Unknown Women – Episodes 1-2 First Look

DRAMAFEED got fed up with the 21st century Candy offered through Eunsoo in Still Loving You, which drama boiled down to a girl can have a career and independence until she gets married.  Then, her goal should be to gain favor with her selfish and makjang in-law family. So, we jumped ship! Hello to a first look into Unknown Woman! 


The scene opens up at a sentencing hearing.  The girl silently sheds tears while hugging her stomach while the presiding judge announces with his gravel that the defendant “Bulsang Kim” (literally translated into Poor Kim) is sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Kang-In Cho.

Next thing we know, Bulsang (real name being Son Yeo-Ri) is giving birth but there are complications.  Her prisonmates help her while another guard runs for the doctor.  Yeo-Ri cries out in pain and prays to her father to help her.

At the same time, another woman (Haejoo) gets a diamond ring as a congratulatory gift from her mother for giving birth to twins.  The parents look on fondly as she reapplies her makeup before her husband (Moo-Yeol) rushes in.

We switch back to Yeo-Ri who holds a baby daughter in her hands.  She smiles and announces that the baby’s name is “Bom”, which means spring.  This surprises the other people in the room as Yeo-Ri had remained mute throughout everything so no one knew anything about her…They thought she was just medically mute.

We jump three years into the past in some art studio.  Younger Yeo-Ri is mopping the floor when Haejoo storms in.  Haejoo demands HER painting.  Yeo-Ri points to a landscape painting and refuses Haejoo’s envelope of money.  Yeo-Ri explains that she’s doing it for Haejoo’s mother (Mrs. Koo).  Mrs. Koo is frazzled all the time since her only son is critically ill, she does not need to worry about her daughter’s ability to get accepted into college.

Yeo-Ri gets a call and tells Haejoo to pick up her painting.  Yeo-Ri  steps out to take a call.  Haejoo grumbles that Yeo-Ri is tough for someone who needs to work part time for her art lessons.  Then Haejoo sees that one of the easels is covered up.  She uncovers it to find a painting of an upturned ship on the beach.  She decides to take it.

Switch to the hospital and meet our resident evil Mrs. Hong Jiwon.  She stares at her son Haesung who is unconscious.  None of the family members are a bone marrow match.  However, the doctor notes that one of the family members of an employee showed up to be a match when the hospital ran the exam across all employees and their families…

Jiwon drives over to Manager Son Juwoo.  She finds him waiting outside a hotel room as her husband is sleeping with a model.  She brings him to the cafeteria and falls on her knees.  She begs him to help since the only person who has been found to be a match is Juwoo’s daughter – Yeo-Ri.

As for the children, Yeo-Ri yells at Haejoo through the intercom for the painting back.  Haejoo sniffs that she won’t go out and there’s nothing that Yeo-Ri can do.  After all, even Haejoo’s mom knows that Yeo-Ri is ghost-painting for Haejoo.

Yeo-Ri continues to shout outside the gates of Haejoo’s house.  Then Jiwon arrives at home.  She sees Yeo-Ri and only thinks of her son.  Suddenly, Jiwon is fair.  She brings Yeo-Ri into the house and demands to know if it’s true that Haejoo took Yeo-Ri’s painting after having Yeo-Ri ghost paint for her.

Haejoo whines that her mom already knew.  Yeo-Ri is only acting like this to get more money or to submit a better painting to the colleges for her own admissions.  Jiwon snaps at Haejoo for being so rude.  She grabs the painting and gives it back to Yeo-Ri telling Haejoo to apologize.

Then, Haejoo grabs the painting and screams that if she cannot have the painting, no one can.  Yeo-Ri gasps.  Jiwon slaps her daughter for acting so rude.

Haejoo looks up at her mother in shock and storms upstairs.  Jiwon then walks Yeo-Ri outside still pretending to be the nice lady.  She tells Yeo-Ri not to worry about money for her art development and college.

Yeo-Ri takes the painting back to the studio where she tries to put it back together.  But, then Haejoo arrives and tries to take the painting on the grounds that Yeo-Ri got paid for it.  Haejoo grabs the painting and the two girls end up in a fight over the painting.

Haejoo pushes Yeo-Ri and she falls on her painting tool cutting open her hand.  Kim Moo-Yeol arrives at that moment and takes Yeo-Ri to the hospital. Afterwards, he announces to Haejoo that he’s Yeo-Ri’s boyfriend so she should leave Yeo-Ri alone.

Haejoo pauses and looks back resentfully.  A flashback at home shows that she illegally went to a club where some of the dregs tried to bug her.  Moo-Yeol arrived right on time to kick the guys away and wipe away her tears telling her not to come back until she’s older.

The next morning, Haejoo’s father’s (Do-Young) step-brother arrives in Korea (Koo Do-Chi).  He’s probably been sent abroad to avoid business politics.  But, he came back to see if he was a match for Haesung.

However, minutes after he arrived, Do-Chi gets a call. Do-Young tells Do-Chi there is no need for Do-Chi to come back to Korea since they found a donor.

Meanwhile, Juwon continues to look for Jiwon’s first baby as asked by Do-Young.  It turns out that Jiwon had been dating some rich guy.  But, then she got dumped after she got pregnant…

Jiwon freaks out after Haesung has a complication and picks up Yeo-Ri from school.  Yeo-Ri gets a call from her father but Jiwon snaps at her not to pick up.

Juwon gets freaked out from Jiwon’s frantic call about how she cannot continue to wait.  He calls Moo-Yeol only to hear that some rich lady picked her up…

Yeo-Ri is in the backseat of Jiwon’s car where Jiwon begins to explain that Juwon and Jiwon were at the same orphanage…That’s why they are like family. Jiwon takes Yeo-Ri’s hand…

Then Juwon arrives and yells at Yeo-Ri to go home first.  He tells her that he won’t be able to help her and leaves.

Juwon goes home and tells Yeo-Ri not to speak with or meet with anyone from WiDo Group.  Yeo-Ri asks if something is wrong but Juwon only yells at his daughter to understand.

Meanwhile, Jiwon walks home in a daze. Haejoo flounces down as she snuck a peck on Moo-Yeol and asks what is for dinner since she wants meat. Jiwon asks how Haejoo could be so carefree when her younger brother is about to die.

Haejoo screams back that ever since Haesung got sick, her parents only think about Haesung.  Is she not supposed to live because her brother is sick? She even adds that she cannot believe that her mother would even slap her.

Do-Young arrives to hear the last part before Haejoo storms upstairs.  He walks into his room silently with Jiwon following.  Jiwon tries to explain that she wanted to get into Yeo-Ri’s good graces so that Yeo-Ri would be Haesung’s donator.

Do-Young just answers that if Jiwon touches Haejoo once more, it’s over.  Jiwon stops Do-Young from leaving the room by asking how he can treat her like a step-mother for one slap? After her own baby died, she found Haejoo crying when she came over with some files.  She took the baby who was left behind by its own mother (who had been the daughter of a general) because Do-Young had not been the son of the first/original wife.  She knew even when he proposed that he just needed a mom for Haejoo…But, she tried her best.

Do-Young tells her to calm down as she seems overly excitable. He also asks her if her first baby really died. Jiwon answers that she would have found the baby if the baby still lived…

Meanwhile, Do-Chi is in jail for trying to run without paying after he ate.  They called Juwon so Juwon arrives to bust him out.

Juwon goes home in a better mood after seeing Do-Chi.  He asks Yeo-Ri about her hand then sighs over her scar on her shoulder…It’s a burn mark.  He tells her that they should get it removed when she gets into college.

Yeo-Ri smiles that she does not mind since it’s been there since she was little.  She asks how she got it and Juwon pauses.  He awkwardly answers that it was his fault.

We turn to Do-Chi who is having an episode in the hotel room.  He opens all of the windows before sitting on the bed clutching his heart.  Suddenly, he has a flashback of playing with an airplane when he hears Do-Young telling Do-Chi’s mother to just die…Do-Chi and his mother need to disappear for Do-Young to easily take over the company.  Do-Chi drops his toy airplane and Do-Young looks up just as his hand had been on the life support system.

Then, the life support system beeps as Do-Chi’s mom dies.  Do-Chi wets his pants.

The next day, Moo-Yeol and Yeo-Ri go shopping for her father’s gift.  Haejoo finds then outside of a shop and tries to hold onto Moo-Yeol’s arm.  Yeo-Ri accuses her of being a stalker.

So, Haejoo announces that Moo-Yeol is her boyfriend.  They even kissed! Yeo-Ri looks up and asks Moo-Yeol if it’s the truth.  He answers that it was not his fault.

So, Yeo-Ri turns to Moo-Yeol and tells him to kiss her.  He bends over and complies.

Haejoo goes home in a huff. But then she consoles herself that Moo-Yeol will come to her eventually. She counts down and the doorbell rings.

Moo-Yeol arrives as recommended by a professor to tutor Haejoo.  Jiwon coldly tells him that he’s welcome though she only agreed to hire him because Haejoo insisted.

Haejoo flounces in and greets him as her first love. But, Moo-Yeol leaves.  Haejoo follows and asks him to stay.  But, Moo-Yeol only accuses her of trying to play with his life.

Haejoo frowns and tells Moo-Yeol to stop and open his eyes. Remember who she is and remember what’s behind her. She is the only daughter of WiDo Group.  Even if people graduate at the top of their classes, they dream of getting hired by the company.  Take her hand while he can.

Moo-Yeol tells her that he is resolute and leaves.

The next day, Yeo-Ri presents Juwon with a pair of white sneakers painted by Yeo-Ri herself.  Moo-Yeol and his little sister also arrive to wish Juwon a happy birthday.  They agree to meet for dinner.

Juwon then goes to give his letter of resignation to Do-Young.  He explains that he will take Yeo-Ri and live quietly elsewhere.

Do-Young asks what can change Juwon’s mind.  Juwon answers sincerely that nothing can change his mind as Yeo-Ri is not his biological daughter.  He loves her so much but she has to suffer by meeting a father like him…He cannot ask his daughter to go through a painful operation.

Juwon promises to find Jiwon’s other biological child before leaving. Do-Young snaps that it is no longer needed. Do-Young confirmed with Jiwon that the baby died…Otherwise, they would have asked the child to get tested to see if the child is a match with Haesung.

Juwon is shocked at the cold reply and walks out. But then he gets a call with another friend of Jiwon’s from the past.  The friend confirms that Jiwon truly believed that her baby died…She cried so much after the child died just like Jiwon cried after burning the child.  She had fallen asleep and hot formula splashed on the baby.

Cue Juwon driving back to the orphanage.  He talks with the person in charge and hears that there were two babies that were given up on that day…One of the babies died…Though the head cannot remember if there was a burn mark on the dead baby…

The orphanage head is called away and Juwon falters thinking that Yeo-Ri is Jiwon’s biological daughter.

At the same time, two men in black suits and Jiwon arrive at Yeo-Ri’s house.


Well, it’s full of expected makjang tropes since it’s a melodrama.  However, since even the comedy light ones like Still Loving You has tons of makjang in it, I figured watching one expected the makjang will be better.  At least here, we are promised that good will triumph in the end and Jiwon’s crew will get their comeuppance.

The preview seems to imply that Juwon ends up dying and Jiwon finds out that it’s her daughter? But, who knows if Jiwon is willing to give up her cushy life for her biological daughter.  Now, if Jiwon and Do-Young “adopt” Yeo-Ri in order to foster her and get a donor for Haesung, we have the basics for a makjang melodrama. My guess is that Moo-Yeol is the father of Bom but no one knows and Yeo-Ri cannot tell everyone after Moo-Yeol chooses success/riches through marriage to Haejoo. Then, Haejoo/Jiwon will frame Yeo-Ri for the murder and we get to our first few seconds?

As for the revenge, hopefully, Do-Chi will end up falling for Yeo-Ri. Then together, they can take down Jiwon/Do-Young/Haejoo/Moo-Yeol as they take over the company and live happily ever after.

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