Unknown Woman – E03

A packed episode as Unknown Women sets the stage for Yeo-RI’s impending suffering and development into the woman we come to see.


Ominous music plays as Yeo-Ri is surrounded by black suited goons and Jiwon asks if Yeo-Ri’s father is around. Yeo-Ri has no idea what is going on. She answers that Juwon is not home.

Suddenly, Jiwon changes her tactic and tells Yeo-Ri that she actually came to take Yeo-Ri to Juwon. Yeo-Ri unconsciously realizes that something does not add up and remembers how her father warned her to not talk with any of Jiwon’s family. She refuses saying that she has to call her father first.

Juwon sits at the stoop of the church gasping for air now that he knows that Yeo-Ri is actually Jiwon’s daughter. He sees Yeo-Ri’s name pop up on the caller ID but does not pick up.

So, Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon to Jiwon’s car. But, in the nick of time, Juwon texts Jiwon to meet. Jiwon assumes that Juwon has changed his mind and tells Yeo-Ri that something came up.

Meanwhile, Do-Young has sent his goons to pack Do-Chi up and take Do-Chi to the airport. Do-Chi does not want to leave and tries to reason with Do-Young at his office asking if he can’t stay for one more day…Do-Chi explains that he cannot do anything in the United States and wants to return…he also notes that it’s his birthday.

Do-Young answers that Do-Chi has a responsibility to the company to continue his studies (in exile). He gives the empty promise that he will call Do-Chi back one day.

It gets gets dark by the time that Jiwon drives to meet Juwon at the church near their orphanage. It’s even starting to pour but Jiwon is optimistic that Juwon will agree to let Yeo-Ri be a donor; she even brings with her the deed to an expensive building, which she plans to give to Juwon as compensation.

Jiwon happily races to the front of the church and shows Juwon the deed. She tells him that all he has to do is sign the guardian approval.

Juwon looks at Jiwon sadly and tells her that he first has something to say about Yeo-Ri. However, Jiwon does not want to hear any of it. She races from accusing him of wanting more money to calling her out there just to refuse her. Jiwon’s screaming does not allow Juwon to say anything and she declares that she has waited long enough! She storms out and begins driving home with Juwon frantically following.

After a couple of minutes on he hill side road, Jiwon realizes that the hospital might not allow her to have Yeo-Ri donate without Yeo-Ri’s guardian’s approval even if she kidnaps Yeo-Ri. She turns the car around to ask Juwon once more.

Suddenly, a deer of dramaland fate appears on the road. Juwon swerves and that forces Jiwon to swerve…Jiwon’s car hits a rest spot bench area and flips over on the edge.

Jiwon jumps out of her car to find Juwon pinned down. She pulls at the driver seat door in panic but it does not move. Jiwon continues to tell Juwon that he can’t die like this!

A coincidence? Or a line of future angst? Or our hope? A random passerby driver screams down at Jiwon asking if Jiwon has called the police. Jiwon screams yells back at the woman to call the police as a person is pinned down.

Then Jiwon pauses as she thinks that if Juwon dies, Yeo-Ri becomes an orphan and her problems of guardian consent are solved. But, Juwon coughs at Jiwon to help her.

Jiwon gets up and goes to her car where she takes a tool box out of her car. When she turns around, the car blows up.

Jiwon panics and drives home where Haejoo meets her. Jiwon lies that she was at the hospital and goes in.

At the same time, Moo-Yeol’s mom paces in front of Yeo-Ri’s house. She worries that her son will be unhappy if she comes back with debt again. Her swollen and bruised face implies that she was either in an abusive relationship or works as a prostitute. She gives up at the last minute and leaves without going in.

Do-Chi arrives at Yeo-Ri’s house because he was invited by Juwon. They even share the same birthday and Juwon has already confessed to Do-Chi that he feels bad about not being able to protect Do-Chi…

It turns out Do-Chi and Moo-Yeol were classmates. Moo-Yeol watches Do-Chi suspiciously in front of the birthday table as they wait for Juwon. After a while, he tells Do-Chi to leave since something must have come up.

Meanwhile, Jiwon burns her clothes and tells herself that she was never there.

The next morning, Yeo-Ri goes to Jiwon’s house to ask if the family knows about her dad who never came home the night before. Jiwon awkwardly lies that she wasn’t able to meet Juwon either and hugs Yeo-Ri close.

At the same time, Do-Chi opens up the letter and gift from Juwon that Moo-Yeol had passed on. The gift was the painting of the landed ship. In a letter, Juwon tells Do-Chi that he heard Carnegie had this painting hanging in his office because it symbolized that fresh water will eventually come to those who are stranded…In the same way, Juwon hopes that Do-Chi won’t give up because better timeill come. Do-Chi tears up and declares that he will succeed to show Juwon.

Do-Chi then enters through security. The suited goons watch this and report to Do-Young.

However, after they leave, Do-Chi sneaks back out.

Later, Haejoo finds her mother’s heels all broken and asks about it. Jiwon realizes that the heel must have broken off at the accident site and goes to bring home the evidence. Randomly, while she is there at the site, Jiwon’s cellphone rings and Jiwon brings it home.

Then the police alert Yeo-Ri about her father and a funeral is held. Jiwon and Do-Young drop by telling Yeo-Ri that they will cover the expenses. Jiwon is ever the loving aunt.

Days past and Jiwon goes to visit Yeo-Ri. However, she doesn’t come out of her room. Jiwon listens closely at the door and determines that Yeo-Ri must have fainted. She tells Moo-Yeon to break down the door.

Moo-Yeon dutifully breaks down the door to show Yeo-Ri barely conscious because she hasn’t been eating…

At the same time, Do-Young is about to leave for work when he notices a drawer ajar. He opens it to see a random trinket box. When he opens it, he sees a cell phone. Of course, he decides to turn it on to show a background picture of Yeo-Ri and Juwon…

Meanwhile, Jiwon accompanies Yeo-Ri to the emergency room and waits for her to wake up. She lovingly tells Yeo-Ri not to worry about anything because from now on Yeo-Ri is her daughter.


I am liking the fast pace since I want to return back to the present where Yeo-Ri has her daughter Bom and we focus on how Yeo-Ri puts the pieces of her life back together.  While the veteran actors are really talented, I’d rather not spend more than 5-10 episodes on the past since the function of establishing the past is to show the bottom from where Yeo-Ri needs to stand up.

The first three episodes are great in that they show us a happy and naive Yeo-Ri.  While Do-Chi seems to be chafing at his exile and traumatized by having seen what looks like an incriminating scene of his step-brother talking about wishing that Do-Chi’s mother was dead…Yeo-Ri was raised with love.

Yeo-Ri is confident in her self value that she fights Haejoo over the painting. She also still trusts people, going to Jiwon and Do-Young when her father does not come home.

Interestingly, Jiwon seems quite human so far even though she’s a mother who is using her biological daughter to save her biological son.  While, Jiwon seems very driven with her decision to try to kidnap Yeo-Ri and then driving to the church during the pouring rain, it’s Jiwon’s hesitance that shows her humanity.  She wants to do anything that she can to save her son, Haesung.  However, if she is given a chance, she isn’t ready to do EVIL yet.  Hence, even though she decides to bring Yeo-Ri to the hospital herself, she backs off when Juwon calls…And, why she tries to compensate Juwon for his consent…And, why she walked away from Juwon only to get her toolbox.

I am curious.  Will we manage to stay with this flawed female anti-hero who is not unbearable?

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