Unknown Woman – E14

Mooyeol’s children help Yeo-Ri by creating an incident while Yeo-Ri begins to court Do-Chi.

Woman Without a Name Episode 14 RECAP

Yeo-Ri freezes and then panics.  She turns around to run away but runs into a server, which spills food onto her.  So, she heads into the bathroom to wash up.  Then, like all awkward folks, she tells her mirror that everything is fine.  There is no way that Jiwon recognized her and stay silent.

She manages to call Do-Chi.  She apologizes about something coming up and asks to meet another day.

Meanwhile, Jiwon and Do-Chi are shown to a private room.  Jiwon excuses herself to go wash up first.

Jiwon enters the bathroom and muses innocently that she saw Yeo-Ri in the hall.  Yeo-Ri was the one who ran into the server.  Yeo-Ri manages to hold it in before going to her car.

At the same time, Maryun finds out the truth about the mistress.  Maryun either found a job as the cleaning lady or she’s good at pretending she belongs.  She waltzes into the office with her cleaning equipment and overhears the doctor telling the mistress that she’s barren.

Maryun tells this to Yeo-Ri who decides that she will give the evidence (a recording) to Jiwon and Haejoo as a present.

As Yeo-Ri expects, Jiwon takes the knowledge and attacks.  She goes to the mistress’s apartment and offers a building.  She tells the mistress that all she needs to do is sign papers giving up the child once the child is born.  However, if anything happens to the child before he is born – the mistress will have to answer to the company.  Jiwon also tells the girl to move into a new bigger apartment on the company.

Jiwon leaves the girl to freak out since there is no baby.  She immediately books a flight out of Korea and runs.  But Jiwon and Haejoo are waiting for her in the garage.

Then Jiwon goes to make her next move.  She meets with Doyoung and asks for 20% of the company’s equity.  She tells him that she recently had to deal with one of his mistresses.  She even gives him the recording as evidence.  It was not a fun experience but she does not mind what he does in his spare time.  However, she wants insurance for her troubles…She’s not sure Haejoo will protect her if Haejoo finds out that Jiwon is not her biological mother.

Next move – Yeo-Ri sneaks in an invite to a Charlie Chapman exhibit among Do-Chi’s fan letters.  She knows that Do-Chi won’t be able to refuse due to his love of Charlie Chapman.

Meanwhile, Haejoo surprises Mooyeol at the office.  They walk out for lunch together but pause when they hear two of Mooyeol’s coworkers talking about him.  They call Mooyeol a male Cinderella and snicker about how he threw away his fiance and lover of many years…

Mooyeol stays silent but Haejoo storms over to pointedly look at their name tags.  She warns them that they should find another job after talking about their boss like that.

Mooyeol steps in at this point and tells his team members to go back to their desks.  He pulls Haejoo out and tells her that it’s part of the working culture.  Staff release stress by talking about their bosses.  He tells her to leave things alone since confronting it only makes it worse for him.

At the same time, Do-Chi goes to the Chaplin exhibit, which includes a video room.  Do-Chi happily watches the screen while actually getting lost in his memories of the happy times when his mother was still alive.  He was loved and could play around as he pleased.

A sound brings Do-Chi back to the present and he turns around to see Yeo-Ri get up and leave.  He runs after her.

Yeo-Ri allows him to catch up and pretends to be surprised to see him there as well.  Then when Do-Chi excitedly asks to grab a meal together, she agrees.  She recommends Oliver’s hidden speakeasy Charlie Chapman restaurant, which is the size of a room hidden behind a trapdoor bookcase.

Meanwhile, Haejoo and Jiwon get called to the school.  It turns out that during a soccer game, the twins got into a fight with a classmate.  Gaya fainted and Maya broke two of the other child’s teeth.

Haejoo and Jiwon are surprised to see Gaya in the school nurse room’s bed.  They immediately take him to the hospital and forget about Maya who seems.

Mooyeol gets called by the school teacher when Haejoo and Jiwon do not return to pick up Maya.  She also tells Mooyeol that the other children’s parents want Maya to apologize for the fight.

Mooyeol takes Maya to the hospital where the other child is currently staying.  He runs into Yeo-Ri there.

Mooyeol glares with suspicion.  Yeo-Ri smiles in return explaining that she represents the other child’s parents.


Yeo-Ri courting Do-Chi even if it’s for revenge is interesting.  Everything that she does in this episode, if done by a male main character for the main female character would be kdrama swoon-worthy level. She prepares an exhibit or finds a little known exhibition that ties directly to Do-Chi’s niche obsession and “coincidentally” waits for him there.  Then, she even takes him to a small hidden niche restaurant that caters to the same fantasy.  It is a bit interesting and a bit weird to watch it from the other side.

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