Unknown Woman – E26-30

Eep! Just as Yeo-Ri decides that she has feelings for Do-Chi and might be willing to give up her revenge, Mooyeol finds enough circumstantial evidence that Yeo-Ri is Seollee.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 26-30

Mooyeol appears in time to see Haejoo slap Yeo-Ri who looks down hurt and shocked. He rushes over yelling at Haejoo at what she is thinking.

Haejoo just scoffs and asks if Mooyeol is really defending Yeo-Ri in front of her. Mooyeol tells Haejoo that Yeo-Ri isn’t Yeo-Ri and then turns to tell Yeo-Ri to leave first. Yeo-Ri happily starts to walk away but Haejoo grabs Yeo-Ri’s jacket like a gangster and rips it in her attempt to pull Yeo-Ri back. It’s the little things like the pushing and shoving that show you a person’s true character and family values…

Yeo-Ri glares back at Haejoo for her ripped jacket while Mooyeol immediately takes off his own jacket to drape over Yeo-Ri. Apologizing for Haejoo, he tells Yeo-Ri to leave first. She does and quickly disposes Mooyeol’s jacket in the trash where it belongs.

Meanwhile, Haejoo screams at Mooyeol that they are over and leaves as well. She goes home to throw all of Mooyeol’s clothes on the ground announcing that she will kick Mooyeol out. Please do!

Jiwon tries to calm Haejoo down but she is hysterical. Mooyeol’s arriving makes it worse. So, Jiwon tells Mooyeol to go to his mother’s house for the night.

When Mooyeol comes home, his mom immediately hides in her room and apologizes for telling Haejoo about the girl who looked just like Yeo-Ri. Mooyeol sighs and asks if his mom is trying to make him a beggar since if he gets divorced right now, he has nothing. Of course, Mooyeol and his family would not be thinking of the kids or the love…It’s all about the money for this family.

Then Yeolmae worries about the girl who looked like Yeo-Ri as everyone knows Haejoo’s uncontrollable temper. Mooyeol remembers his kindof mistress and drives over to Yeo-Ri’s house to check on her. He even calls her to let her know that he was worried. Yeo-Ri answers sweetly but hangs up muttering that Mooyeol has not changed from the past – ever willing to betray the girl who trusts him.

That night, Jiwon has drinks with Haejoo. She tells Haejoo about how Maryun said that Seollee Yoon was a twin. Jiwon is certain that whether Seollee is Yeo-Ri’s twin or not, the girl is here to get revenge on Haejoo by attacking her family.

In the morning, Mooyeol returns home and consoles Haejoo with more lies that he never betrayed her.

At the same time, Do-Chi shows up without his car bringing coffee for Yeo-Ri. He tells Yeo-Ri that he grounded the beans himself and he hopes that she will think of him as she drinks the coffee.

Then Yeo-Ri arrives at work. She tells Mooyeol that she lost his jacket because she was so shocked. He tells her that it’s fine and then gives her a pearl necklace to show how sorry he is.

When Mooyeol leaves the office, Yeo-Ri calls the company and asks about exchanging the necklace that Mooyeol bought for his wife for a smaller size… The employee agrees to look into the inventory and call Mrs. Koo back.

Later, when Haejoo decides to overlook Mooyeol’s shady behavior for the kids, she gets the call from the jewelry store. She realizes that something is weird since Mooyeol could have given her the necklace in the morning if it was for her.

The jewelry store calls Mooyeol about the confusion. He turns to Yeo-Ri and asks if she called about exchanging her necklace for a smaller size and she confirms. She pretends that she had no idea that it would cause any problems.

However, since the necklace was a limited edition, the shop tells Mooyeol that they just sold the other one in stock…

Yeo-Ri helpfully takes off her own necklace and tells Mooyeol to give it to Haejoo. He accepts and rushes home to lie that he bought the necklace for her but did not give t to her in the morning since she was still furious at him. Haejoo falls for it embracing Mooyeol while wondering why she ever doubted the snake.

Later, Yeo-Ri gets a call that Do-Chi showed up at the chicken shop and began an impromptu fan signing. She smiles and decides to go check in. But, she sees Haejoo walking in the lobby and changes her mind.

Yeo-Ri rushes to the elevator where she pulls out the other necklace and puts it on. Then she heads back to the office and asks Mooyeol to review one of her files because it just makes sense that a lawyer would be asking a business person to review?

When Haejoo drops by the office to surprise Mooyeol, she is officially introduced to Yeo-Ri as the attorney that has been solving all of the problems for the Koo family. Yet, Haejoo’s eyes zone in on Yeo-Ri’s necklace.

Yeo-Ri knows that the necklace is spotted and decides to leave to give the couple some time. Haejoo follows immediately and then does her thug thing by reaching and pulling off Yeo-Ri’s necklace spraying pearls everywhere. Yeo-Ri expectedly glares back and demands to know what Haejoo is doing as Mooyeol rushes out to stop the cat fat.

Haejoo huffs at Mooyeol dating Yeo-Ri in front of her eyes and pulls off her own necklace declaring that she won’t forgive either of them. What will she do? Faint.

Cue someone letting Doyoung know that his daughter made a scene at the company and fainted. Everyone returns home where Haejoo is hooked up to an IV before she wakes up and screams for Mooyeol to get out of her sight. She tells her parents everything that she saw and we convene a Koo family meeting where Doyoung asks Mooyeol if he bought Yeo-Ri a necklace.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri sidelines Do-Chi. She sees him arrive at home and calls him to meet at Chaplin now.

Then she rings the doorbell and joins the meeting explaining that she realized her Team Leader looked like he was in an uncomfortable position because of her necklace. She came to explain… Yeo-Ri pulls out a receipt noting that she bought the necklace herself; Mooyeol has no reason to buy his employee a necklace and she has no reason to accept such a gift.

Since Doyoung is the evil bad but he has base manners, he turns to order that Haejoo apologizes. Because, it’s ridiculous and really even more makjang than makjang to think that it’s too much to ask a 31 year old to take responsibility for her actions and apologize instead of running off to another country because she’s embarrassed and does not want to own up for being an idiot.

Anyways, Doyoung yells at both Haejoo and Jiwon when Haejoo does not apologize because common manners suggest you apologize when you’re incredibly rude. Haejoo bites her lips and refuses because she’s the makjang antagonist. Common manners? Nah, they don’t apply to the makjang thug female antagonists. She decides to go upstairs instead.

In this case, since Yeo-Ri technically instigated it, she pretends she is the benevolent non-existent human who does not need an apology after being treated in such a makjang manner. She tells Doyoung that she did not come for an apology but to explain the misunderstanding.

Cue flashback to explain how Yeo-Ri went to the jewelry shop right before Mooyeol to buy the last necklace.

Then Yeo-Ri meets Do-Chi in a park to tell him again to stop. She derisively adds that she is repeating her intent since he did not understand her the first time. She does not like him and she wants him to stop trying.

Do-Chi is hurt as he turns back to his car. He sees a father leaving a screaming child in the car, which triggers his own trauma. He demands that the father open the car and address the child before the child gets traumatized for being locked up by trusted family. The man refuses and a fight ensues.

Yeo-Ri is nearby talking to Mooyeol explaining the cover story that she loved the necklace so much that she bought one when they had to give hers to Haejoo. Mooyeol promised to make it up to her.

She overhears passerbys gossiping that Do-Chi is in a fight and rushes over to see him telling the man why he shouldn’t lock the kid up. Do-Chi takes the man’s keys and opens the car door for the child who runs over to his dad…

Next, it’s Haejoo’s turn to attack. She decides that the best way to get evidence that Seollee is Yeo-Ri is by having an apology meal, which Yeo-Ri would have to attend to keep up appearances.

They go to a fancy restaurant and the food comes out pre-ordered by Haejoo – all seafood. Why? Because Yeo-Ri was allergic to seafood. All eyes zone in on Yeo-Ri who smiles and happily eats a decent portion of all of the dishes before excusing herself to go back to work.

However, Yeo-Ri barely makes it to the bathroom where she tries to throw up all the food. The allergic reaction started to kick in and her face gets splotches as it becomes hard for Yeo-Ri to breathe.

Luckily, Do-Choi’s manager saw Yeo-Ri walking in before lunch and had told Do-Chi who was filming a few floors up. Do-Chi decides that a few strike outs cannot stop his game and goes down to the restaurant. He walks into the lobby to see Yeo-Ri clutching the wall as she stumbles unable to breathe.

Do-Chi runs over and pulls Yeo-Ri up asking what happened. An employee also appears and is ordered to call an ambulance. Then Do-Chi carries Yeo-Ri to an elevator deciding that every second counts. He makes it to the ambulance where Yeo-Ri gets strapped in before fainting himself as a reaction for riding the elevator.

At the same time, Haejoo and Mooyeol almost hit a real gangster in the parking lot. Mooyeol gives the gangster his card and instructs the man to call if any complications arise.

The gangster recognizes Haejoo and follows them home. He waits until Mooyeol leaves and cackles evilly that he cannot believe the little girl who ordered his group to do a skit grew up.

Haejoo is confused at first but when the man reminds her about her buying Mooyeol’s debt and asking them to go threaten to sell his mom and sister into slavery, she remembers. She tells the gangster that they have no additional business but the gangster muses that her husband would be surprised to know that his wife was the one who blocked him from attending the job interview and threatened his family.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi wakes up and rushes over to Yeo-Ri’s side. He’s there when she opens her eyes…along with Do-Chi’s manager who’s making a fuss about Do-Chi risking his life for Yeo-Ri by taking the elevator despite his own trauma.

Do-Chi pulls his manager out and tells him to go home. The other guy hugs Do-Cho saying he was so worried and Do-Chi responds that he was probably worried about his livelihood. Hah! Do-Chi tells the guy to leave and stop hugging him or others will think they are a couple.

Do-Chi goes back in to find that Yeo-Ri left her bed. He runs back around and finds her near the doors.

Do-Chi demands to know if she got out of bed to avoid him when she should be resting. Yeo-Ri glares back and asks why he’s doing this…then, her glare falls and she chokes on tears crying that she doesn’t deserve Do-Choi’s kindness or feelings…and the feelings are making it very hard for her to forget about him no matter how hard she tries…She keeps thinking of him. Yeo-Ri continues to cry that Do-Chi might be disappointed in her…

Do-Chi pulls her in for a hug and tells her that she does not need to try to not like him then. She can just give him a chance to show her that she can trust him.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol feels nervous about Yeo-Ri not coming into work. He calls the restaurant to ask about when everyone left. The employee answers that one woman fainted due to a seafood allergy and had to be taken to the hospital by the actor Do-Chi.

Mooyeol decides that Seollee is Yeo-Ri and rushes to the hospital.

Yeo-Ri, of course, has gone home with Do-Chi. In front of her house, he hugs her again and asks for a chance to prove that he can help her get over her trauma and scars from the past. Yeo-Ri asks for some time to think about it…The couple has no idea that Mooyeol arrived and has been watching the two looking close from his car.

The next day, Mooyeol is cold towards Yeo-Ri because he suspects her real identity. He directly asks her if she did not have to take off early the other day due to her seafood allergy and even implies that had he known lunch would be seafood, he would have warned her.

No matter how nicely Yeo-Ri acts, Mooyeol is cold. But, then, Haejoo saves Yeo-Ri as Haejoo has tasked the gangsters to follow Yeo-Ri. When Yeo-Ri and Mooyeol go to a meeting, a black car follows and Yeo-Ri spots it.

She tells Mooyeol about the tail and deliberately calls the other people that they are meeting to change the location to a hotel room.

Cue Haejo rushing to the hotel after getting a call from her spy. She manages to bully an employee into opening several hotel rooms until she finds one where Yeo-Ri is holding a conference with five other men. Yeo-Ri glares at the intrusion and demands to know what is going on.

At the same time, Mooyeol hid in another room to catch their tail off guard. He pulls the gangster into a stairwell and threatens to call the police if the gangster does not explain who ordered him to follow.

The gangster barely puts up a fight and quickly tells Mooyeol that calling the police will only make his wife’s life harder since Haejoo tasked him to follow Yeo-Ri.

Mooyeol recognizes the man as the loan shark that threatened to ruin Mooyeol’s life and sell Yeolmae and mom into prostitution. The gangster denies responsibility for that as well to get out before Mooyeol really does call the cops. The gangster tells everything about how Haejoo had paid for him to do that in the past as well.

At the same time, Haejoo begs Yeo-Ri not to tell Mooyeol about Haejoo going crazy. She even kneels. Because, why not? If pushing, shoving, ripping off necklaces like a gangster with no manners does not work – might as well try begging?

Meanwhile, Jiwon visits the chicken shop to offer twice the going rate for Maryun’s land.  Maryun answers seriously that instead of money, she wants Jiwon’s equity shares in WID Group.

 Jiwon bristles and Maryun laughs.  She tells Jiwon that she was just joking.  However, she will talk to Seollee about Jiwon’s offer since she does not want to just gain money and see Seollee fired.
Turning back to the hotel, Mooyeol walks toward the two girls.  Yeo-Ri pulls Haejoo into an empty room and agrees to keep this from Mooyeol as long as Haejoo stops suspecting her of being Yeo-Ri.  She explains that she does not want to break up a family and she knows that Haejoo is only doing this to protect her family.
Then Yeo-ri lets Haejoo run away… But, when she turns, she runs smack dab into Mooyeol watching.  She smiles and asks how much Mooyeol saw.
Mooyeol walks over and tells her to stop acting. He calls her Yeo-Ri.  Yeo-Ri denies it but Mooyeol tells her that he has evidence.  He heard from both the restaurant and the hospital that Seollee was hospitalized from an allergic shock after eating the seafood.
Yeo-Ri changes her story and tells Mooyeol that she’s actually a twin.  She had not known before either but she learned recently after Jiwon visited her parents… Then she lays it on thick.  She knows how unbelievable this is.  Even if she is a twin, how could both girls fall for the same man?
That shuts Mooyeol up and Yeo-Ri excuses herself to rest.
Then things get bad for Do-Chi.  He walks in on his manager getting yelled at and being hit by the director for Do-Chi skipping out on a filming because Do-Chi had taken Yeo-Ri to the hospital.  Do-Chi tells the director to yell at him directly and apologize to the manager.  The director? He decides that Do-Chi is being cocky due to his money and fires Do-Chi on the spot.
Do-Chi isn’t too down but he goes to explain it to Doyoung anyways.  When he sees Yeo-Ri in the lobby, he even takes the elevator saying that he can go anywhere if it’s with her.
Doyoung yells at Do-Chi for damaging the WID Group name as a cocky actor who doesn’t care about professionalism.  But, Do-Chi keeps his mouth shut about how he was at the hospital with Yeo-Ri because Yeo-Ri had asked him to keep it a secret.  Doyoung tells Do-Chi to go abroad until everything quiets down.
The next day, as Do-Chi prepares to leave the country Mooyeol coincidentally runs into Jiwon’s secretary/Doyoung’s driver.  He has the background check results on Yeo-Ri’s parents.  Mooyeol demands that the guy hands over the file to him once he hears that it’s for Jiwon.
Mooyeol opens it up and sees that it shows Maryun being in the same prison as Yeo-Ri at the same time as her.  He assumes that this information means Seollee is Yeo-Ri.
On the way to the airport, Do-Chi stops by Yeo-Ri’s apartment building.  She had just heard from Maryun about Do-Chi leaving thanks to Oliver 😉 The DRAMALAND grapevine is live and well.
Yeo-Ri walks out just as Do-Chi is about to leave.  She calls out for him and tells him not to leave her.  She wants him to stay by her side.  Cue Do-Chi pulling Yeo-Ri into a hug.
They go sit down and Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she likes him a lot.  Do-Chi smiles that that’s enough for him.  He does not need anything else… Their moment is broken when Mooyeol calls.
Mooyeol has Yeo-Ri meet him at a nearby police station.  He accuses her of being Yeo-Ri and if she’s not, she can get her fingerprint tested to see if she is not an escaped convict.
Yeo-Ri takes Mooyeol to the side and tries to deny it.  But, then, Mooyeol pulls out the investigation results on Maryun… Now that Yeo-Ri knows that Mooyeol has enough circumstantial evidence to make things bad for her and her new parents, Yeo-Ri changes her tactics.
Yeo-Ri lets her tears fall.  She tells him that she is Yeo-Ri and came back to get revenge on Haejoo as she lost Bom… But, she couldn’t when she saw Mooyeol…
The information about Bom dying gets to Mooyeol.  He hugs the crying Yeo-Ri close and tells her that he’s sorry.
The next thing we know, Yeo-Ri rushes home while Mooyeol is driving somewhere else.  She finds the old ring that Mooyeol gave to her when he proposed to her.
Fate is on Yeo-Ri’s side.  When Mooyeol gets back to the company, Doyoung is in a mood because Mooyeol was not at work when they need to sell WID Fashion while Do-Chi is gone.  As soon as Mooyeol walks into Doyoung’s office, Doyoung’s tissue box goes flying and hits Mooyeol’s face with Doyoung yelling.
Then Yeo-Ri shows up at work wearing her engagement ring.  She tells him that she never forgot about Mooyeol…She always thought about Mooyeol and dreamed about the day that they could be together. These dreams were the only ones that kept him going.
She even threatens to go tell Doyoung off for hurting Mooyeol now that she is not afraid to go back to prison.  She only wants Mooyeol to know how much she cares for him.  Her words get through to Mooyeol who pulls her into a hug again.  He tells her that he’s sorry for leaving her and for suspecting her.
Then, Mooyeol gives Yeo-Ri the background check results.  He tells her to get rid of it.  Yeo-Ri asks about Haejoo.
Mooyeol declares that he’s going to get as much as he can from the family and then divorce Haejoo since it was never meant to be in the first place.
Yeo-Ri calls Do-Chi afterwards but she’s unable to tell him anything…She does tell her new parents about Mooyeol and Maryun curses that Mooyeol never does anything good for her and keeps ruining Yeo-Ri’s life.  Now that Yeo-Ri just found real love, Mooyeol has to come around and find out her secret.
That evening, Maryun’s family is invited to Jiwon’s house for dinner about the land. Cue possible shenanigans.
The whole theme of my commentary for this subarc is summed up by Maryun’s amazing line, “That guy does nothing good for you other than ruin your life!” Definitely explains Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri’s relationship.  We finally get to a point where Yeo-Ri has moved on a bit from her traumatizing past and was living in the moment when she is with Do-Chi.  She even confesses to Do-Chi to keep him from leaving the country.
Yeo-Ri’s confession shows how much Yeo-Ri has developed thanks to Do-Chi’s sincere feelings.  She is not tied up by the scars of her past.  Mooyeol’s betrayal.  Jiwon/Haejoo’s evil antics.  The loss of Bom.  Instead of calculating what she needs to do in order to achieve her revenge, she is living in the moment of being with Do-Chi.  That is amazing.
Of course, timing would have it that Mooyeol finds enough to make Yeo-Ri confess just as she’s about to embark on a relationship that could have healed her so that she no longer needs revenge.  Of course, Do-Chi comes with his own boatload of baggage – the Koo family but it looks like Do-Chi knows when and where to draw the line against them.
Now that Mooyeol knows, will Do-Chi find out? Will it then be love or revenge? =___=
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