Unknown Woman 46-50

Do-Chi wakes up and sides with Yeo-Ri getting engaged again.  Meanwhile, Doyoung ends up in a scuffle.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 46-50

Yeo-Ri calls the police and Maya walks out sobbing. Yeo-Ri realizes that Maya must have seen the whole thing and hugs the child close promising that Do-Chi will be alright.

Do-Chi is taken in an ambulance with Yeo-Ri and Maya following in Yeo-Ri’s car. Yeo-Ri asks who did it. Maya stutters but is unable to answer.

At the same time, Jiwon arrives at home without the brooch which Gaya notices and points out disappointedly since he was the one who recommended it. Jiwon goes back to the scene of the accident but the brooch isn’t there. So, she takes the memory card from Do-Chi’s car’s black box instead.

Yeo-Ri then calls Doyoung and Jiwon to the hospital. They randomly don’t see Maya sitting on the bench and accuse Yeo-Ri of being suspicious for being at the scene of Do-Choi’s accident. Yeo-Ri cuts it off by letting them know that there was a witness – Maya.

Doyoung and Yeo-Ri both ask Maya what she saw but the girl just shivers and cries unable to talk. Jiwon takes the opportunity to protectively hug the girl saying that Maya is suffering from shock. She notes that she will take Maya to get something to drink.

Jiwon then asks Maya if Maya saw Jiwon. The girl is unable to do anything but make sounds. Suddenly, Yeo-Ri shows up and tells Jiwon not to stress Maya out. Jiwon just snaps at Yeo-Ri in return not to interfere.

The surgery ends. They stopped the bleeding but Do-Chi remains unconscious.

Jiwon takes Maya home to threaten her more. But, Haejoo walks in and comes to the rescue of her daughter right as Maya refuses to give up the brooch she had picked up earlier.

At the same time, Mooyeol wonders about the missing child poster musing that it’s Maya when she’s younger. He calls the number but Maryun ignores it assuming Mooyeol just wants to demand his shares back.

Next thing we know, Doyoung isn’t completely horrible. He wins points again for the first time since he had the basic common decency to tell his daughter to apologize for her rude makjang behavior when he tells the comatose Do-Chi to get up as a young man shouldn’t be spending his life lying down. Then, he goes home where Jiwon absentmindedly notes that it’s lucky that Do-Chi is unconscious instead of prying into the modified will. Doyoung immediately glares and yells at her that even if he hates Do-Chi, Do-Chi is family so he doesn’t want Do-Chi hurt. Perhaps this guy is forgiveable and not a murderer?

The next day, the police investigator arrives to ask Maya questions about the “hit and run”. However, with her mother and Jiwon in the background, Maya does nothing other than staring at the floor.

The next skirmish occurs. Dooshik got Yeo-Ri a chance to be on the missing children’s search show. However, Jiwon’s lackey overhears them discussing it.

Jiwon goes to offer to sponsor the program from WID Group with the condition that they cut Seollee’s search for Bom. The program administrator agrees even though Yeo-Ri was supposed to be on a live broadcast that day.

Yeo-Ri comes home defeated for the time being. Yet, family to the rescue! Because family is about supporting each other not sabotaging them out of power play! Dooshik had just made a phone call and he tells Yeo-Ri to go back to the broadcasting network.

Then, Do-Chi wakes up. He remembers his last conversation with Attorney Kim and calls him. Attorney Kim had just fled his captors and agrees to meet Do-Chi at the hospital.

Of course, Jiwon is very active in this subarc. She had come to check on Do-Chi and overhears. She has her secretary arrange for Attorney Kim’s wife’s surgery at with a famous doctor and waits for him at the lobby doors. When he arrives, she calls Mrs. Kim on speakerphone to ask about the planned surgery and gives Attorney Kim an option – his wife’s surgery or supporting Do-Chi.

At the same time, Maya wakes up from a nightmare about Do-Chi getting hit. She decides to tell someone about Jiwon before Jiwon hurts Do-Chi again.

Then, the network searches for Yoon Kidong (sorry name change folks! I thought Maryun’s husband was Dooshik but it’s Kidong). Kidong answers the call from the PD apologetic that he cannot make it in since his restaurant caught on fire. He offers up his daughter as a substitute for the broadcast… which is Yeo-Ri waiting on the sidelines.

Back at the hospital, Attorney Kim apologizes to Do-Chi. He confesses that he cannot abandon his wife so he cannot give Do-Chi the original will. However, he promises to stand by Do-Chi when Do-Chi gathers enough strength to actually fight and win over Doyoung.

Time for things to get tense! Jiwon goes home where Gaya is excited to watch the Searching for Children show. They turn it on to see a picture of Maya/Bom in the background with Yeo-Ri tearfully explaining that she is looking for her niece, who was treated at Kangnam hospital for pneumonia and then disappeared. She also adds the identifying birthmark.

Gaya recognizes Maya and exclaims that it’s his sister just as Haejoo walks into the living room. Jiwon panics and then turns off the television ordering Gaya to go to his room.

Mooyeol also sees the show at his restaurant and decides to skip out on work even though it’s the first day. Because, responsibility is for non-loser snakes.

Do-Chi comes back into his hospital room to see Yeo-Ri and it’s unclear if he saw Maya’s photograph. He then gets distracted because Maya comes into his room sniffling. She is still unable to talk but she hands him the brooch and Do-Chi guesses that it has something to do with the person who caused his accident.

Do-Chi asks Maya if she saw the perpetrator’s face. The girl opens her mouth but no sounds come out and tears fall. Do-Chi quickly puts two and two together thinking out loud that it must be someone Maya cannot tell on. He hugs her tightly and tells her that it’s alright.

At the Koo residence, Mooyeol arrives and lies that he agrees to divorce Haejoo. However, he first wants to talk with Haejoo. Then, he asks for a glass of water. While Haejoo goes downstairs, he steals a photograph of baby Maya.

Mooyeol then leaves telling Haejoo that he will never agree to a consensual divorce. He also makes it clear to Jiwon that he suspects about Maya.

Jiwon follows Mooyeol just in time to see Mooyeol hugging Maya who comes home. Jiwon orders that Maya goes inside. Then Mooyeol smirks asking if Jiwon is surprised that he recognized his biological daughter. Jiwon is shocked speechless. Mooyeol tells Jiwon that he will keep it a secret from Haejoo and Yeo-Ri but Jiwon better give him something in return.

Things are on fire! Do-Chi storms into Doyoung’s office with his bandages still on. He demands to know if it was Doyoung who ordered the hit and run just like Doyoung needed Do-Choi’s mom to pass away in order to inherit the company. Doyoung denies it.

So, Do-Chi slams down the brooch. Doyoung stutters seeing the brooch but insists that he doesn’t recognize it. Do-Chi declares that he will just have to ask Jiwon herself.

Do-Chi rushes home in time to interrupt Jiwon yelling at Maya to handover whatever she picked up at the scene of the accident. The little girl still isn’t talking and only crying.

Do-Chi bursts in telling his sister-in-law to stop attacking the child. He holds up the brooch asking if she’s trying to find the brooch from Maya…and, they take the rest of the conversation to Doyoung’s study.

Jiwon denies that the brooch is hers and implies that it was Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi isn’t convinced and accuses her of also kidnapping Attorney Kim who was going to show her the original will. He tells her that he didn’t expect her to confess and tell the truth because a person who has a habit of resolving problems with lies will continue to lie. He warns Jiwon not to attack Maya anymore as he won’t let her be.

Do-Chi leaves and runs into Doyoung outside the door. He walks into the study with his wife and asks how could it be her. She tries to deny it but Doyoung was the one who gave her the brooch as a birthday gift. Jiwon finally confesses saying that it was ALL for him of course. He asks if she was willing to hurt people ALL because of him and Jiwon screams that she did all the dirty work BECAUSE of him.

Doyoung pulls out a small box with Mr. Son’s old phone. Jiwon is shocked into silence asking how he has it. But Doyoung only asks why she has the dead Mr. Son’s phone? Was she at that accident scene as well? Jiwon screams that these were all NOT her fault! They were all accidents!

Doyoung declares that he cannot stand this vile woman as his wife and leaves.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi goes back to Maya and gives her a cell phone. He tells her that he’s saved himself as speed dial #1. If she is ever in trouble, she can call him.  Maya also asks for Yeo-Ri’s number saying that Yeo-Ri is also hurt. She calls Yeo-Ri and tells her about the new phone.

Next thing we know Do-Chi holds a press conference declaring that he’s quitting acting and going into his family’s company. He then goes to Doyoung’s office explaining that he’s entering the company to protect the company and his parents’ wishes. Surprisingly, Doyoung reacts reasonably. He sighs and promises to give Do-Chi a position.

Do-Chi walks out and meets first Jiwon who is furious at him and then Yeo-Ri with Maryun. Maryun walks on ahead to give the two space and Yeo-Ri asks about his health. Do-Chi answers coldly that it’s none of her business.

So, Maryun and Yeo-Ri head up to Doyoung’s office with a decorative plant. He’s unable to kick them out since they are a major shareholder and the two leave the plant as a gift.

Then, Mooyeol decides that he can wait no longer and fixing his life by his own abilities is not in the question. He calls Jiwon to ask if she’s decided how to keep him quiet about Bom. Jiwon smirks that he’s the type of trash that will continue to extort her even if she pays him off unless he has something to offer as proof of his sincerity.

Mooyeol tells Jiwon that Seollee is Yeo-Ri. Maryun and Yeo-Ri were in the same prison at the same time…

Jiwon furiously rushes to Yeo-Ri’s apartment and immediately confronts her with a slap. Yeo-Ri owns up yelling back that she will never forgive Jiwon for taking away Bom.

At the same time, Haejoo visits Doyoung with Gaya who watches television on his cell phone. After the meeting, Gaya leaves the phone there allowing Doyoung to pick it up. When he sees the scene that Gaya was watching, Doyoung realizes that Maya is Bom.

Back at Yeo-Ri’s apartment, Jiwon calls the police to turn Yeo-Ri in. Jiwon also threatens to put Yeo-Ri’s parents in jail as well. Yeo-Ri falls to he knees and begs Jiwon to leave Maryun and Kidong alone.

Then, Jiwon is interrupted by a call from Doyoung. He asks who Maya really is. When Jiwon is unable to answer, he declares that he wants a divorce.

Cue Jiwon rushing to Doyoung’s office with Yeo-Ri following to beg for Maryun and Kidong. Jiwon gets there first. Doyoung calls Jiwon a monster and states that he will divorce her. Jiwon screams back that she will never divorce him.

Doyoung tries to throw her out of the office and a scuffle ensues. Jiwon overpowers Doyoung in her panic and he slips backwards hitting his head on the edge of the desk. He falls and a pool of blood begins to flood near his head.

Yeo-Ri walks in and stops. She stares at Jiwon in horror while Jiwon orders that Yeo-Ri call an ambulance. Yeo-Ri does.

Haejoo also returns for Gaya’s phone and sees the two women around her unconscious father. She immediately accuses Yeo-Ri of being guilty and screams at Yeo-Ri asking why she hurt Doyoung.

The ambulance comes and Haejoo leaves with the paramedics.

Then the police calls Jiwon about not finding the escaped convict. Yeo-Ri grabs the phone and hangs up. She picks up the plant that she and Maryun had left there throwing it on the ground. In the pieces, she picks up a memory card from the hidden camera.

Yeo-Ri tells Jiwon that if Jiwon calls the police back, she will handover the memory card and everyone will know Jiwon for the monster that she is. Jiwon purses her lips and agrees on the condition that if Yeo-Ri ever gives the evidence to the police, she will also tell them about her and her parents.

Mooyeol sees the news about Doyoung’s accident and declares that he’s quitting. Because ya know the rest of his family ain’t working why should he? He then goes to the hospital but stays back in the hallway to eavesdrop on the family conversation among Haejoo, Jiwon and Do-Chi.

Haejoo blames Yeo-Ri for the accident on the grounds that there were only two other people in the office with her father – Yeo-Ri and Jiwon. However, Jiwon suspiciously stays mute and Mooyeol realizes that either Jiwon was guilty or Yeo-Ri has something on Jiwon. He goes back to the company.

Back at home, Yeo-Ri and her parents review the memory card footage. It shows Jiwon physically fighting with Doyoung but cuts off as it was damaged when she broke it. They don’t have enough evidence to end Jiwon but they have enough to pretend to Jiwon otherwise and keep her at bay.

Do-Chi corners Yeo-Ri at her house next demanding to know if she hurt Doyoung for revenge. Yeo-Ri answers that Doyoung was already on the floor when she arrived. She had come because Jiwon knew about Yeo-RI’s true identity and threatened to turn the whole family in.

Do-Chi goes back to Jiwon to ask her. But Jiwon insists that Yeo-Ri was there first. When Jiwon entered the office, Doyoung was already unconscious.

Doyoung goes back to the company building to check the security feed. However, Mooyeol was already there. Mooyeol took a copy of the feed and then deleted any other copies.

Mooyeol takes the memory card to Jiwon and offers it to her. He explains that it’s time for Jiwon to run the company. Since the footage shows Jiwon going into the office first and Yeo-Ri entering after, it means that Jiwon has to be guilty. Jiwon can destroy the only evidence of her guilt as long as she takes Mooyeol as her assistant.

Do-Chi arrives shortly later. He sees the memory USB drive and demands it. But, Mooyeol runs into the bathroom. His hand hovers over the toilet but it’s unclear whether he really flushes it.

Do-Chi is ready to fight more but Jiwon gets a call from the hospital. The surgery is over.

Mooyeol’s mother continues to prove how classless she is. When she tries to see Gaya after school, she finds Haejoo already there. Haejoo tells Gaya never to follow this strange woman and tells Mooyeol’s mom to leech off of Yeo-Ri instead. Of course, this leads to a verbal spat that Mooyeol’s classless mom escalates by shoving and grabbing Haejoo. Ugh.

Later, we see the difference between Jiwon and Mooyeol’s mom as compared to Maryun and Kidong. Yeo-Ri had treated them to a nice lunch and gave them cruise tickets telling them to take a nice long vacation for all their efforts. She also gives them an envelope with a lawsuit petition from them against her for scamming them and using their daughter’s identity without their knowledge and against their will. She explains that if Jiwon decides to turn on her, she wants Maryun and Kidong to file the papers so that they don’t fall with her.

Maryun cries following Yeo-Ri into her room and Kidong is not far behind. Maryun tells Yeo-Ri that they think of her as their daughter. They aren’t going to leave her and blame her when things get bad because that isn’t family.
Awwwwww, the meaning of family from a daily drama if only everyone adhered to such basic tenets.

Next Haejoo arrives to throw a petty tantrum. Yeo-Ri decides that she’s tired of getting abused by this loser and pushes Haejoo away when Haejoo shakes her. Yeo-Ri tells her to find out the facts before being so rash.

So, Haejoo goes home where Mooyeol waits for her in the bedroom. After all, the guy lacks class or conscious. Why would he feel guilty at all?

Mooyeol smiles that Jiwon already recognized him as family again. He adds that he loves her making her scream.

On the side, Do-Chi coincidentally finds divorce papers on Doyoung’s secretary’s desk as he walks by. The secretary confirms that right before Doyoung fell, he had ordered the divorce papers get drawn up. Doyoung takes them.

In the parking lot, he sees Yeo-Ri and asks her once more if she didn’t hurt Doyoung and if she can prove it. Yeo-Ri shows him the video that recorded Doyoung physically fighting with Jiwon.

Do-Chi faces Yeo-Ri and asks her why she hates Jiwon so much. Is there anything else that she’s hiding from him? Yeo-Ri sighs and explains that she was Haesung’s donor and the family’s adopted child. Then, Haesung needed another donation but she was pregnant at the time and could not give up her baby…That’s when she met Do-Chi and went to prison where she had Bom…and, Jiwon took Bom away. Finally, she adds that Jiwon was at the accident scene of her father.

Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri that just as she used him, he wants to use her. He asks her to marry him and they will get revenge on Jiwon. He will trust her since he knows that her hatred for Jiwon is as strong as his. Yeo-Ri agrees.

Meanwhile, Jiwon tells Haejoo at the hospital that the real Yeo-Ri is back. As such, they should hold on to Mooyeol.

Haejoo suggests that they just tell the police. Jiwon stops her saying that Yeo-Ri knows too much. But, Haejoo doesn’t want to listen and pulls free leaving. Jiwon calls Mooyeol to stop Haejoo.

Mooyeol tries to stop Haejoo in the lobby. This extra time allows for Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri to arrive. Haejoo glares and announces that she’s going to turn Yeo-Ri in.

Yeo-Ri smiles and asks Haejoo if she has Jiwon’s permission. Then Do-Chi snaps at Haejoo to be polite to her future aunt. The two leave Haejoo in the lobby and go to Doyoung’s hospital room. Do-Chi tells the unconscious Doyoung that he is marrying Yeo-Ri and will protect WID Group. He also adds that he will find who did this to Doyoung. Yeo-Ri also announces that she will get revenge on the person who did everything to her.

Jiwon snarls that the two youngsters are idiots declaring a challenge in front of an unconscious person. She asks Do-Chi if he’s considered what would happen if Doyoung passes and the company falls into her hands. Suddenly, Doyoung’s vitals go crazy.

The hospital staff kick them out to stabilize Doyoung’s vitals.

The next day, Jiwon moves first. She distributes a notice to the shareholders asking to convene an emergency meeting to vote on making Jiwon the interim CEO. Yeo-Ri’s family fights back by calling the company and changing the topic to a vote between Jiwon and Do-Chi since Maryun is one of the largest shareholders.

We skip to the vote as the names are called out one by one. The result? It’s a tie.

However, Jiwon has another card up her sleeve. Her team pulls up a PowerPoint that displays a copy of Doyoung’s will regarding having Jiwon take over the company if something happens to him. Even though Yeo-Ri reviews it, she finds it authentic.

The shareholders who support Do-Chi don’t back down declaring that they cannot accept Doyoung’s succession plan when the original CEO’s son is still there. They threaten to fight it.

Jiwon smirks and declares that she can negotiate with them. She is willing to accept Do-Chi if he proves himself first. So, she will give him a position in the company to let him prove himself.

The first thing that Jiwon does is fire Yeo-Ri.

Then Jiwon and Haejoo come home to find Gaya sick…

At the same time Do-Chi is shown an interest office that looks like it’s being used as a storage room. It’s overflowing with boxes of the clothes that they could not sell. His first task is to sell it all at no less than 20% discount.

Back at the Koo residence, Mooyeol comes home and sees Maya being treated like an unwanted child again. He hugs her and tells her that he’s so thankful that Maya is his daughter.

Jiwon happens to see this and pulls him into the study. She glares at him and demands to know if he came back into the house not to help her but to watch over his daughter. She orders that he never shows that Maya is his real daughter.

Mooyeol asks in return why Jiwon brought Maya home even thought Jiwon hated Maya so much. Of course, Haejoo overhears the fight. She bursts in screaming at Jiwon asking her how Jiwon could bring Yeo-RI’s daughter into their house and not tell her?! She sobs realizing that she loved Maya not knowing any of this.

Haejoo continues to freak out saying that she cannot forgive any of them. She storms up to Maya’s room.

She throws random clothes into a luggage bag and grabs the crying little. Haejoo then pulls the little girl and drags her downstairs toward the doors despite Gaya crying and following.

Do-Chi arrives with Yeo-Ri minutes later. Do-Chi finds the scene suspicious with only Maya having her bags packed and demands to know what’s going on. But, Haejoo glares at both Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri and takes Maya outside.

However, during the drive, Maya cries to her mother that she’s sorry. Haejoo loses herself in a flashback where she lost the original Maya. Haejoo had been so depressed that she sat in a corner in the nursery not doing anything but crying.

One day, Jiwon brought the current Maya home as a toddler. Jiwon had told Haejoo that the little girl lost her parents and Haejoo finally looked up.

Haejoo ends up leaving Maya at an orphanage. But, luckily, Mooyeol arrives minutes later. He tells Haejoo to go home since Gaya fainted. Then he comforts Maya before bringing her home.

After checking on Gaya, Haejoo turns to glare at Jiwon asking how Jiwon could betray her like this. Jiwon looks back stoically asking Haejoo how she still doesn’t see it when Gaya just fainted. Doesn’t she realize the risk? If Gaya falls to the same illness as Haesung, they may need Maya to be a donor.

The next day, Jiwon goes to work. Her first order? Fire all of the directors who opposed her.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi submits his first proposal. Slightly reform all of the unselling stock and try to sell them again. Mooyeol refuses on the grounds that the design team is busy.

Then Maya comes home. She went to school alone since Gaya was resting. No one waits for her in the living room or welcomes her. She goes to Gaya’s room to check on him where she finds Haejoo fawning over Gaya.

Maya announces that she’s home and asks if Gaya is fine. She automatically reaches out her hand to check his temperature but Haejoo snaps it

Haejoo angrily orders Maya not to touch her brother with her dirty hands. Maya looks down and apologizes before leaving.

Then Haejoo sighs that Maya doesn’t deserve this. She goes into Maya’s room and apologizes for being sensitive since Gaya is sick. She even promises to bring snacks up. But, she looks over and sees Maya’s drawings. Suddenly, Yeo-Ri’s face floats in front of her. Haejoo frowns and leaves.

Haejoo goes to the hospital to whine to Jiwon. She cries that she cannot deal with not Yeo-Ri and Maya. Jiwon answers that Yeo-Ri is looking for her daughter, even going on television. If Yeo-Ri gets her daughter back, what happens if Gaya gets sick.

Haejoo narrows her eyes. She asks Jiwon bluntly what Yeo-Ri has one Jiwon which makes Jiwon pause from turning her in. When Jiwon doesn’t answer, Haejoo decides to ask Yeo-Ri for herself.

Jiwon calls Mooyeol to stop the meeting. So, he goes and pulls Yeo-Ri from the company building lying that he found someone who knows about Bom. However, where he drives out to only has Jiwon’s goons.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jiwon gets the report and declares that she has to do something. She cannot just leave Haejoo to meet Yeo-Ri. The heart monitor begins beeping and Doyoung’s eyes open.


Well…well…well… Another fast paced subarc satisfying our need for short stories in this era of dwindling attention spans.

I like how this is playing out because I cannot be sure how long these alliances will last or what will be the smaller outcomes that lead to the end result. For example, I didn’t expect that the Yeo-Ri/Mooyeol facade would torn so quickly and Mooyeol would extend his hand to Yeo-Ri.

Another thing that I didn’t expect was that the drama would pit Doyoung against Jiwon. Are they trying to rehabilitate his character so that he/Haejoo/Do-Chi/ Yeo-Ri can become a happy family? That is a high gamble considering that Haejoo is a girl who’s values include seducing married men and Doyoung locked his elementary school brother in the storage room so that the kid couldn’t attend his mother’s funeral. I feel like too many lines were passed for this to be easily forgiven without an actual sincere apology and some actions evidencing the sincerity in addition to time.

Another thing that surprised me was the revelation that Mooyeol knew Maya was adopted. That fact that Haejoo and Mooyeol loved Maya despite adopting her might be the only thing that I have seen in the past 40 episodes that seems remotely human or decent for these two characters. Of course, both disappointed me in the same subarc. Haejoo actually physically driving her child that she raised for ten years at an orphanage instead of freaking out like the rest of us but leaving the kid alone at first. And, Mooyeol who used his own biological daughter as currency to barter a job and lodging.

And, that’s it for now. DRAMAFEED out.

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