Unknown Woman – E13

Mooyeol even inspects Maryun’s house only to find evidence of Seollee with Yeo-Ri’s face.

The Nameless Woman Episode 13

In the bathroom Jiwon glares but does not raise her voice. She asks if Sora is suddenly complacent because talk of marriage came out with a guy who would not otherwise be on her level.

Sora backs down and tells Jiwon that she knows that she would not have gotten near Do-Chi or raised up in the ranks of show business without Jiwon. She promises to try harder to get Do-Chi to propose.

The two women walk out together where they meet Do-Chi. He asks gravely how the two women could do this to him. The women pause wondering if he overheard. Then Do-Chi pauses and laughs that he never expected Jiwon to warm up to Sora this quickly.

The scene shifts back to Oliver’s bar where Mooyeol stares at Yeo-Ri’s scarless shoulder. He asks where the scar went.

Yeo-Ri glares back asking if he can be so rude. Then she calls for Oliver to help.

Oliver drives Yeo-Ri home but Mooyeol follows. Yeo-Ri has to call Maryun for help.

Maryun and her husband rush home so that they are waiting when Yeo-Ri arrives. They hug like a big family and enter together. But, Mooyeol does not leave. So, Maryun’s husband walks out to demand that Mooyeol leaves.

Mooyeol refuses demanding to know if Yeo-Ri is really their biological daughter. He even threatens to call the police.

Yeo-Ri pauses with the threat of police involvement since if their ruse falls through, everyone who helps her is guilty of helping a felon escape. She steps out and tells Mooyeol to stop acting ridiculously rude to her family and look for himself.

So, Mooyeol steps into Maryun’s house where all the pictures have been switched out with Yeo-Ri. They have even doctored an old high school yearbook.

The yearbook is the final punch. Mooyeol looks dazed and apologizes. Yeo-Ri tells him never to come near her or her family again or she will file for a restraining order.

After Mooyeol leaves, the family convenes and sighs that they must have finally convinced Mooyeol.

Meanwhile, Sora sighs about Jiwon telling her to get married to Do-Chi. She leaves the bathroom in her lingerie and runs after Do-Chi when he tries to escape. She wines that they are officially dating and even met his family. But, Do-Chi tells Sora put her cloth back on.

That night, Haejoo goes into her parents room to ask for something. Jiwon’s phone rings at that moment and Haejoo picks up. It’s the other woman threatening about Doyoung’s son again. Haejoo gasps that another woman is pregnant with her father’s child and storms out to see why Jiwon has not done anything.

Haejoo finds Jiwon in the kitchen staring at a picture of Haesung.

Then Mooyeol comes home. Since he has been convinced that Yeo-Ri is not Yeo-Ri, he suddenly acts extremely sincere to Haejoo. He pulls her into a hug and promises to do better.

The next day, Haejoo finds a post-it on her mirror from Mooyeol saying that he will work harder for her and the kids. She smiles and then pauses remembering her father’s mistress.

Haejoo goes to the mistress’s house and begins to destroy everything that she can see. The other girl does not back down and sneers and Haejoo should be nicer, after all, she might become Haejoo’s new step-mother.

Crazy mistress laughs that she has Doyoung’s son. She spouts nonsense that men are willing to die for sons. Haejoo slaps her. Hah! For once, I was happy to see Haejoo do something!

The crazy mistress glares and pulls back to slap Haejoo back. But, Jiwon appears and slams her down.

The crazy mistress continues her insanity by going to her dresser and pulling out an ultrasound picture. She hands it over triumphantly.

Jiwon doesn’t back down and answers coldly that this only proves that the girl is pregnant-not that the baby is Doyoung’s. Jiwon and Haejoo leave. In the parking lot, they decide that they need help and will engage a discreet lawyer.

Then the champion of mother-in-laws from hell calls about the champion of sister-in-laws from hell. Why? Because Yeolmae is tired from doing absolutely nothing with her life and the two are wondering why Haejoo has not set Yeolmae up with some yet? Hmmmm, maybe Yeolmae should go out and find her own guy?

Yeolmae grabs the phone and adds that she wants a guy who has perfect nostrils, someone who is muscular, and tall. Haejoo hangs up on her sister-in-law because a sister-in-law like that does not deserve respect.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi muses about Yeo-Ri in his living room. He practically giggles as he thinks about her and then decides that he is not falling for her-he just needs to thank her for saving him. After all, a person needs to give credit where credit is due.

Do-Chi calls Yeo-Ri who agrees to meet.

As Do-Chi is about to leave, Jiwon shows up at his door. She smiles that she wanted to know the contact information of the lawyer who helped him out since a scandal would have hurt the whole family as well as the company. Do-Chi is still in his need-for-approval mode and happily invites Jiwon to lunch with Yeo-Ri.

The stars of fortune shine on Yeo-Ri today. She arrives after Jiwon and Do-Chi. She walks in to see the two talking to a waiter about a private room.

Yeo-Ri recognizes Jiwon immediately and gasps. Jiwon glances over but the hat and sunglasses appear to help Yeo-Ri look like any other girl.


This was a supporting episode plot-wise that gives us more detail about the incidents to come. It was pretty good in that I was so engrossed in the details that it was over before I knew it.

One thing that surprised me was how empathetic I felt for Haejoo and Jiwon when the crazy mistress appeared. It’s like when a homewrecker is involved, a human just cannot help wanting to support the victim even if Haejoo herself is a homewrecker.

I won’t even go into it about Doyoung since that would be a straight up rant about how much I hate cheaters and liars…

Here’s to hoping that all homewreckers get their comeuppance!


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