Unknown Woman – E12

Yeo-Ri saves Do-Chi while Jiwon gets attacked from another mistress.

The Woman Without a Name Episode 12 RECAP

Yeo-Ri announces a countersuit against the crying girl. Yeo-Ri then hands over pictures of Hwayoung (the accusing girl) dancing at the club the night over the incident. There are pictures from another night at another club.

Hwayoung glares back and demands to know why the victim needs to hide after an incident. Yeo-Ri agrees that victims should not have to change their living habits after being hurt. But, Hwayoung is also photographed walking into a hotel with a man.

Yeo-Ri then does the reverse hand against the wall to the girl. She asks if Hwayoung has anything else to say. Hwayoung agrees to call off the suit.

Then, they all return to the station where Hwayoung sniffs that she is sorry and asks for leniency. She says that she has a younger sibling that she takes care of. Do-Chi sighs that she does not seem like a bad apple. He decides against filing the counter suit and tells her to hand write a 20 page apology.

Yeo-Ri walks out once the incident is cleared up before Do-Chi or his manager can thank her.

Do-Chi gets called by Doyoung and goes to the company. Doyoung is furious and yells at Do-Chi for hurting the company image. Do-Chi tells Doyoung that a lawyer resolved the situation and they were going to file a defamation suit, which they dropped.

Doyoung then vents the rest of his frustration on Mooyeol demanding to know why his work is so incomplete.

Do-Chi calls Yeo-Ri to thank her. She tells him that she’s busy and hangs up first.

Yeo-Ri goes back to the chicken shop where her adoptive parents wait with Hwayoung. Over a basket of fried chicken, Yeo-Ri thanks the girl for helping. Hwayoung smiles back that she has yet to thank Maryun and her husband for saving her when she almost got taken into sexual slavery after borrowing a loan from a loan shark.

On the side, Jiwon watches as Doyoung drinks his herbal medicine and updates her on Do-Chi. When she hears that everything resolved well, she leans over and mentions that they have been too distant lately.

Doyoung awkwardly pushes her away and stands up. He announces that he has documents that he has to review and leaves the room.

Mooyeol drunkenly comes to his mother’s house where The two leeches are daydreaming about good looking bachelors. Mooyeol’s mom helps him get into her bed.

At the same time, Haejoo sighs that Yeolmae has the audacity to ask for someone in the top 52 families when Yeolmae has nothing to recommend her, family, job or education wise. Haejoo is brooding when Mooyeol’s mom calls to snap that Haejoo is ruining Mooyeol’s life and he’s going to sleep at his mom’s house.

Haejoo answers that there is no sleeping elsewhere and drives over immediately.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol dreams that Yeo-Ri walks in and grabs his hand. He mumbles that he is sorry over and over again.

In reality, it’s Haejoo and she tells him that it’s okay why his mom continues complaining that marrying a rich girl is like getting an owner. As a fellow young woman, I can’t help wonder why Haejoo doesn’t just kick the woman out of the apartment or stop her monthly stipends.

Anyways, Haejoo brings Mooyeol home to fall into his own bed. Haejoo tells Mooyeol that she knows he is tying his best. She will guarantee that he gets his reward from WID Group.

In the morning, Mooyeol is still prickly even though Haejoo bought him a watch. I’m not even sure what he has to be moody about when he’s the one who threw away his fiancé and has leeches for a family.

Anyways, Haejoo hugs him and apologizes for throwing a tantrum because she loves him too much.

The next morning, Jiwon goes to a fertility clinic where the doctor tells her that she can no longer become pregnant. Jiwon does not want to believe it since she’s done everything the doctor has instructed from taking medicine to tricking Doyoung to take medicine…

Jiwon walks out in a daze. In the lobby, a young woman walks up. Jiwon stutters that the girl was told to stay quiet in hiding.

The girl smiles that she heard Jiwon attends this clinic and came for her own pregnancy. After all, only the best for Doyoung’s son.

From the side, Maryun sees it all.

Jiwon goes home to trash everything in her room. She screams that this is all Yeo-Ri’s fault. If Hyesung is still around, she would not have to deal with this as she would be the mother of a son. Rolls eyes.

She tells herself in the mirror that no matter what anyone says, she is the woman of the house. She tells herself to smile instead of screaming so that she can control Doyoung.

Then Jiwon walks out to meet Do-Chi and his girlfriend Sora.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol goes to the bar again. He sits at a table watching Yeo-Ri. He thinks to himself that he can confirm with that.

At the same time, Sora smiles happily to find out that Do-Chi is actually part of the WID Group family. She tells everyone that she’s just happy to be officially meeting everyone. And, then she accidentally spills her wine out of nerves.

While Haejoo and Doyoung push Do-Chi to marry Sora, Jiwon brings an extra skirt to the bathroom. Sora smiles and asks Jiwon if Sora’s acting is acceptable. Jiwon tells her to shut up.

Back at the bar, Yeo-Ri walks over to Mooyeol after her song. She asks if he really loved the woman whom she resembles.

Mooyeol stares her in the eyes and answer that he loved her but he betrayed her. Then he apologizes and pulls Yeo-Ri into the hallway near the dressing room. He pulls off her shoulder as Yeo-Ri screams at him. She slaps him in anger but he’s already paused when he sees her shoulder does not have the scar.


Oh ho! Did anyone see the Sora / Jiwon connection coming? I had not expected to see that Jiwon would spin her little web so far as to set up her step brother-in-law! Or that Do-Chi would fall for the woman that is pursuing him with ulterior motives.

This, however, makes it clearer that Do-Chi will probably end up with Yeo-Ri and not Oliver. I’m not sure if I ship Do-Chi/Yeo-Ri or Oliver/Yeo-Ri.

Sure, Do-Chi seems naive and sweet despite his many privileges. He was also really hurt by the people he trusts and seems to not have really recovered or had a real childhood after his mother passed away and Doyoung/Jiwon only saw him as a threat to their own ability to take over the family company. Yet, his naïveté has already hurt Yeo-Ri when he assumed that she was a camcorder thief even though she clearly left her own camcorder in his room, and told Jiwon Yeo-Ri’s location without thinking too much. Additionally, while I understand that Do-Chi yearns for Doyoung’s and Jiwon’s affection as a man child, that is all I see. A man child.

On the side, I don’t understand how Oliver went from being a doctor to owning both a bar and a small restaurant. But, assuming it’s family money or something, he seems like he’s responsible. He became a doctor and had a fiancé. Even after his fiancé passed away, the guy continued working even though his life is bitter…In a way, it would make the story a lot about fate if Yeo-Ri ended up with Oliver-truly standing in for Seollee.

Of course, that would then lead to the question of do Oliver/Maryun/Maryun’s husband see and appreciate Yeo-Ri for herself or just as a substitute? Does it make any difference from the whole Jiwon situation where Yeo-Ri’s value was to help Hyesung if Yeo-Ri asked for this position for her own gain?

Right now, I would answer that it does make a difference. Maryun and her husband did not actively seek out Yeo-Ri to replace their daughter or live out her legacy. Yeo-Ri requested that. In return for the safety of this new identity and the financial benefits, Yeo-Ri eases their pain by living out Seollee’s legacy and desire to become a lawyer. The line may be blurred but the intentions of the people involved to truly help each other made them a family unlike Yeo-Ri’s position with the Koo’s.

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