Unknown Woman 60

Do-Chi comes to Yeo-Ri’s aid while Jiwon tries to snatch the company.

Woman Without a Name Episode 60 RECAP

The poor crying Maya walks around the street sniffing and wiping her tears. When she looks up, she’s in the street and a truck is approaching. She stops frozen in place as it honks.

Then we fast forward back to Yeo-Ri telling Do-Chi to go to the hospital where Maya is. Her phone dies and she pounds on the door before trying to break the lock by slamming the fire extinguisher against it.

Do-Chi calls Haejoo, so, Mooyeol and Haejoo can come to the hospital as well. Then, a nurse comes out of the operation room. She explains that Maya is not critical. However, she lost a lot of blood. She asks for a volunteer from Maya’s parents. Suddenly, it gets awkward because Mooyeol is Type A and Haejoo is AB. The nurse asks for their permission to allow Maya to get a public donor… Do-Chi jumps in to explain that he’s also type O and he will donate.

After Do-Chi leaves, the first thing that Haejoo asks is how they are going to cover up the fact that neither of their blood types matched Maya’s. Mooyeol glares at her asking if that’s the most important thing when Maya just got in an accident. Haejoo’s response? Maya isn’t critical and it is Enok’a fault for losing Maya. Gosh, these two families really deserve each other.

Meanwhile, Jiwon stares at Doyoung in terror. He manages to say “Hong” but does not have the energy to do anything else.

Maya’s surgery ends though the girl stays unconscious. Mooyeol is all fatherly because even evil has a heart for their own blood. Haejoo snipes at his fatherly emotional display and Mooyeol glares at her inhumanity for not feeling anything when a child is lying unconscious before her. Haejoo bites back that Enok should have done a better job after receiving an apartment and store for this. Cue Mooyeol angrily rising to his insufferable mother’s defense as if that’s the important thing right now – deciding whether his mom was or was not wrong for being unable to watch Maya for less than two days before losing her.

Haejoo sighs that she also cares about Maya since she invested time and effort raising Maya. However, her wording is really suspicious as she said she wouldn’t have raised Maya otherwise. So, Mooyeol confronts her asking why Haejoo raised Maya. Haejoo backs off and changes the topic since she cannot come out and say she’s raising Maya to be Gaya’s living donor.

At the same time, Do-Chi meets Enok and Yeolmae outside the room. He asks about Yeo-Ri who would have visited but hasn’t been seen. Yeolmae answers that she hasn’t seen Yeo-Ri since earlier in the storage room. Our reliable and sweet Do-Chi immediately goes running to see if anything happened to Yeo-Ri.

Do-Chi runs down the stairs and hears Yeo-Ri pounding on the door. He checks and confirms that the intercom is broken. Then, he tries running to get someone to open the door. But, only the supervisor can open the door and he’s not answering his phone.

Do-Chi returns to the stairwell and tells Yeo-Ri that he will guard the door all night. They can have a sleepover with a door between them.

Back at home, Jiwon calls the doctor and orders that he puts Doyoung back to sleep until she can achieve her goals. Dr. Kim refuses saying it’s too dangerous to put someone back to sleep after they had been in a coma for one year. Jiwon frowns and threatens to tell everyone how he gave a fake diagnosis that Doyoung was brain dead in exchange for research finding. The good doctor backs down and goes into add the anesthesia into Doyoung’s IV. He declares that this is only one time and he won’t do it again regardless of what she threatens him with.

Maya wakes up and Mooyeol asks why she ran. She explains that she overheard him and Enok saying she was adopted. Mooyeol cries after facing the daughter he threw away in the womb and tells Maya that she’s his one and only daughter. Haejoo comes in and sees that Maya is awake. After checking in on how Maya’s feeling, Haejoo offers to hire a nurse. Mooyeol tells her to go to work as he will stay by Maya’s side.

Haejoo goes to the office and triumphantly tells everyone to upload their designs online before 9AM or be fired. Since Yeo-Ri isn’t in the office, Haejoo even counts down. But, one of the other employees exclaims that Yeo-Ri’s designs were uploaded ten seconds before 9AM.

Haejoo checks and sees the designs online. Wondering how Yeo-Ri could have uploaded the designs from inside the storage room, Haejoo goes to check.

Haejoo finds Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi in the now open storage room. She accuses Yeo-Ri of having someone else draft the designs before uploading them. Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi ask if Haejoo was the one who locked Yeo-Ri in the room. She doesn’t deny it just harping on the designs.

Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down and brings Haejoo inside the room to see the black board on which Yeo-Ri sketched her designs. She had uploaded them with Do-Chi’s cell phone.

Yeo-Ri decides to check on Maya and Do-Chi tells her about the not-matching blood types. They arrive when Enok is already there. Mooyeol is especially prickly about letting Yeo-Ri see Maya.

Do-Chi pulls Mooyeol out and confronts him about the blood types. Mooyeol answers with more lies. He tells them that Haejoo was inconsolable after their daughter died. So, they adopted Maya.

Yeo-Ri frowns and declares that Jiwon doesn’t do anything without being to gain anything from it. There must have been a reason that Jiwon decided to raise Maya as her granddaughter…After all, Jiwon adopted and raised Yeo-Ri to be Haesung’s donor.

Mooyeol rushes off to the company and asks her if she adopted Maya as a donor for Gaya. Jiwon is unrepentant saying that everyone was so depressed after Maya’s death. And, since she brought Maya home, he was able to raise his biological daughter.

Mooyeol tells her that it doesn’t matter what she tries to use as her excuse. This is unforgiveable.

Haejoo comes in just as Mooyeol leaves. They follow him home where he packs up and declares that he’s leaving.

Jiwon asks if he’s willing to give up his chance of entering the management of the company. Mooyeol tells back that he cannot forgive them. He won’t give up his professional role since Jiwon is in a precarious situation with the majority shareholder being Maryun. They need him to complete his projects. He leaves.

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri arrive. They glare at Jiwon who called an emergency shareholders meeting less than a week after Doyoung’s diagnosis of being brain dead since she needs to take over the company before he wakes up again. Do-Chi grabs Doyoung’s hand and confesses that he loved Doyoung and understands that it would have been difficult for Doyoung to love Do-Chi back in the circumstances … He sighs that he wish he had a chance to tell Doyoung that it’s all fine.

Suddenly, Doyoung opens his eyes.


Another good episode plot wise. We see that there are cracks in the evil axis and hints of the impending downfall of Jiwon. Yet, it’s not clear which characters will be savaged.

Since Doyoung went through KDRAMA’s equivalent of major character rehabilitation- miracle accident/near death experience, we can assume he will return as a good guy or a neutral guy. Haejoo seems to be sinking into Team Jiwon. And, they are trying to convince us that the Kims are saveable too it’s the comparative actions toward Maya…However, since the Kims are continuing to hide Maya’s relationship from Yeo-Ri in the face of the fact that Maya lives with Yeo-Ri and almost died, I don’t think they are forgiveable. Yeo-Ri literally almost lost her daughter again and she would never have know all because the Kims want money, apartments and jobs from the Koos. Let the Kims, Jiwon and Haejoo always live together without the comfort of the company and drive each other mad.

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