Unknown Woman – E05

The betrayal.


The pregnancy test shows that Yeo-Ri is pregnant.  She’s surprised but happily so and decides to get it officially checked up.

At the same time, Do-Chi realizes that the camcorder that he brought home is not his.  He calls Haejoo to ask if she’s been in his room or seen his camcorder. Haejoo tells Do-Chi that she saw the girl who’s living with them stealing his camcorder.

Do-Chi gets Yeo-Ri’s number and calls her.  But, she does not answer because she’s about to get checked up for her baby.  An ultrasound shows that she’s pregnant and 10 weeks along…

Yeo-Ri happily goes home to stare at the ultrasound.  Haejoo walks down to see the picture and snatches it screaming that she will never approve of it.

Yeo-Ri tells Haejoo to hand over the picture.  Yeo-Ri continues that she and Moo-Yeol are adults who do not need Haejoo’s approval.  They can have a child if they want and Moo-Yeol proposed the other day.

Haejoo snaps back that Yeo-Ri is stupid since she has no idea what Moo-Yeol is actually going through.

Yeo-Ri rushes over to Moo-Yeol’s house while Moo-Yeol’s application for a personal loan gets rejected.  He ignores Yeo-Ri’s calls.

Yeo-Ri gets a text from Do-Chi about his camcorder and agrees to meet at 6pm the next day.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi stares at alcohol at a neighborhood pojangmacha.  Haejoo arrives since there’s nothing like a stalker to know your habits. She tells him to drink instead of just staring if it would give him comfort.

He answers that he has to keep his head clear. Haejoo tells him that his answer is standing in front of him.  Even if he gets a position at WID Group, the ultimate goal is to become rich like Haejoo and her father.  He can have both of that by marrying her.  However, he doesn’t have forever.

The next day, Moo-Yeol gets ready for his interview with WID Group.  Yeo-Ri arrives with $100,000 and tells him to at least pay the most urgent bills.  It’s the insurance payout that she received from her father’s death.  He tells her that he does not need the money.  He does not need her help – she can take it and leave.

Yeo-Ri walks out and Moo-Yeol’s mom stops her.  She takes the money and agrees that she will be borrowing the money on Moo-Yeol’s behalf.

Yeo-Ri goes home to find Jiwon panicked.  Yeo-Ri asks if she can borrow money.  Jiwon is about to ask what the money is for, but then answers that she can help financially as she’s Yeo-Ri’s mom.  Yeo-Ri thanks Jiwon explaining that Moo-Yeol’s family needs money.

Jiwon agrees that Yeo-Ri is too sweet not to let things go without helping. She then asks Yeo-Ri to help with Haesung since the leukemia is back. Yeo-Ri’s hand unconsciously goes to her stomach and asks for some time to think about it.

At the same time, Moo-Yeol is about to leave for his interview with WID Group. But, then the gangsters arrive.  They don’t let him leave, however. Moo-Yeol’s mom runs out with Yeo-Ri’s $100,000.

The gangsters don’t seem convinced and push Moo-Yeol to the ground.  They don’t let him go until the “interview time” is over. Then they announce that they are going to take the girls and sell them into prostitution forcing Moo-Yeol to fight.

Something is not as it is seems.  The gangsters don’t hit Moo-Yeol. Rather, they let Moo-Yeol toss them around and aggravate their injuries…

Haejoo watches from the door. A flashback shows that she had already paid off Moo-Yeol’s debt of $300,000 that she got from her father.  She also offered them another $100,000…They asked what she wants in return and she answered that they are to make Moo-Yeol and his family’s life miserable to the point that they are about to snap without actually physically harming them.

The gangsters do just that. By the time that the police arrive, only the gangsters sustained visible injuries and Moo-Yeol is locked up for battery.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri goes to her father’s memorial.  She asks her father if she is making the right decision…She wants to protect her child but she also needs to protect Haesung…She walks out and apologizes to her child that she’s sorry…It’s not that the child is not important but she has people that she has to protect.  She asks to meet the child again in a better place…

Jiwon calls as she cannot help herself with worry.  Yeo-Ri answers that she will do the surgery.

Then a delivery guy on a bike goes by and Yeo-Ri falls clutching her stomach.  In the hospital, the doctor announces that the baby is fine and lets Yeo-Ri listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Yeo-Ri clutches her fists to her mouth and cries that she’s so sorry.

Yeo-Ri walks home in a daze where Jiwon meets her in the living room asking what happened. Yeo-Ri apologizes near to tears and answers that she cannot help this time as she is pregnant. Jiwon freezes.

Then Jiwon answers coldly that Yeo-Ri cannot decide against saving Haesung for an unborn child. Yeo-Ri has no choice.

Yeo-Ri apologizes that she is going to leave and runs to her room. Jiwon follows and then tries begging one more time.  But, when Yeo-Ri tries to reason with Jiwon that Yeo-Ri wants to save her unborn child and her only blood relative, Jiwon snaps at Yeo-Ri.  Jiwon then locks Yeo-Ri up and breaks Yeo-Ri’s phone.

Meanwhile, Haejoo finds Moo-Yeol at the jail.  He had called her. She tells him that she has only one condition – he leaves Yeo-Ri for her.  Moo-Yeol pauses.

Haejoo turns to walk out.  Moo-Yeol grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. Haejoo declares in her mind that she won’t let him regret his decision.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri pretends to have an accident in her room when one of the guards go to the bathroom.  The other opens the door to find her on the floor in a pool of blood.  He slips on the fake blood (medicine) and Yeo-Ri runs out.

Do-Chi arrives in a car as he gave up on waiting for the “camcorder” woman just as Yeo-Ri runs out.  She gets in and begs him to leave.  When the men in suits run out, Do-Chi steps on it and Yeo-Ri asks to be taken to Moo-Yeol’s neighborhood.

Moo-Yeol is walking out when Yeo-Ri comes walking.  She falls against him sighing that it feels so nice to be with him…Then she loses consciousness.

Yeo-Ri wakes up to Moo-Yeol calling her name. She gets up only to see Jiwon standing next to him. Moo-Yeol walks out without another word.


It’s unfortunate that a character generally does not develop strength without some sort of betrayal and suffering.  I just hope that through Moo-Yeol’s and Jiwon’s betrayal, Yeo-Ri ends up surviving to be an amazing strong woman who gets her revenge. And, I mean true revenge none of Eunsoo’s “oh-let me just appease their makjang” business.

On the side, this episode did a great job making Moo-Yeol’s betrayal believable.  While he is an average sweet guy, he is nothing but that.  He isn’t spectacular. In that sense, his mother is an insurmountable hindrance.

She is the quintessential makjang mother.  She is selfish, stupid and creates financial problems that Moo-Yeol just does not have the capacity to resolve.  Hence, it was inevitable for Moo-Yeol to betray Yeo-Ri.  As a viewer, I cannot wait until Yeo-Ri joins with Do-Chi for the ultimate revenge!

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  1. Hi. I really enjoy reading the recaps of these dramas, especially because I watch them. I have a few things to say.
    1) I think that Yeo-Ri faked the accident with red paints because she’s an artist. At least that’s what I thought it was.
    2) In the review for episode 4 there were some typos for people names. It would be helpful to have the right names especially since some people who don’t watch the drama (like my sister) aren’t confused.
    3) With Eunsoo, while I’ll admit her go-with-the-flow attitude is annoying at this point I don’t think she’s after revenge. I think she’s just trying to get Bitna to see what she did wrong.

    Besides that I really enjoy the recaps. Keep it up! ☝

    • Thanks NellyJelly!

      I agree that it was faked 🙂 I assumed that it was with the red medicine that Korean parents used all the time but having paint in her room sounds more likely.
      Sorry about the typos ^^;;; Half of these recaps are drafted in the subway on my phone, which decides to autocorrect wrong. Hopefully, it won’t be as frequent once my phone sees the names more often.
      Ah – Eunsoo… I stopped watching Shine Brightly Eunsoo only a couple episodes after I stopped recapping. The drama’s decision to take an independent girl and turn her into a girl whose only goal is to be accepted by her in-laws just killed me >_<

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