Unknown Woman – E18

As Haejoo starts getting jealous, Yeo-Ri steps it up.

Woman Without a Name Episode 18 RECAP

Haejoo takes the spy camera from Mooyeol’s phone and gives it to Jiwon to review. Meanwhile, she plans to see if Mooyeol found out about the spy camera.

At the same time, Do-Chi stops Sora and pulls off her sunglasses. He demands to know Sora is at a hotel restaurant when she’s supposed to be in a different country.

Sora grabs on to Do-Chi and cries that it’s all a misunderstanding. She suddenly had some filming scheduled so she canceled and returned. The guy is just a friend whom she’s meeting for lunch.

Do-Chi shoves Sora away and she drops a hotel room key. Everyone stares at it since it makes a sound when it hit the floor.

Do-Chi growls that they are over and turns to the emergency stairs. Yeo-Ri begins to follow. But, Do-Chi yells at her to leave him alone since he’s furious and humiliated.

Yeo-Ri goes back it and takes the elevator down. In the lobby, she gets hailed by Sora who accuses her of being the other woman.

Yeo-Ri answers that they are just attorney and client grabbing lunch. But, Sora screams back that Yeo-Ri is lying. Do-Chi cannot take elevators because of his claustrophobia. He always lives on the floor that he can walk up to and doesn’t even travel abroad because of his fear of planes. He would not walk 25 floors to just grab a meal with an acquaintance.

Yeo-Ri pauses at hearing this. She then tells Sora that it’s still a misunderstanding but Sora really has no right to accuse Yeo-Ri of anything when she’s hitting a hotel with another plan after marriage. It’s just human decency. Yeo-Ri hands Sora her business card and tells her to get in touch if Sora needs anything legal-wise.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol tells Haejoo to open his briefcase. She pauses imagining finding another spy camera there with Mooyeol accusing her of spying. When she actually opens the briefcase, however, she just finds a perfume.

Mooyeol smiles that it was the perfume that he could not give her the last time. He noticed that she put in an air freshener in his car and he wanted to thank her.

Haejoo hugs Mooyeol overcome with gratitude and guilt. She thanks him and leaves to tell Jiwon that it was all her imagination.

Jiwon looks up from her computer and also tells Haejoo that the video feed shows no one getting into Mooyeol’s car. Sneaky snake Mooyeol. I mean if the guy is willing to throw away his pregnant fiancé, lying to his current wife and mother-in-law is like eating breakfast in bed.

Sora calls Jiwon for help and tells her everything. Jiwon is frustrated to hear how stupid Sora was and tells Sora to stay silent and out of this. Jiwon will try to get Do-Chi to turn back.

At the same time, Do-Chi goes to the Chaplin restaurant and asks Oliver to have a drink. Oliver agrees seeing how Do-Chi looks frazzled. Over drinks, he tells Do-Chi about how he decides to open the jazz bar and the restaurant because he realized doctor’s treat the body but not the heart…He wanted to help people heal their hearts as well.

Do-Chi asks if Oliver also has a scar on his heart…If he’s been betrayed by the woman he’s dating as well.

Oliver picks up on the hypothetical and asks if something happened with Sora. Do-Chi answers that he’s not sure if he’s feeling betrayed, disappointed or just angry. He just knows that it makes him infuriated because Seollee saw this side of him.

Oliver asks Do-Chi what Seollee is to Do-Chi. Do-Chi answers that he does not know.

Oliver calls Maryun’s husband that Do-Chi is drunk. So, Yeo-Ri goes to the restaurant where the guy is barely able to sit mumbling drunkenly about being embarrassed to see her.

Yeo-Ri tells him not to be that way as they are friends and none of this is his fault. Any rational person would react when being attacked by scum (emphasis added by DRAMAFEED). Yeo-Ri then takes Do-Chi home and drops him into his bed.

She pauses staring at him and tells the drunk unconscious Do-Chi that she’s sorry he’s going through this. She tells him to hang in there because if he manages not to quit, fresh water will inevitably come.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Yeo-Ri sees Jiwon in the intercom camera. She turns around in a panic looking for some place to hide.

Then Do-Chi grabs her and tells her to hide in the bathroom. He also hides her shoes and opens the door.

Jiwon comes in and tells Do-Chi in a voice dripping with concern that she heard about Sora. But, she adds that it must be a misunderstanding. Sora might be a bit clutzy but she’s not a woman without values who would betray Do-Chi. She tells Do-Chi that it’s too harsh to break up with Sora without giving Sora a chance to explain.

Do-Chi refuses to change his mind until Yeo-Ri’s cell phone rings from the bathroom. Jiwon asks if anyone else is at home and Do-Chi blurts out that it’s his manager.

Jiwon turns to check out the bathroom. So, Do-Chi calls Sora and agrees to meet.

Jiwon backs on and smiles. Then she sees the painting of the ship hanging on the wall. She stops and asks how he got this painting.

Do-Chi answers that he got it from Mr. Son as a present. Jiwon’s voice gets strained as she asks if he’s in contact with Mr. Son’s family. Do-Chi sighs that he heard Mr. Son had a daughter but Do-Chi never met her. This placates Jiwon who finally leaves.

Do-Chi meets with Sora in her car. She lies that it was all a misunderstanding as she was in the hotel room with other staff members. However, Do-Chi isn’t convinced.

Sora then accuses him of having a thing with Seollee. She tells him that his inability to believe her is like her inability to believe him.

Then Do-Chi sees a part of a tie hanging out of the compartment of the passenger’s side. He opens it to find a guy’s tie, razor and other toiletries. He sighs and gets out.

Sora follows Do-Chi out of the car and even physically clings on to him begging for another chance.

Do-Chi pulls free and leaves a maniac Sora declaring that she won’t leave Do-Chi so easily. When all you have is your look and you need to get married to a guy as your main plan-you do not give up easily!

Back at home, Yeo-Ri debriefs mom and dad. She sighs that she now knows Do-Chi has his own scars. She wants to continue with the revenge plan but not use Do-Chi.

On the side lines, Mooyeol’s mom goes to the Chaplin cafe in order to get a part time job. She’s turned down since William wants someone younger for the part-time position.

Then Do-Chi arrives and asks William for help learning to cook for a new role…

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri drops by Mooyeol’s office to leave him a present. She’s recorded a couple of jazz songs and thought they could comfort him when he is going through hard times. She leaves the CD and walks out.

However, Mooyeol gets a text that Haejoo is in the building. So, he runs out and pulls Yeo-Ri into a corridor in hopes of getting her out the emergency stairwell. The door doesn’t open.

Mooyeol pushes Yeo-Ri against the wall and uses his hand to air-cover her mouth as Haejoo walks by. The moment is charged with Mooyeol being so close to Yeo-Ri in the compromising position. He leans in. Yeo-Ri begins to close her eyes but then turns away at the last second.

Haejoo happily walks until something pricks her intuition. She turns around and walks back to see Mooyeol having cornered Yeo-Ri in what looks like a make-out embrace.

Yeo-Ri looks up and her eyes lock. She smirks and in slow motion puts her hand on Mooyeol’s neck pulling him in for a nice long kiss.


Well, well, well! Looks like the Mooyeol/Haejoo ship has entered choppy waters! Most girls would flip after seeing their husband kiss another girl. I only know of one girl who would not flip in a situation like this as she herself declared that even though she’s married, she would only go clubbing without her husband since clubbing with her husband would be boring. Then again, the girl’s value standard is questionable since she’s also aware of her best friend’s younger sister being cheated on by a long-term/live-in boyfriend and supports it.

So, even if Haejoo were not the crazy jealous type, we have a situation that would make most girls crazy. If and once Haejoo’s parents find out, even if Haejoo does not toss Mooyeol to the curb, does this mean the end of his ambitions? His main plan was to take over the company as Haejoo’s husband. But what parent would let a cheating son-in-law inherit?

On the side, it was interesting to see how far Yeo-Ri has come. She changed from a girl who knew nothing except for Mooyeol… a truly loyal girl who would at a moment of a charged kiss turn her head away. Her heart has moved on with her hate of Mooyeol being greater than her love. Good job Mooyeol, your accomplishment in life – turning away the girl who would have done everything for you!

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