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Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 58 RECAP

Since this isn’t a makjang, no one tells Eunsoo to speak “respectfully” to Bitna or apologize. Rather, Sooho worries about what Bitna said to Eunsoo. Yay, for Shine Brightly Eunsoo showing us a relationship where the guy isn’t afraid to stand up for his girl!

Even though Eunsoo says it is nothing, Sooho notices that Eunsoo is depressed and brings up the fun fact – his mom and Eunsoo’s mom are friends from school. Eunsoo is ready to ask her mom but Sooho asks her to keep it a secret for an amazing surprise! Me thinks the surprise might end up being a bit bad…

Bitna goes home to fume but since she’s surrounded by normal people, she’s unable to do anything. Soohyun is too busy growing his company to care or partake in Bitna’s crazy (things always get messier when the husband also has nothing better to do and decides to support his wife’s crazy). And, Sooho comes home humming happily.

Bitna even glares and asks if Sooho is so happy. Sooho confidently answers that he is!

Meanwhile, Eunsoo asks her mom if she knows Mrs. Yoon. Yeonmi laughs that she does and tells grandma Mrs. Yoon is the one that grandmother dislikes for bragging about her kids.

However, it’s not all good, Eunsoo goes into her room to wonder if it is fate… She worries that her mom might be hurt if Yeonmi recognizes Bitna. After all, what mom would forgive the girl who ruined her daughter’s life and ran away to another country without acknowledging it? Without the family acknowledging the clear makjang of it? I dunno Eunsoo, if I were Yeonmi, I’d be against your marriage, too.

The next day, Eunsoo lovingly videochats with Sooho when suddenly Sooho stops and talks about cooking. It turns out the Manager was behind her and saw. The other girls come in and the Manager doesn’t say anything but he continues to tease Eunsoo about her use of “bubble bubble” which is clearly a substitute for something on the likes of “I like you.”

At the same time, Mrs. Yoon drops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to offer to set Eunsoo up with the blind date that came in for Soomin. Yeonmi declines as Eunsoo is seeing someone. Mrs. Yoon immediately asks what he does. Yeonmi responds that he is a kitchen aid.

Mrs. Yoon doesn’t realize that it’s her son and tells Yeonmi to break the two up. At the guy’s age, it would take forever for him to become a chef. Yeonmi smiles that she’s fine as long as the direct parties are happy.

Bitna’s grandma continues to act like a little kid. She has a cold and body ache while at volunteering. Yet, when Eunsoo’s grandma comes over to offer some porridge, Bitna’s grandma refuses. Bitna’s grandma goes home before ordering that her housekeeper make her the same porridge. The housekeeper apologizes that it takes hours to make…

Then, it’s time for Sooho to stop by and meet with Eunsoo’s mom and grandma! Grandma is on her way to buy some black pepper. Eunsoo tells Sooho to stay with her grandma as she steps out.

Eunsoo steps out and runs immediately into Hyuna. Eunsoo explains that she’s Eunho’s older sister and asks if Hyuna is there to meet him. Hyuna gasps before accusing Eunsoo of telling Eunho that Hyuna was interested in other men because Eunsoo was jealous of Hyuna. Wait, what?! Lady, what is there to be jealous about you?!

Eunsoo is just as irritated. She apologizes that she’s going to speak as Eunho’s sister instead of Hyuna’s staff/team member. She tells Hyuna that she wanted to tell Eunho but Eunho believed in Hyuna completely that she couldn’t bring herself to hurt her little brother. Eunsoo tells Hyuna to never come by again or call Eunho again. Eunsoo promises to not leave Hyuna alone if Hyuna tries again.

Then, Sooho walks out and is surprised to see Hyuna. He smiles that it’s an opportunity and declares that he’s dating Eunsoo. Before the girls can say anything, Eunho arrives. Sooho introduces Hyuna to Eunho as Eunsoo’s supervisor… Eunho continues to pretend that he doesn’t know and the group goes in with Hyuna leaving.

The meal commences with Sooho having fun. He announces that he loves the food and calls Eunho “brother-in-law”. Everyone freezes. Eunsoo is embarrassed and Yeonmi stoic. Eunho bristles but Grandma laughs that she likes it. So, Sooho continues calling Sooho “brother-in-law” despite Eunho’s protests.

Back at the Yoon house, Bitna continues scheming. She pulls out a pamphlet and suggests that they send Sooho to study abroad in France at a famous cooking school. Bitna even adds that she thinks that it would be best for Sooho so everyone can recognize and respect him.

Poor, simple Mrs. Yoon. She gets all excited without thinking it through. When Sooho comes home, she runs up to suggest it to Sooho.

Sooho sighs and says he cannot. Mrs. Yoon asks why. Sooho reminds her that the school is in France and she cannot speak French. Mrs. Yoon pauses and seriously asks if the French don’t speak English. Oh! The! Horror! Such simple ignorance!

Sooho then asks if she thinks her son can speak English. She pauses and realizes where there’s problems in this far fetched plan.

At the same time, Soohyun runs into Eunsoo in the recreation room. He pauses and then asks Eunsoo if she really likes Sooho. Eunsoo answers that she does.

Soohyun sighs and apologizes if his following words are too forward. He explains that his brother is impulsive and asks Eunsoo to think about whether or not she might be blocking Sooho’s future.

Eunsoo is unable to answer…

However, she decides to feel better by taking her mom out to dinner. Coincidentally, Jaewoo comes over to take Yeonmi out, too.


What to say about this episode? It was another light-hearted filler that shows the growing relationship between our main couple. Eunsoo clearly continues to depend on and care for Sooho who does everything to make her happy and is seconds away from defending her from anyone and everyone.

There were some hints of less happy-go-lucky undertones but they stayed hints. The Hyuna/Eunho relationship got a nod but I mean Hyuna is messed up. Then, there was the nod to Mrs. Yoon’s materialistic and simple evaluations… some blind date isn’t good enough for her doctor daughter but too good for Eunsoo… how will she react to Sooho bringing Eunsoo home? Finally, Soohyun’s not too subtle warning to Eunsoo.

Stash up on the sweet snacks. Looks like we will get some major disapproval from the Yoon’s, which I’m sure Bitna will flame.

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