excuse herself. But, Yeonmi stops her friend and the team leader leaves instead.

As for the Yoons, because the sick staffer spilled soup on a customer, Sooho had to take the customer to emergency.  Sooho and Mr. Yoon went to settle the matter, and Sooho’s sincerity got the customer to agree to a settlement without making things a big deal.

At the same time, Bitna’s grandmother visits Yoon Ga Foods as an investor relating to the possible public offering plan.  As drama luck would have it, the grandma runs into Eunsoo in the hallway.  She immediately yells at Eunsoo for being there.

Eunsoo tries to quietly explain that it’s her place of work.  But, Grandma Choi is having none of it.  She yells at Eunsoo to leave…which is heard in Soohyun’s office by Bitna and Soohyun who are waiting for Grandma Choi.  Bitna has an idea of what is going on and rushes out to get her grandma.


I love how Eunsoo’s grandmother is being used as a foil to Bitna’s grandmother and the drama is tackling the culture of volunteering in Korea.  Both grandmothers have a lot of time on their hands (like a lot of the older 50/60+ people in Korea), as is shown by Eunsoo’s grandmother usually watching television and Bitna’s grandmother complaining about being lonely without Bitna.  Yet, what they do with their free time to address their loneliness is different.  We aren’t told about what Bitna’s grandmother does when Bitna’s not around other than go eating and drinking (and drunk driving), but Eunsoo’s grandmother clearly volunteers regularly! It really shows a difference between the two families’ values. I love it!

On a personal level, I loved this subarc.  It’s sad but I was once talking to an older woman in Korea who actually said that “domestic volunteering” isn’t REAL volunteering.  REAL volunteering is going abroad to a more economically challenged country to “build houses or stuff.” I was shocked.  There were so many things wrong with that sentence, including without limitation, the savior-complex of sporadic missions/volunteer trips and the willful blindness to the many social problems that exist in Korea.  While the purpose of volunteering is to create a situation where that volunteering is no longer necessary, I doubt that anyone who really is interested in community affairs could say that there isn’t “REAL” volunteering in Korea.  Go figure that this lady does not and did not have a history of volunteering even though she’s not working and has the time to volunteer if she wanted to contribute to society.  I hope more daily dramas highlight volunteering as an aspect of regular Korean life and culture so that more retired people get out and help out.  🙂

Finally, to return back to this episode, my FAVORITE SCENE is the above.  It was SO ROMANTIC! Eunsoo and Sooho are not even engaged and he’s defending her from anyone and everyone! I love the message that Sooho is sending to Eunsoo when he jumps in to tell his mom aka the other “director” that she’s mistaken; he’s quite fine with how everything turned out and Eunsoo got the position.  To Sooho, the most important thing in the world is that Eunsoo is not made uncomfortable – regardless of who’s overstepping her boundaries.  Up until now, Sooho has been cute but he’s still developing.  Here, he was a man >_< I <3 the Soohos of the world.

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