Still Loving You – E70

As Eunsoo tells Soohyun, if a girl is upset on a trip, it goes at least 50 years… Cue a sweet honeymoon where Sooho continues to build hope in the viewers as he’s the same pre-engagement, engagement, and post-wedding.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 70 RECAP

Sooho and Eunsoo hit a nice lunch place first near the coast. Sooho is surprised to find out that it’s Eunsoo’s first time and promises to make it a trip that Eunsoo will never forget.

At the same time, Soohyun and Bitna are told that Soohyun made a mistake in reserving the room. They actually booked for next month.

Sooho and Eunsoo make it to the villa room and Sooho jets around the room  while Eunsoo first calls her mom and Grandma Kim. Then, Eunsoo calls Mr. Yoon as well. Sooho is having too much fun jumping on the bed that he doesn’t even want to talk to his dad. Another point to Sooho who didn’t suddenly change into the dutiful son after marriage, which is a recurring problem in Korean society.

Sooho whines at Eunsoo for taking too long calling everyone and suggests that they take a break instead. He pointedly pulls her to the bed but Eunsoo quickly answers that she’s not tired and wants to go sight seeing first. They cutely bicker until Soohyun calls…

Sooho answers the phone cursing at his holder brother and finds himself sitting across from Soohyun and Bitna. Sooho laughs his head off at the mistake until Soohyun’s stomach growls. The Soohyun/Bitna couple confesses not having eaten yet.

So, Eunsoo takes out the kimbap that she bought with Sooho to share. The kimbap has a fish head sticking out of it. Bitna immediately declines saying that she cannot eat it after meeting the fish’s eyes. Meanwhile, Soohyun pets the fish?! And, then, takes a bite! Omg. Psychopath.

On the side, Jaewoo tries calling Yeonmi. But, she ignores it.

That night, the two couples drink wine in the living room. Soohyun toasts Eunsoo and Sooho telling them that he sincerely congratulates them and hopes that they live happily since the start was so rocky. Sooho answers confidently that he will live happily as long as he’s with Eunsoo.

Soohyun smiles and turns to Eunsoo. He asks if she did anything before joining Yoon Ga Foods since she’s on the older side of entry level interns (30 years old). Eunsoo pauses and stares at Bitna.

Sooho does not pick up on the awkward atmosphere and answers for Eunsoo saying that she was a high school teacher but got fired after she was unfairly framed. Eunsoo, bless her heart, sees Bitna nervously gulp down her wine and, as the older woman, gently puts her hand on Sooho’s shoulder shaking her head to stop him from hurting Bitna. But, Sooho smiles and just responds that they are family now so there’s nothing that should be hidden-a family should protect each other. True that Sooho. True that.

Bitna quickly jumps in and suggests that she and Eunsoo buy some snacks.

Soohyun offers to go with her but Bitna insists that she goes with Eunsoo and calls her “dong-suh” or younger sister-in-law, pulling rank.

After they leave, Sooho begins chugging the wine giggling about that night…This of course leaves Soohyun confused.

When they reach the pool, Bitna turns around and screams at Eunsoo for telling everything to Sooho even though they agreed to leave it in the past. Isn’t it always the one who’s embarrassed and guilty that’s afraid to tell everyone? Eunsoo just looks back and asks if Sooho would be calmly sitting there if he knew anything. Bitna gets the point since Sooho has been consistent in his intent to protect Eunsoo from everyone. I doubt he would have left Bitna or Soohyun alone if he knew what Bitna did.

Eunsoo continues that she’s thankful for Bitna playing at the wedding. Bitna asks if Eunsoo is playing with her. Eunsoo answers that that day is her one day that she will never forget. Regardless about how they feel, Bitna is a part of that day and Eunsoo will always remember Bitna playing the piano. Also, we have to give her props… Bitna could have gone all makjang and tried to ruin the wedding or refused to attend and go on a trip or something but she did not. It’s a low bar for giving praise to an antagonist but I’m glad that Eunsoo acknowledged that Bitna did conduct herself with a minimal sense of decorum.

Eunsoo asks Bitna that they not fight. It’s still her wedding day and she really hopes that she can have a happy wedding day for her memories. Bitna is decent enough to understand and empathize with this universal wish. Even though she looks like she has more to say, she agrees to drop it.

The two women get some snacks from the lounge and return to find the guys sleeping. They cover each of their husbands and Bitna asks for an extra blanket.

Eunsoo responds that there weren’t any. But, she also offers that Bitna comes and sleeps with her. Bitna refuses.

Then, Bitna finds sleeping on the couch with her coat as a blanket too uncomfortable. She does her Bitna thing, and goes to the master bedroom to climb into bed with Eunsoo… She also tries to take all of the blankets, which wakes up Eunsoo.

Bitna grumbles that she’s just accepting Eunsoo’s earlier invitation and Eunsoo smirks but lets it go.

The next day, the two couples have breakfast together in the hotel restaurant. Sooho only has eyes for Eunsoo feeding her all of the dishes that taste good. Eunsoo sees Bitna glaring and lovingly feeds Sooho back.

Bitna gets jealous seeing the two lovebirds and grabs the plate to feed Soohyun who is stuck to his phone. He manages to take a bite but no matter how many times Bitna elbows him pointedly, Soohyun doesn’t pick up on the hint that Bitna wants him to feed her back. She pouts and begins to eat herself.

Sooho is oblivious to all this as he continues to feed Eunsoo but she looks a bit awkward about the public display of affection when it’s clear that Bitna is not getting the same treatment.

Sooho then asks what Soohyun’s plans for the rest of the day are since they should travel separately. Soohyun offhandedly answers that he has a conference at one. Everyone stares in surprise with Bitna even glaring. Soohyun apologizes that he was going to tell Bitna earlier. He asks if she could just travel by herself for three hours until he can leave the conference.

Bitna angrily sighs and storms away from the table. Eunsoo quickly tells Soohyun to follow since there is a saying that when a woman gets angry on a trip, she will remember it for at least 50 years. Soohyun turns to Sooho who is also motioning for Soohyun to follow and decides belatedly to chase his wife.

After they leave, Sooho tells Eunsoo not to worry about another couple’s fight. It’s their honeymoon and he has a fun itinerary all planned. Awwww, Sooho.

Cue drive alone the coast, pictures in a field of flowers, and drinks by the poolside.

Back in Seoul, Jaewoo stops by the dry cleaners as Yeonmi has not responded to his texts. Jaewoo smiles and asks her about all his unanswered texts. Yeonmi sighs and gives him monosyllables for answers.

Jaewoo picks up that Yeonmi is angry and asks if he did anything wrong. Yeonmi asks him one question, whether he’s really a driver or not. Jaewoo is unable to quickly answer and Yeonmi responds that it must mean he’s not really a driver…

Jaewoo stutters as he tries to explain the circumstances that led to the lie. But, a customer comes and Yeonmi coldly dismisses poor Jaewoo who has no idea that the real problem is that he’s the father of Bitna.

Meanwhile, Bitna and Soohyun sit in a car fighting. Bitna stays angry at Soohyun for not telling her about the conference. Soohyun answers back that Bitna should at least understand his schedule. Then, Grandma Choi texts to ask if Soohyun went on the trip with Bitna or not.

In the afternoon, the two couples get together for some barbecue. The girls sit as the guys cook and Eunsoo smiles that it looks good to see the two together. She offers officially that they try to live happily together when they return to Seoul.

Bitna looks up suspiciously at this request and asks why Eunsoo is acting this way. Eunsoo explains that the siblings have such a good relationship, they should not make them fight because of their wives. Bitna answers that it will depend on how Eunsoo behaves. Eunsoo responds back that it depends on how the both of them act from now on.

Then Sooho comes back being all cutesy and Eunsoo tells him to stop. Sooho whines that Soohyun can just join the festivities but Soohyun’s too stiff and embarrassed.

The day ends and Sooho and Eunsoo finally get some time to themselves.

The next day, the couples take a group picture before flying back.


Unfortunately, I have seen the next episode.  So, I know this episode was just a calm before the storm.  Sooho has his priorities straight but one person cannot mitigate the makjang of many.

Instead of being angry about the next episode, which will come with time, I leave you readers with a pic of the group from behind the scenes!  The actors and actresses together. Aren’t they cute?


And one of our main couple:

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