Still Loving You – E65

Eunsoo decides that she cannot give up Sooho.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 65 RECAP

We jump a  couple of hours? Sooho and Eunsoo are sitting on a park on the hospital grounds.  They are surrounded by peaceful breezes and trees as Sooho teases Eunsoo about whether she worried about him.  Eunsoo stubbornly answers that she did not worry.  However, Sooho has a bunch of missed calls and voicemails from Eunsoo.
Eunsoo sighs defeated and asks him not to listen to the voicemail.  She asks what he’s been doing not returning her calls.  Sooho sighs that he was trying to get some fresh air because he did not feel confident that he would stop bothering Eunsoo…
Sooho also adds that during the accident when he thought that he might die, all he could think of was the memories of being with Eunsoo.  He knew then that he would be able to live without her.  Sooho grabs her hand and asks if she would be with him.
Eunsoo smiles in return.  She tells him that she’s sorry for giving up so easily.  She had thought that she loved him but she had not been prepared to handle the difficult situations… She promises to endure the difficult incident with Sooho.
Eunsoo walks Sooho back to his house and tells him to go in.  Sooho tries to whine that Eunsoo should spend more time with him.  Eunsoo responds that she needs to go back to work since she’s not part of the family.  She warns him to be careful his his fractured rib needs time to fully heal.
Sunyoung is sighing in bed about her poor 29 year old son who must be in danger when Sooho announces that he’s home.  She hits him in the chest at first in anger about how worried she was.  But, she stops when Sooho tells her to be careful as he slightly fractured his rib.
Eunsoo returns back to work when Bitna calls.  Eunsoo stops by Bitna’s office first.  Bitna stands up to yell at Eunsoo for acting so irresponsibly, leaving work early without telling anyone the day before and then leaving work in the middle of the day again.
Eunsoo sighs but remains silent.
Bitna asks if Eunsoo met with Sooho.  Eunsoo confirms it.  So, Bitna freaks out and asks if they are seeing each other again.  Eunsoo corrects Bitna that she agreed to marry Sooho.
This elicits the expected response.  Bitna starts yelling at Eunsoo asking if Eunsoo really wants to become family.  She asks why Eunsoo wants to become part of the Yoon family?
Eunsoo continues to answer calmly that she loves Sooho.  She also does not like the idea of becoming family with Bitna but she loves Sooho more than her anger and bitterness at Bitna.
Bitna begs Eunsoo to think about it again.
Eunsoo apologizes that this time she cannot help it.  Bitna is free to do what she wants.  Eunsoo walks out.
Bitna storms straight into Soohyun’s office where Soohyun seems relieved that Sooho returned home.  He leans back in his chair after telling Bitna that Sooho returned and everything must be done.  Bitna pauses.  She thinks to herself that everything isn’t done but does not bring it up.
Meanwhile, Sooho heartily eats food while sitting across from his mom.  Sunyoung asks if he is really her son.  Sooho might have caused trouble in the past.  But, he never rebelled against her.  Sooho apologizes for making her feel hurt but adds that he was hurt as well.  He knows that she was worried about him.  However, he never wondered if Sunyoung is his mother.  Even if she disapproved of his relationship, he always felt that she was his mother.  Sunyoung opens her mouth but nothing comes out.  Schooled by her own son in maturity.
At the same time, Hyunshik drops by Soomin’s office with a canvas drawing of her.  Soomin sniffs her gratitude and enters her office leaving Hyunshik with the assistant wondering if Soomin liked the gift.  Hyunshik sighs that he had the drawing printed on canvas so that Soomin could hang it in her office. The assistant shakes his head that Soomin is not the type to hang the canvas drawing.
Of course, Soomin is looking around her office for the perfect place to hang the drawing.  She decides on a spot and smiles as she looks at it.
On the side, Bitna’s grandma is told that it’s her last day.  She stops by the recreation room and looks around for Eunsoo’s grandma (Grandma Kim).  When the other grandmas tease her about looking for Grandma Kim, Grandma Choi snaps at their foolishness.
At the same time, Jaewoo broods anxiously about Yeonmi.  He ends up texting Yeonmi to meet in the evening.
Grandma Kim notices Yeonmi look at her phone without answering and asks who it is.  Yeonmi answers lightly that it is a friend.  Grandma Kim realizes that it’s the possible boyfriend and gets up huffily to leave.
Yeonmi has no idea that Grandma Kim is worried about Yeonmi finding a new love, which may lead to Yeonmi leaving her.  She asks Grandma Kim to stay a little longer.  But, Grandma Kim only snaps that she’s not Yeonmi’s friend.
Yeonmi backs up in surprise and asks if Grandma Kim is still angry about Yeonmi coming home drunk.  She apologizes and promises that it won’t happen again.  Grandma Kim pauses feeling guilty and awkwardly explains that her knees hurt…
As for our main couple, Sooho meets with Eunsoo for dinner at a soup restaurant with sprite.  He wines that they should be having a glass of wine but Eunsoo laughs that he should avoid alcohol until he fully heals.  Sooho happily moves to sit next to Eunsoo and grabs her hand for a lovey dovey dinner.
Soohyun ends up going to Bitna’s home alone to have dinner with Grandma Choi as she bought some abalone for Soohyun.  Bitna had decided to go home first since this is the first day that Sooho is back.
Grandma Choi and Soohyun awkwardly eat in silence until Soohyun is saved by a call.  He goes to the living room to answer and Grandma Choi sighs that Soohyun is too stiff. She gets up to walk to the living room? And, ends up slipping on water on the floor.
Grandma Choi cries and is unable to get back up.  Soohyun rushes over to carry Grandma Choi to Jaewoo’s office on his back.  Jaewoo gives her an exam, which shows that her bones are fine…her muscles were just a bit strained.
Soohyun calls Bitna to give her the news and she sighs with relief that nothing serious happened.  Her eyes then land on the worry doll, which she picks up.  She wonders out loud to the doll that the one lie would turn her life upside down…She wonders if she had the courage to tell Grandma Choi that she did not like playing the piano or if she had the courage to confess that Eunsoo ahd not beat her… Would her life be any different? She confesses that she’s worried and scared that Soohyun will no longer love her if he finds out.
Then Bitna laughs at herself as she knows that Soohyun does not love her.  She holds the doll with both hands and wonders how this would even help.
At the same time, Jaewoo drops by the dry cleaners.  Yeonmi thanks him for being her friend since she was able to drink and confess her feelings.
Jaewoo asks her to go with him somewhere as he has something to say.  But, Yeonmi sighs that she’s a bit busy and tells him to say whatever he wants there. So, Jaewoo tells Yeonmi that he no longer wants to be her friend.  He wants to be a guy next to her.
Yeonmi pauses.
Meanwhile, Sooho and Eunsoo decide to “do it tonight.” Sooho asks Eunsoo if she can trust him.  Eunsoo smiles that she won’t run away anymore.
Eunsoo goes home and finds her mom and Grandma Kim in the living room.  She calls Eunho out as well.
At the same time, Sooho comes home to find the whole family waiting for him in the living room.  They had been worried that he left home again.  He smiles and tells everyone to sit down as he has something to say.  Once everyone is seated in the living room, Sooho announces that he wants to marry Eunsoo.
At the Oh family house, Eunsoo tells her family as well…She wants to marry Sooho.
Here we go!
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