Still Loving You – E61

Mrs. Yoon continues full out makjang forcing Eunsoo to evaluate her relationship.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 61 RECAP

Mrs. Yoon turns around and yells back that she told Eunsoo not to block Sooho’s future when he has such a bright future ahead of him.  She screams that Eunsoo is so much older, she should have known better.

Yeonmi tells Mrs. Yoon to leave.  She does not want to give her daughter to the Yoons.  Mrs. Yoon storms off and Yeonmi yells at Eunsoo to stay and not follow Mrs. Yoon.

Mrs. Yoon arrives at home to stress out and complain to Bitna who’s happy to fan the flames.  Bitna asks about Sooho studying abroad and promises to help Sooho from making a horrible mistake.

At the same time, Eunsoo and Yeonmi arrive at home.  Yeonmi tells Eunsoo to keep it a secret from Grandma and warns Eunsoo to think carefully. Marriage is not a thing that only involves two people in Korea…(Yeah, and Eunsoo, you found out about the crazy before you’re engaged. It’s not like it’s the night before your wedding.  Whatever happens from now, it’s your responsibility.)

The next morning, Sooho wakes Mrs. Yoon telling her that he cooked breakfast so Mrs. Yoon could sleep in more.  Mrs. Yoon gets angry that her son who never helped set the table actually cooked because of Eunsoo.  She whines that Sooho will regret not listening to his mother and marrying a younger girl from a richer family.  Sooho smiles but insists to his mother that he loves everything about Eunsoo even if she’s not cutesy or flirty.  So, he hopes that his mother would also see Eunsoo in a good light.

At work, Hyuna finds Eunsoo in the recreation room.  She confidently tells Eunsoo that they started off on a bad footing.  She suggests that they move forward agreeing to ignore the past and start over. HAHAHA! Eunsoo stares at Hyuna for her ridiculous behavior but politely agrees since Hyuna is at least trying.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi continues to have movement on her romantic front.  The Team Leader drops by with more work as well as a small present from the mall.  He explains that he had some time thought of Yeonmi when he saw the present at the mall.

Yeonmi looks up at the Team Leader and asks if he also sent the flower basket in the past.  The Team Leader smiles and agrees.  Yeonmi takes a deep breath and asks the Team Leader to stop doing this as it’s burdensome for her.  She wants to be friends with the Team Leader but his actions suggest other intent…

Jaewoo arrives toward the end of this conversation.  It’s not clear if he overhears or if he leaves because Yeonmi is with the Team Leader.  But, he turns around and leaves with what looks like his own gift.

On the side, Hyunshik finds out that his webtoon as been approved!

The Team Leader has coffee at Soonjung’s cafe again to brood about the newest development with Yeonmi.  Soonjung happily joins him and notes that she heard he’s moving into the neighborhood.  She smiles that she lives nearby as well.  So, maybe they can grab a meal or drinks together.

The Team Leader is taken aback but he agrees.  He tells her that her cafe is quite comfortable and he likes the name.  Soonjung giggles that it’s her name.  She also adds that like her name, she believes in innocent and pure love that does not care about a person’s specs.

At the same time, things have changed in the office.  The other coworker Jieun asks Eunsoo about a project that Eunsoo is doing for Jieun. When it’s not done, Jieun snips that Eunsoo should stop staring at her phone during work hours  Suddenly, Hyuna jumps in to tell Jieun that it doesn’t help to hover around subordinate employees, managing employees should manage graciously.

Eunsoo is sent to bring coffee to Soohyun’s office where Bitna nad Soohyun are getting photographed and interviewed.  The interviewers note how they were surprised at the sudden announcement that a fund manager would marry the CEO of Yoon Ga Foods.  Why was this surprising? Who knows?

Anyways, it gives Bitna a chance to smile that the Yoons were so welcoming that everything happened smoothly.   The questions then move on to whether other Yoon family members will be involved with the business.  Soohyun answers that his younger brother is learning from his father and Bitna adds that Sooho will be going to study abroad.

Eunsoo looks down at this information.  She walks out leaving the  coffee and Bitna follows.  Bitna smirks after Eunsoo in the hallway and asks if Eunsoo finally understands why her relationship with Sooho would never work out.  She voluntarily explains that the Yoon family is a mess with Mrs. Yoon in bed moaning about the relationship.

Eunsoo turns around and glares at Bitna.  She tells Bitna to shut it because she knows Bitna isn’t doing this out of care for the family.  Bitna is doing this for selfish reasons.

Eunsoo goes off and calls her mother to check on her.  Yeonmi sighs that she’s fine but then Mrs. Yoon (Sunyoung) storms in.  Yeonmi forgets about her call with Eunsoo and puts down the phone.  Sunyoung immediately screams at Yeonmi for betraying her.  She yells that she helped Yeonmi out at the mall and then at the dry cleaners always bringing more business.  How could Yeonmi then even do this?

Yeonmi sighs and tells Sunyoung that she’s been fine with Sunyoung coming to brag about her wealth.  However, she won’t stand for Sunyoung attacking her daughter.  She tells Sunyoung to leave.

Sunyoung yells that Yeonmi better not even dream about marrying Eunsoo to Sooho to make her a Cinderella.  Yeonmi throws the bag of clothes at Sunyoung as she leaves.  Sunyoung pivots and throws herself at Yeonmi but Soonjung and the broker friend enter after hearing the commotion and pull the two apart.

Soonjung closes up her cafe and takes Sunyoung home.  Soonjung does some amazing meta by asking Sunyoung how she could act so embarrassingly rude and ignorant?  She sighs that she hated how some Korean women would go all makjang crazy when it came to their children’s love loves but now she is seeing Sunyoung do the same thing.  She asks if Sunyoung met with Sooho’s girlfriend and gave her an envelope after throwing a cup of water in her face. HAH!

Meanwhile, Yeonmi closes her store as well.  She keeps the lights off and cries there.  But, Jaewoo drops by and hears her sobbing.  So, he walks in and announces his presence so that she’s not scared.  He tells her that he won’t turn on the light but he wants to come and sit with her so she doesn’t have to cry alone.

At the same time, Eunsoo seems to have made a huge decision after seeing how crazy his mom is.  She redoes her makeup and agrees to meet with him.  They first go get dinner.  Over dinner, Sooho hands over a notebook where he’s been taking notes from their cooking sessions to create their special recipes.  Eunsoo tears up while looking at the book.

Sooho is surprised at her tears.  Eunsoo pretends that she was just moved by his effort.  Sooho goes to sit next to her and uses a napkin to wipe her tears.  He tells her that this better be the last time she cries, he won’t allow her to cry anymore.

Then Sooho takes Eunsoo to a place that he wanted to go with with her.  It’s a couple destination in Korea.  Sooho has even prepared padlocks with post-it notes.  Couples write their wishes and then lock the padlocks together.

Sooho happily shares his wish – Eunsoo, I love you forever.  However, Eunsoo doesn’t show him hers.  She asks him for a warm drink as she’s cold.  Soooho doesn’t recognize the weird atmosphere agrees to run nearby for a cup of coffee.

When Sooho comes back, Eunsoo is gone.  Her padlock has been hung near his.  Her post-it – “I’m sorry.”


Two things of the things that I hate in real life as well as in dramas are: (1) guys who make their girls cry and (2) guys who knowing let others make their girl cry.  Here, I feel bad for Sooho because he barely avoided being added to one of the two categories.  He’s doing what he can with the information that he has to help push the relationship.  He has no idea that his mother is going off on Korean ajumma makjang mode.  Had he known that his mom is going full ajumma makjang and did nothing? I’d have written him off as useless trash – we would need some major character rehabilitation.  But, having a guy who’s not protecting his girlfriend/fiance/wife from his family even though he knows his family is attacking her and his family being crazy is a worst case scenario.  No girl deserves that except for the Bitna’s of the world.  I mean if Bitna is going to steal the engaged guy from another girl – by all means let her deal with the crazy.

However, back on topic, it’s unfortunate that Sooho is going to hurt because Eunsoo received this information in time to make an informed decision.  Sooho’s sister-in-law is crazy.  Sooho’s mom is major makjang.  The lady not only verbally attacked Yeonmi but she actually physically grabbed at her.  Physical grabbing/pushing of Eunsoo’s mother? That goes below base civility and shows a lot about their family values (or lack thereof).  Those are two huge red flags.  Even if Sooho and Soomin are decent; this is bad for Eunsoo.  I have only been physically shoved like that once in my life (that is, after growing old enough to know that physically attacking someone is wrong, i.e., after kindergarten) and never will I forget the uncultured trash who did it; how will Yeomni forgive and forget Sunyoung’s makjang behavior?

I fully support Eunsoo’s decision to stop the relationship right now.  If Sooho is really serious about creating a new life with Eunsoo, then he needs to fix the situation with his family.  Unlike in the United States where parents on both sides respect both children after a marriage (e.g., it’s acceptable and expected for you to stick up to yourself if a parent is going crazy, stepping over boundaries, or being rude and ignorant), in Korea, in certain families still stuck behind on times, the daughter-in-law is supposed to suck it up and deal.  For example, I heard from a friend in the United States that a mother-in-law overstepped her boundaries by organizing all of the girl’s closets while the girl was at work.  She calmly explained to her mother-in-law, that her mother-in-law was a guest in her house.  She does not appreciate her mother-in-law going into her room and touching/moving her things around without first conferring with her.  Her husband backed her up. Her mother-in-law respectfully backed off and apologized.  If that situation happened in Korea with these makjang families, the mother-in-law, would probably yell at the girl for “being disrespectful” for “having the nerve” to “talk back to her mother-in-law”.  It’s an unfortunate legacy of the whole the daughter-in-law lives 7 years blind, 7 years deaf, and 7 years mute.  In other words, the first 21 years, the daughter-in-law has no say and just has to be a victim.  Full disclosure, from what I hear most of Korea has evolved from this backward point of view with a lot of families now having global exposure, being educated and being cultured.  Rather, such makjang mother-in-laws are few and rare in between.  Even other mothers and fathers-in-laws judge and laugh about such women for their behavior since most families expect their own daughters to be respected after marriage.  However, there are a few pockets of hypocrisy here and there – leading to juicy tidbits for our daily dramas.

Therefore, this falls on Sooho to fix.  Eunsoo can do nothing but cut off the relationship.  Right now, Sunyoung does not respect Yeonmi or Eunsoo at all.  Her behavior is unacceptable as a woman of the 21st century and I am so proud of Eunsoo for sticking up for herself and Yeonmi.  Sooho, once he finds out that his mother is acting in a socially unacceptable manner, must establish boundaries for his mom.  If she won’t respect minimal social norms, then her son has to establish that he will not stand for it – she cannot go and verbally harass and attack Yeonmi at Yeonmi’s place of work. If he cannot protect Eunsoo right now,he doesn’t have a right to marry her.

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