Unknown Woman 59

Haejoo starts scheming and poor Maya not only gets kicked out of the house but finds out that she’s been adopted.

Woman Without a Name 59

Maya calls Yeo-Ri over and begins to ask why Yeo-Ri has the picture. However, Haejoo arrives before Maya can finish her question. She immediately yells at Yeo-Ri for being close to her kids and orders that Maya and Gaya go upstairs.

Then, Haejoo realizes that Maya is holding a picture of her younger self and asks about it. Maya answers that she found it in Yeo-Ri’s room and was about to ask about it. Haejoo tells Maya not to talk to Yeo-Ri about it. Haejoo lies that childless women usually have pictures of pretty kids around so that they can later have a cute picture like the child. She also tells Maya that Yeo-Ri knows that it’s Maya in the picture and tells the child not to talk to Yeo-Ri about it.

Then Yeo-Ri goes back to her room and finds the photograph missing. She goes to ask Maya about it, Maya tells Yeo-Ri that Haejoo took it.

So, Yeo-Ri goes to confront Haejoo who’s throwing away all of Maya’s childhood pictures. But Haejoo drops Yeo-RI’s photograph before she can make it outside. Yeo-Ri glares at Haejoo demanding to know what she’s doing.

Haejoo snipes back that she doesn’t want any reminders of Yeo-Ri’s child around since she has to explain to her own children that their father is a father of another child. Do-Chi comes home and takes Yeo-Ri’s side just before Jiwon comes home and defends Haejoo .

That night, Jiwon turns off their electricity and pretends to find Doyoung having a seizure because his medical equipment turned off. Everyone wakes up and Jiwon has the doctor called. The doctor examines Doyoung and declares Doyoung brain dead.

Yeo-Ri tells everyone that it cannot be since Doyoung opened his eyes a couple of days ago like Jiwon knows. Jiwon lies that she only told Maya not to repeat it because Maya might get people’s hopes up.

In the morning, Do-Chi decides to ask the doctor separately.

After Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri leave for work, Jiwon tells Maya to pack her immediate things so that she can leave with Enok. Jiwon also has Haejoo take Gaya to school to distract him.

Of course, Enok complains about the evil deed that they are doing to Maya – taking her from her only home while everyone else stays. Yet, she does it because she cares about the money more.

First day of work goes as expected for Yeo-Ri. Some of her teammates recognize her from the competition as well as her time in the legal department. Haejoo attacks first and explains to everyone helpfully that Yeo-Ri had escaped from prison and only pretended to be Seollee. Then Haejoo tasks Yeo-Ri to organizing the storage room in addition to the assignment that everyone else has – developing five new designs per day.

Yeolmae feels a bit of her conscious and brings Yeo-Ri coffee. However, she doesn’t go as far as telling Yeo-Ri about Bom since she and her mom would lose everything that they got from Haejoo’s family.

Then Yeo-Ri gets called by Maya’s school because Maya had a bad allergic reaction to seafood at lunch. Neither Haejoo nor Mooyeol had picked up their phones and Maya had given her grandmother’s number.

Yeo-Ri picks Maya up and finds out that the child has been moved out with Enok which Yeo-Ri finds weird. She also smiles and bonds with Maya more about how both of them have a seafood allergy even though no one else in Maya’s family has that allergy.

Cue another confrontation when Haejoo and Mooyeol finally check their phones and realize that Maya’s school called. They rush over to the Mokdong apartment (Enok’s apartment) and grab Maya from Yeo-Ri after tearing into both for no reason at all.

Then, back at the Koo residence, Doyoung suddenly opens his eyes. He even has enough strength to take off his oxygen mask. The housekeeper calls Jiwon.

Jiwon is rushing out when Haejoo walks into the office. Creepily, Jiwon doesn’t tell Haejoo about her father.

At the same time, Maya overhears Mooyeol and Enok talking. Enok asks Mooyeol why Jiwon lied to everyone and adopted Maya. Mooyeol answers that he has no idea.

Maya gets shocked after she realizes that she’s been adopted. She leaves without telling anyone.

Back at the company, Yeo-Ri continues organizing the storage room. She pauses when she drops a box because she’s tired. She decides to check on Maya.

Of course, many pieces move at the same time. Haejoo comes down to check on Yeo-Ri and then smirks at seeing Yeo-Ri doing the grunt work. She knows that the security camera in front of the storage room is broken and closes the door, locking Yeo-Ri in.

Yeo-Ri then calls Maya but the phone is answered by someone else. He tells Yeo-Ri that the child was in an accident and which hospital to go to.

When Yeo-Ri realizes that she is locked in, she calls Do-Chi to go to Maya.


I don’t even know what to say about this episode. It made me so furious. First, I can’t believe that Haejoo and Jiwon would literally kick Maya out in addition to treating her differently from Gaya. The fact that everyone in the family lives at home while she is the only one living in Mokdong with Enok has to be traumatizing.

Second, I was so pissed to see how Enok and Yeolmae sell off Yeo-Ri and Maya for an apartment, a store and a job. They know how Mooyeol abandoned Yeo-Ri and Maya. If they had any semblance of a conscious, one of them would have decided betraying the same people twice is too evil. Yet, again the Kim family turns its back on the wrongdoing that they know is happening. Talk about an episode that calls for sugar.

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