Still Loving You – E63

Sooho realizes how selfish and makjang his family is and picks his love over their selfishness.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 63 RECAP

Let the makjang commence! Mr. Yoon regally announces that he ALSO disapproves of Eunsoo now. Sooho laughs with the rest of us. Laughing an crying, Sooho shouts back that it doesn’t matter anymore. Eunsoo has broken up with him. He shouts at his father if he’s happy now.

Mrs. Yoon realizes that things are getting out of hand and orders Soohyun to take Sooho upstairs before Mr. Yoon eats him. Because you know, the cultured Mr. Yoon would happily debase himself to beat up a child.

Soohyun drags Sooho shouting into Sooho’s room and throws him on the bed. Sooho screams that he wants to hear an answer from his father. But Soohyun snaps back that Sooho is acting like a child; Sooho needs to realize that you don’t have to marry the person whom you love. Well, if your family is as crazy as yours, I agree. Please save the poor innocent women from being tainted by your family’s lack of values!

Sooho laughs. He sneers if that’s the reason that Soohyun threw away his fiancé and married Bitna without love. Soohyun doesn’t realize that Bitna had come up after the two and stands outside the door. She was about to knock when she heard Sooho ask Soohyun if he married Bitna without loving her. She pauses.

Soohyun answers that he can say the world goes on even if you marry without love. Sooho continues to laugh maniacally as he finally sees how horrible his older brother is. He spits out that for the first time, he pities Bitna.

Soohyun notices that Sooho has calmed down and won’t run back downstairs. He turns to leave and runs straight into Bitna who stands there letting the seconds pass in front of Sooho’s door frame as she stares at the husband who just declared to another family member that he doesn’t love her.

Bitna suddenly turns and goes into her bed. Soohyun follows and sits on the edge of the bed asking Bitna to talk. Bitna doesn’t turn around. She tells him that she’s tired and she knows that he didn’t love her when he married her so let her rest.

Soohyun quietly tries to reassure her that it’s because he didn’t have time to love her yet. They can start now. Bitna closes her eyes as a tear rolls down. (Now, before we get all sad for her and swept away by the music – Bitna chose this for herself as she manipulated Soohyun into breaking off his engagement with money.)

Meanwhile, Mrs. Yoon goes into Sooho’s room to tell him she cooked soup for him. She apologizes that she didn’t mean to go crazy at Yeonmi’s house…She promises to introduce him to a better girl than Eunsoo.

Sooho screams at his mother to leave and give him some time alone. Mrs. Yoon starts to beat him up for “betraying her for a woman” even though she raised him. (Uh raised him to be a 30 year old failure who hasn’t held a single proper job or have any skills? Good going Mrs. Yoon!). She hits Sooho and cries out that they should both just die together.

Sooho stays silent…

Then Hyunshik randomly sees his drawings turn into Soomin with flirty music. He shakes his head and decides that he needs some beer.

He walks out to find Sooho sitting in front of Eunsoo’s house just staring at the ground.

Hyunshik texts Eunsoo to ask her to come out if she’s not sleeping. She does and he explains the situation.

Eunsoo tells Sooho to get up and leave. At the sound of Eunsoo’s voice, Sooho finally looks up and focuses his gaze on her. He stands up and tells her that he wanted to see her.

Eunsoo snaps that she didn’t miss him. She’s moved on so he should stop coming.

Sooho asks why she looks so thin. Is she sick? Eunsoo’s voice gets louder as she tells Sooho that she doesn’t like him anymore. She also doesn’t like men who would destroy themselves after a breakup.

Sooho asks in a shaky voice if Eunsoo can live without him. Eunsoo yells back that of course she can live without him; she’s not going to die. She’s going to live better as a result of this experience. So he needs to leave her life.

Eunsoo goes back into her courtyard and closes the door. She quietly sobs right in front of the door.

Sooho stands in front of the closed doors and tells the doors that he’s so sorry for being naive, for loving her and for making her get hurt. He then finishes that he still loves her.

The day breaks and our makjang selfish family which doesn’t even realize what they are doing wrong (again lack of values!) gets ready for breakfast. Soomin tells her mom that Sooho is gone. She asks her mom to rethink Eunsoo since she seems like a nice girl and Soomin also knows Eunsoo’s little brother. The family seems to be a good family.

Mrs. Yoon snaps that Eunsoo’s family, education, profession are all subpar! And she wants Soomin to get married first. She also tells that Soomin should not go around seeing Eunsoo’s family.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo stares off into space at work even not hearing the Team Leader when he calls. Hyuna has to get Eunsoo’s attention. Eunsoo goes to grab coffee.

Bitna is already in the recreation room brooding about Soohyun saying that he doesn’t love her. Eunsoo opens the door but then sees Bitna. She turns to leave and avoid confrontation but Bitna stops her by saying that it looks like Eunsoo came for coffee-she shouldn’t go empty handed.

Eunsoo walks in and Bitna begins her venomous tirade because what would Bitna be if she didn’t always say mean and hurtful things? Bitna tells Eunsoo lightly that she better not harbor any hopes as Sooho announces to the family that he broke up with her the night before. Eunsoo pauses and then forces a smile. She notes out loud that it’s a relief that he’s moving on.

Bitna notices that Eunsoo doesn’t have any spirit to fight back today and shocks us all by backing off! Wow, a bully that actually backs off?! Bitna quietly tells Eunsoo that the offer still stands; she can help Eunsoo find another position should Eunsoo want it.

Eunsoo tells Bitna to stop. She just cannot handle it right now. Bitna sighs and adds almost as a defense for what she has done so far that she warned Eunsoo to stop in the beginning. But she leaves to give Eunsoo space.

Bitna goes to her office where Soohyun is waiting for her. He asks her if she’s still angry. Bitna asks what he’s talking about – him not loving her or his telling his little brother that?

Soohyun sighs that he didn’t mean anything. He just said it to get Sooho to focus.

Bitna chuckles. She tells him that she knew she loved him more. But, if he cared for her at all, he would have preserved her pride in front of the family.

Soohyun reminds Bitna that he just doesn’t believe in love. He told Bitna that from the beginning. Bitna sighs. She tells him that she’s going to her family house that night; he doesn’t need to come – just tell his mother.

At the same time, Grandma muses to Yeonmi that it looks like Eunsoo cried all night long. She sighs that emotions cannot just be cut like that.

Yeonmi sighs. She turns around and yells at Grandma that she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t think that Sooho is that great (you and the rest of us waiting for convincing) and she cannot stand Sunyoung disrespecting Eunsoo like that.

Bitna’s grandma drops by Soonjung’s cafe to get some information on Sooho and Eunsoo. She coincidentally brings up how the family is doing and Soonjung spills everything including how Sooho is a wreck and left home.

Meanwhile, Bitna drops by her father’s office. He asks about Bitna as she looks sad. Bitna smiles that she’s fine but she just didn’t realize how much a man who loves work makes his wife feel lonely. Jaewoo pauses and apologizes to Bitna for being a workaholic when she was younger. He just realized how lonely it would have made her feel. He picks up the worry doll and gives it to Bitna telling her to give it a try as he knows she probably has worries that she cannot tell him.

They decide to go on a father/daughter date but Grandma calls as Soohyun came by the house. So, Bitna and Jaewoo go home but Soohyun gets called home…

Sooho doesn’t come home all night with the family staying up worried. The next morning, Sunyoung wants to call the police because she’s afraid that something happened. She confesses that she told Sooho to die. Well, I mean the whole issue is currently happening because you decided to be an ignorant, selfish makjang ajumma. I don’t feel bad for the family at all. I hope Sooho finds a temporary job and stays in a jjim jil bang until he can move into a rental or something.

Sunyoung continues her ignorant and uncultured makjang. She goes to Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to accuse her and Eunsoo of hiding Sooho. Yeonmi sighs and takes Sunyoung home to check for herself.

Sunyoung checks and then comes out crying. She tells Yeonmi that this is all Eunsoo’s fault! Sooho was such a sweet child until Eunsoo came along. Right, he was a 29 year old who took an extra 2-3 years to get into an average college and didn’t have a job…who also went out drinking with his friends almost every night. Model citizen right there.

Yeonmi doesn’t just quietly take these ridiculous verbal assaults. She looks Sunyoung in the eyes and asks how this is Eunsoo’s fault. Isn’t it Sooho’s fault?

Sunyoung screams that she won’t ever approve of Eunsoo. Yeonmi laughs that she won’t take Sooho as a son-in-law either.

Sunyoung goes to the restaurant where Eunsoo was sent to deliver a package. Mr. Yoon begins to mention Sooho but doesn’t bring himself to say anything. Yet, Sunyoung arrives. She clearly doesn’t care about basic manners.

Again, like someone who knows no base civility, Sunyoung immediately resorts to physical violence. Ignorant woman. She grabs Eunsoo and shouts at Eunsoo to hand over Sooho.


Well, Sunyoung is complete makjang if I ever saw one. It’s weird because it’s not like her family is chaebol either. Remember how the company almost went bankrupt when they couldn’t get additional funding? In other words, the Yoon Ga Foods is a small/medium sized business without much liquidity buffer. And, it sounds like Sunyoung was raised in a poor household that rented from Yeonmi’s family. So where did all these pretensions of grandeur come from? I can only guess insecurity and megalomania?

And, Mr. Yoon? He made a decision to save his wife’s face despite knowing that she’s wrong.  So, he’s willing to hurt his son, Eunsoo and Yeonmi all to save his insecure and ignorant wife’s pride.  Is this romantic? Is it romantic if you are hurting three innocent people for your greed?

On a side note, I thought this episode highlighted an interesting difference between the Korean culture and American culture. In Korea, adult children live at home until they get married hence their maturation/leaving the nest appears to be delayed. The parents also have a bigger influence on these 30+ year old adults treating them as if they are but high schoolers or college students? If the parent says something even if it’s wrong in society’s eyes (e.g. Sunyoung’s disapproval of Eunsoo out of pure greed), the adult children are expected to accept it. Hence, Mr. Yoon backing up his wife to save her face even when he knows that she is completely wrong and behaving in an embarrassing manner.

In contrast, in the United States a majority of people begin living separately starting from college. Then after college, the kids move out and live with roommates or alone (depending on financial situations) in the city where they get their jobs. Hence, once they get near 30, they have been living separately from their parents for nearly 12 years (college on). The process of “leaving the nest” and becoming independent adults is more gradual. (12 years yo. That’s 1/3 of one’s life!). After not having lived together for 12 years, parents still see their children as babies but they wouldn’t think that their word is unquestionable law without reason or rational to back it up and convince their now adult children.

Which cultural tradition is better for society? I don’t know both systems have their benefits and disadvantages. This episode highlighted one of the inherent disadvantages of the Korean system – parents going makjang. Food for thought.

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