Unknown Woman 58

Jiwon covers up talentless Haejoo stealing Yeo-Ri’s design by giving Yeo-Ri a position on the design team.  Yeo-Ri also gets ready and moves into the house to fight Jiwon/Haejoo/Mooyeol on all fronts.

Woman Without a Name Episode 58

Haejoo stares in horror at the image of Yeo-Ri in front of her. She sputters the question of why Yeo-Ri is there instead of in prison.

Jiwon’s first reaction is to call for security to throw Yeo-Ri out. But, Do-Chi steps in and stops them.

Yeo-Ri continues that the first place winning design is the same as she submitted. Only the name changed. The rose design is her trademark and is in every single one of her designs which many people have already seen. Haejoo didn’t know and copied even that.

Then Maryun shows up. She announces that she’s the second majority shareholder and finds that the owner’s daughter and design department leader would copy others is troublesome, which she will raise at the next shareholders’ meeting.

Jiwon frowns but is backed into a corner. She pauses the awards ceremony to investigate the matter further.

In her office, Jiwon asks Haejoo if she copied. Haejoo denies it. However, she is unable to hold Jiwon’s gaze and bites her lip. So, Jiwon realizes that Haejoo is lying and tells her again to confess, which Haejoo does.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri explains to Do-Chi and Maryun that Haejoo came to give a seminar on design in the prison. Haejoo saw Yeo-Ri’s portfolio at that visit and must have copied… she wonders how no one noticed the same design submission and assumes that Haejoo must have had Yeo-Ri’s submission trashed.

Suddenly, Do-Chi remembers seeing Haejoo throw away a submission binder outside Mooyeol’s office and tells the others about it.

The group decides to go confront Haejoo about it. They walk out right into Mooyeol who has been eavesdropping…He rubs his head and runs away like the coward that he is.

Mooyeol goes to the security office and demands to see the feed from near his office. The employee refuses saying that there was an order not to…from Do-Chi who shows up.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri and Maryun go to Jiwon’s office and demand that Haejoo confess. Jiwon demands evidence. Do-Chi arrives and declares that he has the security feed where Haejoo is throwing away a contestant’s portfolio in front of Mooyeol’s office. Maryun also declares that as a majority stakeholder, she will raise it for the shareholders.

Mooyeol jumps in to cover for Haejoo. He announces that Haejoo knew nothing. He told Haejoo to toss Yeo-Ri’s portfolio.

Jiwon has everyone leave except for Yeo-Ri. Jiwon then tells her that if this becomes public, someone needs to take responsibility. Since Do-Chi is the Vice President in charge of the design and marketing department, he will need to step down.

Yeo-Ri smirks that even now Jiwon first turns to threats. Jiwon asks what Yeo-Ri wants. Yeo-Ri answers that she will take this as a confession. So, all she wants now is to be hired as the competition promised the winners. Jiwon agrees to take Yeo-Ri on as an intern for three months.

Time for Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi to enter the house. Only the kids are there and they happily greet Yeo-Ri.

Yeo-Ri goes in to greet Doyoung as well. She tells him that it’s been a while but she’s back in the house. She also tells him to get back up soon.

Then Maya enters and warns Yeo-Ri to leave the room. Jiwon doesn’t like anyone being in the room other than herself. Maya also tells Yeo-Ri about how Maya saw Doyoung open his eyes but Jiwon told her not to tell anyone.

That afternoon, the rest of the family arrive at home. They are shocked when Yeo-Ri walks out. Jiwon even states that an unmarried couple shouldn’t live together. So, Do-Chi explains that they registered the marriage the day before. They are legally a couple. He also thanks them for ruining the wedding, which helped them ascertain their true feelings.

Jiwon decides to give in since she has nothing she can say.

That night, Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi have a romantic moment despite all the tension when Do-Chi helps Yeo-Ri clean up after dinner. Awww what a sweetie, the guy definitely learned the right values.

Yeo-Ri is thankful and Do-Chi kisses Yeo-Ri on the forehead. Haejoo walks in on this and glares to see the scene. She snaps at them to be careful about how they act since they aren’t the only ones living in that house.

Haejoo huffs on upstairs. Mooyeol massages her shoulders telling her to rely on him. He will cover for her useless self because he loves her. Puke?

Mooyeol then even washes Haejoo’s foot. That night Haejoo invites Mooyeol back into the bed.

The next day, Jiwon gives Enok the deed to the apartment as well as the rental contract for a herbal medicine store. The condition for keeping the apartment and the new store is that Enok takes Maya to live there away from Yeo-Ri and keep the secret. Our value-less Enok accepts the money in exchange for betraying her granddaughter.

Enok does know that it’s wrong to keep this secret from Maya and Yeo-Ri. So, she tells Yeolmae.

At that moment, Haejoo meets with Yeolmae. Haejoo offers Yeolmae a position with the design team in exchange for her keeping Bom’s secret. Will Yeolmae do what’s right for Bom and Yeo-Ri? Or will she choose money/job?

Meanwhile, Maya and Gaya come home from school. Yeo-Ri offers to make them a snack and they happily go explore Yeo-Ri’s room. As soon as they go inside, Gaya and Maya spot the picture of Bom that Yeo-Ri has taped to her mirror.

Maya is surprised to see herself. Gaya also agrees that it’s Maya. So, Maya comes out to ask Yeo-Ri why Yeo-Ri had a picture of baby Maya.


One thing about dailies that can wear someone out is if there are too many antagonists. Unknown Woman does a good job keeping us hooked but sometimes I feel so tired after watching it because of all of the two dimensional idiot and evil characters. For example, we know Haejoo and Jiwon are pretty much selfish, evil people who do not care about boundaries such as engagement or the bond between a mother and a baby. Then, we have Enok and her family. Enok’s family is so stupid, lazy and greedy that they even make Haejoo and Jiwon look human with standards.

Sometimes like after an episode like this one, I can’t help feeling tired. I know each of them will get their comeuppance but another 50 episodes for that comeuppance is a long time. And, in this episode, Enok and Yeolmae go from being stupid, lazy parasitic inlaws that live off of the daughter-in-law’s family money to being really evil like Haejoo/Jiwon by crossing one of the lines of basic human decency again. They know that Bom is Yeo-Ri’s lost daughter. In a situation like that, they owe an obligation to tell the truth for Maya’s sake. Yet, they are easily bought off with money. Really makes one exhausted seeing people who value money and their image more than any other real values… Here’s to hoping Yeo-Ri finds out soon and this family gets what they deserve.

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