Still Loving You – E73

What happens when you have around 30 episodes to rehabilitate a whole family? Take the most awful character and give her a medical out.


Yeonmi broods in her room about the earlier conversation. Jaewoo had stopped her asking why she’s breaking up with him before they even really dated. He tells her that for the first time in a long time, he felt like his heart was beating again just for living.

Yeonmi tells him that she didn’t want to say everything. She wanted to only leave good memories…she doesn’t like Jaewoo anymore. She doesn’t like that he lied to her about his job, his financial background, and the fact that he has a daughter. She asks if he could give up all that including his daughter for her.

Jaewoo only calls Yeonmi by her name in his shocked state. Yeonmi coldly brushes him off and sighs that this is why they cannot be together. She leaves.

In the morning, Eunsoo finds Sunyoung in the kitchen. Oh! She has a heart? Sunyoung has already prepared the rice to be cooked and snaps at Eunsoo to make soup.

Eunsoo goes to look for the right pot but as she sorts through, they make noise. Our favorite mother-in-law takes offense that Eunsoo cannot find the right pot in this stranger’s kitchen on her first try without shifting through the rest. She demands to know if Eunsoo is doing it on purpose because she does not want to cook.

Dear Sooho comes in at that moment and asks why his mom just cannot stop attacking Eunsoo. If Sunyoung begins the day by taking issue with everything that Eunsoo does, how is Eunsoo supposed to have a good rest of the day?

Sunyoung screams that she raised her son for no reason; after all, moms only raise their sons to have life-long servants when the sons get married-not out of motherly love. Then she yells at Eunsoo for not waking up earlier and preparing the rice.

Sooho tries to be the voice of reason asking why Sunyoung only blames Eunsoo when Bitna still has not come down. (Not to mention Soohyun or Soomin!)

Bitna and Soonjung come into the kitchen at this point asking for breakfast. Sunyoung snaps at them to figure it out for themselves and leaves. And, Soonjung joins the makjang fray as she wonders out loud how her quiet family became so loud and messy after Eunsoo joined.

Poor Eunsoo, she can only apologize… for not being the perfect slave.

Sooho yells at his aunt for being unexpectedly unreasonable. Soonjung gasps and angrily asks if Sooho is yelling at her.

Eunsoo quickly drags Sooho into their room. She tells him that a husband’s role in establishing the relationship between his family and his wife is important. So, Sooho has to stop defending Eunsoo at every little thing. She will understand if Sooho takes his mother’s side once in a while for the trivial issues to appease her as long as he makes sure to take her side and defend her when it really matters. Sooho smiles that he is always on his pretty wife’s side – he will always be there for her when it’s important and Eunsoo happily laughs before going back downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Meanwhile, the staff decide to salvage Sunyoung’s character by blaming it on menopause. Sunyoung stares into her mirror wondering where all of the wrinkles came from before musing if she should get some Botox. Mr. Yoon laughs that even if she got Botox, it doesn’t change what she looks like. Sunyoung angrily snaps at her husband to return her youth to her and jumps into bed.

Mr. Yoon gets kicked out and Sooho pops in. He apologizes for earlier that morning and invites her to breakfast. Sunyoung relents a little when Sooho apologizes. But, she sniffs that she does not want breakfast.

Sooho changes his tactic by calling Sunyoung “mother” instead of “‘mom”. Suddenly, Sunyoung screams at Sooho that she’s his “mom” not his “mother”. She begins sobbing afterwards.

Sooho runs into the kitchen to tell Soomin that something is wrong-their mom is crying all of a sudden! Soomin laughs that it must be menopause. She explains that women on menopause can go from happy to furious about every little thing.

Then at the office, Eunsoo works in the recreation room waiting for Bitna. When Bitna finally comes in for coffee, Eunsoo asks Bitna what they should do about Sunyoung’s birthday that weekend. Bitna is surprised and pushes off the discussion saying they should focus on work at the office.

That afternoon, Soomin brings Nara and Woori to Soonjung’s cafe for a snack after Soomin accompanied them for a parent’s day. When the kids leave, Soonjung grabs Soomin and anxiously asks if Soomin is dating a widow. Soomin laughs that it’s not what Soonjung is thinking.

Then, Eunsoo drops by the restaurant to pick up Sooho. But, first, she tells Mr. Yoon that she wants to celebrate Sunyoung’s birthday by cooking the birthday meal for her. Mr. Yoon approves and Eunsoo also reminds him to buy Sunyoung a present.

However, at the same time, Bitna arrived at home before Eunsoo. She finds Sunyoung watching television. Sunyoung sighs that she didn’t prepare dinner so the people who are hungry can cook.

Bitna smiles that it won’t be an issue. Then, Bitna asks if Sunyoung doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday at a nice hotel restaurant. Sunyoung immediately cheers up at the idea of a fancy birthday party at a hotel.

Mr. Yoon, Eunsoo and Sooho arrive minutes later. Sunyoung springs up from the couch to gush to her husband that Bitna offered to throw her a fancy birthday party at a hotel.

Mr. Yoon frowns.  He clears his threat and announces that Eunsoo had mentioned having a quiet family dinner handmade by the daughter-in-law’s. Bitna’s first reaction is to ask Eunsoo if she told Mr. Yoon without discussing it with her first.

Mr. and Mrs. Yoon, Eunsoo, Bitna and Sooho stand in the living room awkwardly.  Eunsoo tries to explain that she wanted to show her sincerity by cooking the birthday meal herself.  But, Mrs. Yoon sniffs that she understands what Eunsoo is saying…yet, she wants the party at the hotel.

Mr. Yoon decides to intervene.  He tells her that it’s better to have the celebration at home with a home cooked meal from her daughter-in-laws.  Sunyoung does not have a chance to confirm it before Mr. Yoon tells Eunsoo and Bitna to prepare as such.  Then, the children go upstairs.

Eunsoo stops Bitna from going into her room to ask her to help plan Sunyoung’s birthday party.  Bitna sighs and tells Eunsoo to deal with it herself since she had the bright idea to do a home-cooked meal, which would require more effort.  She hands over her credit card and offers to pay for the whole thing.

Eunsoo stands firm and replies that they can pay for it half and half.  They should also split the work half and half.  At Eunsoo’s insistence, Bitna is unable to say anything.

Bitna goes to work only to call her mother and complain.  Grandma Choi ends up texting Soohyun that she expects Soohyun to treat Bitna like a princess… Five minutes later, another text comes in.  Soohyun exclaims in frustration with all of the texts.

Then Team Leader Lee comes in with a proposal for Soohyun to sign.  He’s reeking of alcohol and clearly is still hung over.  Soohyun asks if Team Leader Lee drank.  Team Leader Lee explains that he went out with one of the vendors.  Since the vendor kept talking drinking, Team Leader Lee went out stronger and won! Hah! Soohyun realizes that he could do the same with Grandma Choi.

At the same time, Joohyun and Hyuna discuss Hyuna’s last date in the recreation room.  Hyuna had been late so she lied that she broke her leg…Hyuna explains that during holiday season, fake casts are really popular as daughter-in-laws want to avoid work at the in-law’s family.  Bitna hears this from the doorway…

Then, suddenly, Bitna comes home with a cast on her arm.  She explains that she had a car accident when a cat ran into the road.  Sunyoung fusses about Bitna and declares that Eunsoo can go grocery shopping and prepare the dinner by herself.

Sooho comes home exhausted.  So, Eunsoo gives him a shoulder massage.  After a couple of minutes, Sooho jumps up and trades places with Eunsoo.  They are really cute..

That night, Bitna waits until Soohyun is asleep to take off her cast and scratch her wrist.  She also walks out to stretch and scratch more.  But then, Eunsoo comes out of the bathroom and sees Bitna.


The Sunyoung menopause plot-line seemed to come out of no where.  The only logical explanation that I can see from a story-teller’s perspective is that the writer realized that it is impossible to have an organic retreat from how far Sunyoung went…Being a selfish and crochety/rude mother-in-law is one thing.  Telling your daughter-in-law to quit her job?  That really walks over the last line of decency even in Korean society.  There is no young woman or any parent of a daughter who would watch this drama and take Sunyoung’s side for this.

It’s unacceptable in today’s standards and the writer only has 30 episodes to provide us three important things: (1) Bitna’s comeuppance for what she did to Eunsoo and her family, (2) a happy married like for Eunsoo, and (3) a happy relationship end/marriage for Yeonmi and Jaewoo.  Probably, the writer decided to throw in menopause with the excuse that women go crazy during menopause (which is pretty sexist if you ask me)! My mother went through menopause and she was not nearly as witchy as Sunyoung.  Sunyoung is just nasty and selfish.  Blaming it on menopause is clearly a plot device and a simple out.

But, we will roll with this wave and hope that once we delegate Sunyoung to minor-character land…Lady is not important just menopausal…Then maybe the rest of the story can be resolved.

The only other substantive thing that occurred in this episode was the background on Yeonmi and Jaewoo’s breakup.  I totally understood where she was coming from and I do not think this is an example of noble idiocy.  Her family was pretty wrecked by Bitna’s decision to attack Eunsoo and then run away from all responsibility afterwards.  Even if Bitna had accepted the apology and they resolved it – it might not have gotten this far.  But, Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s career.  She also traumatized the Oh family so much that they all remember it 8 years later…Still not having apologized for the mess that she made.  How could she then introduce Bitna’s father as her new love?

Watching it made me feel really sad as I hoped Yeonmi and Jaewoo could find some happiness.  Even though Jaewoo had not really raised Bitna well, he did his best.  He lived with his mother-in-law and continues to live with the lady in respect of his wife’s memory.  You have to give the guy credit.

Similarly, the fact that Yeonmi raised two fine children while living with her mother-in-law? Amazing.  These two deserve a second chance at happiness.  It’s really sad that Bitna has no idea that she is blocking her own father’s second chance at happiness with her selfishness and unwillingness to be an adult and make things right with Eunsoo’s family.

To end on a happy note again… Did you all know that Lee Young-Eun has a daughter? ^^

And a goodbye from the cute couple:

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