Still Loving You – E69

Sooho and Eunsoo get married.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 69 RECAP

In an empty cafe, Yeonmi stares at Bitna intensely. Bitna grabs her bag and announces that she’s leaving if Yeonmi has nothing else to say and demands to know what this is all about.

Yeonmi sighs that everyone tried to understand Bitna for her ridiculously selfish and harmful actions in the past because she was a high schooler…But, Bitna is an adult (probably 25/26 as they mentioned 8 years past from Bitna’s junior year) and nothing has changed.

Yeonmi tells Bitna that even if Bitna was just a high school kid who didn’t know better, the consequences were too harmful on Eunsoo. Bitna sniffs that they both agreed to forget it.

Yeonmi continues that she doesn’t blame Bitna since it was Yeonmi’s own fault that she couldn’t protect Eunsoo. But, being unable to protect Eunsoo when Eunsoo needed it will be a life scar and a life regret. Bitna gets up first saying she has nothing left to listen.

Yeonmi fights back her tears as she grabs Bitna’s hand and bites out that she hopes Bitna never hurts Eunsoo again. (DRAMAFEED- and, we also expect some cathartic dramaland payback at one point. Bitna still hasn’t paid for all the harm she caused.)

Bitna struggles to pull her hand out and Soonjung comes in. Yeonmi immediately releases Bitna’s hand and turns around to wipe away a rebellious tear that fell.  Bitna runs off saying that she has business to attend to and Yeonmi stalkingly walks out.

Grandma Kim comes in to find Yeonmi brooding over the iron.  Grandma Kim sighs and tells Yeonmi to let it go since she approved of the marriage.  Yeonmi sighs back that she’s worried because the two have such a strained relationship… She’s not sure if the relationship can be healed.  Grandma Kim tells Yeonmi not to worry as even the person you hate the most might be less reprehensible if they live together.

Meanwhile, at the company, Team Leader Lee and Hyuna give Eunsoo their wedding gifts in the recreation room.  Looks like they need to brown-nose now.

Then Soomin calls Eunsoo out to meet at a cafe.  Soomin sniffs that she does not want to be bossy but she asks Eunsoo not to break their family peace, to treat Sooho with respect even if he’s a year younger, and to respect their mom.  Since this is the first time Soomin is being rude, Eunsoo just smiles it off.  Soomin does not get a chance to say anything more because Sooho comes in.

His first words? He asks if his sister said anything to Eunsoo since he will fight for her. The episode can stop here as a daily drama.  That’s all that newly married women want to hear from their husbands anyways.

Soomin sniffs at Sooho for being an idiot and walks out. And, I sigh that my girl-crush on Soomin just died.  I did not expect her to be the unreasonable sister-in-law when she knows what her mother is like.  >_< But, alas, Soomin dropped off from the amazing sister-in-law pedestal to a normal Korean sister-in-law.  Not bad but not good either. Oh well.

The next day, Soohyun announces that he’s going to Jejudo with Bitna the next weekend. Sooho frowns…Then, he realizes that it’s the same weekend as his honeymoon which was also to Jejudo! Sooho yells that he does not want to see his family on his honeymoon.  But, Mrs. Yoon tells her son to stay together lovingly since they are family.  After all, what’s the big deal about having your brother and sister-in-law on your honeymoon, right? -_-

Since it’s a holiday, the two kids have schemed together. Sooho cooked for everyone and each invited their mom’s.  Of course Sooho is on his best behavior to try to win points with Yoenmi.  He gives everything to Yeonmi first.  He even debones fish for Yeonmi first.

Suddenly, Sunyoung throws another tantrum. Le sigh.  She yells that she raised Sooho with such love and care but all he does is become a good son to his mother-in-law. She’s already lost her son and she regrets it all.

Yeonmi sighs at this selfish talk and snaps back that Sunyoung is not the only one who lost a child.  Yeonmi looks at Eunsoo and snaps at Sunyoung that Eunsoo hasn’t even been able to eat a bite of meat while watching out for Sunyoung’s temper.

Sunyoung screams at Eunsoo that she did not say anything to Eunsoo so why is Eunsoo choking? Yeonmi decides not to lose and yells at Sooho that she didn’t ask Sooho to prepare all this.

Sunyoung glares at Yeonmi and cries that Yeonmi ignored her words that Sooho is so special to her.  Yeonmi sighs and decides to be the mature one.  She asks the kids for some alcohol and the two jump up to get soju.

Yeonmi pours Sunyoung a glass as the kids go into the kitchen to give the moms space.  Sunyoung mutters about it being a waste to pour your love into raising a child when they just betray you and Yeonmi laughs.  She agrees that it’s all a waste.

However, Yeonmi notes that Sunyoung did raise Sooho right.  Sunyoung perks up at this and agrees that Sooho has the best personality out of her three kids and grudgingly acknowledges that Eunsoo is not bad as well.

Hearing some reason from Sunyoung, Yeonmi asks Sunyoung straight up to please treat Eunsoo well and look on her in a positive light.  Sunyoung sighs and asks the same for Sooho.  And, we have a truce.

In the kitchen, Eunsoo pulls out a small bowl and explains to Sooho that she does not fall into a firey and quick love.  However, once she warms up like a stone pot, her love stays hot for a long time.

Sooho looks up in surprise and asks if Eunsoo is proposing.  She smiles that it’s her answer to his proposal.  Sooho opens up the lid and finds two rings inside. Wedding bands?

Cue traditional wedding festivities.  Jong-Min and Hyunshik make a fuss for money and food on behalf of Sooho.  After a couple of envelopes of money being passed, Jong-Min agrees to come in.  Everyone gathers around the table having drinks and dinner with the bride’s family for the last time before the wedding.  Aw, am I so biased as a woman? I love how Sooho blusters around calling Eunho little-brother-in-law and just the moment of family time on the bride’s side before the wedding.

Then, it’s the wedding.  Eunsoo asks her mom to walk her in.  Hence, Yeonmi walks Eunsoo in as Bitna plays the wedding march. Heart. Breaks.

Yeonmi hands over Eunsoo’s hand to Sooho’s and even my heart freezes… Sooho, please don’t break Eunsoo’s heart.  Warm music plays and I hope… I hope that the remaining 50-ish episodes will bring Eunsoo and Sooho happiness.

At the calls asking for Sooho to kiss the bride, Sooho picks Eunsoo up and gives her a peck. Mr. Yoon frowns but then grudgingly smiles.

Until the very end, Sunyoung sniffs and tells her husband that her heart is like at a funeral. Grrr. Lady. As a viewer on Eunsoo’s side. MY HEART IS LIKE A FREAKING FUNERAL, TOO!

After the wedding ends, Jaewoo manages to come to the wedding a bit late due to an emergency hospital patient.  He goes to give his platitudes to Mr. and Mrs. Yoon when Yeonmi spots him.  She pauses.

Then, Bitna walks by calling for her dad and Yeonmi’s expression changes. You see the shock and betrayal flood through her face as she quickly turns around and her hands grasp her lovely hanbok.  The man who melted her frozen heart after all these years? Yes, he is the father of the young woman who ruined your daughter’s life and caused your family so much heartbreak…The woman who still does not believe she’s wrong for stomping over Eunsoo, rejecting her apologies twice, and running away like a coward.



I feel bittersweet about this episode.  While, I know that weddings happen so quickly in Korea, it feels so sudden.  It’s been like three episodes?

I am not Eunsoo’s mother, but I do feel like Eunsoo is a younger sister after watching her for 69 episodes.  She’s already suffered enough with Bitna coming out of no where and attacking her like that. And, Sunyoung’s character has been unfortunately stable as a makjang mother-in-law.  While, I’m happy for Eunsoo as she got to marry the man whom she leaves and who seems to have his priorities straight…I cannot help feel nervous and worried about her life as a Korean daughter-in-law with Sunyoung and Bitna.  I really hope for a happy ending for Eunsoo.

However, to end my impressions, kudos to the drama staff for the scene where Yeonmi creates a truce with Sunyoung.  It’s not only the men who need alcohol and a clear truce on what are the defining rules governing their relationship.  Women can also benefit from them as well.  I like that the drama gave the two moms an opportunity to draw that out instead of having Sunyoung pretend that there is nothing wrong and not talking about it. Having the two women confront it makes them both respect each other.

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