Unknown Woman – E07

Past meets present. Yeo-Ri has to give Bom up.


As the goon drops to his death, Haesung flatlines.  Yeo-Ri stares down in shock and then runs down to check.  She cries for him to wake up but stops when she sees the blood flowing from his head.

Jiwon freaks out in the hospital screaming that Haesung cannot die.  She gets dragged out into the hallway where she decides that Haesung would have lived if Yeo-Ri had not run away.

Jiwon calls the goon’s cell phone, which Yeo-Ri picks up.  Yeo-Ri asks for help but then Jiwon answers.  Jiwon tells Yeo-Ri that Haesung died and Jiwon will come after Yeo-Ri.  Jiwon states that she will make sure Yeo-Ri knows the pain of losing a child.

Yeo-Ri falls and drops the cell phone into a bucket of water. Construction workers walk onto the scene where Yeo-Ri is crying next to the dead body of the goon.  Yeo-Ri repeats that she is sorry to Haesung.

Yeo-Ri gets taken into the police station where she stops speaking.  She just keeps fainting out of fear that Jiwon will come after her…

Yeo-Ri wakes up where the officer tells her to confess. She opens her mouth but then another officer comes in to say that both the victim and Yeo-Ri’s finger prints have come up with nothing… The goon does not come up because he’s in Korea illegally…

As for Yeo-Ri? Remember how she was supposed to update her registration but did not because everything went crazy?

Yeo-Ri decides that she’s safest inside of a prison.  She confesses to the officer in writing that she’s the murderer.

Back at home, Do-Chi comes in to give his sympathies to Do-Young.  Do-Young just responds that this changes nothing; Do-Chi will get nothing from WID Group since Do-Young built it into what it is.

Do-Chi snaps that Do-Young is heartless. Do-Chi had come to give his consolations.  He does not expect anything from WID Group as long as Do-Young does not interfere with Do-Chi’s film ambitions. Do-Young agrees as long as Do-Chi never lets the truth out that he’s part of the WID Group by blood.

Then we turn back into near present – Yeon-Mi is sentenced to ten years in prison.

Life is returning to normal for Haejoo.  She tells her parents about being pregnant and gives an apartment to Moo-Yeol’s mother.  Moo-Yeol’s mother and sister are blatantly happy about getting a rich daughter-in-law.  Then, they tell Haejoo to treat them with respect because they are the “in-laws” or “the sky”. Gag.

Time fast forwards to the wedding, Haejoo is joyful but Jiwon stops Moo-Yeol to quietly warn him that if he returns to Yeo-Ri, she won’t leave him alone.

Jiwon is going crazy.  When Haejoo gives birth to twins, she smiles crazily into the nursery and announces that the boy looks just like Haesung.  It does not help that right before Haejoo told Jiwon that Haejoo is pregnant, Jiwon had a dream in Haesung’s room that a white bird flew down into Jiwon’s hand.  Do-Young looks worried.

At the same time, Bom grows up healthily in prison.  The prison guard tells Yeo-Ri to think about it carefully.  When Bom turns three, they have to send Bom to a relative or the orphanage.

Random scene.  Some rich(?) git makes a drunk ruckus on the plane.  Suddenly, an older woman with an eye-patch subdues him.

A virus runs through the prison so the guards take Bom away.  Yeo-Ri is told that if she does not want Bom to go to the orphanage, she better call the dad. Yeo-Ri tries calling Moo-Yeol.

Jiwon hears him call out Yeo-Ri but before they can say more, Haejoo calls out for Moo-Yeol to help with the twins.  He hangs up and goes to see the kids.

Jiwon takes the opportunity to call for a trace on the call.

Then it’s time for Bom to go to the orphanage. One of the prison mates reassures Yeo-Ri that she can find Bom by the four dots on Bom’s side that looks like a lucky four-leaf clover. Then Yeo-Ri hands the baby over.

At that moment, Jiwon walks in and asks if Yeo-Ri gave birth to the baby that Yeo-Ri chose over Haesung?


That’s a first for a daily drama to surprise me like that.  I did not expect that Bom would choose to go to prison to hide from her mother/foster mother when I first saw the opening scene.  It’s such a bandaid solution.

Just like the last scene implies, Bom got safety but she gave up all of her choice by going to prison.  She can give birth to her child but she cannot take care of the child once the child grows old enough to be taken away from the mother…Meanwhile, Jiwon is outside with all of her money, power and anger.  I am legit worried for Bom.

The teaser suggests that Bom dies? Or at least that Yeo-Ri believes that Bom dies.  I hope that it’s a lie and Bom lives.

Also, is the lady with an eye-patch, the master who teaches Yeo-Ri how to get revenge? ^o^ I love the fact that she flew first class only to beat up the spoiled brat and now is in jail.  Hopefully, she gets out and bankrolls Yeo-Ri like the mommy-long-legs who helped the girl in A Wife’s Temptation.  If this drama goes a la A Wife’s Temptation, it would also be ironic since Jung Gyubin (the stupid useless husband in that drama) is Do-Young here.

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