Unknown Woman – E17

Haejoo starts going crazy. While Yeo-Ri decides to help Do-Chi.

Woman Without a Name Episode 17 RECAP

While Mooyeol kidnaps Yeo-Ri, Haejoo finds out from her father that Mooyeol left the office. She runs upstairs to nervously pace until Jiwon comes in.

Haejoo tells Jiwon about installing the spy camera in Mooyeol’s car and how she’s certain that Yeo-Ri is back. Jiwon frowns to hear that Haejoo is stooping low to spy on Mooyeol. Jiwon tells Haejoo that negative thoughts breed more negative thoughts; everything seems like Yeo-Ri is back because Haejoo is stuck in the vicious cycle. But, Haejoo is not convinced.

Mooyeol’s destination was a cafe. He demands to know why Yeo-Ri keeps getting involved in his life, pressing the intercom button at his house. Yeo-Ri laughs and tells him that he’s asking her why she helped. She saw a drank man and took him home, pressed the bell so that someone would see how drunk he is and come out to take him in.

Mooyeol sighs that his family would also confuse her for his first love. Yeo-Ri cuts him off and tells him that his family’s issues with his first love have nothing to do with her. She is not Yeo-Ri so she has no reason to hide.

Yeo-Ri leaves Mooyeol and calls Oliver. She feels so confused and has no one to turn to for comfort except for him. Oy? Shall I jump to the Oliver/Yeo-Ri ship? After all, a guy’s role is to protect and Yeo-Ri feels that Oliver can protect her.

Yeo-Ri arrives at the Chaplin restaurant when it’s empty. Oliver invites her to have a seat and then she explains how she found out that her father cared for Do-Chi. After having encountered Do-Chi a few times, he does not seem like a bad person unlike Jiwon and Haejoo. So, she’s having second thoughts about using him.

Unbeknownst to the two, Do-Chi also came to the restaurant. He walks in during the point where Yeo-Ri discusses Do-Chi not being a bad person. But, it’s unclear if he overheard it.

Do-Chi exclaims surprise at seeing Yeo-Ri. Oliver covers up the awkward exchange by inviting Do-Chi to sit down for a meal even though the restaurant is closed.

Do-Chi happily sits across from Yeo-Ri and asks if Yeo-Ri is feeling better. She responds that she is but she already ate and literally speed walks away.

Do-Chi then gets a call from Doyoung. Doyoung recommends that Do-Chi just marry Sora now that the article about their marriage has gone out.

Do-Chi refuses saying that he really likes Sora but he only wants to marry someone whom he really loves. Doyoung snaps back that Do-Chi is being a child. You marry the person who you think is the appropriate person at the right time and circumstances. Then he also offers to acknowledge Do-Chi as part of the family if Do-Chi marries Sora.

That night, Haejoo waits until Mooyeol has fallen asleep. Then she sneaks out to get the memory chip from the spy camera.

When she walks back into the house, Jiwon surprises her by waiting for her. She tells Haejoo that uncontrolled jealousy can push Mooyeol to divorce her. Haejoo cries back that she cannot handle thinking that Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri are dating behind her back. So, Jiwon tells Haejoo to do what she needs to do on one condition-she discusses everything with Jiwon who is always on Haejoo’s side.

Haejoo goes up to her room to see the video footage. But then Mooyeol wakes up and calls out to her. Haejoo closes the laptop and pretends that she just could not sleep.

Awww, I love Maryun. She notices that Yeo-Ri seems off on revenge because of Do-Chi and wonders about it to her husband. He tells her what he heard from Oliver about Yeo-Ri’s dad caring for Do-Chi. Maryun wonders why Yeo-Ri did not mention this to her and her husband responds that Yeo-Ri probably felt bad after pulling them in.

Maryun decides to let Yeo-Ri think this through as they continue with the revenge plan.

Sora calls Do-Chi through his manager since he turned off his phone. She tells him that she’s at the airport and will be abroad for a few days. She refuses to post a denying article.

Meanwhile, Haejoo walks out of her shower and sees that Mooyeol took the laptop. It had her micro SD card reader from the spy cam. She runs down in her robe where Jiwon stops her. Jiwon tells her to change first and wait. Jiwon will go grab the memory card since he won’t be able to say anything to her.

Jiwon finds a memory card reader sticking out of Mooyeol’s laptop in his office. She quickly takes out the memory card seconds before Mooyeol comes in.

However, when she gets home, Haejoo and Jiwon see that Jiwon actually brought Mooyeol’s memory card home…

Back at the office, Mooyeol stares at the empty memory card reader as he remembers taking out the memory card that it had in it in the morning. He had put in a new one.

Without giving it much thought, he takes he memory card from the morning and places it back in.

He sees that there’s only a video and no PowerPoint presentation. When he clicks on it, the video of him and Yeo-Ri in his car pops up.

Mooyeol immediately goes to check his car and finds the spy cam with a new memory card in it.

Maryun is spying on Sora when they enter a hotel elevator. Sora whispers into her phone that she will be there soon asking for the hotel room number and calling the other person “honey”.

Maryun calls Yeo-Ri about the new development. So, Yeo-Ri tells her master plan chart that she will first prevent Do-Chi marrying Sora since that is Jiwon’s goal. This will be a way for her to relieve her guilt if by a little.

Then, Yeo-Ri calls Do-Chi and has him meet her at the restaurant in the hotel. The only problem? The restaurant is on the 25th floor and Do-Chi cannot take elevators because of his claustrophobia. But, a little claustrophobia is no obstacle to our love-struck Do-Chi. He decides to walk up all 25 flights of stairs.

On the side, Mooyeol goes home. Haejoo nervously tries to take his bag but Mooyeol snaps away to glare.

Back at the restaurant, Do-Chi successfully arrives on the 25th floor. They order meals and Yeo-Ri asks again about the relationship that Do-Chi had with the person who gave him the painting. Do-Chi answers that it was an uncle who was the only person who reached out to him during his hard times.

Yeo-Ri sighs. Putting her fork and knife down, she asks Do-Chi if he really loves Sora.

Do-Chi pauses and tells Yeo-Ri that he does not want to discuss Sora with anyone other than her. That is his way of respecting her.

Yeo-Ri does not plus further. Luckily, Sora and her other guy leave their room to go grab a meal at the same restaurant. Maryun texts Yeo-Ri giving her the heads up.

Yeo-Ri notes that they should get up since they are done. As they wait in front of the elevator, Do-Chi lies that he has to use the restroom. The two agree to meet downstairs and Do-Chi walks to the side.

The elevator doors open and Sora walks out with the other guy.


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