Unknown Woman 57

Doyoung sleeps while Jiwon takes over the company and Haejoo steals Yeo-Ri’s design.

Woman Without a Name Episode 57 RECAP

Life is normal in the prison now that Yeo-Ri is friends with Prisoner 104. The whole group plays around wearing Yeo-Ri’s designed clothes and dancing in their cell.

However, the Koo family would not be the Koo family if they left Yeo-Ri alone. Haejoo shows up as the special outsider instructor for the fashion seminar smirking the whole time as she makes eye contact with Yeo-Ri as a prisoner.

After the lecture, Yeo-Ri tries to leave with the other prisoners but Haejoo stops her in the hallway. Haejoo smirks that the outfit looks good on her, which causes Yeo-Ri to rise up to the hair and tell Haejoo that Yeo-Ri doesn’t envy Haejoo one bit. Haejoo’s father is comatose, mother took over the father’s job and is unclear if she is the one who made Doyoung like that and her husband is always willing to betray another for his own gain.

Haejoo narrows her eyes. Then she grabs Yeo-Ri’s sketch book declaring that even if Yeo-Ri learns fashion, Haejoo will make sure Yeo-Ri never gets hired. Haejoo flips through the pages and pauses when she sees a pretty floral print.

Later the kids come home and whine to Enok that they want to see their grandfather. So, Enok lets them see Doyoung since no one else is home. The kids announce their presence and Gaya quickly grows bored. He leaves and Maya pauses a few minutes more to promise Doyoung that she will visit when no one else is around so he’s not lonely.

Doyoung opens his eyes and looks directly at Maya. Maya gasps and asks if he is conscious.

At the same time Jiwon comes home and Enok freaks out. Even though Jiwon answers a call saying she will change her clothes and leave, Enok starts making bird noises suspiciously.

So, Maya hides and Jiwon goes to check in the study. Jiwon sees Doyoung’s eyes are open and she, too, asks if he is now awake. But, he closes his eyes and Jiwon sighs in relief.

Maya hiccuping in fear lets Jiwon know that she’s there. Jiwon pulls Maya up from behind the bed and warns her not to tell anyone since comatose people can from time to time open their eyes.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi visits Yeo-Ri with another rose. She smiles and tells him that he doesn’t have to keep bringing her flowers. His response? His wish is to have her only see beautiful and nice things every day. Awwwww. Be still my beating heart >_<.

Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she really likes design and that she will enter the WID Group contest. Do-Chi tells her to do her best and he will help in any way he can other than just picking her as a winner.

That night Jiwon has a nightmare that Doyoung wakes up.

So, in the morning she asks Haejoo if Jiwon should take Doyoung’s power of attorney. Haejoo frowns that it feels like they are acting as if her father will never wake up. Since, making Jiwon Doyoung’s legal guardian with power of attorney in all affairs requires Haejoo’s consent, Jiwon pretends that it’s not a big deal and gives Haejoo time to think.

She also dangles a carrot by inviting Haejoo to a female CEO luncheon.

After the lunch, Haejoo is walking to the bathroom when she sees the two other women CEO chatting in the lobby. They comment to each other that Jiwon is really heartless to be so happy while her husband is comatose and blame it on her orphan background.

Haejoo glares at them and waits for the women to go to the bathroom. Then she dumps the cleaning water over the stall yelling that she should be careful about what she says.

Haejoo then runs to give Jiwon a hug. Haejoo sighs that she had no idea her mother was an orphan. She promises to do everything in her power to make sure no one else ever ridicules her mother and even promises to sign the power of attorney/estate administrator for Doyoung.

Meanwhile, the prison guard announces that Yeo-Ri is being let out on parole!

That night, Haejoo decides to enter the design competition to show that she has talent. However, no matter how much she draws, she isn’t satisfied with her work. She suddenly remembers Yeo-Ri’s design and begins to draw assuming that Yeo-Ri will never find out.

Mooyeol sees the drawing in the morning while Haejoo is still asleep. Then he recognizes it when it lands on his desk for the blind judgment. However, when he opens the next portfolio, he sees the same dress.

Haejoo walks in at that moment and Mooyeol smiles that she must have removed herself as a judge because she wanted to join the competition. Haejoo smiles broadly even though it’s not her design. Then Mooyeol asks if she submitted two applications showing her Yeo-Ri’s design.

Coincidentally, Mooyeol gets a call and steps out. So, Haejoo grabs the other binder and tosses it in the hallway. But, Do-Chi sees it.

Time for Yeo-Ri to come out on parole! Her parents are waiting outside and Do-Chi also shows up within a few minutes. He brings her a bouquet of followers to top off all the flowers he brought while she was in prison. Then he takes her to the nearest city register to register their marriage.

Back at home, Yeo-Ri is called over by Maryun because Maryun assumes that Yeo-Ri won after seeing the design. Yeo-Ri looks and frowns because the sketch is slightly different…She calls Do-Chi who tells her that Haejoo won.

Yeo-Ri realizes that Haejoo stole her design and goes to the awards ceremony. They announce that Haejoo won the competition, which was voted on by the public. Yeo-Ri yells out that they need to stop because Haejoo copied and stole her design.


Way to end on a cliffhanger. I am actually anxious about how this ends. How can Yeo-Ri prove that Haejoo stole Yeo-Ri’s design when Yeo-Ri was in prison? Everything that Yeo-Ri has is circumstantial other than the company probably has an internal copy of both designs being submitted on the same day…

Props to the writers and the drama staff for managing to pull off a subarc that feels original and very engaging. The conflict was arranged so organically that I wasn’t even annoyed at how Yeo-Ri went from lawyer to designer. While her sudden ability for the law felt forced, since Yeo-Ri had been an art student, her affinity for design seems natural.

Now the question is how will Yeo-Ri and Company make the Koo’s and the Kim’s pay for all their sins?

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