Still Loving You – E55

Bitna, Soohyun and Eunsoo try to come to terms with the fact that Sooho likes Eunsoo.  Bitna gets nervous and continues acting crazy until Eunsoo finally decides to fight.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 55 RECAP

Sooho assumes that Eunsoo is just nervous and confidently walks over to the table first. He pulls out a chair and calls her over…

Eunsoo slowly walks over where Sooho introduces Eunsoo as the woman he’s seriously seeing. Then, they start eating and Eunsoo is barely eating. Sooho offers to order something else before yelling at his brother and Bitna for making the dinner awkward.

Soohyun sternly tells Sooho that he did the dinner wrong; he should have told both parties first. They were all taken by surprise.

After the dinner, Soohyun and Bitna leave first so that Sooho can walk Eunsoo home. However, after they leave, Eunsoo snaps at Sooho to leave her alone. She asks why he didn’t tell her earlier. Sooho just laughs that he did but she didn’t believe him. Cue serious music and a moody Eunsoo.

Bitna also broods in bed. She screams in her head about Eunsoo entering her life again…Then she reminds herself that Sooho hasn’t announced that he wants to get married…

At the same time, Soohyun corners Sooho and asks why it has to be Eunsoo since it’s a intra-company relationship. When Sooho notes that Soohyun and Bitna are also intra-company, Soohyun turns to focusing on Eunsoo being older. Sooho gets angry and storms away.

Soohyun goes back into the room where Bitna openly worries about the relationship explaining that Eunsoo doesn’t seem like a good match for Sooho. Soohyun calls her down noting that Sooho is still young.

The next day, Hyunshik wiggles his way into Soomin’s good graces again by being there when she arrives with coffee. Before Soomin lectures him, he also promises to never pretend to be a doctor again so that patients aren’t confused.

Meanwhile, Mina orders that Eunsoo get Bitna some coffee. Bitna asks if Eunsoo chose Sooho to stay within Bitna’s vicinity to ruin her life. Eunsoo snaps that Bitna has a victim complex.

Bitna then accuses Eunsoo of liking Sooho because he’s the son of Mr. Yoon. Eunsoo sighs that not everyone is like Bitna and Sooho is a much better person than Bitna is. Eunsoo leaves so that she can avoid further confrontation.

At the same time, Eunsoo’s grandma has an appointment with Bitna’s father. Yeonmi stops her before she leaves to give her the scarf first. So, when Bitna’s dad sees Eunsoo’s grandma, he’s surprised to see the familiar scarf…

Later that evening, Soomin finds Hyunshik asleep in the hospital lobby. His sketches fall and she looks through them seeing how he drew her and wrote notes on each drawing. She smiles that he has talent in drawing.

Meanwhile, Sooho tells his dad to go in first as he’s waiting for Eunsoo. But, she’s at home ignoring his calls and his texts. He asks if she’s not coming and she responds that she won’t be able to see him that night.

Sooho attacks with a barrage of texts varying from why she’s not coming to if she’s still angry. Then, the texts change as Sooho states that he’s waiting outside and freezing to death. Eunsoo ends up asking Eunho to go out to tell Sooho to leave.

Eunho tells Sooho to leave since it’s late. Then he goes inside to tell Eunsoo to talk it out with Sooho since she likes him. He tells Eunsoo that it’s the worst when a girl stops talking for a guy.

Sooho goes home to find Bitna waiting for him. His first question is whether Bitna said anything to Eunsoo. Bitna denies it. So, Sooho turns to go upstairs.

Bitna then asks Sooho if he wants to marry Eunsoo. She explains that Eunsoo might be after him because he’s the owner’s son. Sooho laughs that Eunsoo isn’t like that; Eunsoo is the same inside and out unlike Bitna who’s like a fox. He then turns the question on Bitna and asks if she thought there were different guys to marry and different guys to date. Bitna gets awkward and denies it letting Sooho leave.

Bitna goes upstairs to worry about it with Soohyun again. Soohyun tells her not to worry since Sooho is emotional at times. Then, Soohyun asks if there’s a particular reason that she doesn’t want Sooho to marry Eunsoo. Bitna pretends that she just doesn’t like Eunsoo for no reason.

Sooho leaves early in the morning to wait for Eunsoo outside of her door. The first thing he asks is whether he did anything wrong.

Eunsoo quietly answers that it’s not that…

So, Sooho continues to push. He reminds Eunsoo that his not an heir to a fortune or anything. He doesn’t see why this makes any difference for them. Eunsoo responds that she told him everything but he hid the fact that he’s part of the family that runs Yoon Ga Foods.

Sooho insists that Eunsoo just focuses on him. He’s the person that she likes. His family has nothing to do with the equation. Eunsoo agrees to think about it and leaves first.

At work, Bitna calls Eunsoo into her office and warns her not to dream about getting married to Sooho. Bitna bases it on the fact that Eunsoo fall shorts in all of the categories of age, looks, profession and assets. (Girl, you forgot the important categories of values and personality. I’ve seen girls who have neither get married. Just saying ;))

Eunsoo remembers Sooho telling her not to think about anything but him. She takes a deep breath and announces to Bitna that she doesn’t want to give up.


First, Bitna…Bitna… Can you make me any more disappointed in your character? I think the only way for this to get worse is if the drama turns makjang. After all, even in her own calculation, Bitna forgets the important fact that Eunsoo was a teacher. Word on the street is that a teacher is one of the top professions wanted in wives in Korea…

More importantly, though, is the fact that Bitna doesn’t even discuss character or values which is much more important in a person. I would take a person of good character and values, with less money or inheritance, over some flippant insecure and selfish girl with no values in a prospective sister-in-law in any day. At least, you can imagine living the rest of your life respecting and appreciating the girl as a person. But, how is someone supposed to respect an insecure and selfish adult that has no values? The latter type of person is incorrigible because usually, as an adult, she is set in her ways and without values, has no idea when her actions are irrationally rude and ridiculous (e.g., Bitna who stole an engaged man from another woman and has no idea how ridiculous she sounds).

Turning back to our main couple, I am not sure whether I fully support them or not. While the Yoon’s do not appear to be too makjang yet, they (Mr. and Mrs. Yoon and Soohyun) showed their lack of values when they accepted Soohyun’s choice to break off an engagement less than two weeks in for Bitna…The wedding planning went off quickly and without a hitch. And, according to drama timing, the two got married within months of the broken engagement. The fact that they were able to accept and protect such behavior as normal implies that they value their selfish gain over what is moral and right.

Although, I don’t see them as selfish, insecure and valueless as Bitna, I can see Bitna manipulating them to make Eunsoo’s life difficult if Eunsoo marries Sooho…With that in mind, I don’t know if I would have blessed or supported this marriage had I been Eunsoo’s mom or sister ^_~ Technically, Sooho has to stop all the crazy from getting to Eunsoo but we haven’t seen whether he has the cajones to do that yet.  So, DRAMAFEED’s final verdict? 50/50 on the fence on whether or not Eunsoo will be happy with Sooho or not.

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