Unknown Woman – E04

All seems to be normal in daily drama land until Moo-Yeol’s mom decides to borrow $200,000 from the loan sharks…


Jump forward three years. Jiwon and Haejoo wait at the airport for Yeo-Ri…all while Haejoo complains about her mom making her come hold a “Welcome Back” sign.

Within minutes, Moo-Yeol also arrives with a bouquet of flowers.

Yeo-Ri, however, never comes out because she changed her flight to an earlier one. She’s waiting for Haesung in front of his elementary school. She picks him up and takes him to her father’s memorial to tell him that she’s back from art boarding school in the United States and Haesung is healthy just like he wished…

Cue a flashback from Jiwon. She had used Jiwon’s resignation letter to forge his signature on the guardian consent for Yeo-Ri to be a donor. Then, she slipped in the signed paper into the box of things found in the car. Yeo-Ri had fallen into the trap and assumed her father wanted her to be a donor.

Meanwhile, we see nothing has changed for the others in their ride home. Haejoo continues to be jealous that Moo-Yeol only cares for Yeo-Ri and even throws a tantrum making her mom drop her off on the side of the road after screaming that she’s tired of hearing Yeo-Ri’s name from Moo-Yeol.

Haejoo goes to a club where she drunkenly dances with different guys. This is clearly not the first time because Moo-Yeol shows up soon after to yell at her to go home. Then the guy with whom Haejoo was dancing gets angry and he and his friends commence to beat up Moo-Yeol…

Afterwards, Haejoo buys Moo-Yeol medicine. He tells her tiredly that he can never return her feelings and he hopes that she won’t ruin herself because of him.

Haejoo freaks out screaming at him about why it can’t be her. Even when Yeo-Ri jumped at the chance to study abroad, Haejoo stayed in hopes that she can get closer to Moo-Yeol.

Haejoo comes home later drunk and declares that she’s moving out since she cannot live with Yeo-Ri. When Yeo-Ri brings up some water, Haejoo warns her not to get too comfortable as Yeo-Ri is not really part of the family. They will throw her away when she’s useless.

At dinner, Do-Young seems to sincerely welcome Yeo-Ri back. She tells him that she’s planning to transfer from the United States college to one in Korea. He promises that the family will support her with anything if she needs help.

Interestingly, Haejoo scoffs on the side that they should do their charity by helping beggars instead implying that Yeo-Ri is a beggar. Do-Young frowns and reprimands Haejoo in front of everyone telling her that they could turn the other eye in the beginning but now Haejoo’s behavior is unacceptable.

Jiwon jumps in to de-escalate the situation. She tells her husband that Haejoo is all talk but she doesn’t really mean it.

Then Yeo-Ri gags and apologizes that she has a crab allergy. She runs out.

Jiwon runs out after her but, Do-Chi arrives to confront Do-Young about pulling the funding from every movie that Do-Chi has been casted for.

Do-Chi accuses Do-Young of interfering with his life, investing in films and requiring a change of actors or pulling out. Do-Young just responds that it’s an automatic right of investors to want a say in casting.

The fight gets nasty as Do-Young tells Do-Chi that even if he wants to get involved in movies just like the ones that he watched with his father and mother, he cannot return to the time when Do-Chi was spoiled as the only heir to WID Group.

Do-Chi snarls back that it’s actually Do-Young who should stop being overly defensive about not being the true heir to WID Group. Do-Young slaps Do-Chi who storms out.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri walks out of the bathroom inspecting her arms for hives and assuming that it’s fine. When she asks Haejoo and Jiwon about the fighting, Haejoo snaps that it’s a family matter.

Haesung wakes up at that moment and Jiwon asks Yeo-Ri to take Haesung upstairs. Yeo-Ri complies by offering to play hide and seek with Haeaung.

The game leads Yeo-Ri to look into Do-Chi’s room, which had originally been off limits. It’s full of movie posters. There’s a projector that turns on when Yeo-Ri turns on the light and t projects little Haesung dancing around like a comedian.

Yeo-Ri goes back to her room to get a camcorder to film it so that she can show Moo-Yeol. Then, Do-Chi comes in and Yeo-Ri hides behind the chair.

Do-Chi packs up despite Jiwon’s half hearted attempts to call him down.

Jiwon then goes to Do-Young. She warns him that they still have to be careful even though Do-Chi left the house. She also brings up Yeo-Ri. Even though they formally adopted Yeo-Ri, both agree that Yeo-Ri will inherit nothing since they don’t truly believe Yeo-Ri is their daughter.

Jiwon stops Yeo-Ri before she goes out to meet Moo-Yeol and asks her to sign a statement relinquishing her rights as a legal heir.  She explains that she hopes that Yeo-Ri is not too hurt since they will make sure that Yeo-Ri is provided for.  However, they want to prevent legal issues later.

 Yeo-Ri thanks Jiwon and tells Jiwon that she’s already received so much.  Then Yeo-Ri goes out to meet Moo-Yeol.
At the same time, Moo-Yeol’s mom gets ready to go out. But then the loan sharks descend.  She owes them $300,000!
At the park, Yeo-Ri listens to jazz with Moo-Yeol resting on her lap.  She asks him what his ambition is. He gets up on to one knee and asks her to marry him – his ambition is to make her his woman.  He promises that he would never betray her.
Yeo-Ri agrees and Moo-Yeol puts the ring on Yeo-Ri’s finger.  They tell each other that they love each other.  Then, Moo-Yeol gets a call from his little sister…
Moo-Yeol rushes home where the loan sharks are leaving.  They tell Moo-Yeol that if he does not give them back their money – they will sell his mom and sister into prostitution.
Yeo-Ri is following a few minutes behind but Haejoo gets to Moo-Yeol’s house first.  She sees the scene and quietly walks out to stop Yeo-Ri.  Instead of saying anything, Haejoo just takes off Yeo-Ri’s ring and tosses it onto the side of the road.
Meanwhile, Moo-Yeol hears the whole story from his mom.  She had borrowed $200,000 from the loan sharks to make $300,000.  He asks her why she made such a stupid and risky mistake?
Moo-Yeol’s mom stands up and asks in return how he can be so heartless.  She only borrowed the money to provide for the children… Doesn’t Moo-Yeol realize that he was able to study because his mother did not give up her children for adoption?
Moo-Yeol yells back that he’s sick and tired of hearing that excuse and his mom storms into the room.
At the same time, Yeo-Ri finds her ring among the bushes.  Then she feels nauseous and goes to the bathroom.  She finds this suspicious since she has not eaten anything food with crabs.  So, she goes to a pharmacy and gets a pregnancy test.
Meanwhile, Jiwon rushes to Haesung’s school.  Haesung is taken away in an ambulance…The doctor tells her that the leukemia is back.
This episode establishes the bar from which Yeo-Ri changes into the woman in the beginning of the series.  She is trusting.  She thinks of the Koos as something similar to family if not her real parents…maybe like an aunt and uncle?
She happily studies abroad, has a seat at the family table and appears to really care for Haesung. She’s a confident and lovely woman that is not darkened by the loss of her father because she has found a loving foster family.
I have watched the next few episodes but the subsequent future is going to be trying.  Hopefully, it won’t last longer than episode 10.
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