Still Loving You – E64

Sunyoung continues her crazy and Eunsoo finds out that Sooho was in an accident.
Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 64 RECAP
Sunyoung holds Eunsoo’s arms tightly like a crazy woman she screams at Eunsoo to give Sooho back.  She demands to know where Eunsoo hid Sooho.
Eunsoo looks back in surprise and asks if something happened to Sooho.  Mr. Yoon comes over to literally pull his wife away from holding on to Eunsoo.  He coughs and explains calmly that Sooho has left the house and asks if Eunsoo has heard anything from Sooho.
Eunsoo confirms that she has not.  Mr. Yoon asks Eunsoo to let them know if she hears anything and she agrees.  Mr. Yoon lets Eunsoo leave even as Sunyoung is continuing to insist that Eunsoo is lying.  He tries to remind her that they are in public and there are customers…
After Eunsoo leaves, Mr. Yoon reminds his wife that it cannot be Eunsoo’s fault that their son left the house. Ya think?  He reminds her that this whole situation reflects more on them than on Eunsoo.  Again, right on the mark though he seemed more like he’s emphasizing that Sooho betrayed them by leaving.  But, oh wells, what can we expect?
Eunsoo wanders around in the streets as she calls Jong-Min.  She asks him if this has ever happened before.  Jong-Min confirms that Sooho never left home but promises that he did not hear anything…
At the same time, Bitna’s grandmother continues her makjang and unlearned behavior.  When she arrives in the resting area, Eunsoo’s grandma is eating rice cakes with her friends.  Bitna’s grandma joins them just as one of the other grandma asks about Eunsoo’s grandma about her granddaughter’s upcoming marriage.  Eunsoo’s Grandma tries to avoid the question vaguely.
Bitna’s grandma smiles and triumphantly announces that she knows the Yoon family well.  And, Eunsoo will never be able to marry into the family as the family disapproves so the two broke up.  The two friends gasp and then snap at Bitna’s grandma for being so rude and inconsiderate.  She didn’t need to announce it to the world and gained nothing form it.  Of course, Bitna’s grandma’s reaction is to ask what she did wrong.  Ah, the unlearned – how easily you live through life hurting others and not understanding why your actions are wrong.
On the side, Hyunshik happily drops by Soomin’s office to announce that the webtoon was published and the public loves it!  Soomin coldly answers that she doesn’t usually read online comics.  So, Hyunshik comes over to favorite the link.  He tells her to read it.
But, he’s so close to Soomin that when he turns to face her, Soomin’s face is inches away from his.  They pause for a couple minutes with the electricity charging through the air.  Then, Soomin pushes Hyunshik away.
Later that evening, Jaewoo stops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners as he wants to give her a present of linghzi mushrooms which he heard is good for health.  He finds the dry cleaners closed and goes to the bar where he drank with Yeonmi last time…and sees her there drinking alone.
Yeonmi is already a few drinks in.  She smiles to see him here and begins confessing that she is glad she does not have to continue drinking alone.  She tells Jaewoo that she should be so happy that he has such a great son-in-law…She had not approved of her prospective son-in-law…But, she agreed because her daughter liked him so much…
Yeonmi takes another gulp as Jaewoo sits down.  She sighs that she feels like she’s a burden on her family.  She doesn’t have enough to protect her family and that’s why her daughter… Yeonmi breaks down into sobs.
Meanwhile, Eunsoo stands outside Sooho’s house thinking about how she yelled at Sooho when he brought her home to meet the family and it was clear that the Yoons did not approve.  She had lashed out in anger and hurt.
Bitna arrives and storms out to ask angrily why Eunsoo is around the house when Eunsoo broke up.  Bitna grabs Eunsoo’s coat (another unlearned woman).  What is up with all of the evil women in this drama physically pulling and pushing?! You’d think Korea is still an uncivilized society!
Eunsoo does not put up much of a resistance and her eyes clearly tear up.  Bitna shows a little bit of humanity as she drops Eunsoo’s coat lapels.  Bitna’s voice softens despite herself.  She tells Eunsoo to go back home as Eunsoo knows that the relationship would have failed.  That’s why Eunsoo broke up, was it not? She tells Eunsoo to let things play out as Sooho is just acting out more dramatically than others while dealing with the breakup.  Eunsoo should know that everyone gets over breakups.
Bitna sighs and leaves Eunsoo standing in a daze as she presses the intercom to the Yoon house.
At the same time, Jaewoo walks Yeonmi home.  He tells her that he will always be around if she needs someone to talk to.  Then he explains that there is a concept of “free hugs” which is just a hug to remind someone else who needs a hug that there is comfort out there.  He gives Yeonmi a nice big hug reminding her calmly that things WILL work out.
Yeonmi comes home to find Grandma in a mood…mainly because Grandma overheard the broker friend tell Yeonmi about the Team Leader.  She snaps at Yeonmi for coming home drunk when Eunsoo is dealing with all this mess.  Then, Grandma goes into the room to get into bed first.
Yeonmi follows her in and tells Grandma’s back that she’s sorry…She just felt so frustrated that she turned to alcohol.  Sunyoung had come over during the day and made another makjang scene.  She could not handle it.
Yeonmi leaves before Grandma turns back around sighing that she knows she’s acting moody for no reason…
Eunsoo comes home and tells Yeonmi that Sooho left home.  She asks her mother what she can do.  Yeonmi firmly tells Eunsoo that it is no longer of her concern.  But, Eunsoo starts crying and Yeonmi breaks down.  She pulls her daughter into a hug.
At the same time, Sunyoung is protesting for forcing her son to leave the house? She’s refusing to eat even though Bitna came in with soup and water.  Soomin and Bitna stand by Sunyoung’s bed begging her to eat… Um, I’m sure she will eat if she gets hungry enough.
Anyways, Sunyoung cries that she’s SOOOO worried aobut her (29 year old son) out there alone (in developed Korea with money, working credit cards, a cell phone…).  Mr. Yoon snaps that Sooho is an adult and walks out of the room as Sunyoung cries out that her husband is heartless.  (Again, it’s been less than 2 days and Sooho has money/credit cards/a cell phone… He’s also a full grown adult old enough to be a baby daddy.  What is the problem?)
As for Sooho, he’s in a bus staring out the window.
The next day, Eunsoo gets yelled at by the Manager for leaving in the middle of the day without telling anyone and not returning.  He asks her what her excuse is and Eunsoo stays mum.
Then, Eunsoo gets worried and tries calling Sooho.  A woman picks up and explains that there was an accident.
Eunsoo grabs her coat and rushes out, running into her coworkers without stopping…
Eunsoo runs into the emergency room where she asks a nurse where Sooho Yoon is.  The nurse points to her right absentmindedly.  Eunsoo looks over to a bed where a patient lays fully bandaged.
The tears start falling as Eunsoo cries for Sooho to wake up.  She sobs that even though she said that she could live without him…She cannot.  Suddenly, Sooho’s voice ask if Eunsoo really means it.  Except, it’s not coming from the body she’s crying over.
The patient whose hand she’s holding puts up his arm and points to the bed to his right.  And, Sooho opens his curtain.
Eunsoo looks up in surprise to see Sooho basically unharmed although probably suffering from whiplash.  Sooho smiles as he accuses her of holding a strange man’s hand.  Eunsoo drops the patient’s hand and turns to Sooho.
Since most of my comments were inserted in the recap, there’s not much to say other than I am tired of the uncivilized grabbing/pushing/pulling of Sunyoung and Bitna.  Nothing shows a lack of class more than an adult resorting to physical violence to throw a tantrum.
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