Unknown Woman – E19-20

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri begin to develop closer bonds as Haejoo and Jiwon hit problems.

Woman Without a Name Episodes 19-20 RECAP

Haejoo stands there shocked at Yeo-Ri kissing Mooyeol. She drops her shopping bag and faints after calling out “Son Yeo-Ri.”

The sound of the bag hitting the ground gets Mooyeol’s attention. He stops kissing his ex-fiancé and runs to pick up his wife. Hoisting her, he runs off.

Back at the Chaplin, restaurant Do-Chi cuts and dices vegetables happily. Then he gets a call from his secretary; Sora is in the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Do-Chi rushes to the hospital. Sora has her wrist wrapped up and she throws herself at Do-Chi as soon as he walks into the room. She sobs that she cannot imagine a life without him… She has been abandoned by her parents and the world – she doesn’t want to be thrown away by Do-Chi as well.

Do-Chi sighs but tells Sora that time will heal everything. If they give each other time, they will come to a point where the separation doesn’t hurt. He pulls away and leaves with Jiwon trailing behind.

Jiwon stops Do-Chi in the hallway and asks him to consider it one more time… Doesn’t he feel bad for Sora?

Do-Chi answers that it’s worse to let Sora have hope. He leaves and even begins to drive away. But, then, he feels bad when he thinks about Sora crying in his arms and turns his car around.

Do-Chi returns back to Sora’s room…only to see her wrist wrap off. She’s stuffing her face smiling and telling herself that Do-Chi will return because he’s too kind hearted.

Do-Chi sighs that he did not think Sora was that low. He walks out. Jiwon also tells Sora that she’s out.

Meanwhile, Haejoo is resting with an IV attached at home. Jiwon gets home and asks Haejoo what happened. This triggers Haejoo’s hysterical fury. She screams that Mooyeol was kissing Yeo-Ri at the company.

Mooyeol, the snake that he is, calmly tells Jiwon in an apologetic tone that he has no idea what Haejoo is talking about. Jiwon pulls Mooyeol out into the living room where Mooyeol paints Haejoo as relentlessly jealous – installing a camera into his car.

Haejoo then decides that she will prove Yeo-Ri’s existence herself. She goes to the company where she screams at the alley and then storms into Mooyeol’s office throwing things everywhere. What happened to just running the security footage?

Do-Young comes in at this point and orders everyone home – finish the personal fights at home.

So, in the living room Haejoo tells her father about seeing Mooyeol kiss Yeo-Ri. Mooyeol denies it and even Jiwon notes that Haejoo has been overly sensitive these days.

Doyoung brings Mooyeol into his office and asks if Mooyeol has another woman. Mooyeol answers that he doesn’t. Doyoung tells Mooyeol that if he makes Haejoo hurt because of a woman, Doyoung won’t leave him alone.

Jiwon comes in and announces that it’s not Mooyeol’s fault; Haejoo has an issue with jealousy. She then goes to tell Haejoo that Haejoo needs to stay strong for her kids.

Then Sora calls Jiwon out. They meet in a restaurant. Sora demands that Jiwon turn Do-Chi’s heart or Sora will tell everyone about Jiwon planting Sora next to Do-Chi.

Jiwon smiles a hard smile and asks if Sora’s child is doing well. The girl was left with Sora’s aunt and Sora has not even tried to look after the child. Jiwon warns that if Sora does not leave quietly, she will make sure everyone knows what kind of human Sora is.

Unknown to Jiwon, Sora had recorded the whole conversation. She plays the recording for Yeo-Ri.

Yeo-Ri snaps at Sora to leave her office. Yeo-Ri refuses to work with people who would abandon their children for greed and then use marriage as a tool for financial gain. Yeo-Ri also grabs the recording and announces that she will keep it as insurance. If Sora doesn’t stay out of Do-Chi’s life, Yeo-Ri will use the recording.

That night, Mooyeol apologizes to the traumatized Haejoo. Then he goes into his car to listen to Yeo-Ri’s CD.

The next day, Jiwon takes Haejoo to a psychiatrist. But, Haejoo angrily snaps that she does not need any help and they return home.

Then Jiwon gets a call from Sora. Sora tells Jiwon to turn on the television for Sora’s last gift…which is Sora announcing to the public that she is splitting up with Do-Chi after finding out that he’s the heir to WID Group.

At the same time, Mooyeol visit’s Yeo-Ri’s office and demands to know why Yeo-Ri kissed him. Yeo-Ri apologizes saying she did not know what came over her – she did not mean to make things difficult for him.

Mooyeol gets a call from Jiwon about the Sora announcement and leaves.

Within minutes, Do- Chi arrives with the first meal that he completed from Chaplin. He wants to share it with Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri smiles at his sincerity and sniffs the soup. She announces that it smells decent. Do-Chi tells her that she should assume it’s edible so that her expectations are not too high.

The two laugh and Yeo-Ri dips the spoon in for a bite. However, Do-Chi’s manager calls frantically asking Do-Chi to come back since the entertainment agency just got wind of Do-Chi being the WID Group heir.

Do-Cho apologizes as he has to leave. He asks Yeo-Ri to wait for him so that they can eat the meal together. Yeo-Ri smiles and agrees.

Meanwhile,Doyoung calls an emergency family meeting. He tells everyone that now that it’s public knowledge they can no longer pretend Do-Chi is part of the family. He also decides to call Do-Chi back home.

Do-Chi rushes to answer his brother’s request that Do-Chi stop by the house. Then, Doyoung and Jiwon tell Do-Chi to move back in after making a public announcement explaining the situation. His official stance? He felt that his family background would give him an unfair advantage so he hid it from everyone. He also has no interest in running the company.

For side coincidences, Do-Chi recognizes Yeo-Ri’s resume for the WID Group legal team on the desk. He tells Doyoung that he recommends Seollee Yoon who helped him with the baseless threat. Jiwon is also in the room as she brought in juice and notes that Seollee also helped with the Gaya/Maya incident.

Do-Chi then remembers Yeo-Ri and the meal. He rushes over to find Yeo-Ri working as she waits. They take the food outside for a picnic.

Suddenly, Yeo-Ri hears someone call out for “Bom.” She automatically gets up and runs over to see a girl around Bom’s age had Bom been alive. The little girl leaves with her mom and Yeo-Ri runs after them crying.

Yeo-Ri loses them for a few minutes but then a car pulls out of the park…Yeo-Ri recognizes that it’s the little girl and blocks it so that it is forced to stop.

Then Yeo-Ri opens the door while the mom freaks out. Yeo-Ri reaches in like a crazy woman checking to see if the little girl has the clover birth mark on her side. The girl doesn’t.

And, the mom has gotten out of the girl to pull Yeo-Ri away from the child. Why hello cameo from A Wife’ Temptation – Yoon Sohee!

Sohee slaps Yeo-Ri and pushes her to the ground. Yeo-Ri apologizes and falls to the ground sobbing.

Do-Chi finds himself at the Chaplin restaurant brooding because he feels awful after seeing Yeo-Ri so sad.

That night, Yeo-Ri strengthens her resolve for revenge. She texts Mooyeol a flirtatious text saying that she misses him more since she cannot see him.

The next day, Jiwon suggests that Haejoo try running a branch home decorations store to keep herself busy.

Then things get worse for Jiwon. She gets called in to meet the company lawyer. He tells her that Doyoung wanted to decrease her equity ownership from 20% to 5%.

Jiwon immediately leaves to confront Doyoung. However, he does not change his mind. He reminds her that she was supposed to take care of the Do-Chi issue but flopped it. If she had been an official employee, she would have had to resign.

So, Jiwon reluctantly accepts and goes back to meet with Lawyer Kim who has additional bad news. The building that had been under her name is being changed to joint ownership of hers and Haejoo’s.

Jiwon goes home after losing the battle but not the war. Then she gets a call from an anonymous caller telling her that he was at the Pyontaek Bridge 13 years ago… the same one where Yeo-Ri’s father died.

Jiwon hangs up on the man but he texts her a location to come and meet him if she doesn’t want the news to hear about what she did 14 years ago.

Jiwon ends up taking the bait and going to the park where a fellow from her orphanage waits. He laughs when she recognizes him instantly as he too recognized her back then and now instantly. He tells her that it could just be coincidence that Jiwon was at the accident scene. However, when you add that the victim was an orphan from the same orphanage, things seems off. He offers to disappear quietly if she gives him money.

Jiwon decides to call Yeo-Ri for help. She asks Yeo-Ri to look into a man and find out a way to keep him quiet. Yeo-Ri agrees and asks for the man’s information.

Yeo-Ri receives the information that Jiwon had on the threatener quickly. She notices the fact that he was from the same orphanage as her father and asks for her current “father” to investigate it.

Luckily for us, the scammer has a history of playing on the wrong side of the law and Yeo-Ri’s current dad recognizes the name. He picks up the guy and the guy tells Yeo-Ri about seeing Jiwon at the scene of the accident of his other friend from the orphanage… Yeo-Ri’s father.


First, that cameo by Jang So Hee from A Wife’s Temptation?  I loved it! Considering how much this drama seems to draw inspiration from A Wife’s Temptation with Yoon Seollee and Yeo-Ri…   It’s only fitting that the original comes in to give an approving nod or an unapproving slap ^_^

One interesting aspect of these episodes was the back-story on how Doyoung still treats Jiwon.  It appears that he does not love her even after living with her as his wife for over a decade… He gave her the 20% of equity only to decrease back down to 5% at his earliest chance.  He then ties all other assets under her name to multiple owner-ship with Haejoo.  Does Doyoung have a reason to not trust Jiwon?


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  1. Hey Dramafeed.
    1) Btw you know that Yeori is Yoon Seol not Yoon Seollee right?
    2) and I don’t think that was Jang So He in the episode making a cameo.

    • Hey NellyJelly!

      1) Yup! I am taking some artistic liberty on this one as in Korean, you usually add a “Ree” or “ee” at the end of a name when you speak fondly of someone. So, Seol turns into “Seollee” when you would talk about her as Maryun did in the beginning of the series. I think that Seollee puts a softer edge on Yeo-Ri’s character than calling her “Seol” which is pretty but still a bit stiff…

      2) Really? She really looked like Jang So He… But, since this is a daily drama I cannot be sure. It’s just my feeling though. Just like how Haejoo (Choi Yoon-So) in this drama is actually playing the personal assistant of one of the main characters Kim Heesun.

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