Unknown Woman – E08

The catalyst.  Bom grows too old to stay in the prison system.  But, when she leaves, she’s too sick.  When she loses Bom, Yeo-Ri turns to the path of revenge.


The social worker calls Yeo-Ri “Bom’s mom” and leaves. Jiwon smirks that Yeo-Ri should not assume that her sins are covered by this alone. She walks out after the social worker.

Bom freaks out. The show is not clear if she thinks that Jiwon is behind the social worker or if it’s because Jiwon now has all of the knowledge to take Bom (knowing the social worker and Bom’s name). Yeo-Ri tries to follow the social worker screaming that she is going to raise her child but the guards stop her.

Outside the prison, Jiwon smiles at Bom and then notes that the child looks sick. She explains that she knows Yeo-Ri very well. The social worker answers that the child is sick and the girl starts crying. Jiwon innocently offers to drive the social worker to the hospital.

Yeo-Ri is finally let out of solitary confinement one month later. She asks if anyone has heard from Bom and her two friends awkwardly look away. The new co-prisoner tells her that Bom is dead.

Yeo-Ri screams at the newcomer not to say such things and take it back. The lady slaps Yeo-Ri and tells her to get her wits together. Her daughter is dead.

One of the guards allows Yeo-Ri into the office. Yeo-Ri is given a copy of Bom’s death certificate with an apology that none of he guards could tell her the news when Yeo-Ri had such a hard time letting Bom go to the orphanage…

Yeo-Ri is then taken to Bom’s grave where Yeo-Ri sobs for Bom to come back.

Time passes and Yeo-Ri continues to grieve for Bom. The newcomer gets fed up and tells Yeo-Ri to snap out of it. They all have issues. The prisonmates agree in hopes to cheer Yeo-Ri up telling Yeo-Ri how one of them was in prison for attacking her husband and his mistress while the other one went after a customer when she was a substitute driver because he refused to pay $30 when he had dropped thousands on alcohol.

Yeo-Ri does not budge. She continues to stare into space. So, the newcomer, who turns out to have been a successful loan shark shares her rice cake with Yeo-Ri. The rice cake does not tempt Yeo-Ri but the newspaper that it’s wrapped in gets her attention. There’s a picture of Jiwon’s family, which has created a children’s foundation.

And, it starts!

Yeo-Ri calls Jiwon and we flip the script from the night that Haesung died. Yeo-Ri informing Jiwon that Bom died because of Jiwon who made Yeo-Ri into a murderer. Jiwon just smiles that Yeo-Ri can finally understand how Jiwon felt after losing Haesung…how the heart aches even on the most beautiful days.

Yeo-Ri warns Jiwon that Yeo-Ri will get revenge for Bom. Yeo-Ri will come after, Jiwon and her family. Jiwon scoffs through the phone that Yeo-Ri cannot do anything from prison.

Then, we turn to the newcomer loan shark (Maryun). She remembers how her husband visited to bring her rice cakes and eats another piece. Then, it gets stuck and she struggles to get help.

Yeo-Ri arrives and does the heimrich maneuver, which gets Maryun to cough it up.

Afterwards, Maryun tells Bom that Maryun never forgets a favor. She gets to leave prison in a week. What does Bom want other than killing anyone.

Bom sighs that she needs nothing if Maryun cannot kill. Maryun tells Bom that if she wants revenge, she has to put her all into gaining strength.

Cue Yeo-Ri learning the law? She reads, memorized and tears out pages to eat them. Yes, drama, we get it. She is devoted to studying.

We jump time and it’s been three years since everything started. Moo-Yeol has adapted into his kept husband role well. He even prepares a surprise anniversary event for Haejoo thanking her for loving him when he had nothing. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri continues memorizing law?

On a side line, Moo-Yeol’s family continues the two dimensional Korean “jinsang” behavior. The mom loses the apartment in her gambling or business, who knows. They go to Haejoo’s parents for help. I’m starting to think it was a blessing in disguise that Yeo-Ri did not have to call this lady “mother-in-law”.

Then, drama continues to go down the line of “A Wife’s Temptation.” Yeo-Ri’s prison mates get a a letter from Maryun letting them know that Maryun’s daughter died. That daughter had coincidentally been studying the law.

Maryun visits Yeo-Ri to apologize for being so harsh when Yeo-Ri lost Bom. Now that Maryun lost her own daughter, she truly understands what Yeo-Ri was going through.

Yeo-Ri tells her not to worry as she has forgotten the past. She asks if Maryun’s offer of giving her a wish is still valid…If so, she wants to “become” Maryun’s daughter.

Then the plot gets started. Do-Chi has claustrophobia. So, when he was supposed to fly to China for a drama production, he faints and they have to reneg on the contract. It becomes a public scandal.

Do-Chi’s agency decides that they need to clean up Do-Chi’s image since he periodically has these scandals. Their idea? A prison fan has been sending love letters to Do-Chi every month. They will arrange for one date to show how much Do-Chi cares for all of his fans.

That prisoner fan? Soja is one of Yeo-Ri’s cell mates. Soja sends Yeo-Ri out because she’s not confident about her appearance.

Yeo-Ri asks for the “date” to be moved to the bridge since she’s shy and Do-Chi grudgingly complies.

Yeo-Ri stands at the bridge waiting when Do-Chi comes complaining. He’s a total jerk who makes it clear that he did not want to come out and meet the “ajumma” fan.

Yeo-Ri turns to him and asks if he does not remember her. He does not recognize her so she tells him that she was the one who accidentally switched their camcorders.

Do-Chi then jumps to the conclusion that Yeo-Ri planned all this including the “ajumma” story to get at him. Yeo-Ri smirks and thanks him for being a jerk so she does not have to feel guilty for dragging him into her plan.

Do-Chi snaps that she’s crazy and turns to leave, walking away. He stops when Yeo-Ri calls his name twice.

He turns to see Yeo-Ri’s scarf fluttering. She had jumped off the bridge…

At the same time, Soja finds a letter on the floor from Yeo-Ri apologizing and stating that she wants to follow Bom…

Then, we pan to under the bridge. Yeo-Ri surfaces declaring that Yeo-Ri is dead. Only Maryun’s daughter Seollee is alive.


The speed of the storyline unfolding is quick enough not to drag out the angst. It also gives enough details to plug any large holes about why our characters ended up in the situation of the present plot line where Yeo-Ri is throwing her life into getting revenge from Jiwon’s family.

The only thing that worries me is that the story seems to parallel A Wife’s Temptation in all of the major storyline devices (betrayal by fiancé/loss of baby as a result of betrayal/ betrayal by the inlaws whom girl gave her life to/ older woman savior who “lost”/loses a daughter/ the girl starts over thanks to “drowning”). I checked but the writers are different. Kim Sun Ok wrote A Wife’s Temptation while Moon Eun-Ah is writing this drama. Hopefully, the similarities end here and the rest of the drama is a bit more original.

However, even if they don’t. I’m totally on board.  It’s been a while since we have had such a satisfying revenge drama. This and Father is Strange seem to be the dramas that keep me going these weeks.  Shout-out to the eldest sister character there >_< girl crush!


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