Still Loving You – E76

Eunsoo continues to try her best to be the best daughter-in-law fully catering to the Yoon family needs.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 76 RECAP

Eunsoo wakes up to see Sooho happily staring down at her. She stretches and asks what time is it. Sooho answers that it’s 6:30AM.

Eunsoo panics as she has not prepared breakfast. Sooho laughs and tells her not to worry as he’s already prepared the rice and soup.

He explains that she looked too tired; he turned off her alarm so she could rest. Eunsoo smiles back that he shouldn’t do that in the future since it’s her job…She’s been brain washed!

Sooho laughs back that his job is to make Eunsoo happy.

They go down where Mrs. Yoon finally woke up as well. She asks where Eunsoo went after preparing breakfast. Sooho is about to lie that Eunsoo came up to check on him for his stomach and Eunsoo interrupts that she overslept so Sooho did everything.

Mrs. Yoon smiles that she appreciates Eunsoo for telling the truth. She had thought it was weird that the rice was a bit dry and the soup wasn’t like Eunsoo’s other soups.

Eunsoo ends up running to work with clothes to drop off at her mom’s dry cleaners from Soonjung. Jiyoon snaps as soon as Eunsoo walks in that Eunsoo is the latest out of all of them even though she’s the youngest. She also wonders about the clothes prompting Eunsoo to apologize and go drop them off in the storage room.

After Eunsoo leaves, Hyuna and Team Leader Lee ask why Jiyoon is being so mean to Eunsoo all of a sudden when she knows Eunsoo is part of the boss’s family. Jiyoon announces that they should not have to be nice just because Eunsoo is part of the Yoon family and she’s going to just act the way she used to.

Hahaha! Hyuna and Team Leader Lee sigh that Jiyoon is too young to truly understands the complexity of corporate life.

Bitna drops by Soohyun’s office to ask that they go to the spa that weekend. Soohyun agrees without paying attention until Bitna asks if they can sleepover the night. He sighs that his parents won’t like them sleeping out of the house so soon after the Jejudo trip.

Bitna sniffs that the trip was all messed up anyways with Soohyun working all the time and their hotel reservations being wrong. Soohyun tries to defend himself by saying that it was because he planned it suddenly after Grandma Choi ordered him to.

Bitna stiffens when she hears that Soohyun only went to Jejudo with her because Grandma Choi told him to. She’s about to yell at Soohyun and he tells her that they can discuss the rest at home.

On the side, Grandma Choi visits Jaewoo in his office. She tells him that she heard about the offer to head the hospital and asks why he never told her or why he’s even taking so long to think about it. She notes that a reputation and position are everything for men and Jaewoo has nothing to worry about in Seoul. He awkwardly thanks her and agrees to think it over.

At the restaurant, a group of customers come in and ask about the “Well Being Soy Bean Paste Soup”. Sooho smiles that they added lentil beans to decrease the sodium while keeping the taste alive. When the men worry that the soup won’t taste as good, Sooho tells them that if they don’t like the soup, they don’t have to pay. They order one for each of them.

Mr. Yoon sticks his head out of the kitchen and notes that none of the people refused to pay so far. Sooho smiles that he feels really proud.

Later, Grandma Kim stops by the dry cleaners with lunch. The realtor friend is there and Yeonmi gets called away for a pickup.

The friend takes this opportunity to tell Grandma Kim that Yeonmi had a few suitors but she turned them all down because of her family.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo goes home where Bitna is cutting potatoes. For some reason, she can’t even cut potatoes in a small size. Instead of telling her to cut her pieces twice more, Mrs. Yoon tells Eunsoo to take over.

However, Mr. Yoon comes in at that moment and asks why Eunsoo is helping out when she takes care of breakfast. Mrs. Yoon begins to explain about Bitna’s inability to cut the potato pieces again before stopping and deflecting to ask if Mr. Yoon wants water. He takes a cup and tells Eunsoo to come out as well.

Eunsoo offers to give Mr. Yoon a shoulder massage. And, then as she massages, Eunsoo asks Mr. Yoon to stop ordering Mrs. Yoon to get him water. She offers to do it with Bitna for Sunyoung.

Mr. Yoon asks if that is so bad. Er?! He explains that he’s been doing it for 30 years so he did not realize. No wonder your sons think it’s normal for their wives to cook and clean but they don’t!

Eunsoo smiles that she does not mean to insult him but just felt that Mrs. Yoon is now old enough to pass on that burden to her daughter-in-laws. Mr. Yoon tells Eunsoo that he will and thanks her for speaking up. Since, we still need to convince the viewers that the Yoon’s aren’t that bad, Mr. Yoon even adds that the reason that he wanted to live with his daughter-in-laws is so that fresh eyes could see and comment on their negative practices. Oh man, Mr. Yoon, if you really want an objective third party to explain how backwards your family is, DRAMAFEED is here!

Since Eunsoo has been toiling away, Sooho decides that it’s finally time to go see his mother-in-law…Or he was forced to since Soonjung told Eunsoo to drop off the dry cleaning but Eunsoo went home first to make sure Sunyoung isn’t blaming Eunsoo for Bitna’s inability to cook. He asks her out to dinner, which Yeonmi happily accepts.

Afterwards, he comes back to give Eunsoo a shoulder massage as well. Bitna walks up to see the sweetness. She goes into her room and sighs that she wishes she could combine Sooho and Soohyun. What, so breaking another family was not enough?

That night, Jaewoo texts Yeonmi that he wants to meet her in the morning as he has one final thing to say.

Grandma Kim asks if she should go down to the countryside after Eunho gets a job. Yeonmi asks why Grandma Kim would leave her house and go somewhere else. Grandma Kim tells Yeonmi that she should find someone nice…Yeonmi interrupts to say that she never wants to hear about it again and walks out.

In the morning, Jaewoo visits the dry cleaners and tells her about the position he was offered. He explains that if they were dating, he would have refused but he thinks this might be a good opportunity for both of them to take time off.

Yeonmi tells Jaewoo to take the position. Jaewoo asks Yeonmi to see him one more time on Saturday evening – the same time that Yeonmi should be meeting the Team Leader friend.

Meanwhile at the Yoon house, Bitna gets jealous that Mr. Yoon is happy with Eunsoo making him green juice every morning. So, she goes into the kitchen and adds salt to both the side dishes and the soup.

Eunsoo walks in to see Bitna hide the salt behind her back. She confronts Bitna who denies it even after Eunsoo grabs the salt from her hands. Bitna’s answer is to question whether Eunsoo even saw Bitna add salt.

Eunsoo sighs and asks if Bitna is trying to sabotage her and pretend to play the victim again. At that moment, Mr. Yoon walks in and asks angrily what Eunsoo is doing to Bitna.


Another filler, which main purpose is to convince us that Eunsoo can live happily with the Yoons. The main point was that Sunyoung blended into the background with a smaller role with even her menopause episodes forgotten. It appears the director felt that her character is a lost cause.

Instead, the focus shifts on Mr. Yoon to frame the conflict as not Eunsoo having to deal with a backwards chauvinistic and ignorant family but one where it’s just Eunsoo adjusting to “a new family’s customs” and Mr. Yoon sincerely open to a third party’s views on their family traditions. Considering that people don’t change over night and Mr. Yoon’s objectively did not even last one full episode before he decided to get involved in the fight of his daughter-in-laws, I wonder if the best answer is for both parental units to fade into the background?

After all, what reasonable father-in-law with a life would get involved in every conflict of not only his biological children but his in-laws children…as if the thirty year olds are not old enough to resolve their conflicts themselves. Now, if a 30 year old does not know how to resolve conflicts by herself and has to call her parents, we have bigger issues since clearly the parents failed to raise an adult.  Here no one asked Mr. Yoon to intervene.  He just had nothing better to do with his life than get involved.  Might I suggest that all of the Yoon family start volunteering like Grandma Kim? Korea has a lot of societal issues that could use some manpower to help!
More interesting than DRAMAFEED’s rants about this drama normalizing some of the worst aspects linger of Korea’s outdated culture, here’s a selfie of the leading actresses:
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