Unknown Woman – E21-25

Jiwon helps Yeo-Ri get into WID Group only to freak out when she sees Yeo-Ri.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 21-25

Yeo-Ri drives to Jiwon’s house and then calls Jiwon.  She asks for more information on what the threat was.  She also promises to keep everything confidential as a lawyer.

Jiwon explains how she was threatened for being at the scene of an accident of her driver.  She did nothing wrong and even tried to save Mr. Son but she could not because of the fire.  She is adamant that she did nothing wrong and would have made the same choices if she returned to that night.

Yeo-Ri keeps in her sobs and promises to figure it out.  She then calls her now-father to ask that he looks into who investigated the accident.

Yeo-Ri meets with the investigator who lies that Jiwon Hong was not at the accident scene 13 years ago.  However, he’s clearly uncomfortable and lying.  Yeo-Ri realizes that something was covered up.

That night, Do-Chi calls Yeo-Ri to check on her.  She apologizes for not calling sooner after melting down the other day.  He asks if she would come to his ad shooting the next day…Yeo-Ri agrees since she will be at the company for the legal department interviews.

After hanging up the call, she tells the BOARD OF MASTER PLANS that she will take over the company. Then, she will decide whether or not she can give it back to him.

The next day, Yeo-Ri calls Jiwon to let her know that everything was fixed.  The person who threatened her was guilty of other scams and will be jailed for the next five years.  Jiwon happily promises to do anything that Yeo-Ri wants.  Yeo-Ri answers that there is nothing that she wants at the moment.

Jiwon decides that she will hire Yeo-Ri and make Yeo-Ri their family lawyer.

Later that day, they have the official press conference about Do-Chi’s family ties.  Do-Chi broods about the lies that he is supposed to tell about how it was his desire to stay abroad and hide his family ties.  He frowns throughout the conference and only apologizes for hiding things from the public.

Doyoung answers questions on behalf of Do-Chi but Do-Chi ends up confirming Doyoungs words.  He even answers suspicions that Doyoung pushed Do-Chi out because of fears of Do-Chi taking over the company with a strong statement that Do-Chi believes the true owner of WID Group is Doyoung.

After the press conference, Doyoung tells Jiwon of his plans to get rid of WID Group’s sale of WID Fashion.  WID Fashion was developed by Do-Chi’s mother and Do-Chi’s father.  As long as WID Fashion is the face of WID Group everyone will continue to push Do-Chi into business…

Fate is on Yeo-Ri’s side.  When she arrives for her interview, she goes toward the set for the ad shooting.  She sees Doyoung standing under a shaking light and throws herself at him.  They both safely fall to the side though Doyoung falls unconscious from the impact of falling.  Yeo-Ri is even slightly scratched so her forehead bleeds.

Do-Chi finds them and takes over Doyoung’s care while Yeo-Ri runs to her interview…Except she was sent a text that the interview location moved.  She goes to the interview location only to find no one there.  Mooyeol had led her astray.

Doyoung is unwilling to hire Yeo-Ri because she missed her interview. However, Do-Chi strongly supports Yeo-Ri and Jiwon continues to lobby on Yeo-Ri’s behalf.  Jiwon insists that Doyoung hire Yeo-Ri separately since Yeo-Ri helps out their family so much and Yeo-Ri only missed the interview because she was saving Doyoung.  Doyoung agrees and Jiwon calls Yeo-Ri herself.

Cue the shenanigans! Yeo-Ri arrives on her first day of work to freak out Doyoung.  He stammers that he’s seeing “Yeo-Ri”.  Yeo-Ri laughs that she must really resemble the other lady since Mooyeol first mistook her for this “Yeo-Ri” woman as well.

Mooyeol takes over since Yeo-Ri made it clear that Mooyeol knew of her before.  He convinces Doyoung that “Seollee Yoon” is not “Yeo-Ri Son.”  He checked into Yeo-Ri’s background himself.  Doyoung tells Mooyeol to handle it.

Mooyeol begins coldly with Yeo-Ri.  However, Yeo-Ri turns the tables quickly asking Mooyeol if he knew what made her most excited about working at WID Group – working beside Mooyeol.

Then Doyoung goes out to meet with the landowner who is standing in the way of WID Group building a resort in a perfect location – Maryun.  She comes out strongly that she does not want to sell the land.  But then, she obviously looks at the buyer’s proposal and exclaims that Doyoung should have told Maryun before what company he represents.  Since her daughter just started working for WID Group, she needs to think about this carefully.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri declares that she will be suing the company for wrongful termination if they are firing her just for looking like some dead woman.  She storms out.

But then, Doyoung calls Mooyeol to cancel the firing of “Seollee Yoon.”  Mooyeol runs out to stop Yeo-Ri’s car.

When Do-Chi hears about the good news, he sends Yeo-Ri a surprise gift! An outfit set for her first day of work! Swoon! >_<

Next, it’s time for Jiwon to know about Yeo-Ri being back.  On Yeo-Ri’s first day of work, she coincidentally gets into the same elevator as Jiwon.  Jiwon stumbles when she sees Yeo-Ri and then rushes home…

Except, Jiwon had invited “Seollee Yoon” over for lunch to meet with her new talented lawyer.  It’s Yeo-Ri sitting in the living room waiting with a smile.  Yeo-Ri even brought yellow roses to show her sincere gratitude.  Jiwon backs into her room and locks the door.

Yeo-Ri decides that she has done enough for the day and excuses herself since Jiwon seems to be having a bad day.  Jiwon manages to run out to stop Yeo-Ri but Yeo-Ri is gone.

Yeo-Ri goes back to work. Mooyeol asks Yeo-Ri to come with him to see the resort land.  On the drive there, Yeo-Ri turns on music only it’s her CD.  Mooyeol quickly moves to turn it off but Yeo-Ri stops him.  She smiles that she’s happy it’s not her one-sided feelings.

Then when Mooyeol stops by a cafe, Yeo-Ri picks up Mooyeol’s cell phone to rattle Haejoo’s nerves.  She tells Mooyeol that she only did it because she was curious about Mooyeol’s wife.

Yeo-Ri’s new position is good for her plans as Mooyeol tells her immediately about Doyoung’s secret plans to sell off WID Fashion and focus on developing the resort.

Things start to heat up when Jiwon goes to the company to demand that Doyoung fire Yeo-Ri.  He refuses since he needs the land that Maryun owns.

So, Jiwon storms out to run into Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri in the parking lot.  She accuses Yeo-Ri of deliberately infiltrating the company.  When Mooyeol tries to calm Jiwon down, Jiwon slaps him.

Yeo-Ri asks for a chance to explain.  So, Jiwon agrees to give Yeo-Ri ten minutes at a cafe. The two women face off behind smiles as Yeo-Ri gives her cover story and Jiwon thinks to herself that she won’t be fooled. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri dares Jiwon to look into it all she wants.

Later that evening, some random trouble makers come to the chicken restaurant.  The man then makes a fuss about finding a piece of hair in the food.  When Maryun goes over to look into it, he plucks a piece of her hair and leaves.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi have a date at the Chaplin restaurant that cultivates at the top of a park.  She asks if he truly has no regrets about walking away from the company. Do-Chi answers that everyone has a role in life – management is not right for him but is right for Doyoung.

Yeo-Ri asks if Do-Chi is only just pretending that management does not interest him since Doyoung is his only family.  Do-Chi’s smile freezes and falters. But he just repeats that he likes acting.

As they walk away, a guy on a motorcycle attacks to get a piece of Yeo-Ri’s DNA as well.  But Do-Chi senses that something is up and pulls her to the side with both o them falling…The creepy motorcycle guy runs up to grab the hat that Yeo-Ri had been wearing and rides off.

Thanks to the accident, Yeo-Ri’s heel is broken. Cue hot offer from Do-Chi to piggy-back her home. Because what would a guy be if he can’t carry his girl when she cannot walk?

Of course Maryun is behind the motorcyclist as she has the two hair pieces sent in for DNA testing.  The report comes out that the two are a match as mother/daughter.

Why? Because Yeo-Ri’s new father Ki-Dong.  He knew that something was weird and Jiwon would be suspicious after seeing Yeo-Ri.  So, he had someone tailing Jiwon’s personal secretary.  One of his minions accidentally “ran into” Jiwon’s lackey and switched the report results.

Then Jiwon takes the short cut by telling Yeo-Ri to leave at the office. Yeo-Ri refuses since she is an official employee.  So, Jiwon grabs all of Yeo-Ri’s stuff and throws them down to the floor on the lobby.

Yeo-Ri yells back that Jiwon officially hired her. Therefore, Yeo-Ri cannot accept being fired just because she looks like another woman. Jiwon screams at Yeo-Ri to leave immediately!

However, Doyoung was walking by at the same moment.  He walks over and tells Yeo-Ri to go back to her office. Then he pulls Jiwon back into his office. He reminds her that they have to save their face in the public.  They need Yeo-Ri in order to successfully develop their resort plans.

Jiwon agrees to stand down.  But only after she goes into the office to announce that she will find out the truth eventually.  When Mooyeol tries to tell Jiwon to stay polite she only turns to him and ask if he forgot who took him out of the slums.  She only let him rise in the company because of Haejoo.

Mooyeol goes into the bathroom to tell the mirror that Jiwon cannot be like this to him when Haejoo loves him so much.  After all – his best asset is not his ability but the fact that Haejoo is stupid enough to love him.

That night, Yeo-Ri invites Mooyeol to go out for drinks since she just started at the company.  They should welcome her.  But, Haejoo calls at the same time to say that Gaya is hurt!

Mooyeol rushes home only to find Gaya healthy. Haejoo had set up wine in the room.  Mooyeol angrily accuses Haejoo of using their kids for the wrong reason and drives back to the company…

In the parking lot, Mooyeol sees Do-Chi walk into the company…

Do-Chi goes into the office to announce his feelings for Yeo-Ri.  He tells her that even when he closes his eyes or when he opens his eyes, all day, he’s only thinking of her.  He knows that he’s still not worth her but he just wants an opportunity to become a better man for her.  AWWWWWW.  Is this a guy that we can actually trust to protect Yeo-Ri?

Yeo-Ri pauses and apologizes.  She tells him that she’s not the right girl for him or deserves him.

Do-Chi answers back that if either of them are not deserving of the other…It’s him since he showed her how low he can fall with Sora.

Then Yeo-Ri sees the door open slightly as Mooyeol had come back.  She tells Do-Chi that her heart is already filled with something else.  She cannot accept Do-Chi’s feelings.

Yeo-Ri walks down with Do-Chi following.  He stops her in the parking lot and asks for a chance to convince her otherwise.

Suddenly, Mooyeol appears and tells Do-Chi to stop bothering Yeo-Ri.  After all, Do-Chi just broke up with Sora.  Do-Chi should not just play around with every woman out there.

Yeo-Ri tells Mooyeol to stop. Do-Chi also grabs Mooyeol’s arm and demands that Mooyeol apologizes for questioning his sincerity.  Just because Mooyeol can enter into insincere relationships, not everyone’s feelings are insincere.

Cue fist fight.

Meanwhile, Jiwon visits the chicken shop to check out the story further. Maryun happily greets Jiwon as Yeo-Ri’s boss.  She also “opens up” about how Seollee used to be a twin.  However, they lost one of the twins…Seollee does not know since this would only hurt Seollee.

After the fight, Yeo-ri goes with Mooyeol to keep up her ruse.  He tells her that he overheard the tail-end of the conversation when she told Do-Chi that her heart is filled with something else. He asks if that something else is him.  Yeo-Ri just nods.

Mooyeol pulls Yeo-Ri into a hug.  Yeo-Ri falls into it and then remembers how she sincerely fell against Mooyeol feeling safe in his embrace in the past. Then Mooyeol had betrayed her.  So, she turns her face into his shirt and leaves a kiss mark.

The next day, Haejoo finds the lipstick stain on Mooyeol’s shirt and demands to know what happened.  Mooyeol answers that they had drinks for the new employees.  It must have happened by accident.  HAH! Like a lipstick stain on someone’s shirt occurs by accident? He laughs that Haejoo is being overly sensitive and asks for her to pick out his outfit for the day.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri gets ready to leave for work.  She walks out where Do-Chi is waiting in his car to drive her. Even when Yeo-Ri ignores him to grab a car, he insists promising that he won’t even bother her by talking… On the ride, he taps her shoulder and points to the glove compartment where he even prepared a breakfast with a note for her.

They arrive at the company where Do-Chi gets out with Yeo-Ri.  He apologizes for trying to force his feelings on her and tells her that he understands how she would have been startled.  He promises to give her time and space but he still believes that she is his fate.  OK, where in the universe is my Do-Chi?

Yeo-Ri goes into the office where Mooyeol is waiting as he saw Yeo-Ri get out of Do-Chi’s car.  He demands to know why Yeo-Ri got into Do-Chi’s car.  Yeo-Ri answers that it was just for convenience.

Mooyeol states that he does not care of the reason – he does not like seeing Yeo-Ri with any other man.  Yeo-Ri walks up to him close.  She then tells him that she feels the same way.  She does not like seeing Mooyeol with another woman but she cannot let her feelings be known since that would make both of hem uncomfortable.

Later that day, Yeo-Ri coincidentally sees Jiwon talking with the chief legal officer.  She walks over and overhears Jiwon telling him to find a way to fire Yeo-Ri.  So, Yeo-Ri calls her father and asks for him to look into the other guy.

Finally, it’s time for Haejoo to join the fun.  She’s at work when Mooyeol’s lovely mother stops by to get some free bedding and linens because what would that woman be if she’s not sucking things out of her in-laws?  She announces that she’s so glad that Mooyeol married Haejoo instead of Yeo-Ri.

When Haejoo frowns at the mention of Yeo-Ri, Mooyeol’s mother flinches and blames seeing “Yeo-Ri’s ghost” even though Mooyeol told her not to mention it to Haejoo.

This triggers Haejoo’s suspicions.  She decides to visit the office and texts Mooyeol that she’s coming.

Mooyeol had stepped out of the office so Yeo-Ri answers the text by calling Haejoo out o the wine bar in front of the office.  Then Yeo-Ri leaves a note for Mooyeol to join her at the wine bar for their “drinks”.

Haejoo arrives just after Mooyeol at the wine bar.  Yeo-Ri smirks and goes to the bathroom with Haejoo following. Haejoo corners Yeo-Ri in the bathroom, where Haejoo accuses Yeo-Ri of seducing Mooyeol on purpose.

Yeo-Ri smiles and parrots back Haejoo’s words back to Haejoo…There is no owner in love as in Yeo-Ri is not guilty of seducing anyone since no one owns Mooyeol.

Yeo-Ri shoves past Haejoo into the hallway.  Haejoo quickly follows and then pulls Yeo-Ri around.  She slaps Yeo-Ri, which Yeo-Ri returns. Haejoo pulls back for another slap.  Yeo-Ri stops it by grabbing Haejoo’s arm and glaring until Mooyeol appears. Then Yeo-Ri lets go so that Mooyeol sees Haejoo slapping Yeo-Ri.


The same sweet cathartic feelings as when watching A Wife’s Temptation. If we did not have the background of Haejoo and family taking Mooyeol from Yeo-Ri and their child when she was Mooyeol’s fiance, I would be horrified by how Yeo-Ri is seducing Mooyeol just to ruin the family. However, since Haejoo and family are living so happily after ruining Yeo-ri’s life – it only feels drama-right that they get their full comeuppance.

Additionally, while Yeo-Ri is horrible to attack a less than happy family, what is up with Mooyeol.  He is the proverbial antagonist. He switches from his love and child for money.  He sticks around just for money and greed. And now that he thinks that he can have that greed with a side of mistress (that relieves his guilt), he goes for it.  What did it take? A few empathetic words and declarations of feelings from a woman who looked liked his fiance and suddenly Mooyeol likes the woman enough to be angry that his wife would want him home early for a drink.  He and his family really stress me out when I watch this drama.

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