Unknown Woman 51-52

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri get a break in selling the reformed clothes while Mooyeol’s mother finds out about Maya.

Woman Without a Name Episodes 51-52

Jiwon cautiously asks Doyoung if he’s awake. Her face not showing even the hint of a smile.

Doyoung’s eyes look up and then his heart rate skyrockets. The change in vitals calls in the hospital staff. When they arrive, Doyoung’s eyes are closed again and Jiwon is ushered out so that they can examine the patient.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri declares that her stomach really hurts and she has to use the bathroom immediately. The driver pulls over to the side. Yeo-Ri uses the opportunity to hit Mooyeol with the car door and make a run for it. Thanks to some drama-help and well timed tripping by Mooyeol and goon, Yeo-Ri manages to get into a cab that’s parked a few feet away.

Back at the hospital, the doctors come out and declare that Doyoung is still unconscious.

Haejoo does some thinking for herself when she hears that Yeo-Ri was last seen leaving with Mooyeol. She decides that the timing is too suspicious and her mother must have been involved. So, she goes to the hospital.

Right before Haejoo arrives Mooyeol calls to report that they lost Yeo-Ri causing Jiwon to shoot back in irritation. Haejoo overhears and asks why Jiwon kidnapped Yeo-Ri.

At that moment, Yeo-Ri decides to fire a warning shot. She texts Jiwon the clip that she has which Jiwon sees and tries to hide from Haejoo. However, Haejoo snatches the phone from her mother and plays the clip.

Then, when Yeo-Ri calls, Haejoo answers silently. She hears Yeo-Ri warning Jiwon not to cheat or break their agreement again or she will send the clip to Haejoo so Haejoo knows that her mother was the one who hurt her father.

Haejoo storms home with Jiwon following.  Jiwon explains away the video by saying that it was just an accident.  Yeo-Ri had installed a secret camera…Jiwon had been having a small fight with Doyoung since he blamed everything bad that had occurred on her and wanted a divorce.  Since Yeo-Ri was threatening to release the footage to the police and the world, Jiwon could not turn Yeo-Ri in.

Haejoo suddenly realizes that it’s weird that the video footage did not include the moment when Doyoung hit his head.  She tells Jiwon to demand the whole video from Yeo-Ri because Yeo-Ri might not have it.

Jiwon calls Mooyeol and has him install cameras and recorders around the areas that Yeo-Ri frequents.

Jiwon calls Yeo-Ri into her office the next morning.  She demands to see the end of the video since Haejoo requested it. Yeo-Ri deflects by answering that she has no reason to show the whole video to them.  If Jiwon wants to see it, Yeo-Ri can hand it over to the police and everyone will see it together.

Yeo-Ri walks out and gets grabbed by Haejoo.  Haejoo first demands the video and then Yeo-Ri refuses, Haejoo attacks.  Haejoo asks Yeo-Ri how Yeo-Ri thinks that she has the right to look for her daughter.  Would her daughter who is living happily want to know that her biological mother is an escaped convict?

Later that day, Mooyeol’s mother goes to try to get a part time job at Maryun’s chicken restaurant. Since she had a bad run in the first time that she had come in for an interview, she lurks around for an opportunity.  The restaurant is so busy that Mooyeol’s mother jumps in and volunteers to help with deliveries.

Mooyeol’s mother then sees the missing child poster in one of the bags.  She recognizes the photograph of Maya … She connects the dots and realizes that Maya is actually Mooyeol’s biological daughter.

Mooyeol’s mother rushes over to the Koo residence.  Coincidentally, Yeo-Ri is there at the same time to drop off a small dress that Yeo-Ri helped design while reforming the unsold stock.

Mooyeol’s mother starts crying and asking how Yeo-Ri is there.  She then grabs Yeo-Ri’s hand and sobs that it’s all her fault because she lived a hard life and did not know any better. She should not have tried to split Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri up when Yeo-Ri was pregnant.

Then Jiwon, Haejoo and Mooyeol come home.  The children go downstairs and let the adults know that Mooyeol’s mother is there.  Mooyeol immediately runs up just as Mooyeol’s mother is saying that it’s a relief that Yeo-Ri’s daughter is …

Mooyeol interrupts and drags his mother out before she can tell Yeo-Ri about Maya’s true identity.  Haejoo and Jiwon then go up and accuse Yeo-Ri of trying to kidnap one of the kids.  Maya comes up and defends Yeo-Ri that Yeo-Ri is a nice woman who is engaged to Do-Chi.

So, Yeo-Ri explains that she only came to bring Maya her clothes. Haejoo rips up the dress that Yeo-Ri designed. Maya cries that she does not like her mother and runs out with the ripped dress.  She tells everythign to Do-Chi.  Cue Do-Chi coming up and drawing the clear line. He snaps that Yeo-Ri does not need to listen to Haejoo and Jiwon any longer and lets her leave. A guy actually protecting his woman against his crazy makjang family? *Swoons!*

Meanwhile, Mooyeol tells his mother at a park that everyone in the Koo family knows about Maya. He tells her to keep the information a secret from Yeo-Ri since he’s trying to live with Haejoo again.  He also tells his mother that if she lets everyone know, he will be penniless.

Mooyeol’s mother puts up a shadow of a fight asking how Mooyeol can keep such a huge secret from Yeo-Ri – the identity of Maya.  But she lets Mooyeol leave since she’s the one who failed in raising Mooyeol with values in the first place.

In the end, the lady lives her usual life- She goes to apologize to Yeo-Ri on behalf of Mooyeol but she does not tell Yeo-Ri how Bom is Maya.  Because, who cares about the huge sin of lying to her granddaughter’s mother and the fact that her son is the one orchestrating the lie.  This is why it’s best to leave people with lack of values out of your life – they never change and only add stress and negativity.

The next day, a small blip in Haejoo’s world occurs. Gaya keeps feeling weird that he’s seen Yeo-Ri before.  He then remembers that he saw Yeo-Ri on television.

Gaya tells Maya that he saw Yeo-Ri on television with Maya’s baby pictures.  Haejoo luckily walks on them and smiles that Gaya must have had a dream.  She has Maya go downstairs and then tells Gaya to keep this a secret or Maya will leave them.

Haejoo gets nervous and meets with Mooyeol’s mother again.  She hands over a deed to the apartment and tells Mooyeol’s mother to act carefully.  Mooyeol’s mother suddenly has values and standards.  She tells Haejoo that Haejoo should be careful how she lives her life under heaven.  They can’t keep a biological mother from her child and expect karma to leave them alone.

Haejoo frowns and pulls out another envelope with money.  She tells Mooyeol’s mother to take the money and stay quiet.  Mooyeol’s mother for once in her life turns down the money and the apartment. GASP!

Then, we switch to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri who try asking the WID Group Home Shopping Division for another chance to sell the reformed clothes line on the channel.  The representative refuses since Mooyeol had instructed her against it.

However, on their way out, Yeo-Ri bumps into a popular hostess carrying a cup of coffee.  The hostess fails to wash all the coffee out and Yeo-Ri offers to switch outfits with the hostess since the hostess has to begin broadcasting soon.

Thanks to Mooyeol’s installed spy recorders, Jiwon overhears Yeo-Ri agreeing to meet Mooyeol’s mother (Enok).  Jiwon dispatches Mooyeol to intervene.

Now for some good news! Since the hostess is popular, people started looking into her outfit and realized that it’s also WID Group.  Orders start pouring in for the dress and WID Group’s Home Shopping Department requests to put them on air.

Yeo-Ri dropping some files gives her an opportunity to see the hidden recorder under the desk.  She quickly goes and searches her car and has Do-Chi search his finding more.  Yeo-Ri storms into Jiwon’s office and slams the recording devices on her desk.

Jiwon just asks for the full video. Yeo-Ri responds that Jiwon can turn her into the police first and see if her bet wins.

Later, Yeo-Ri puts he phone down in the bathroom to wash her hands. A random girl comes in and takes it.  She walks outside and texts the video to Jiwon.  Then the girl returns to the bathroom and explains that she picked up the wrong phone.

Jiwon views the video and smiles that she will send Yeo-Ri back to jail.


The most interesting conflict in these two episodes seemed to be Enok’s dilemma about whether or not she can tell Yeo-Ri about Maya.  The drama may want to portray her as a victim who actually has a conscience.  However, the dilemma seems facetious.

Enok knows and helped Mooyeol betray his pregnant fiance who stuck with him and the family for so long.  She knows that she and Mooyeol were wrong.  She also knows that Yeo-Ri is back so Enok has a chance of sincere redemption… Enok can tell Yeo-Ri about Yeo-Ri’s biological daughter. Yet, Enok does not.  Why? Because her son said that if Enok tells Yeo-Ri, he loses his money bag. So, she chooses her own greed at Yeo-Ri’s continued suffering.  Is this really a dilemma or just another drawn out example of showing us that Enok really has no values?

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