Unknown Woman 53-55

Halfway through the series and we go back to square one.  Jiwon strikes and Yeo-Ri is sent to prison.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 53-55 RECAP

Jiwon sports a new haircut and perm as she fumes over the incomplete video.  Then she gets the bad news that Do-Chi’s first project has been a smashing success.  Jiwon surprisingly laughs and invites Mooyeol and Haejoo to join her in congratulating Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.
Jiwon hands over a plotted flower.  She adds that he will be moved into management and will accept Yeo-Ri into the family fold.
Her behavior makes Yeo-Ri especially nervous. So, it’s good when she hears from Kidong that they found someone in Japan who may be able to restore the full video feed.
Do-Chi also tells Maryun and Kidong that they will get married right away.  They can move into Jiwon’s house so they don’t need another place to live.  The wedding will also be a quiet affair.
Maryun frowns and storms into her room.  Her voice cracks as she tells Yeo-Ri that she does not feel good about Yeo-Ri going into Jiwon’s house since that family is crazy.  Yeo-Ri promises to move out when they find Bom.
The next day, Do-Chi finds out that he’s been placed as a Vice President. Haejoo has been moved to Senior Manager and Team Leader.  Do-Chi thanks Jiwon and announces that he’s getting married that weekend.
Mooyeol follows Do-Chi into his office and sneers that Do-Chi only got the position because of his family as if Mooyeol didn’t get his position by marrying Haejoo.  Mooyeol tells Do-Chi to move out when he marries Yeo-Ri.  But Do-Chi smile and tells Mooyeol to leave instead since that his house.
Jiwon also calls Yeo-Ri into her office.  She explains that she wants to do something as the future sister-in-law such as send the two on a honeymoon.  Because, society expects that a sister-in-law at least pretends to be polite and not a complete crazy selfish witch 24/7.  In return, she wants to see the full video feed.
Yeo-Ri declines the honeymoon present and remains firm that she will not hand over the video to Jiwon.
Random scene where Enok finds out that Yeo-Ri is getting married. After everything she did including betraying Yeo-Ri and Bom for the richer daughter-in-law, Enok tears up and says she’s sending Yeo-Ri off when she thought that Yeo-Ri would be her daughter-in-law.  Yeo-Ri hands her an account book telling Enok to get a residence to live with Yeolmae.
Enok pretends to decline it.  But in the end accepts it. Ugh.  Her excuse? She will protect Maya.
True to her words, Enok actually does something for someone else other than herself and money.  She barges in with luggage to the Koo residence.  She also declares that she is going to live there from now on.  If Haejoo kicks Enok out, she will tell Yeo-Ri the truth.
Enok goes up and finds Maya sniffing.  Maya cries that she is being sent to study abroad. Enok confronts Haejoo who just warns Enok to keep her mouth shut or Mooyeol will end up hating her.
On the side, Do-Chi goes ring shopping with Yeo-Ri.  He lets her pick out the rings and encourages her to pick out nice ones since he knows that women have a romantic ideal about wedding rings.
Then, Enok sneaks Maya out to have some time with Yeo-Ri before Maya gets sent off to study abroad.  They have cotton candy at the park, Yeo-Ri teaches her to ride a bike and Yeo-Ri even draws a portrait of Maya.
Yeo-Ri brings Maya back late because of traffic.  So, Haejoo sees Yeo-Ri dropping Maya off. Immediately, Haejoo hits Maya and yells at her for meeting Yeo-Ri even though Haejoo and Jiwon had told her not to. Yeo-Ri intervenes and tells Haejoo to stop hitting the child.
Haejoo glares that this is all happening because of Yeo-Ri.  She tells Enok to take Maya inside. Enok declares that Haejoo will be punished by the heavens for what she’s doing but does not tell the truth because that means Enok and Mooyeol would be kicked out on the streets penniless. After all, an act like that would be decent and selfless and how could we expect that from Mooyeol’s family?
Yeo-Ri goes home where her parents are happy about the fact that the people in Japan said they might be able to restore the video by tomorrow…the same day as Yeo-Ri’s wedding.
Yeo-Ri shows the rings and Maryun frowns that the rings are so simple and plain.  She immediately states that they should go get new rings not realizing Yeo-Ri picked out simple ones since this marriage is of convenience and not love.
Yeo-Ri just smiles and pulls out another box of more beautiful and elaborate rings with diamonds.  She explains that the rings are for Maryun and Kidong. She remembered how Maryun said she was too embarassed to exchange rings when Maryun married Kidong.  These rings are for them so that they can live happily and healthily for a long time like the diamonds.
The next day, following tradition, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri go pay their respects and greet Yeo-Ri’s parents.  Then, they receive a package from Jiwon – it’s white flowers symbolizing a funeral.
At the wedding, Mooyeol’s manager comes over to film Yeo-Ri’s pre-wedding message.  But, the he gets called out by a vendor and leaves the camera running.
Cue wedding! Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi walk down the aisle together.  They pause when they see Jiwon, Mooyeol and Haejoo.  But, they continue walking up…The rings are exchanged.  The pastor announces that they are husband and wife under God.
Then, the police barge in.  They announce that they heard that there was an escaped convict and accuse her of being Yeo-Ri Son who escaped from prison.  Yeo-Ri looks back at Jiwon who smiles.
Jiwon stands up and yells that the bride is the escaped convict Yeo-Ri Son.  Yeo-Ri is dragged out by the police.  They refuse any leniency even when Do-Chi asks for a few private moments as a newly married couple.  Maryun and the family also trail behind crying.
Maryun is ready to kill Jiwon for all of her treachery.  But, the police arrive again. They tell Maryun that they are arresting Maryun and Kidong for aiding and abetting an escaped convict.
The Koo family goes home triumphantly.  And, Jiwon announces that Maya is not going to study abroad.  She also pulls Haejoo on the side and tells Haejoo to deal with Maya for Gaya.  Because keeping a child around in an unloving house in case her bone marrow is needed is normal for this family.
Meanwhile, the Yeo-Ri family deals with the police barking at them. But, Do-Chi comes to the rescue. He remembers how Yeo-Ri asked him to file the lawsuit against Yeo-Ri if she gets caught.  He files it and goes to the station with a filed copy as proof.
Maryun and Kidong come out to hug Yeo-Ri. She snaps them away and tells them to leave.  She even sneers that she had been exhausted pretending to be their long lost daughter.  Do-Chi pulls Maryun and Kidong out.
Maryun goes to the Koo residence with a trash can and Kidong brings a fire extinguisher! HAHAHAHAA! After Maryun empties the trash, Kidong fires the extinguisher at them. OMG, I love this! For once in life, those who live a life of lies get a tiny taste of their own medicine. Best scene ever. Only small blip is that Enok was not there.
Haejoo yells back that they will call the police for trespassing but Do-Chi comes in.  He warns Jiwon that he cannot let this go.  They are repairing the video right now and they will give Jiwon what’s coming for her
Do-Chi then goes to visit Yeo-Ri.  He’s still wearing his ring.  Yeo-Ri sees that and tells Do-Chi that he needs to act carefully since he just got placed into management.  She will go back to jail and serve the rest of her time.  When she comes out, Jiwon will no longer have anything on her.
Yeo-Ri also tells Do-Chi that their partnership is over. He should forget her now and become stronger to protect WID Group.  She takes off her ring and apologizes.
However, when Do-Chi goes to work, he’s still wearing the ring.  Jiwon tasks Mooyeol to tell all of the directors about Do-Chi’s relationship with an escaped convict.  Yet, he’s supposed to stop all of the news articles as they can hurt the company’s image.
We go back to square one in the fight.  Jiwon goes to sneer at Yeo-Ri in jail. Yeo-Ri yells at Jiwon that one day she will get out and return all that she received. Jiwon just laughs that Yeo-Ri can do nothing now that she cannot even be a lawyer.
Then, Jiwon meets a man at a cafe.  He’s the one who’s been fixing the video feed. The man hands over a USB and takes an envelope of money.  Jiwon drops the USB in a cup of water.
Enok does her stupid evil thinking out loud thing.  The only difference between Enok and Jiwon being that Jiwon is smart enough to plan revenge. Enok decides that it’s better for Maya to live with a rich family than with a convicted felon as a mother.
Then, Maya and Gaya come up because they are hungry.  Maya ends up tripping and Enok sees the band-aid covering the place where the birthmark was removed. She goes to pick up a piece of Maya’s hair from her bed and drops it in a plastic back.  She then calls Yeolmae to help her write an anonymous letter at a computer lab.
Meanwhile, Do-Chi comes home and finds his stuff from the wedding ceremony, which includes the video camera that Jjang-Gu had used.  Yeo-Ri had actually recorded a message for him.  She had asked if he remembers how they first met…She had been so thankful that he would help her and not ignore her.  She also explained that while Seollee would use Do-Chi, she will regain her original name and love him as Yeo-Ri.
Do-Chi then rushes to the police station.  He tells Yeo-Ri that they agreed that there would be no lies between them. He will never let her go again.
Yeo-Ri’s sentencing occurs. The fact that she had lost a child and lived a quiet life in prison helps.  The judge announces that she only gets two years in prison.
Yeo-Ri ends up going to the same cell as she had originally been in.  She gets Enok’s letter with Bom’s hair…Then the cell leader returns.  She demands to see Yeo-Ri’s letter but Yeo-Ri refuses.  The cell leader attacks and grabs the envelope.
The cell leader orders that Yeo-Ri kneels and begs for it.  Yeo-Ri kneels and begs for the envelope as it’s the only evidence that she has about her daughter being alive.  The cell leader tosses it to Yeo-Ri.
On the side, Maryun and Kidong brood about Yeo-Ri.  Kidong suggests that when Yeo-Ri comes out of prison this time, they give her back her real name.  Maryun cries that it sounds good.
Then, it’s time for visitors.  Maryun, Kidong and Do-Chi all show up.  Yeo-Ri shows them the letter.  Kidong agrees to take the piece of hair and get it DNA tested.
Then, Kidong and Maryun go out to give Yeo-Ri some time.  Do-Chi sits down and pulls out a rose. OMG >_< He explains that he’s also matching her schedule until she comes out.  While, I hate Candy’s – what about Do-Chi’s willingness to be with Yeo-Ri even after she loses everything and cannot help her just gets me? Awwwwwwww…
Do-Chi then goes back to work.  He tells Haejoo that her proposal to create a new line by having a competition open to the public is good but the requirements for participants are too high.  They should allow anyone to participate regardless of certification or education.
On the side, Maryun and Kidong meet with an older man who wants a job. He explains that he has been recently fired and has a wife and kids…
Next thing we know, the DNA test comes out positive! It’s a match – BOM!
Maryun immediately calls Yeo-Ri to let her know. Yeo-Ri tells her friend from before and the cell leader watches from the shadows.
Someone (cell leader? friend? employee?) calls and reports the news to Jiwon.  She decides that it has to be either Mooyeol or Enok.  Jiwon and Haejoo go to confront Mooyeol in his office.  He denies it since they are his life line saying that he wants to get revenge on Yeo-Ri more than anyone else.

So, Jiwon and Haejoo go straight home.  Because CEOs and Senior Managers don’t need to run the company.  They find Enok in the kitchen and begin yelling at her for betraying them.  Enok immediately denies it.  She pretends to know nothing and even states that they can go have a confrontation with Yeo-Ri.  Jiwon backs down at this suggestion.

On the side, the man that Maryun and Kidong hired pretends to work hard.  He lets them go home first and then starts pouring some kind of powder while recording it…
The next thing we know, there’s an anonymous whistle blower that the chicken restaurant uses expired shrimp.  This is broadcast on television and the investors who back the chicken restaurant charge in.
Later that day, Yeo-Ri is walking back to her cell when the cell leader snaps at her again.  Yeo-Ri refuses to rise to the bait explaining that all she wants to do is live quietly and leave soon to find her child.  The other girl raises her hand to slap Yeo-Ri.  But, Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down and tells her to slap since Yeo-Ri won’t do anything.
The other girl lowers her hand and asks Yeo-Ri to be her minion.  Yeo-Ri refuses stating that she hates people who take advantage of those weaker than them.
When Yeo-Ri goes back into her cell, her friend starts going crazy.  The friend slams her own head into the table and the wall.  Then, she also uses Yeo-Ri’s hands to grab at her hair even after her face is all bloodied up.  The friend apologizes that she is so sorry but she has to do what she can for her child as well.
The guards come in and send Yeo-Ri to isolation.

I was worried that the series might start dragging at one point but the series managed to resolve the tension in a way that just leaves it simmering for next time.  By taking the USB out of the picture, Jiwon clearly has the upper hand.  However, there is still hope for viewers since the USB plot device can always be brought back to life.  Additionally, Do-Chi is still in the company and available to take it over…Finally, we don’t know if Doyoung will ever wake up and suddenly side with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri against the scary monster that Jiwon is.

One final note is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kidong/Maryun fire extinguisher scene.  The way I see it is if the evil in-laws get to be all makjang in your face gangster liars all the time, then the good guys should get to use the same makjang tactics here and there.  It felt SO good watching that scene, I laughed like crazy 🙂

Here’s to an enjoyable two-episodes run that brings us back to Yeo-Ri v. Jiwon.  Game on.


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