Still Loving You – E67

Yeonmi falls and we have to brace ourselves.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 67 RECAP

Eunho and Hyunshik refresh just as the next chapter of Hyunshik’s webtoon is published. Eunho congratulates Hyunshik and wishes him well. In turn, Hyunshik thanks Eunho for his help and his mind wanders to Soomin again…

Then Eunho gets a call from Yeonmi asking him to come and help. Cue Eunho and Hyunshik carrying Sooho into Eunho’s room and unceremoniously tossing him into bed.

Eunsoo and Yeonmi have tea so Eunsoo can warm up. Eunsoo thanks Yeonmi for letting Sooho come in (instead of calling the Yoon’s to pick up their son). Yeonmi sighs and tells Eunsoo that Yeonmi is sorry as well… She had never imagined that she would disapprove of her daughter’s marriage. This soft confession hurts Eunsoo who begins to cry that she’s sorry for making her mom hurt.

Yeonmi just smiles reassuringly at her daughter and muses that this won’t be the first time Eunsoo has to apologize for that. Yeonmi also tears up that she only wanted her daughter to see good things and experience good things… Like all moms, really! Who wants to send her daughter to start a new family where the non-nuclear family has shown that they are rude and respect no boundaries except their own?

Eunsoo tells her mom that she still wants to get married. She explains that she loves Sooho and she feels like if she has to give up Sooho because of Bitna, Bitna wins again.

The next day, the Ohs invite Sooho to join their breakfast and Grandma Kim is sweetly doting. Yeonmi begins quietly but announces in the middle that Sooho should go home after breakfast and ask his parents for a date to set the wedding. (Generally in Korea, once weddings are agreed upon, the ceremony is held within 6mo to a year as its traditionally frowned upon by the older generation to have a long engagement. Additionally, the Korean wedding industry is set up so you can literally get engaged and married within three months as every vendor is streamlined through planners.)

Sooho and Eunsoo look up in surprise. Sooho asks Yeonmi if this is what he thinks it is. Yeonmi nods (that she’s approving the marriage) and Sooho jumps to his knees to bow. He grabs Eunsoo’s hand and announces to the Oh’s that he will always love and protect Eunsoo so that she never has to feel down or cry again. Aw, the puppy’s mind is at least in the right place. Meanwhile, Yeonmi looks on quietly unable to smile.

Sooho goes home and announces to his family. Everyone but Sunyoung, Soohyun and Bitna congratulate him. Mr. Yoon decides to hold the greeting dinner soon since both sides had their feelings hurt- there is no point in dragging things out. They also decide that since the Oh family is around 4 people, they will also only take two (Soohyun and Bitna) as is polite to match numbers.

Suddenly, we fast forward to the meal. Mr. Yoon introduces his family including Bitna… While, the Ohs seem neutral or happy to meet everyone, Bitna’s introduction elicits a sigh and frowns from the Oh’s who are still hurting from how Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s life eight years ago and ran off without resolving the problem.

When none of her family members say anything, Eunsoo jumps in to introduce her family members. They move on to dinner where Mr. Yoon and Yeonmi take turns complimenting Eunsoo and Sooho.

They then lightly touch upon details. Mr. Yoon and Yeonmi discuss how both don’t want too big of a wedding. Then, Yeonmi asks if she can say one thing. She was under the impression that Soohyun and Bitna live at home for the year. She asks if Sooho and Eunsoo can live separately until Soohyun and Bitna leave.

Sunyoung immediately jumps in to ask tactlessly if Yeonmi has a problem. Yeonmi just diplomatically answers that there is an age gap (Eunsoo having been Bitna’s high school teacher) and everyone knows that living together can only lead to disputes. It might be better if the two couples can live separately until they get to know each other better and become closer before they live together. Yes, especially if they are life enemies because one girl is a spoiled, selfish, insecure witch?

Sooho jumps in ready to defend Eunsoo at all costs heartily agreeing that he wants to live separately. After all, he notes that his sister-in-law has a temper.

With Sooho jumping in to protect her without thought, Eunsoo is able to stay the polite future daughter-in-law, calling Sooho’s name and shaking her head that this is not the place for them to join the conversation. (Note- even though these two are 29 and 31, because of Korea’s view that you are not an adult until you are married (gross simplification) even the discussion of where and how they will live after marriage is handled by the parents. The “children” are not supposed to add their opinion unless asked. Yes, it is a different concept than in the United States.)

Mr. Yoon answers respectfully that he can see where Yeonmi would worry as the mother of a daughter. He promises to consider her request. Yeonmi thanks him and then sips her tea while she glares at Bitna. Go Mama Tiger!

Then after the dinner, Yeonmi and Bitna both stop by the bathroom. Bitna tries to leave when she sees Yeonmi. But, Yeonmi runs out after Bitna and grabs the girl’s arm to stop her.

Bitna turns around in the hallway in front of the bathroom. Yeonmi repeats to Bitna that she’s Eunsoo’s mother. She will protect Eunsoo until the very end, even after death. She warns Bitna that if she messes with Eunsoo again, Yeonmi won’t stand aside for it. Yeonmi <3 considering that no one in Bitna’s family is actually disciplining her, which has led to such ridiculous behavior, Bitna needs to know that people won’t just stand around as she goes around ruining other people’s lives because of her insecurity. Pretending that it didn’t happen and avoiding reminders does not fix anything once you leave elementary school.

Yeonmi let’s go of Bitna’s arm and storms off. Meanwhile, Bitna looks down and bites her lips as if she’s about to cry. No pity here, you had your chances when you made Eunsoo apologize when you were a student and then when you guys met again at the supermarket.

The Yoon’s go home where Sunyoung pouts angrily that her friend dared requested that her friend’s daughter only lives with them if they send out Soohyun and Bitna. Lady, are you really friends? How could you not even consider what your friend might be worrying about?

Soonjung laughs at the request saying that she knew Yeonmi wasn’t a pushover. Mr. Yoon is a voice of reason as he tells Sunyoung that he feels like he should think about it… Bitna is Eunsoo’s boss at work and would be the elder daughter-in-law at home. Of course, Yeonmi would be worried. Soonjung adds that they all know Bitna’s temper, she’s probably not going to hold back against someone who’s the younger daughter-in-law like a gracious elder daughter-in-law.

The next day Grandma Choi gets a random package. She opens it up and finds a bunch of hand written letters and home baked cookies. The letters are from children at the volunteer center. They thank her for a range of things from a new backpack to food. Finally, it includes a letter from the administrator thanking her for her donation. Grandma Choi tears up cursing Grandma Kim lightly for the attack of the feelings.

Meanwhile, Bitna continues her attack. She slinks up to Sunyoung in the kitchen asking if she can help cook for once. Why is she being nice? Because she wants to suggest that instead of Sooho and Eunsoo living separately until Bitna and Soohyun leave, Bitna and Sooho can just leave right after Sooho and Eunsoo get married. Sunyoung seems to like the idea.

At the same time, Yeonmi finally texts Jaewoo about meeting. He jumps up with joy and even kisses the phone.

Back at the Oh residence, Eunsoo wonders if she should really live separately. Her mom, grandma and brother all advise her to think about it carefully. Her mom specifically notes that a marriage won’t be all happiness just because Sooho does his best. Amen, sister.

Eunsoo goes off to work to ask if she could take some time off sometime soon even though she just joined the company. The Team Leader asks why and Eunsoo smiles that she’s getting married. (Again, because once the decision is made Koreans usually hold the ceremony within months. So, Eunsoo needs to give notice now.)

The Team Leader asks who and Eunsoo answers that it’s Sooho.

We give the older generation some screen time as Yeonmi even goes to a salon to get her hair done. Then she meets with Jaewoo at a fancy seafood restaurant for sushi.

Jaewoo is all smiles, and over sushi, he asks about Yeonmi’s daughter. Yeonmi smiles that she decided to give into her daughter.

Jaewoo asks if Yeonmi can also give him an answer. Yeonmi looks at Jaewoo in his eyes and smiles that she also wants to meet Jaewoo officially. Jaewoo thanks her and she thanks him back 🙂 How cute!

The cuteness continues… Jaewoo picks up a piece of sushi to put on Yeonmi’s plate. Then he even sings out loud in the car as he drives her home.

They pause on what looks like a bridge. Yeonmi returns his handkerchief with a new one as a gift. Jaewoo busts out a box from no where and explains that he has a present, too. Pink sneakers so she can exercise for her health!

We turn to the Yoon household where Eunsoo came over for dinner. Oh simple Sunyoung…she sniffs over dinner that they should send Soohyun and Bitna out. Mr. Yoon asks everyone’s opinion. Soohyun answers that he doesn’t mind either way. Bitna confirms that she wants to live separately. Then Sooho firmly protests that he wants to live separately as the adults promised. Finally, all eyes turn to Eunsoo. She smiles that she would prefer to live with the family if they would allow it.


Since my prior comments were all negative, I want to take the time to praise the sweet moments in this episode. First, I loved how Yeonmi was polite but firm in her requests to have Eunsoo live separately from Bitna. I thought her polite an calm words were a huge contrast to Sunyoung’s blunt and tactless words both during the dinner and elsewhere.

Second, I loved how Yeonmi pulled Bitna aside and gave the girl a clear warning. Yeonmi is still taking the high road here. She could technically have told the Yoon’s everything from her perspective, which is that Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s life and then physically ran away from the consequences like some makjang coward. Yeonmi would be more than in her rights to explain the history as a background to her seemingly aggressive requests on whether Eunsoo lives with the Yoon’s or not. But, she didn’t. Instead, she even respected Bitna to the end by giving Bitna the warning directly and not outing her. Props as this is more than I could have done.

Finally, I love how Sooho continues to be so obviously on Eunsoo’s side regarding everything. Sure, he’s not settled yet but at least he knows a husband’s two main jobs – (1) love and (2) protect your wife against everything and everyone. If a guy does that, what wife wouldn’t respect and love her husband? She doesn’t need to protect herself since he’s already got that covered. Here, Sooho knows his mom and dad wouldn’t want them to live separately but he could care less since he knows that would make Eunsoo uncomfortable. And, he’s making his perspective loud and clear. Good for you Sooho!

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