Unknown Woman – E11

Mooyeol gets strung along as Do-Chi gets accused of rape.

The Woman Without a Name Episode 11 RECAP

In case Mooyeol might miss her, Yeo-Ri tosses her hat from the stage as she sings Hit the Road Jack.  Mooyeol stands mesmerized as memorize overtake both of them.  Then, Yeo-Ri bows and leaves.

Mooyeol runs after her backstage and even pushes past Oliver to pound on the dressing room door begging Yeo-Ri to open up.  Yeo-Ri does not open the door but she cries silently as she leans against it.

When Yeo-Ri walks out, she has calmed down and pretends not to know Mooyeol.  She calmly tells him that he’s mistaken and walks off.

Mooyeol finally goes home to find Haejoo raging.  She demands to know where he has been and why he’s so late even though he said he would be home within ten minutes.

Mooyeol lies that he met some of his colleagues for a drink and left her gift at the bar.  Haejoo demands to go check the bar.  Mooyeol freaks out and storms out.

Jiwon comes up and tells Haejoo to calm down.  She won’t be able to hold on to Mooyeol by pushing him away.  Jiwon tells Haejoo that the angrier she gets, the harder she needs to paste on a smile and be nice to Mooyeol.

Meanwhile, Maryun and her husband clean up and bring out the beer and chicken to console Yeo-Ri who has met Mooyeol face to face for the first time.  They know that she is directly confronting her demons and would need consolation.

That night, Mooyeol is unable to sleep and gets up to search online about Yeo-Ri’s death.  Maya comes in saying that she woke up after a bad dream.  So, Mooyeol goes to help her sleep.

Haejoo gets up afterwards and finds the computer on… She is about to run after him but pauses remembering Jiwon’s words.

The next day, Jiwon meets with the old head of Yeo-Ri’s prison.  The prison guard tells Jiwon that they found a corpse three months after the jumping incident in the river.  It was wearing Yeo-Ri’s clothes and matched her teeth.  Hence, they assumed it was her corpse.

Jiwon hears that a young man also called the prison to ask about Yeo-Ri’s corpse that day.  She goes to Yeo-Ri’s father’s memorial in time to see Mooyeol running after a young woman in a suit.  She tells him that she expects he will not cheat on Haejoo with any woman whether alive or dead.

At the same time, Maryun emerges from the shadows and calls Yeo-Ri.  She smiles that it was smart that Yeo-Ri did not visit and warns Yeo-Ri not to visit for a while.  She also promises to take care of Yeo-Ri’s father’s memorial in the interim.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri continues working for Do-Chi.  She gets pictures from a bar of the accusing woman dancing with other men.  She also takes her own picture of the woman entering a hotel with another man.

We turn to Mooyeol’s family.  His little sister Yeolmae comes home after being dumped.  Her date had asked what her family would do when she gets married.  She answered that her brother brought nothing and the guy dumped her.

Mooyeol’s mom decides that it’s time to visit Haejoo’s family to leech off more.  They bring some duck for the grandchildren and then awkwardly brings up Yeolmae.

Jiwon assumes that they want to ask for a position since she’s 28.  But, Mooyeol’s mom answers that since Haejoo is playing around and not working – Yeolmae should not have to either. Rather, they want Haejoo and Jiwon to find an eligible man in the top 52 for Yeolmae.  *Facepalm*  Imagine dealing with in-laws like this…An idiot sister-in-law and a mother-in-law that is stupider? *Shudders*

Meanwhile, Mooyeol visits Do-Chi’s house to find out what happened.  He hears from Do-Chi’s manager about the threatened lawsuit.  Then, Do-Chi comes out to do some damage control but Mooyeol heads out to tell Doyoung.

Then, the accusing victim submits her claim to the police.  Do-Chi faces the girl who cries asking Do-Chi why he did that to her…All she was planning to do was help him.  Do-chi pauses in the face of her tears and apologizes.  He stutters that he does not remember anything.

Since Do-Chi has apologized, the officer begins to prepare the incident report.  Yeo-Ri then walks out and stops everything announcing that she’s Do-Chi’s lawyer.


What an episode for plot development!  Mooyeol shows that he has not forgotten Yeo-Ri with his actions.  He was already in the middle of making up for a fight with Haejoo for how his mother hurt Haejoo…Yet, he immediately follows Yeo-Ri to the bar. Then he watches her sing and then spends time trying to convince her that she’s Yeo-Ri.

If Mooyeol really had moved on from Yeo-Ri, he would have been more worried about the fact that his wife of 8-10 years had been hurt by the fact that her mother-in-law was preparing a memorial for Yeo-Ri.  Considering their past and the fact that Yeo-Ri had been the mother of Mooyeol’s other child, any woman would have been sensitive about the “ex-wife/ex-girlfriend/ex-fiancee” issue.  But, Mooyeol’s mother could care less even when she lives off of the Koos.  A husband who truly loved his wife would have been more concerned about how much this would unsettle and hurt his wife rather than a stranger that looks like his ex-fiancee.

I would hate Mooyeol and really feel bad for Haejoo if it were not the fact that she began as the other woman. So, moving on.

Since this was a day of several updates, I’m not going to rattle on too much in this one.  But, the other point that really annoyed me was the whole Yeolmae/Mooyeol’s mother attitude.  Goodness gracious, thank goodness this is a drama.  Can you imagine meeting a real-life Yeolmae and not being able to tell her to her face that she’s an idiot?  She’s 28 and has never held a job because she wants to get married to a rich eligible man? -_- Girl at that age, you have been out of college for 6 years! You could have a doctorate or a masters degree…Or, you could have gotten yourself into middle management at this point! Worst part was when Yeolmae’s mom pretends Yeolmae’s attitude is normal.  O_O -_- Gag. Kdrama jinsang alert! GET YOUR SALT BUCKETS READY! LET US ALL RUN AWAY NOW.

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