Still Loving You – E53

Sooho tries to get Yeonmi’s approval while Yeonmi deals with her maternal wishes clashing with her moral values.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 53 RECAP

Sooho arrives at the restaurant but doesn’t see Eunsoo anywhere. So, he trudged out in time to see Eunsoo smiling while she sees a guy off.

After the car leaves, Eunsoo turns on her phone to see all of the missed calls. Sooho calls her and demands to know where she is. Eunsoo answers that she’s on the street.

So, Sooho appears and asks why Eunsoo is there. Eunsoo answers truthfully that she just went on a seon. But Eunsoo notes that she told him that she has a man whom she loves. Eunsoo sighs that she must really love Sooho and she doesn’t know why with his overconfidence.

Sooho jokes that it’s his charisma and he is very sincere. Sooho offers his hand for Eunsoo to take and tells her not to look around again. Eunsoo happily grabs it.

At the same time, Yeonmi’s broker friend visits to tell Yeonmi that Eunsoo told her date that she has someone she lives. Now, the broker is in an awkward place because she was a matchmaker.

Yeonmi goes home because Eunsoo’s phone is off. She arrives just before Eunsoo and Sooho arrive.

Sooho announces that he loves Eunsoo; he wants their permission and blessing of their relationship. Yeonmi answers that she knows that Sooho is a good guy but she cannot bless their relationship. Eunsoo is 32; she is at an age where she should get married not date. Sooho is just the kitchen help so when will he get settled and be prepared to marry? Sooho is still in his twenties so he can date around but Eunsoo will only get hurt.

Sooho doesn’t back off. He agrees that he also thinks that Eunsoo is too good for him. However, he is seeing Eunsoo while thinking of marriage as the end game.

Yeonmi isn’t convinced and Eunsoo cries out. But grandma cuts in to say it’s enough for the day. Yeonmi goes into her room without saying goodbye.

Sooho smiles and asks the grandma for her support. She just awkwardly answers that she’s neutral. So, Sooho accepts it and leaves.

Grandma goes into Yeonmi’s room to sniff that Yeonmi was rude to not even see Sooho go. Yeonmi snaps back that Grandma took Sooho’s side by staying neutral.

Grandma states that she likes Sooho. Yeonmi snaps back “Mom!” So, Grandma patiently reminds Yeonmi that she’s Yeonmi’s mother-in-law, she has a right to say who she likes.

Yeonmi cries that it’s different than when they were younger. Love alone isn’t enough!

Grandma persists that they both know as they have lived through it that money is a fickle companion…you need more…

Sooho and Eunsoo pause in the alley outside the house. Sooho worries that he needs Yeonmi to like him. Eunsoo smiles that Yeonmi has been half convinced.

Meanwhile, Bitna cooks fried shrimp for Soohyun and leaves the kitchen a mess! Mrs. Yoon pauses and stares.

Soomin walks in and Mrs. Yoon angrily yells at her to make her own nighttime snack. Soomin is shocked by this over reaction and reminds her mom that she also gets stressed while working. Mrs. Yoon whines that a kid can at least hear out a mother’s tantrum and Soomin suggests that Mrs. Yoon go in to see a doctor as it seems like menopause…

Mrs. Yoon then storms upstairs. She pulls out Bitna into the hallway and yells at Bitna for leaving the kitchen a mess. She also snaps that if Bitna made something, she should have offered some for her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Soohyun hears the shouting and comes out. He tries to explain that he was so hungry that Bitna must have rushed. But, he tells Bitna to apologize.

Bitna grudgingly answers that she’s sorry. However, she adds that she knows it’s the same for her mother-in-law but she didn’t get married to be a housekeeper. She doesn’t know why they can’t just hire a housekeeper when they have the money.

Mrs. Yoon sighs that it’s because of Mr. Yoon. Bitna sighs that she doesn’t understand why Mr. Yoon insists on making Mrs. Yoon’s life difficult.

Suddenly, Mrs. Yoon is all smiles as she cries that only Bitna understands her. Bitna smiles that she likes her mother-in-law so much and hugs her.

Then, Bitna goes inside to jump into bed in a mood.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi tries to talk to Eunsoo again. Yeonmi notes that it seems like Sooho didn’t go to a good college while Eunsoo even became a teacher. Eunsoo snaps back at her mom that she was fired and got her teaching license taken away. Yet, her mom didn’t tell the other side about this. How did her mom think that they could keep it a secret until the end?

The next day, Mina stops by the restaurant to pick up samples. She takes the opportunity to ask Sooho out to watch a movie. Sooho takes her to the side to whisper something in her ear.

That night, Sooho calls Eunsoo to the restaurant. Their date is trying to create a new dish. He wants to make a soy bean paste soup that would be good for those with high blood pressure since he saw a customer earlier pour water into his soup to dilute the saltiness.

They cook. Then, when they are about to leave, Mina arrives. She sees the two literally skipping off together and realizes that they must be dating.

Jaewoo texts Yeonmi because she didn’t come to the gym and she responds that she’s not in the mood. He comes to her dry cleaners and they chat. Yeonmi confesses that she wants her daughter to be happy; she had cancer before but it was during a time when her daughter was also going through a hard time. Yeonmi tears up because she had no idea because her daughter was always positive and happy. She cries and wonders why she feels so unhappy even though she’s doing this for her daughter.

Jaewoo wonders if Yeonmi’s daughter could be happy without love. Isn’t it better that she has love?

Afterwards, Yeonmi thanks Jaewoo for listening to her. He smiles that this is what friends are for. He offers to listen any time that she has a worry.

Then, Jaewoo takes off the scarf that Yeonmi wrapped around him and wraps it around her gently. Still smiling broadly, he thanks her because he’s very happy these days thanks to having a good friend. Yeonmi shyly looks down.


Aghhhh. Why? We were so close to having a possible Bitna catharsis but why? It makes sense that anyone would be angry if someone left the kitchen in that kind of mess. So, why is it that Bitna’s lecture ends with a few sentences?! Mrs. Yoon!!!!

Meanwhile, this episode felt bittersweet because Bitna’s pretty chill married life contrasted directly with Eunsoo’s first steps in dating seriously. Yeonmi brings up a good point in that Eunsoo was a teacher. Korean society loves teachers… Had Bitna not ruined Eunsoo’s career, her life would have been completely different. Eunsoo and her family would not be living with this constant emotional scar, which really doesn’t go away. Yet, Bitna seems to be living so happily after she literally ran away before returning back to korea.

I still have hope since the drama is setting it up where Eunsoo has the power to get revenge from the relationship with Sooho, Yeonmi and Mrs. Yoon’s friendship, and the fact that Mr. Yoon seems to approve of Eunsoo. Hopefully, at the end, Eunsoo gets some major revenge.

Still Loving You, we need some catharsis by the end of this drama! After all, that’s why we watch dailies; because good always wins!

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